General Sailing & Points race reports

posted 3 Jul 2018, 14:45 by Perth Sailing Club

               The last day of June saw a very large turnout of members to take part in the General Sailing. At least thirteen dinghies ventured out in the blustery conditions. The rescue boats were fully crewed with a few extra hands on board, which was just as well as there were a few capsizes during the evening.  All enjoyed the experience.

               On Sunday 1st July the point series continued. The good weather continued from the previous day and the easterly wind proved challenging. Eleven boats took part in the first race with a couple of other boats just following on. It was Bob Watson (Laser) who got away to a good start followed by Andrew Porteous and Kieran Folly Hall in the Albacore followed by Euan MacDonald in his Aero 7, with Peter Bevan only a second behind. Eric Taylor had gear failure on lap on one and retired.  At the back of the fleet there was close racing between Cadet Ivan Kossko (Laser 4.7) and Munro & Molly Gauld (RS Quest). Jason Curley was having a good race in the club Laser and was really getting the hang of capsize recovery after the fourth time of getting wet.  Bob also capsized during lap two after dropping the tiller and lost a bit of ground to Andrew allowing the Albacore to take the lead. During the race the Rescue boats crewed by Alan Jones /Jane Boyden and Pheobe and Anna were kept busy escorting Badger through the fleet and looking after capsized boats. On the final lap it was Andrew & Kieran who crossed the line first followed by Bob and then Euan.

               Twelve boats now enter for race two, Jacob McCauley and Jason Curley decide to swap boats for this race with Jacob in the Laser and Jason sailing the RS Quest single handed.  Cadets Joe Gauld and Orrie took the other RS Quest. Bob Watson was first to the windward mark but was soon overtaken by Eric Taylor in his Phantom and continually pulled ahead away from the rest of the fleet.  Peter Bevan (Streaker) also had good start and was in third place behind Andrew & Kieran (Albacore) .  Bob capsized again during lap two but soon recovered.   With the tide now changing the fleet was spreadout with the leaders now some twelve minutes ahead of those at the back of the race.  Eric was first over the line followed by Andrew & Kieran (Albacore) with Peter Bevan (Streaker) only two seconds after. After all the boats were put away, we were delighted to be visited by an Osprey which swooped down into the river and collected a fish. It was a fitted end to a superb days sailing.

               Five boats took to the water for the continuing ACH midweek racing on Monday evening in bright sunshine with an easterly force 3/4 wind which veered SE during the final lap.  Fleet got off to a clear start, Bob leading followed by Sandy crewed by Kieran, then Alan Jones helming a Club Quest with Euan’s Aero and James Curley in a Laser to the rear.  There was much battling for position between Bob, Sandy, Alan and James with frequent changes during the 1st round. By the 2nd round Sandy was leading, Bob tacking up the north shore, but no advantage gained by this manoeuvre.  James had managed to extend his lead over Allan while Euan was making good progress through the fleet with Bob gradually losing ground.  Unfortunately James missed the C mark.  By the 3rd round Sandy had managed to extend his lead while James had lost a few places by rectifying his earlier mistake.  Unfortunately Allan’s tiller extension came off and Sandy was first over the line followed by Bob with Euan in 3rd position. 

               Six boats entered the 2nd race of the evening, Peter Bevan helming a Club Feva.  Bob took to the lead followed by Sandy, but Euan caught up and overtook both before the first mark.  Peter making full use of the 3 sails of the Feva while Euan extended his lead with the Albacore of Sandy and the Laser of Bob tussled for position.  James doing well, but Peter missed C mark while Euan extended his lead by the 2nd round, but lost some ground by staying close to the north shore.  Bob and Sandy still neck and neck between marks each taking a turn of getting ahead of the other.  James unfortunately losing ground on the lead boats,but going well.  First over the line was Euan followed by Bob with Sandy in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:

SUN 1st   Race1: 1st B.Watson (Blue Meanie) 2nd  P.Bevan (Marsh Daisy) 3rd A.Porteous/K.Foley-Hall(Kelpie)

               Race 2: 1st P.Bevan (Marsh Daisy) 2nd B.Watson (BlueMeanie) 3rd E.Taylor (Phantom)

MON 2nd Race 1: 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/K.Foley-Hall) 3rd RS Aero (E.Macdonald)

                 Race 2: 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd RS Aero (E.Macdonald) 3rd Dash(S.Rodger/K.Foley-Hall)