Points Series - last races of the 2019 season

posted 15 Oct 2019, 12:15 by Perth Sailing Club

The last races of the 2019 season were held at Perth Sailing Club at the weekend.  Sailors faced  strong ,gusty conditions and strong tides. Seven boats took to the water for the first race of the weekend - Saturday 10th October. Officer of the Day, Bill Inches, set a triangular course with all marks to port.  James Curley in his Solo took an early lead on the first lap followed by Euan Macdonald in his RS Aero 7, with Sandy Rodger and Audrey Robertson a close third in the Albacore Hyskier. During the second lap the pace quickened with the two boats capsizing in the gusts. James broke his mast in the shallow water of the south bank and Ivan retired after performing a dry capsize. Cadet Joe Gauld sailing Spring Feva and Vicky Wright in her Europa also retired during the second lap. Euan continued to hold on to his lead followed by Sandy and Audrey’s Albacore. Munro Gauld sailing with his daughter Molly in the RS Quest had moved up to third place at lap two but retired during the last lap. It was Sandy and Audrey in Hyskier over the line with Euan coming in second place.

Due to the conditions and the stronger outgoing tide only three boats took part in the second race of the day. The wind had eased and all three boats were struggling. Sandy and Audrey in Hyskier were well out in front on the first lap followed by Euan in his RS Aero 7, with Vicky in her Europe a fair way behind. The race was shortened and it was Sandy and Audrey over the line first followed by Euan and Vicky.

The last race of the year was held on Sunday 13th October, unfortunately with little wind and a large amount of water flowing down the Tay, only three boats ventured out. Bob Watson in his Enterprise was the only boat to start the race as both Andrew Porteous in his Solo and James Curley in the Club Laser were unable to make progress. John Ferguson who was Race Officer decided to abandon the race after a quarter of an hour. Jim Davison with a fully crewed rescue boat of Munro Gauld and Gillie Amatt towed all the competitors home.  Members are reminded that the last two General Sailing days will be held on the weekend of the 25th & 26th October during which there will be more sea trials of the Rowing Skiff. 


Results after Handicap:

Sat 12/10/19

Race 1 – 1st RS Aero (E.MacDonald) 2nd Hyskier (S.Rodger/A.Robertson)

Race 2 – 1st Hyskier (S.Rodger/A.Robertson) 2nd RS Aero (E.MacDonald) 3rd Europa (V.Wright)