Race Report - Dewars Series - 15th and 16th April

posted 19 Apr 2017, 00:03 by Perth Sailing Club

               Eight boats took part on Saturday in the first race of the Dewars Series.  Conditions were fine with a stiff breeze and a good few gusts.  Bob Watson and Peter Bevan were over the line at the start whilst Douglas Ogilvie crewed by Jim Galloway in the Miracle tangled with Hunter Williamson’s Solo shortly after.  Jack Douglas lead to the first mark followed by Bob, then Bill Inches after which Jack and Bob were neck and neck to 2nd mark using the north shore followed by Bill then Colin Fullerton helming his Solo.  Peter, sailing down the centre of the river overtook Bob at 2nd mark with Peter and Jack now neck and neck and Bob catching them up on way to last mark of round.  Bob then overtook Jack and Peter by sneaking up the south shore extending his lead.  There was a dead spot with no wind at the 2nd mark of the 2nd round while a gust caught Peter and Colin incurred a penalty turn having touched while rounding the 3rd mark, giving Bill a chance to get ahead.  Bob, still leading caught a gust and enjoyed a good piece of planing down to 2nd mark while Peter managed to pass Jack but unfortunately there was still a ‘dead’ spot at 2nd mark. Bob and Peter were still going fast up river while being chased by Jack in the final round while Bill retired and Hunter extended his lead over Colin.  Peter caught a gust between the 2nd and 3rd marks and closed in on Bob, but same gust caught Bob and Peter sneaked over the line ahead of Bob with Jack in 3rd position.  Colin also retired during final lap while Vicky Wright in her Europe had an unexpected excursion into the bank at the 1st mark of the final round.

               Seven boats took part in the 2nd race of the evening with a clean start, Jack leading ahead of John and Peter to the 1st mark with Hunter and Bob close behind.  John got ahead of Jack just before 1st mark and by 2nd mark Hunter was trailing, but soon made up by choosing north shore to close in on the leading boats.  During the 3rd round John extended his lead. Peter, Bob and Hunter took the south shore, centre and north shore on their way to 1st mark with mid paying off for Peter who crept up on John at the mark without John noticing that he was letting Peter take the lead, then Peter sailed in to a ‘dead’ patch on the way to last mark but managed to recover quickly.  With the wind dying and the tide turned they entered the final round with Peter still leading and retaining this position to cross the line first followed by John with Hunter in 3rd position.

               There was a good turnout of 9 boats for Sunday’s first race of the evening despite a delayed start while getting boats on the water.  John and Jack were the lead boats to the 1st mark of a triangular course but it was Eric in his Phantom who managed to get clear away followed by John & Jack both in Streakers  then Bob Watson in his Enterprise and Bill Inches in his Firefly. Next was Euan MacDonald in his Aero 7, losing ground on the upwind stretches.  Eric managed to maintain his lead over the fleet for the next three laps crossing the line first followed by John, Jack and Bob. Vicky Wright sailing her Europe managed to finish ahead of Euan.

               The wind had eased for the second race of the day and the course was changed to only two marks and shortened to three laps.  Hunter Williamson in his Solo and Bob Watson (Enterprise) made good starts followed by John Ferguson and Bill Inches. Hunter and Bob both sailed similar courses choosing to take advantage of the midstream currents and both sailors continued to make good progress leaving the rest of the fleet behind. At the finish it was Hunter first followed by Bob with John Ferguson and Bill Inches some two minutes behind.

Results after Handicap

Saturday 15/4/17

Race 1: 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Flat Oot (J.Douglas) 3rd Blue Meanie (B.Watson)

Race 2: 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Bare Away (J.Feguson)

Sunday 16/4/17

Race 1: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Flat Oot (J.Douglas) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches)

Race 2: 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Aeolian (B.Watson) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches)