Points Race Reports

posted 27 Aug 2018, 14:31 by Perth Sailing Club

Saturday 25th August saw two races of our Points series.  With a light NW wind, the action was concentrated on the Southern side of the river, avoiding the calm surface on the North side.  Euan Macdonald in his RS Aero 7 got off to a great start, with Ian Noble (Laser) second being gradually caught by James Curley also in a Laser.  Alan Jones (Solo) was next then Joe Gauld in a Feva keeping up well with the faster boats ahead.  Munro Gauld (Joe’s dad) in a Quest was next with Andrew Porteus and extended family of Gilly Amatt and India Allen bringing up the rear in another Quest.   Euan clung onto his lead, with James chomping at his heels having come past Ian into second position.  Joe Gauld maintained his momentum, having a close battle with Alan Jones; twice overtaking him upwind while Alan regained his position on the downwind legs.  First over the line was Euan, followed by the two Lasers of James and Ian, but Joe’s perseverance paid off and after the handicap calculations he took his first win!


Race two started with a slightly reduced patchy breeze, just as the tide started to turn, so presented a challenging prospect to complete.  Euan Macdonald in his Aero got off to a good start with Penny Allen in the Albacore closely followed by Alan Jones in the Solo, whilst the remaining boats were left behind in a patch of light air.  Euan pulled out a good lead on lap 2, making the most of his nimble Aero in the erratic puffs of wind, while Ian Noble in a Laser pulled into second position.  Joe Gauld was enjoying the extra power of a battened race mainsail on his RS Feva for this race, but was trailing the main pack at this stage, with just Munro Gauld and Andrew Porteus in the RS Quests behind.  Lap 3 required perseverance and concentration in the lighter patchy breeze against the rapidly falling tide.  Both Quests were unable to reach the upwind marks and failed to finish.  Penny in the Albacore was first over the line, but Joe Gauld, aged just 11, showed great sensitivity to work his way through the four faster boats ahead of him to cross the line second, albeit nearly 5 minutes back.  Would his handicap be enough?  After careful deliberation by the OOD, Joe topped of his day with a second win – a magnificent effort in tricky conditions.


Race 1:       1st Joe Gauld (Spring Feva)

                     2nd James Curley (Laser)

                     3rd Euan Macdonald (Aero 7)


Race 2:       1st Joe Gauld (Spring Feva)

                     2nd Alan Jones (Solo)

                     3rd Penny Allen (Kelpie)


Sunday 26th August was to be the Ferguson Trophy Pursuit Race but this was cancelled due to the inclement weather and lack of wind.