ACH Series & Heathens

posted 6 Aug 2018, 12:06 by Perth Sailing Club

               Thursday saw a change in the weather with rain greeting competitors accompanied by a light westerly breeze.  Five boats took to the water and had a good clean start round a rectangular course of four marks, but once underway the wind reduced dramatically while the rain increased in strength and it proved to be a very slow and wet process.  Round two proved a real struggle and James Curley in a Laser made the right choice by selecting the right side of the river to gain on the fleet.  Following almost an hour’s sailing it was James who led over the finish line followed by Ian Noble also helming a Laser with the Streaker of John Ferguson in 3rd position.  Due to lack of wind no 2nd race was sailed.

               Six boats entered the first race on Friday evening with much improved conditions and wind.  James Curley led the fleet at the end of the first round followed by the Solos of Jim Galloway and Andrew Porteous, then the Streaker of Audrey Robertson.  A couple of minutes behind them were the Lasers of Ian Noble and Jacob McCauley.  James retained his lead throughout the four rounds taking the line ahead of Jim who was just one second ahead of Andrew who took 3rd position.

               Six boats took to the water for the 2nd race of the evening in similar conditions.  This time it was Jim helming his Solo who got ahead of James followed by Ian with Andrew very close to his stern at the end of the first round with Audrey to the rear.  James managed to pull ahead of Jim during the second round and Andrew got ahead of Ian.  Once again it was James who took the line at the end of the 3rd round followed by Andrew with Jim in 3rd position.

               Sunday saw an early start for the Heathens race.  Six boats took to the water in fine weather with a westerly wind and the pleasure boat, the Badger came past twice during the race which gave their occupants more action to appreciate during their trip.  Jim Galloway was leading at the end of the first round ahead of Euan Macdonald’s RS Aero followed by James who was helming Eric Taylor’s Phantom.  Next in line was the Streaker of Peter Bevan followed by Andrew with Leonie Poor in her Mirror to the rear.   James managed to pull ahead of Euan during the 2nd round while Jim dropped back into 3rd position.  James was still holding his lead by the end of the 3rd round and was first to cross the finish line ahead of Peter Bevan with Jim in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:-

Thur. 2/8/18:- Race 1 – 1st Laser (J.Curley) 2nd Laser (I.Noble) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Fri. 3/8/18:- Race 1 – 1st Laser (J.Curley) 2nd Solo (J.Galloway) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2 – 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 3rd Laser (J.Curley)

Sun. 5/8/18 : Heathen Race – 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)