Newburgh Race

posted 4 Aug 2019, 14:41 by Perth Sailing Club

               After a slight delay, twelve boats set off on the downriver course towards Newburgh in a force 3 from the east. Three single handed Solos led the fleet, Andrew Porteous, James Curley and Jim Galloway. For once, Sleepless Inch seemed less of an obstacle to progress but as the wind continued to build, sailors had to work harder in the gusty conditions. Sandy Rodger in his Albacore Dash crewed by Felicity shipped a lot of water near the first navigation mark and lost distance reaching back and forth across the Tay draining the boat. Jacob McCauley in the fully rigged Laser was overpowered and struggling to make headway in the conditions. As the fleet rounded Sleepless Inch the wind increased and white caps were evident on the more exposed parts of the river. By Elcho Castle some of the boats had started to give up and head home and with a full force 4 gusting 5 on the nose, the race officer decided to shorten proceedings near Seggieden. The first boat finished in just under 45 minutes but the tail-enders were taking nearer 75. Most boats found the conditions difficult and both Leonie in the Mirror and Jacob in the Laser ended up in the reeds both requiring assistance from the Rescue boats, Jacob capsizing on his way back to the clubhouse. Leonie took down the mainsail on the Mirror and managed to sail back home on the jib alone! The two RS Quests crewed by Vicky Wright and Gilly Amatt,  Richard Burrows and Grant Hill made the finishing mark and headed for home. Yevgeni Kossko in his Canoe rig was in the most stable platform in the difficult conditions and impressed those watching, coping admirably.  Peter Bevan in his Miracle crewed by Cadet Edward Wrigley did well in the strong winds as did Doug Ogilvie and Anne Bryson in the Enterprise Boofuls 4. Seven boats eventually finished the shortened race. All boats made it back home safely without the need to be towed and the sailors gave thanks to those covering the two rescue boats John Ferguson / Jim Davidson and Anne Hughes/Eric Taylor in the challenging conditions.

Positions after Handicap:-

Sun 28/7/19

Newburgh – 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Bear (J.Curley) 3rd Ptarmigan (P.Bevan/E Wrigley)