Race Reports

Perth Sailing Club Anniversary Dinner & Prize-giving 10th November 2018

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On Saturday 10th November Perth Sailing Club held its 68th anniversary dinner and prize-giving at The Royal George Hotel in Perth. 

The event was well attended by over thirty members and the trophies were presented by the Club Commodore Bob Watson and his wife Anne.  There were a lot of new members who attended the prize-giving for the first time as well as a good turnout from the cadets. The Club would like to thank the staff at the Royal George Hotel for providing an excellent dinner and good service.  Club members are reminded that the AGM will be held at the Clubhouse on Friday 23rd November.

Photo Left to Right:         Bob Watson, Jack Douglas, John Ferguson, Gillie Amatt, James Curley,

                                             Anna Woodhead, Peter Bevan,  Euan Macdonald, Andrew Porteous

Race Reports – Conclusion of Points Series

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               The last two races of the 2018 racing season were held on Saturday at Perth Sailing Club. It was a blustery force five at the outset of the first race, so much so that Audrey didn’t manage get into her boat before it took off across the Tay with Audrey clinging on circus style until she leapt into the boat mid river.  She was joined in the race by three other boats. At the start it was Sandy Roger crewed by daughter Jennifer in the Albacore Dash that took the lead followed by Audrey Robertson in her Streaker. James Curley was close behind in the Club laser. Jacob Macaulay had a technical issue in the other Laser but made up during the first lap. It was a long first lap to Willowgate Island and all boats were out of sight from the Race box. Sandy and Jennifer in the Albacore had established a good lead by the time the fleet came back into view followed by the two lasers of James and Jacob and Audrey in her Streaker. James was pointing well on lap two and pulled ahead of Jacob. Audrey had difficulty rounding the windward mark of the second leg and it was Sandy and Jennifer that crossed the line first some 3 minutes ahead of James in the Laser.

               New members Mark and Rachel braved the gusty conditions to sail their newly acquired Twinkle 10 and despite Mark having not sailed for a few years they both managed the conditions remarkably well.

               Sandy and Jennifer in the Albacore made a good start in the second race of the day as did Audrey in her Streaker but she had to give way to the Albacore as she was on port. James moved into second place but Jacob having an entanglement issue in the laser had dropped behind. Sandy and Jennifer had a steady lead over James but he was trying hard in the shifty conditions and was rewarded by a win on handicap. Jacob and Audrey were bringing up the rear against the falling tide and so bringing to an end the 2018 racing season.

               Peter Bevan was officer of the day ably assisted by the safety boat crew of Gillie Amatt, Keiran Foley-Hall and Roger Humphrey. On Sunday there was a good turnout of boats for one of the last General Sailing days. The Commodore wishes to thank all the members who took part in this seasons racing whether as competitors, leisure sailors, those that covered sailing duties and training duties, with special thanks to the new members recruited following the RYA training course and all the folk that made the 2018 social functions such a success.

               Members and friends are reminded of the Club’s Bonfire night evening on Saturday 3rd of November to which all friends and family are welcome.              

Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 20/10/18:-

Race 1: 1st Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 2nd Laser (J.Curley) 3rd Laser (J.Macaulay)

Race 2: 1st Laser(J.Curley) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 3rd Laser (J.Macaulay)






Race Report - Continuation of Points Series

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               Saturday saw a session of general sailing taking place.  Weather conditions were sunny, warm and calm and Eric Taylor manning the safety boat took Club members through some exercises of capsize and recovery drill with Munro, Molly, Gillie and Jo to name a few taking part using two of the Club’s RS Quests. 

               Sunday saw a complete change in the weather - four boats braving the elements taking to the water with some trepidation for the first race of the day.  Weather conditions were cloudy, but dry with a strong westerly wind force 4-5 and gusting.  With a clean start to the race Jack (Laser) led to the first mark of a figure of eight course followed by Andrew Porteous (Solo) who was neck and neck with John Ferguson (Streaker) while Commodore Bob Watson (Laser) brought up the rear.  The places remained the same during the 2nd round with all helms managing to remain upright in very gusty conditions.  By the 3rd and final round John had pulled into the lead while Bob had managed to catch up and get ahead of Andrew.  First over the line was John followed by Jack with Bob in third position, with Jack managing to capsize after crossing the line!

               Only three boats entered the 2nd race of the day, a rather wet Jack deciding to decline the challenging conditions.  With an increase in wind speed with gusting accompanied by rain John and Andrew were again fighting it out for the lead followed by Bob who unfortunately capsized on the line at the end of the first round.  John managed to get ahead of Andrew during round 2, but Bob experiencing difficulty in trying to right his Laser wisely decided to retire.  With John now well ahead in the lead he crossed the line ahead of Andrew having completed the four rounds in just 27 minutes.

Results after Handicap:-

Sun. 7/10/18:-

Race 1: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Laser (J.Douglas) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Blue Meanie(B.Watson)






Race Report - Points 29th September

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Conditions: Visibility good. Very windy, with extreme gusts. Wind from West, Force 4 gusting to Force 7!

Safety Boat:  

SB1: Eric Taylor & Rachel Turner (new member)

SB2: Rick Raeburn


OOD : Jim Galloway and Robin McArther


Race Entries Race 1 and 2:

Jack Douglas: Streaker

John Ferguson : Streaker

James Curley: Laser

Jacob McCauley : Laser

Euan MacDonald and Mark Turner (new member) : Quest


Race 1:

Conditions: challenging, with frequent force 6 westerly gusts scything through the fleet. Five boats took to the river for race 1. Mark and Rachel Turner (new members) joined in the fun. Mark crewed for Euan in the Quest, and Rachel took to the Safety boat with Eric. Even before the race started the conditions asserted their authority by flipping James over, which he quickly recovered. Little did he know, this wasn’t the last time!

From the start, John took an early and commanding lead, which he maintained throughout the race. Jack was in hot pursuit but couldn’t match John’s downwind speed. Both the lasers got caught out by a couple of unfortunately timed gusts and capsized (more than once!). Euan and Mark sailed a solid race in the Quest, to finish 3rd, after John and Jack.


Race 2:

For the record, the wind conditions throughout Race 2 turned out to be even more challenging than Race 1. Race competitors had to endure and overcome fierce force 7 gusts with sustained periods of force 6! Caps off to all those that took part for their skill, courage and determination.

All 5 boats took to the water for Race 2. Again, John took an early lead, but Jack was very close behind (perhaps too close 😊) On Lap-1, at the B mark the lasers were neck and neck, just behind the Quest. On the B to C leg, Robin and I could hear lots of whoops and screams, as the boats rounded the C-mark. We weren’t sure if they were of joy or terror. A huge gust cut through the fleet as it approached the D-mark, which resulted in John and James taking a bath; and Jack losing control for a bit. The Quest picked its way through the carnage to emerge unscathed (Euan thinking: “Ha! I knew reefing was a good idea”). The rescue boats were on hand to offer assistance, and helpful advice, if required. Fortunately, everyone was able to sort themselves and continued.  Due to worsening conditions and reduced light, the course was shortened. Jack, crossed first, pursued by John. The Quest, with Euan and Mark crossed third. Both James and Jacob decided to retire to fight another day.

Results after Handicap

Sat 29th Race 1: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson), 2nd Flatoot (J.Douglas), 3rd RS Quest (E.MacDonald/M.Turner)

               Race 2: 1st Flatoot (J.Douglas), 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson), 3rd RS Quest (E.MacDonald/M.Turner



Points series race reports from Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd

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               Saturday saw the continuation of the long summer Points Series.  Seven boats took to the water for the first race in bright sunshine with a light westerly force 2/3 wind.  With the current running hard slowing progress Alan Jones helming his Solo was away first on a port tack followed by Robin MacArthur crewed by Gilly Amatt in his Albacore, then Hunter Williamson’s Solo.  On reaching the bridge Robin and Gilly were leading, followed by Andrew Porteous and Hunter at the A mark.  Hunter managed to get inside Robin at the C mark as did James Curley.  James was first to D mark and he carried on towards the south shore while the remainder tacked round mark and got ahead.  With the wind picking up Hunter, Robin and Andrew were all close together while James was struggling up-wind and all were in the same position at the C Mark with Hunter extending his lead.  James had to veer off starboard to avoid colliding with Douglas Ogilivie.  By the third round Hunter was extending his lead followed by Robin with Andrew dropping back a bit.  James was struggling up-wind while Munro and Joe Gauld in a Club Quest passed Alan at C Mark.  First over the line was Hunter followed closely by Robin and Gilly with Andrew in 3rd position.

               Six boats entered the 2nd race of the day – weather and wind conditions the same.  Alan was first away on starboard tack followed by Robin and Gilly, then Hunter.  Approaching B Mark Robin was well in front having used the north shore while the remainder of the fleet stalled on the south shore.  Robin made C mark whilst rest were rounding B Mark.  Robin extending his lead had to pinch at B Mark during the 2nd round, but didn’t make it allowing the other boats to catch up.  While Alan dropped back, Andrew closed in on Robin as they approached D Mark, with James passing Hunter between B & C.  Robin touched B mark again and had to carry out a penalty turn.  During the 3rd round the tide turned and the current was very strong and fleet making very little headway on port tack though Robin managed to get ahead again while James got in front of Andrew and Hunter.  Robin cleared B Mark cleanly for the 4th and final round and extended his lead further being at D mark whilst the rest were still at B mark, though Andrew was back ahead of James.  First over the line was Robin and Gilly followed by James with Andrew in 3rd position.

               Eight boats participated in race down to Millhurst and back on Sunday.  Conditions were mixed with sunshine, interspersed with light showers and light wind. The decision was taken to take times at the rounding mark at Millhurst in case the wind died and not all boats would have been able to make the finish at the clubhouse.  It was the father and daughter crew of Sandy Rodger and Jennifer Casebow in their Albacore Dash that make a good start closely followed by the rest of the fleet. By the time the boats reached Sleepless inch the fleet was beginning to stretch out with good the leader James Curley (Laser) and Alan Jones (Solo) making good progress towards Millhurst. At the turning point it was James followed by Alan with the next three boats  Dash, Kieran Foley-Hall and Andrew Porteous in the Albacore Kelpie and Peter Bevan and Anna Woodhead in the Miracle close behind. At the back of the fleet it was Jack Douglas (Woodpecker) Robin McArthur and Jilly Amatt in the Albacore (CordenBleau) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof). At that stage of the race it would have been Alan Jones who would have taken the trophy with James Curley second , but the wind picked up slightly and all boats headed west against an outgoing tide back towards the clubhouse. The fickle winds at Sleepless Inch slowed all the boats in the fleet allowing the Albacores to catch up with the leading boats. Those that decided to stay in the deeper reaches of the river were at a disadvantage and the strong tide was taking these boats down river. The fleet gradually made it’s way along the North bank of the Tay by which time Sandy and Jennifer (Dash) had pulled ahead. Discussions between the safety boats crews and the race officer as to whether to abandon the race were held but a squall headed in from the west gave all the boats much needed wind to allow racing to continue. Kieran and Andrew in the Albacore had a few exciting moments when the squall broke and it was a testing time for Keiran’s first race as a helm. Sandy and Jenny were first over the line followed by James Curley (Laser) and Jack Douglas (Solo) with Peter and Anna (Miracle) in fourth. Hunter Williamson in his Solo was caught by a squall a few yards from the line and was capsized but continued to make a finished once he got back in the boat. It was a great determination by all the sailors to get back after some two hours without the need for a tow from the rescue craft. The winner of the Millhurst was Peter Bevan assisted by cadet Anna Woodhead in their Miracle Ptarmigan.        

Results after Handicap

Sat 22nd Race 1: 1st  Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Laser (J.Curley)

               Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Corden Bleau (R.McArthur/G.Amatt) 3rd Laser (J.Curley)

Sun 23rd Millhurst 1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan/A.Woodhead) 2nd Woodpecker (J.Douglas) 3rd Solo (A.Jones)


Points - Saturday 15th of September

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               There was such was the contrast in conditions between last Sundays racing where the wild conditions challenged all those that took part and the race on Saturday 15th where there was so little wind that there was a debate as to whether it was worth the effort. In the event five club members took to the water to race or at least improve their boat handling skills in light conditions. Hunter Williamson, Race Officer set a “simple sausage” course.  Bob Watson (Enterprise) took an early lead helped by a strong incoming time but was soon overhauled at the top mark by Andrew Porteous (Solo) and Euan McDonald (RS Aero7) . James Curley (Laser) was also very close to the leading boats and these three broke away to head to the downwind mark leaving Alan Jones (Solo) to join Bob at the top mark. Round two was led by Andrew Porteous , Euan McDonald and James Curley who all managed to lap both Bob and Alan during round three. At the line it was Andrew Porteous , Euan McDonald and James Curley in third. Bob Watson and Alan Jones finishing on average lap times. Bob’s mainsheet came adrift as he rounded the bottom mark on his last lap and both Bob and Alan finished on average times. Race two was cancelled due to the lack of wind and fading light.     

Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 15/9/18 - Points Series

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Laser (J.Curley) 3rd RS Aero (E.McDonald)



Points & Strathmore Series

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Points & Strathmore Series

               Five boats took to the water on Sunday 2nd September evening for the continuation of the long summer Points series.  Jack Douglas helming his Streaker and James Curley in a Laser got off to a good start round an unusual course of A,B,C,A & D marks while Kieran Foley-Hall helming Andrew Porteous’s Albacore was a bit keen, resulting being over the line at the start and lost time.  Jack held his lead to A, B & C but mistook the course and lost place, but worked his way back through the fleet and got back in front by laying a perfect tack up to A mark. Andrew kept to the south bank, went below D mark and had to round it twice.  James and Jack nipped a tack down to D as wind eased and light faded.  Euan in his RS Aero was in 3rd place followed by Alan Jones in his Solo, then Kieran and Andrew.

               Four boats entered the 2nd race of the evening, the course shortened to 2 rounds in very light wind.  Allan was over the line at start while James and Jack again had a great start while Kieran and Andrew struggled and retired during 2nd round.  Jack got ahead of James and crossed the line ahead of him with Euan in 3rd position.

`              Seven boats entered for the first race of the short Strathmore Series, a series of four races sponsored by Barr Soft Drink Company. Weather conditions were sunny with a WSW wind, force 3/4.  Three laps of a long zig-zag course from west of the  Friarton bridge to the Stockgreen navigational mark gave testing gybe practice and involved some strenuous beating.  Seven boats started, but James Curley retired his Laser during lap 3 with a broken tiller as did Vicky Wright in her Europe.  Sandy Rodger crewed by daughter Jennifer led at the first mark and held their lead to the end but Jack’s Solo won on handicap and enjoyed a close tussle with the Laser.  Munro crewed by daughter Molly in a Club Quest survived well to come third.  Son Joe in a Feva with just one sail up managed just two laps, but came a commendable fourth after average lap time was applied, a shade ahead of the other Albacore on corrected time helmed by Gillie Amatt racing an Albacore for the first time, but well assisted by her crew Kieran.

               Six boats entered the 2nd race of the evening.  Conditions were the same with the exception of a slightly gustier wind.  The race was sailed over three laps of a shorter zig-zag course giving more extreme gybes and some planing.  Sandy led until he found himself the wrong side of the downwind mark.  Thereafter he was neck and neck with Jack’s Solo who shaded him on the line followed by James in a Laser sporting a borrowed tiller.  Munro’s Quest crossed the line in 4th position.  The second Albacore and Vicki’s Europe, their helms understandably tiring, retired during the second lap.

               Six boats entered for the first of the final two races making up the Strathmore Series.  Weather conditions were dry with a westerly wind force 5-6 and gusting and a strong incoming tide creating waves on the water’s surface.  Two rescue boats were manned to oversee the fleet, John Ferguson helming his Streaker capsizing prior to the start of the race.  The Race Officer of the Day wisely advised those sailors with less skilled crew to abandon the race due to the conditions.  First over the line after completing four rounds was Jack Douglas followed by Andrew Porteous with John Ferguson in 3rd position.

               The same six boats took to the water for the final race, though Jack and James retired during the first round and James Curley retired during the third round.  The two safety boats were put to good use throughout the race keeping a weather eye out for all the competitors and going to the aid of the capsizers.. First over the line after four rounds of some hair-raising sailing was John Ferguson followed by Andrew Porteous with Peter Bevan in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:-

Sun. 2/9/18 - Points Series

Race 1: 1st Woodpecker (J.Douglas) 2nd Laser (J.Curley) 3rd Solo (A.Jones)

Race 2: 1st Woodpecker (J.Douglas) 2nd Laser (J.Curley) 3rd RS Aero 7 (E.Macdonald)

Sat. 8/9/18 – Strathmore Series

Race 1: 1st Woodpecker (J.Douglas) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 3rd RS Quest (Munro/Molly)

Race 2: 1st Woodpecker (J.Douglas) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 3rd Laser (J.Curley)

Sun. 9/9/18 –Strathmore Series

Race 1: 1st Solo (J.Douglas) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Bare Away (J.Ferguson)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan)

Overall Winner Strathmore Series:- Woodpecker (J.Douglas) Runner Up Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)



Points Race Reports

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Saturday 25th August saw two races of our Points series.  With a light NW wind, the action was concentrated on the Southern side of the river, avoiding the calm surface on the North side.  Euan Macdonald in his RS Aero 7 got off to a great start, with Ian Noble (Laser) second being gradually caught by James Curley also in a Laser.  Alan Jones (Solo) was next then Joe Gauld in a Feva keeping up well with the faster boats ahead.  Munro Gauld (Joe’s dad) in a Quest was next with Andrew Porteus and extended family of Gilly Amatt and India Allen bringing up the rear in another Quest.   Euan clung onto his lead, with James chomping at his heels having come past Ian into second position.  Joe Gauld maintained his momentum, having a close battle with Alan Jones; twice overtaking him upwind while Alan regained his position on the downwind legs.  First over the line was Euan, followed by the two Lasers of James and Ian, but Joe’s perseverance paid off and after the handicap calculations he took his first win!


Race two started with a slightly reduced patchy breeze, just as the tide started to turn, so presented a challenging prospect to complete.  Euan Macdonald in his Aero got off to a good start with Penny Allen in the Albacore closely followed by Alan Jones in the Solo, whilst the remaining boats were left behind in a patch of light air.  Euan pulled out a good lead on lap 2, making the most of his nimble Aero in the erratic puffs of wind, while Ian Noble in a Laser pulled into second position.  Joe Gauld was enjoying the extra power of a battened race mainsail on his RS Feva for this race, but was trailing the main pack at this stage, with just Munro Gauld and Andrew Porteus in the RS Quests behind.  Lap 3 required perseverance and concentration in the lighter patchy breeze against the rapidly falling tide.  Both Quests were unable to reach the upwind marks and failed to finish.  Penny in the Albacore was first over the line, but Joe Gauld, aged just 11, showed great sensitivity to work his way through the four faster boats ahead of him to cross the line second, albeit nearly 5 minutes back.  Would his handicap be enough?  After careful deliberation by the OOD, Joe topped of his day with a second win – a magnificent effort in tricky conditions.


Race 1:       1st Joe Gauld (Spring Feva)

                     2nd James Curley (Laser)

                     3rd Euan Macdonald (Aero 7)


Race 2:       1st Joe Gauld (Spring Feva)

                     2nd Alan Jones (Solo)

                     3rd Penny Allen (Kelpie)


Sunday 26th August was to be the Ferguson Trophy Pursuit Race but this was cancelled due to the inclement weather and lack of wind.

Race Reports - Sunday 12th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Sunday 19th August

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Sunday 12th August was rainy, Easterly force 2-3 with a large Spring tide making for challenging conditions, coupled with a tricky squashed figure-of-eight course by Eric Taylor.  A clean start against the strong tide saw everyone bunched up on the North shore, and John Ferguson (Streaker) first to mark A followed by Euan Macdonald (Aero) and James Curley (Laser).  After a fast dash downwind Euan was in the lead on the way back up followed by Jacob McCauley (Laser) and James then John Ferguson struggling to make headway.  By lap 2 Euan was well ahead at B with the rest struggling to round A.  James and Andrew Porteus (Solo) were side-by-side on the way to B followed by Jacob.  All struggled on the way back upwind with a dead spot in the middle, except John who tacked up the North shore to take the lead, followed by Euan.  Coming back into view on the 3rd lap, Euan was in the lead by a large margin, then John and James.  Euan used the full width of the river tacking upwind, however John tacked up the shore again to re-take the lead and finish ahead of Euan with James 3rd over the line.  Munro and Molly Gauld put in a good effort in a Quest completing a couple of rounds, and Joe Gauld also took to the water in a Feva but found the tide challenging and didn’t race – eventually taking a spill neat Friarton bridge.

Race 2, over a reduced triangular course, saw Jacob over the line at the start and then capsize in the process of returning to re-start.  John Ferguson was first to A, followed by Euan.  As the wind picked up to F3-4 James capsized whilst rounding A and Jacob capsized again on the way to B, temporarily losing his rudder.  Euan was first to complete round 1 in the challenging conditions, but John took the lead from Euan with Andrew next, as Jacob took another spill.  With a loud report James’ mast snapped but he avoided capsize and managed to reach in to the shore on a much-reduced triangle of sail.  Meanwhile John extended his lead.  On round 3 Euan caught and passed John with Andrew 100yds back and Euan maintained his lead to the finish with John close behind.


Race 1:        1st John Ferguson (Bare Away)

                     2nd Andrew Porteous (Whooper)

                     3rd Euan Macdonald (Aero 7)


Race 2:        1st John Ferguson (Bare Away)

                     2nd Andrew Porteous (Whooper)

                     3rd Euan Macdonald (Aero 7)


Wednesday 15th August saw the resumption of our ACH series, but with very light Westerly wind, overcast skies and an 18:30 start only 4 boats took to the water.  The first start was abandoned, with 3 boats over the line.  On the restart John Ferguson with Kieran Foley-Hall as crew got away well in his Albacore with James in the Laser close behind and Munro in a Quest closing on him and Leonie in her Mirror close behind.  Leonie got a nice run down the shore and rounded mark B ahead of Munro.  James and John were neck & neck for the lead with Munro and Leonie also neck & neck 5 mins back.  The race was shortened to 2 rounds and finished with John ahead of James followed by Munro then Leonie.

Race two was attempted, but with the ebbing tide and slackening wind no-one was able to progress very much up-river and racing was abandoned.


Race 1:        1st James Curley (Laser)

                     2nd Leonie Poor (Emmental)

                     3rd John Ferguson/Kieran Foley-Hall (Mirage)

Race 2:        Abandoned


Thursday 16th August was the continuation of the ACH series with fair conditions and a fresh-moderate Westerly breeze.  Race 1 took the fleet down round the small island beyond the Willowgate Fishery for a long first lap, followed by two rounds in front of the club.  James Curley in the Laser then Andrew Porteus with Kieran Foley-Hall in his Albacore were first to re-appear, followed by John Ferguson in his Streaker and Doug Ogilvy sailing his Miracle single-handed. Andrew took the lead from James, but John remained close enough to gain the advantage on handicap.

Alan Jones in his Solo and Peter Bevan with visitor Mat from Dunning joined in for Race 2 and Leonie briefly took to the water in her Mirror before deciding the conditions were not for her.  A clean start saw Andrew Porteus’ Albacore into the lead with John Ferguson (Streaker) in second place and James Curley (Laser) continuing to show good skills since completing the training course just 2 months ago.  Andrew, John and James continued to pull away however Andrew was not far enough ahead to win on handicap.


Race 1:        1st John Ferguson (Bare Away)

                     2nd James Curley (Laser)

                     3rd Andrew Porteus/Kieran Foley-Hall (Kelpie)


Race 2:        1st John Ferguson (Bare Away)

                     2nd James Curley (Laser)

                     3rd Andrew Porteus/Kieran Foley-Hall (Kelpie)


Sunday 19th August was scheduled for the annual Towback race, one of our longer down-river races, however with drizzly overcast conditions, very light Easterly wind and somewhat muted enthusiasm from those attending, a single Heathens race was conducted in front of the club with 2 rounds of a typically fiendish Eric Taylor course.  Seven boats took to the water, once the drizzle had eased and the wind picked up slightly.  Andrew Porteus in his Solo was uncharacteristically over the line at the start, so John Ferguson got away first, followed by Robin and Gillie in the Albacore and Peter and Anna in the Miracle.  Leonie got into a fankle trying to round the first mark, ran into the side and eventually retired.  John got baulked at the first mark, losing two places and Robin, James in a Laser and Peter pulled away from the rest of the fleet on the downwind leg.  At the bottom mark Peter noticed that John’s Streaker was holed below the waterline (having earlier blown over whilst on its trailer in the boat park).  John stuffed a sponge into the hole and successfully sailed the rest of the race canted over to starboard!  On lap 2 the fleet closed up a little, however Robin regained his lead after a tussle with James and Peter made best use of the light shifts along the North shore to overtake Euan’s Aero and strike out for the line as Euan tried to pinch up on starboard and ran into the bank just before the line.


Result:        1st Peter Bevan/Anna Woodhead (Ptarmigan)

                     2nd James Curley (Laser)

                     3rd Andrew Porteous (Whooper)



Commodore’s Fun Race & BBQ

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               On Saturday 11th the Commodore’s Fun Race was held at Perth Sailing Club. Conditions looked promising for an exciting race and the event attracted a large entry of twelve boats with a further three boats taking advantage of the good sailing weather.  The Club Commodore (Bob Watson) set a number of tasks to test the sailing skills of all those who took part, including man over board, picking up “cargo”  from the launching area and the most challenging  task of all “stern-boarding” (sailing backwards). It was Chris Watson sailing Eric Taylors Phantom (Cormorant) that took an early lead followed by the RS Quest helmed by Munro Gauld and crewed by daughter Molly. Andrew Porteous and Kieran Foley-Hall in the Albacore (Kelpie) were caught by the tide as were Jim Galloway in his Solo (Woodpecker) and taken up towards the Friarton Bridge. There were a few instances at the first mark when the strong tide pulled a few boats into the mark, meaning penalty turns for many. It was a confused situation that greeted the cruise boat Badger as it motored through the fleet as most of the competitors had decided to conduct their man overboard exercise at the same time, boats stretched from one side of the river to the other and Badger was safely escorted through the fleet.  The real fun started on lap two with competitors trying their hand at backward sailing having to contend with a strong incoming tide, decreasing wind and general confusion. The situation had not improved by the time Badger and the other Cruise Boat Tera Nova appeared for their second run, both boats being once again being escorted through the fleet.  It was clear to the race organiser that this part of the race was not going to be able to be completed by all. However at the front of the fleet the Phantom (Cormorant) had no difficulty and was storming ahead to complete the race some twenty minutes in front of his nearest competitor. The cadets helming Fevas were trying their best to cope with the tasks, tide and wind conditions. Joe Gauld (Spring Feva) did an excellent job and managed to sail the course with cadet, Angus Burrows sailing the other Feva at the rear of the fleet. Anna Woodhead in the third Feva was pulled by the tide up towards the harbour and was recovered by the second rescue boat helmed by Phoebe and her friend. With all the boats on the water it was hard work for Race Officer Anne Watson to keep a tally of all the boats and the finishing order.  However it was Chris over the line first  followed by Munro & Molly (RS Quest) and Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) in third place. First over the line for the Cadets was Joe Gauld with Angus Burrows second.

               A BBQ held in the evening was well attended by the members, friends and families enjoying the good weather. The Commodore would like to thank Eric Taylor, Leonie Poor and Amanda Storer and all who put so much effort in to organising not only the BBQ but the weather to accompany the event. Thanks also to all who brought salads and puddings which were enjoyed by all.      


Commodore’s Fun Race 11.08.18                               Winner Chris Watson (Cormorant)

                                                                           2nd Munro.Gauld/Molly.Gauld (RS Quest)

                                                                           3rd J.Galloway (Woodpecker)

Cadets                                                1st Joe Gauld (Spring Feva) 2nd Angus Burrows (Feva)



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