Points Series

posted 10 Jul 2019, 14:47 by Perth Sailing Club

              The Points series continued on Saturday 6th July with eight boats taking part in the first race.

It was cloudy with a variable wind, being westerly to start then veering to the east.  Bill Inches in his Firefly was over eager and started one minute early, but returned to the line.  All boats struggled to the A mark of a rectangular course with the wind now coming from the east.  Euan Macdonald in his RS Aero was first to B mark followed by Bill who touched it resulting in a penalty turn.  The wind picked up between B & C mark with Euan now well in the lead followed by Sandy Rodger in his Albacore crewed by Cadet Jamie Bryson having pulled ahead of Bill.  With the wind dying at the start of the 2nd round, Bill got washed up just past the B mark while Sandy managed to get wind.  The wind freshened again for the 3rd round and Euan was well in the lead followed by Sandy and Jamie, then Jim Galloway followed by Hunter Williamson, then Bill, Andrew Porteous  and the Watson Enterprise Helmed by Bob Watson and crewed by Anne Bryson to the rear.  Euan was first to cross the finish line followed by Sandy and Jamie with Bill in 3rd position.

               The same 8 boats entered the 2nd race of the evening with a very light easterly wind.  It was a clean start by all boats, Ian Noble in a Laser leading followed by Jim, then Hunter with Jim getting ahead of Ian at the A mark.  Jim continued to increase his lead during the round while Euan hitting another boat incurred a penalty turn.  Both Hunter and Andrew had managed to overtake Ian by C mark while Jim stalled mid-river on his way to D mark allowing Hunter and Andrew to gain, but with Ian catching both boats on line.   Jim was still leading during the 2nd round followed by Hunter and Andrew while Sandy and Jamie passed Ian on way to B mark and Andrew at C mark, Jim getting ahead again by D mark.  Unfortunately, Bill managed to pick up and drag C mark thereby confusing Anne Bryson and Bob Watson in the Enterprise.  With Jim still holding the lead followed by Hunter, Andrew and Sandy were still swopping places.  First over the finish line was Jim followed by Hunter with Euan in 3rd position.

               It was cloudy but bright as seven boats took part in Sunday’s race.  Wind conditions were once again very light with a fickle force 1-2 wind with a southerly air, although easterly was forecast.  Hunter helming his Solo and Ian Noble in a Laser led to the first mark but Bob was catching them up in his Enterprise followed by Doug Ogilvie crewed by Felicity Graham in his Enterprise.  The wind gradually came round to the west  and Bill in his Firefly gradually worked his way through the back markers, the Mirror helmed by Gillie Amatt and crewed by Kyle Fraser and a Firefly helmed by     ?. The race was shortened to two rounds and while Gillie and Kyle did well to almost finish the course in the failing wind, they were forced to retire before the end of the final lap as was the Firefly of ?  and the Enterprise of Doug and Felicity who although they managed to cross the finish line, were out of time.  Ian was first over the finish line followed by Hunter with Bob in 3rd position.  The wind never picked up again and a second race was cancelled.

               The wind had improved for Monday’s evening race when four single handed boats took to the water. Bill Inches got off to a good start in his Firefly Hellespont and lead up until the start of round three when he clipped the windward mark allowing Hunter in his Solo (Whoof) to get clean away.  It was Bill over the line in second with Ian Noble in the laser third and Doug Ogilvie in his Miracle in fourth.

               Three boats took part in the second race of the evening.  The course was a shortened triangular course with all marks taken to Starboard.  It was a close race to the first mark with Ian Noble in the Club laser only ten seconds ahead of Hunter Williamson in the Solo. Doug Ogilvie in his Miracle was about minute behind. Hunter closed Ian’s lead to only one second at the second lap and managed to overtake him to take the lead and was first over the line at the finish but just ten seconds ahead of Ian in the laser.    

Positions after Handicap:-

Sat 6/7/19

Race 1 – 1st RS Aero (E.Macdonald) 2nd Hellespont (B.Inches) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2 – 1st Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Sun 7/7/19

Race 1 – 1st Laser (I.Noble) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Aeolian (B.Watson)

Mon 8/7/19

Race 1 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Hellespont (B. Inches) 3rd Laser (I.Noble)

Race 2 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Laser (I.Noble) 3rd Boufuls3 (D.Ogilvie)