Race Report - Points 29th September

posted 30 Sep 2018, 11:48 by Perth Sailing Club

Conditions: Visibility good. Very windy, with extreme gusts. Wind from West, Force 4 gusting to Force 7!

Safety Boat:  

SB1: Eric Taylor & Rachel Turner (new member)

SB2: Rick Raeburn


OOD : Jim Galloway and Robin McArther


Race Entries Race 1 and 2:

Jack Douglas: Streaker

John Ferguson : Streaker

James Curley: Laser

Jacob McCauley : Laser

Euan MacDonald and Mark Turner (new member) : Quest


Race 1:

Conditions: challenging, with frequent force 6 westerly gusts scything through the fleet. Five boats took to the river for race 1. Mark and Rachel Turner (new members) joined in the fun. Mark crewed for Euan in the Quest, and Rachel took to the Safety boat with Eric. Even before the race started the conditions asserted their authority by flipping James over, which he quickly recovered. Little did he know, this wasn’t the last time!

From the start, John took an early and commanding lead, which he maintained throughout the race. Jack was in hot pursuit but couldn’t match John’s downwind speed. Both the lasers got caught out by a couple of unfortunately timed gusts and capsized (more than once!). Euan and Mark sailed a solid race in the Quest, to finish 3rd, after John and Jack.


Race 2:

For the record, the wind conditions throughout Race 2 turned out to be even more challenging than Race 1. Race competitors had to endure and overcome fierce force 7 gusts with sustained periods of force 6! Caps off to all those that took part for their skill, courage and determination.

All 5 boats took to the water for Race 2. Again, John took an early lead, but Jack was very close behind (perhaps too close 😊) On Lap-1, at the B mark the lasers were neck and neck, just behind the Quest. On the B to C leg, Robin and I could hear lots of whoops and screams, as the boats rounded the C-mark. We weren’t sure if they were of joy or terror. A huge gust cut through the fleet as it approached the D-mark, which resulted in John and James taking a bath; and Jack losing control for a bit. The Quest picked its way through the carnage to emerge unscathed (Euan thinking: “Ha! I knew reefing was a good idea”). The rescue boats were on hand to offer assistance, and helpful advice, if required. Fortunately, everyone was able to sort themselves and continued.  Due to worsening conditions and reduced light, the course was shortened. Jack, crossed first, pursued by John. The Quest, with Euan and Mark crossed third. Both James and Jacob decided to retire to fight another day.

Results after Handicap

Sat 29th Race 1: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson), 2nd Flatoot (J.Douglas), 3rd RS Quest (E.MacDonald/M.Turner)

               Race 2: 1st Flatoot (J.Douglas), 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson), 3rd RS Quest (E.MacDonald/M.Turner