Commodore’s fun race

posted 1 Sep 2019, 14:56 by Perth Sailing Club

Saturday saw the annual  Commodore’s fun race. Despite the horrible weather in the morning, by sailing time it was sunny and dry with a stiff breeze to play in. Our Commodore was noticeable mainly by his absence, being on holiday in Norfolk. Breaking boats as usual from the reports we have heard. So this year’s challenge was simple. Normal start sequence and then catch the apples the safety boat released. Prize for the winning team. From the race box, it looked like chaos. From the grins and chatter when they came ashore, it would seem that 18 apples were the cause of a great deal if amusement. Photo shows who the winners were. Artwork by Katie. No women or children were harmed. As for the apples, of the 18 released, 3 did not return to shore..........We would have held a moments silence for them but couldn’t be bothered.