Points, ACH & Regatta

posted 25 Jun 2018, 14:03 by Perth Sailing Club

               Five boats took to the water for the continuation of the long Points Series. Conditions were overcast with intermittent showers with a light south westerly, but gusting.  Sandy helming his Albacore single handed was leading at the end of the first round of a triangular course followed by the Firefly of Andrew Porteous, then Alan Jones in his Solo and the RS Aero of Euan Macdonald.  To the rear in the Club’s RS Quest was James Curley crewed by Vicki Wright.  Sandy was still leading at the end of the 2nd round, well ahead of Andrew and retained the lead to cross the line first followed by Alan Jones with Andrew in 3rd position.

               Six boats entered for the 2nd race of the evening, wind very light, Sandy being joined by his daughter Jennifer as crew .Again they took the lead followed by Euan then Alan with Andrew crewed by Kieran Foley-Hall in 4th position. To the rear were Vicki in her Euro and James Curley helming the RS Quest.  Vicki retired before the end of the 2nd round as did James in the RS Quest. It was Sandy & Jennifer (Albacore) over the line first with Euan (RS Aero 7) with Andrew and Kieran (Albacore)  and Alan Jones (Solo) finishing on average lap time.

               On Tuesday evening  in the very light conditions four boats took part in the ongoing ACH series. The course was shortened to a single lap and it was Andrew Porteous in his Solo was first over the line with James Curley in the Club Laser second with Alan Jones sailing the RS Quest singled handed third and Ian Noble (Laser) retired

               Perth Sailing Clubs Annual Regatta was sailed over the weekend of the 23rd & 24th June. Race 1 is a Pennant race for the RNLI and a total of nine boats entered. Conditions were glorious for both sailors and spectators alike. It was a westerly gusting ten knots or so. It was very close racing at the start with all boats reaching the windward mark at the same time made for an interesting spectacle. Sandy Rodger with Kieran as crew edged ahead of Ian Noble (laser) with a gaggle of boats behind. Lap two saw Ian Nobel (Laser)  pull ahead of Andrew Porteous (Solo) and Robin Mc Arthur and Gillie Amatt (Albacore). At the back of the fleet cadets  Anna Woodhead and Olivia Elliot were making good progress in the RS Feva and Vicky Wright (Europe) was sailing well too. Jim Galloway (Solo) and Peter Bevan (Streaker) were having a close race throughout. Over the line at the completion of the final lap was Ian Noble first , Peter Bevan second and Andrew Porteous third.

                The second race of the day which is the first of the Regatta races the number of competitors increased to ten boats with Sam Gleave joining the race in a club laser. The wind was still holding at ten knots and all boats got away to a clean start in an even spread over the middle of the river. Robin McArthur and Gillie Amatt (Albacore) led by Sandy and Kieran (Albacore) . Robin/Gillie was first over the line at lap one followed by Sandy/Kieran and then Peter Bevan (Streaker). Robin/Gillie continued to increase their lead and were first over the line on the final lap followed by Sandy/Kieran and Peter Bevan third.

               The Regatta BBQ was held after racing and was extremely well attended by the club members, friends and family. It was organised by Eric Taylor and was greatly appreciated by all. Many thanks to those, who brought a further selection of salads and puddings for the evening.  

               Race two of the Regatta had nine boats competing in the continuing good weather and an increasing wind from the previous day. It was a hectic start with all boats, except Sandy and Eric in the Albacore, making a clean start. Some misjudged the lay line at the windward mark allowing those on Starboard to take advantage and some places were lost in the ensuing debacle.  At the front of the fleet there was close racing between Andrew Porteous crewed with Gillie Amatt & cadet Kyle Fraser in the Albacore and Bob Watson (Laser) . Vicky Wright was sailing very well in the strong conditions keeping ahead of Sam Gleave who, after four capsizes was really getting the hang of capsize recovery.  Peter Bevan was catching up on Bob and Andrew but suffered gear failure during lap two and had to retire. There was further excitement at the leeward gybe mark when Bob Watson trying to cut past on the inside of Andrew /Gillie & Kyle over did it and also capsized. He quickly recovered and took up the chase again. Jim Galloway (Solo) was having a good race and was making steady progress through the fleet.  Leonie Poor sailing her Mirror was making good progress. New trainee Jacob decided to sail the RS quest on his own and was copping well with the conditions. At the line on the third lap it was the Albacore of Andrew/Gillie/Kyle followed by Bob Watson (Laser) and Jim Galloway (Solo).

               The fourth & final race of the race of the regatta was conducted after the tour boat Badger has sailed past. The same nine boats took part with all away to a clean start this time. Sandy & Eric led through lap one. Peter Bevan who had effected repairs to his boat during the interval was in second place followed by Jim Galloway (Solo). Sam Gleave was having a better race and didn’t capsize this time. However trainee Jacob did but did a quick recovery in the RS Quest. On lap two the leading positions remain the same, on the final lap Peter Bevan held on to his lead with Bob Watson (Laser) working his way from fifth place to second just ahead by two seconds from Sandy & Eric (Laser).

Results after Handicap:

SUN 17th  Race1: 1st A.Jones (Solo) 2nd  S.Rodger(Dash) 3rd E.Macdonald (RS Aero 7)

                 Race 2: 1st S.Rodger/J.Casebow (Dash) 2nd   E.Macdonald (RS Aero 7) 3rd A.Jones (Solo)

TUES 19th Race 1: 1st A.Porteous (Whooper) 2nd J.Curley (Laser) 3rd A.Jones (RS Quest)

SAT 23rd Regatta RNLI Pennant 1st  P.Bevan (Marsh Daisy) 2nd Ian Noble (Laser) 3rd A.Porteous (Whooper)

                Regatta Race 1: 1st  P.Bevan (Marsh Daisy) 2nd A.Porteous (Whooper)    3rd R.McArthur/G.Amatt (Cordon Bleau)

SUN 24th Regatta Race 2: J.Galloway (Woodpecker) 2nd B.Watson (Blue Meanie) 3rd V.Wright (Patch 3)

                Regatta Race 3: 1st P.Bevan (March Daisy) 2nd J.Galloway (Woodpecker) 3rd B.Watson (Blue Meanie)

Perth Sailing Club Regatta RNLI Pennant Winner Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy)

Overall Regatta Winner Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy)   2nd Sandy Rodger(Dash)   3rd Vicky Wright (Patch 3)