Race Report - Points, ACH & Newburgh 14th 15th 16th and 18th June

posted 20 Jun 2017, 00:23 by Perth Sailing Club

ACH Series

               Mid-week racing started on Wednesday this week with seven boats taking part. Only one race was sailed due to the lack of wind and the race was shortened to two laps. First over the line was Peter Bevan in his Miracle followed by Jim Galloway in his Solo and Bill Inches in his Firefly.  Two races were sailed on Thursday evening over a zig-zag course consisting of five marks. Seven boats took part in the brisk force three. Just after the start Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) capsized returning to shore to empty his boat, subsequently retiring.  Jack Douglas (Flat Out) also capsized during round one. First over the line was Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy) separated by one second from Sandy Rodger and his daughter Jenny Casebow in their Albacore (Dash). Euan MacDonald in his Aero7 was third over the line.  In Race two Euan Macdonald was the first to capsize out of the six boats that took part and first over the line was Sandy & Jennifer (Dash)followed by Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) and third Peter Bevan (March Daisy). The wind increased for Friday evening’s sailing to a force four westerly with only three sailors taking part with Peter Bevan (Streaker) and Euan MacDonald (Aero7) electing to fit smaller sails. Bob Watson (Laser) decided to stickl with a full rig.  The course was set to starboard only covering four marks. Blue Meanie (Bob Watson) was first away at the start and maintained and increased his lead throughout the four rounds. Some tricky moments were experienced when gybing in the strong conditions but he remained upright. It was much closer racing between Peter & Euan with both swapping positions but it was Euan (Aero 7) crossing the line in second with Peter (Marsh Daisy) twenty five seconds behind third. Although the wind had eased for the second race Euan and Peter were still sailing with reduced sail. Euan (Aero 7) got off to a good start but the faster Laser (Bob) soon pulled ahead. Three laps were sailed with Bob crossing the line almost two minutes ahead of Euan & Peter. After calculation only 3/1000 of a second separated the second and third boats.

Newburgh Race

               On Sunday 18th the club’s annual race to win the Newburgh cup was held. The Newburgh Cup was originally presented to the club by the Army and it can only be awarded if the winning boat reaches Newburgh. The weather made for some superb sailing conditions in the sunshine, with a fresh westerly, south westerly force 3 gusting 4. Eight boats took part with two fully crewed rescue boats providing cover. Six boats got away to a prompt start, Vicky (Europe) and Paul Rytson/Jim Galloway sailing the Albacore were delayed due to rigging problems. The three RS Quests were crewed by Fraser & Euan MacDonald & Yevgeniv

 Kossko, Peter Bevan and Eric Taylor in the second Quest and Bob Watson & Audrey Robertson in the third Quest.  Andrew Porteous in his Albacore (Kelpie ) crewed with daughter Gillie Amatt made a good start as did John Ferguson (Bare away) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof). As the fleet made its way towards Sleepless Inch, the Albacore decided to stay in the middle of the river whilst the Quest of Peter & Eric stayed near the North shore.  The Quest sailed by Bob & Audrey also stayed in the middle of the river.  As the fleet made its way past Inchyra, Hunter and John took over the lead and were able to take advantage of the conditions. The wind strength increased as the tide had now changed and all boats picked up speed accordingly. Although Vicky (Europe) and Paul & Jim (Albacore) started late they were catching up Bob & Audrey but were not able to overtake them. Fraser/Euan & Yevgeniv were disadvantaged as they had spinnaker problems from early on in the race and this slowed them down considerably.  First over the line at Newburgh was John Ferguson (Bare Away) followed by Hunter Williamson (Whoof) and Andrew Porteous/Gillie Amatt (Kelpie) third. Thanks to all involved manning the rescue boats, Race Officer Malcolm Moore, Safety Officers Bill Inches, Robin MacArthur and Sandy Rodger. Thanks also to James Allan of Newburgh Sailing Club providing a good welcome to the finishing sailors. Most of the helms and crews took the option of sailing back to Perth against wind and tide and this proved to be a hard shift taking some three hours to get back to their home port.  Well done all.   

Results after Handicap:-

Wed 14.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan) 2nd Hellespont (B.INches) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Thur 15.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Whoof (H.Willaimson) 3rd Flat Oot (J.Douglas)

Fri 16.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Blue Meanie (B. Watson) 2nd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald)

                     Race 2 - 1st Blue Meanie (B. Watson) 2nd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald)

Sun 18.6.17 Newburgh Cup Winner-  Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson)  3rd RS Quest (P.Bevan/E.Taylor)