Race Reports

Race Report – Fri 12th & Mon 14th McNabs Law, Sun 13th Pursuit Race

posted 17 Aug 2017, 00:19 by Perth Sailing Club

               On Friday evening the first two races of the McNabs Law races were held. Winds were very light as the seven boats made their way slowly around the three marks. It was John Ferguson (Bare Away) who led from , start to finish followed by Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Bill Inches (Hellespont). Race officer Leonie wisely shortened Race two as the wind had died completely and competitors were struggling to reach the windward mark.  It was John Ferguson who was declared the winner of that race with Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Bob Watson and Jane Boyden (Aeolian) in third.

               The second part of the McNabs law races were held on Monday evening.  Three boats set out In the fickle wind which came from all points of the compass. It was Andrew Porteous (Whooper) starting on the south bank managed to get clear away but both Fergus MacMillan (Alabama) and Bill Inches (Hellespont) were carried past the line with the incoming tide and it took Fergus some two minutes to get back and Bill eight minutes to get back. Fergus (Alabama) did pick up the pace and almost caught up with Andrew on a down wind gust but he got stuck in irons and Andrew (Whooper) pulled clear again. Andrew touched the middle mark on the last lap and did a 360 to exonerate himself from a penalty finishing with a burst of speed. Meanwhile Bill was working to catch Fergus but was unable to do so as Fergus caught a gust to take him over the finish. The last race of the series was abandoned due to a downpour and no wind.      

               On Sunday the annual Pursuit race with a superb turnout of ten boats and two further boats taking advantage of the warm conditions including visitors from Montrose Sailing Club trying out one of the new RS Quests. The pursuit race is a staggered start with the slowest boats first away and the faster boats starting according to their Portsmouth yard stick rating. The eventual winner is awarded the Ferguson trophy. As wind conditions were easing the race was started with all boats following Joe Gauld in the Feva along the North Shore. The windward buoy which was placed at Moncrieffe Island and it was Bill Inches (Hellespont) rounding the mark first followed by Andrew Porteous (Whooper). Andrew though managed to overtake Bill and was edging ahead. After the allotted forty minutes sailing time it was Andrew who had reached the line of the race box whilst his nearest competitor (Bill Inches) was still beyond the Friarton Bridge.  Bill Inches was second an Eaun was third. Cadets Molly Gauld who was crewing for Doug Ogilvie made fifth place and Joe Gauld in Cabin Feva finished an excellent  seventh place ahead of Hunter Williamson (Whoof) and John Ferguson (Bare Away) who had got tied up in the weeds at the Willowgate fisheries.     

Results after Handicap:

Fri 12th & Mon 14th August McNabs Law Winner: John Ferguson

 Race: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Hellespont(B.Inches) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Aeolian (B.Watson/J.Boyden)

Race 3: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Alabama (F.MacMillan) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches) 

Sun 13th Pursuit Race: Ferguson Trophy Winner: Andrew Porteous

1st Whooper (A. Porteous) 2nd Hellespont (B.Inches) 3rd RS Aero 7 (E.MacDonald)



Race Report - Regatta

posted 13 Aug 2017, 03:08 by Perth Sailing Club

               Very light winds made a slow start for this year’s annual Regatta races at Perth Sailing Club. Race one is a RNLI Pennant race. Six boats started the race including cadets Molly and Joe Gauld in the Club Feva. Brian Thorburn and Vicky Wright in the Wanderer were also out on the water but not racing. It was the Albacore of Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt that were first away but were soon overtaken by the two Solos of Andrew Porteous and Hunter Williamson. There were only two buoys to round and on the downwind leg the order was Euan McDonald (RS Aero), Andrew & Hunter (Solos) and Bill & Gillie (Albacore). After rounding B Mark, Bill & Gillie overtook the other boats to cross the line first followed by Andrew Porteous and Euan McDonald third.

               The next race was Race one of the Regatta, five boats entered with Molly & Joe deciding to do some sailing down river in the Feva. Conditions were similar to the previous race with even less wind, only two boats managed to finish within the allotted time, Andrew Porteous (Whooper) first with Hunter Williamson (Whoof) second.

               There was more wind and a very large turnout for day two of the Regatta. With eleven boats taking part it was the largest number of boats that had taken part in the Regatta for many years. Brian Thorburn (Wanderer) was over the line at the start. With a mass of boats in mid-river it was Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) making headway along the North Shore. Boats were required to round the little island in between Moncrieffe Island and Willogate. It took over half an hour to reach this and round the mark Molly & Joe in Cabin Feva were fourth around the island, As the boats headed down river under the Friarton bridge it was Sandy Rodger and Neil Hughes (Dash) leading from Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof).  The wind had changed to as South Eastery and it was these three boats that had a long lead over the remainder of the fleet.  It started to rain as the first boats were finishing lap one and this slowed down the other sailors. In the second pack it was Euan MacDonald (RS Aero) and Chris Watson (BlueMeanie leading the way). Over the line it was Sandy & Neil (Dash) followed by Hunter (Whoof) and Andrew (Whooper).

               The course was shortened for the last race of the Regatta and with the wind still variable, force 2 or 3,  nine boats took part. In the drizzle it was Hunter (Whoof) first away followed by Bob Watson (Aeolian) and the rest of the fleet following as a group. Chris (Blue Meanie) caught up at the first mark then Hunter (Whoof) , John Ferguson (Bare Away) , Sandy/Neil (Dash). Euan (RS Aero) and Vicky Wright (Europe) were bring up the rear.  At lap two it was Hunter (Whoof) and Chris (Blue Meanie) getting away clear from the rest of the boats. The lead was swapping between Hunter & Chris. However at the last lap it was John Ferguson (Bare Away) who took the advantage by staying to the North shore overtaking both Chris and Hunter to take the race. Results after Handicap:

Sat/Sun 5th & 6th August PSC Regatta & Pennant Race

Regatta 2017:  Winner Hunter Williamson 2nd Andrew Porteous 3rd John Ferguson

RNLI Pennant: Winner Andrew Porteous

RNLI Pennant Race: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Albacore(B.Inches/G.Amatt)3rd Whoof (H.Willianson)

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2: 1st Whoof ( H. Williamson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Dash (S.Rodger/N.Hughes)

Race 3: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Whooper (A. Porteous)



Race Reports - ACH & Points Races - 27th, 28th and 29th July

posted 1 Aug 2017, 15:21 by Perth Sailing Club

Perth Sailing Club – ACH & Points Races

               The ACH races continued this week on Thursday and Friday evening. Five boats took part in the race with light winds and some showers.  Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy) was ahead of Andrew Porteous (Whooper) by only three seconds on the first lap with Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) third and Hunter Williamson (Whoof) fourth.  Peter maintained his lead on lap two, overtaking Vicky Wright (Europe) who was still sailing her first lap. It was a close finish on lap three with Peter taking the lead by only one second from Andrew Porteous.

               The wind had move round to an Easterly for the second race of the evening and at times died completely. Jim Galloway took an early lead but was soon overtaken by Andrew Porteous who managed to round mark B before the wind had gone. The race was reduced to one round only and it was Andrew Porteous over the line almost fifteen minutes ahead of Hunter Williamson followed by Jim Galloway in third place. Peter Bevan had retired before the windward mark

               Light wind continued for Fridays ACH races  with a total of eight boats out on the water for the first race of the evening. Peter Bevan & Leonie Poor (RS Quest), Vicky Wright (Europe) and Bill Inches (Hellespont) were all over the line at the start. Andrew Porteous (Whooper) made a good start but was quickly overtaken by Sandy Rodger & John Ferguson in the Albacore (Dash). However it was Hunter Williamson (Whoof) who overtook both boats to take the lead at lap one. As the race was shortened to two rounds only it was Hunter (Whoof) who maintained his lead and was a comfortable winner with Sandy & John (Dash) Andrew Porteous also in his Solo (Whooper) third.         

               Five boats set out for race two and it was Andrew Porteous who set an early lead but he lost it when  he incurred  penalty turns for an infringement. With John Ferguson helming the Albacore (Dash) he took advantage by taking the lead with Bill Inches (Hellespont), Hunter Williamson (Whoof)  and Andrew Porteous now in fourth place. The light winds held for the remaining rounds with both Andrew & Bill overtaking the Albacore (John & Sandy) for first and second place. The RS Quest (Peter & Leonie ) retired.

               The points racing on Saturday saw an excellent turn out with eleven boats on the water with friends and family looking on from the shore. A gate start with all marks to port made for a close and exciting start with all boats heading for the same part of the start line. The order at the windward mark was Andrew Porteous (Whooper), Hunter Williamson (Whoof), Sandy Rodger & Jenny Casebow (Dash). On the downwind run with an incoming tide the fleet split into two sections. Half decided to sail along the south shore. This allowed the motor vessel, Badger to be escorted through the fleet by the rescue boat crewed by Jim Galloway & Barry Douglas. Those who took the north shore were favoured by a less strong tide and their tactics paid off with Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) now in the lead followed by Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy)`, John Ferguson (Bare Away) and Jack Douglas (Flat oot). To the rear of the fleet cadets Ivan Kossko (Laser 4.7) and Anna Woodhead and her cousin (Cabin Feva) were sailing well.  It was Chris (Blue Meanie) who maintained his lead throughout the rest of the race followed by Andrew Porteous and Gillie Amatt (Kelpie) and Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy). John Ferguson (Bare Away) continued to fall behind as he discovered that his boat was taking on water by the bow and sinking lower in the water but he continued racing finishing just ahead of Vicky in her Europe. Leonie Poor Sailing her Mirror missed the gate on lap one which was unfortunate and completed one round only.

               The second race of the evening with ten boats taking part, was also a gate start and this time there were two boats over the line Chris (Blue Meanie) and Hunter (Whoof). John Ferguson joined in later after effecting repairs to his boat. The two Albacores (Andrew & Gillie in Kelpie) and (Sandy & Jenny in Dash) made a good start with Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) in third at lap one. Although the wind had reduced during the race the Albacores and Laser were sailing well. Sandy & Jenny sailed into the lead from Andrew and Gillie on lap two with Chris in third. To the rear of the fleet the seven boats left were starting to fall behind with Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) retiring after round one and Vicky (Europe) and Ivan( laser 4.7) sailing two rounds and Leonie (Mirror) sailing one round. Sandy & Jenny (Dash) increased their lead to cross the line first with Andrew & Gillie (Kelpie) second and Chris (Blue Meanie) a close third.      

Results after Handicap:

Thurs 27th July ACH

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Marsh Daisy (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Whoof ( H. Williamson) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Fri 28th July ACH

Race 1: 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Dash (S. Rodger/J. Ferguson) 3rd Whooper (A. Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A. Porteous) 2nd Hellespont (B. Inches) 3rd Whoof (H. Williamson)


Sat 29th July Points

Race 1: 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd March Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd Whoof (H. Willaimson)

Race 2: 1st Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 2nd Blue Meanie (C. Watson) 3rd Kelpie (A.Porteous/G.Amatt)   




Race Reports - Commodore Fun Race / BBQ / Boat Level 2 Training - 23rd July

posted 26 Jul 2017, 00:03 by Perth Sailing Club

              The Commodore’s Fun Race BBQ was held on the Saturday evening with a record turn out of over forty people. Thanks go to Eric Taylor and other helpers on the House Committee who made the event  such a success. The Commodore’s Fun race itself was held on the Sunday rather than the Saturday due to the inclement weather conditions. A total of seven boats took part in the race and were set various challenges by Commodore Bob Watson. All boats were required to land at the new Willowgate pontoon and crews & helms had to disembark before continuing. All boats were required to sternboard (cross the line backwards) the start and finish line as they passed each lap. With a strong incoming tide blown in with an easterly and a downwind start everybody struggled to make the start line.  However it was Grant and Kerry Williamson who were first away closely followed by the rest of the fleet. John Ferguson (Bare Away) had trouble slowing his boat down and sailed into the back of the Albacore (Corden Bleu) helmed by Robin MacArthur and crewed by Hunter Williamson. The fickle wind had died by the time the fleet got to mark B and all boats were pushed by the tide towards the harbour. As the wind picked up Grant & Kerry were first to land at the pontoon and were soon on their way. They were followed by Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and John Ferguson. There were two trainee and cadets boats taking part in the race, the RS Quest helmed by Munro Gauld and crewed Joe & Molly were taken by the wind and tide to the head of the Willowgate and were joined by Anna Woodhead and Olivia sailing the RS Feva (Cabin Feva).  Cordon Bleu had an interesting stop over at the pontoon, as the mainsheet had caught on a bollard as they attempted to pull the pontoon further out into the Tay. Robin soon realised why no progress was being made and they sailed away after freeing the sheet.  Vicky Wright (Europe) did an excellent example of sailing backwards away from the mooring into clear water. The challenge of sailing backward through the start/finish lines proved exciting as the wind had picked up again. Robin & Hunter almost capsized at this point and decided to retire. Anna & Olivia were making slow progress to get back under the Friarton Bridge and were caught by a sudden gust and ended up in the Tay. The Rescue boat crewed by Brian Thorburn & Bob Watson was on hand to tow them home. At the front of the fleet it was Grant & Kerry first over the line followed by Andrew Porteous and John Ferguson third.

               Whilst the racing was taking place, Rick Raeburn the Perth Sailing Club’s Training Instructor was conducting a RYA Level Two PowerBoat Course, the first powerboat course that the Club has run since it gained it’s RYA Training Centre accreditation. The club was delighted to announce its first two trainees Leonie Poor and Gillie Amatt passed with flying colours.  Certificates and Prizes were presented after racing    

Results after Handicap:

Sun 23rd July:

Commodore’s Fun Race: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd  Albacore (G.Williamson/K.Williamson)

Commodore’s Fun Race Cadets/Trainees 1st RS Quest (M.Gauld/M.Gauld/J.Gauld) 2nd Cabin Feva (A.Woodhead/Olivia) 




Race Report - ACH & Friendship Trophy Series - 14th and 15th July

posted 25 Jul 2017, 23:58 by Perth Sailing Club

               Five boats took to the water for the continuation of the mid-week ACH series (All class Handicap).  Conditions were dry with a westerly, force 5 and gusting wind. Race Officer of the Day Jack Douglas set an unusual and daunting course for the competitors with a leeward gate instead of a single mark. Boats sailing the downwind leg of this course have a choice of marks to round. All boats got away to a good start with Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) overtaking John Ferguson (Bare Away) to take the lead on lap one.  Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) a close third with Andrew Porteous fourth. Vicky Wright (Europe) was not far behind in the gusty conditions. Bob capsized during lap two allowing both John and Jim to pull ahead.  Jim though capsized at the Leeward gate during lap 3 and took some time getting back into the boat in the difficult conditions. Vicky had an interesting moment but managed to keep control of the boat. It was John Ferguson over the line first with Andrew Porteous in second, Bob third , Vicky in fourth and Jim fifth.

               Not content with the design of the first course of the evening Race Officer Jack set up the second course with a Gate start and end. This reduced the length of the start line with all five competitors aiming for the same piece of the River Tay at the same time. This time it was Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) who was first away and he was able to keep his lead all the way though the race. John Ferguson (Bare Away) was in close contention  with Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) having a tousle in their Solo’s. Vicky Wright (Europe) was keeping up close behind. Neil Hughes provided rescue cover for the evening.

               On Saturday and Sunday races were held for the Friendship Trophy. This is a new Trophy that has been awarded to the club by the Royal Tay Corinthians who visit the club on annually. Race Officer Eric Taylor set a figure of eight course with a long downwind leg.  Bob (Blue Meanie) was over the line at the start and lost time correcting his mistake and then promptly capsized on his first tack. This allowed John Ferguson (Bare Away) to lead the fleet followed closely by Andrew Porteous (Whooper). Jim Galloway (Woodpecker)  Cruise boats Badger & Catacha were steered through the fleet by Fergus MacMillan and Cadet Anna Woodhead providing recue cover for the day. All boats were doing well to keep upright in the force 6 conditions. At the line it was John Ferguson first with Andrew Porteous second , Jim Galloway third and Bob Watson fourth.

               With the wind easing slightly to a force 4 for the second leg , all boasts got away to a clean start. It was Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) in the lead but he tacked too early allowing John Ferguson (Bare Away) to take the lead. Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) overtook John on the downward leg and all boat were within 50m of each other as they passed the Race box. At mark B there both Jim Galloway (Woodpecker and Andrew Porteous (Whooper) got into difficulties.  During lap two John managed to get ahead of Bob and he extended his lead on the downwind leg. Jim Galloway (Woodpecker lost ground by having to return to round mark D allowing Andrew to pull ahead. It was John Ferguson in the lead on lap 3 with Bob unable to catch him. Jim capsized at the A mark allowing Andrew to get way. Bare Away was first over the line followed by Blue Meanie with Whooper in third and Woodpecker, fourth.

               On Sunday evening only race 3 of the Friendship Series was sailed. Sandy Rodger crewed by daughter Jenny Casebow in Dash made a good start in the light westerly breeze, with John Ferguson (Bare Away) following closely behind and Andrew Porteous (Whooper) in third. On lap two John (Bare Away)  was only a second in from Sandy & Jenny (Dash) with Andrew (Whooper) still in third. At the end of the final lap the order remained the same with Sandy/Jenny first, John second and Andrew in third. The overall winner of the Friendship Trophy Series was John Ferguson (Bare Away) who won all three races of the Series.    

Results after Handicap:

Fri 14th July:

Race 1: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whooper (A. Porteous) 3rd Blue Meanie (B. Watson)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Bare Away (A. Porteous) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Overall Winner Friendship Trophy : John Ferguson

Sat 15th  July:

Race 1: 1st  Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whooper (A. Porteous) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Race 2: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Blue Meanie (B. Watson)3rdWhooper (A. Porteous)

Sun 16th July:

Race 3: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)






Race Reports - PC Solutions Series - 8th and 9th of July

posted 12 Jul 2017, 16:03 by Perth Sailing Club   [ updated 12 Jul 2017, 16:03 ]

               The PC Solutions series of races continued into its second weekend. The weather was excellent for Saturdays sail with a healthy force 4 and bright sunshine.  Four boats took part in the first race which was a long course with the first mark laid the other side of the Friarton Bridge. Euan Macdonald sailing his RS Aero7  made a good start and took a commanding lead which he held onto throughout the race. Sailors had the extra challenge of negotiating the passage of the pleasure boat Badger as she was dropping off passengers at Willowgate. Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) sailed a consistent race into second place. Bob Watson helmed the RS Quest and crewed by new trainee Munro Gauld did well hanging on in the gusty conditions and finished third.  Cadet Anna Woodhead with Vicky Wright crewing finished fourth and did well in the RS Feva. Neil Hughes sailing a Mirror and Bruce Renfrew took his daughter out in their Laser 2000 but came in after an impromptu swim in the Tay ably assisted by the rescue cover of Gillie Amatt, Eric Taylor & Gary Tait.

               Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) joined in for the second race of the day and made a very good start despite capsizing just be for the starting gun. Euan(RS Aero7) tried to stay with Chris but capsized on his first tack allowing Chris to sail into clear wind. In the RS Feva, Vicky & Anna had swapped position for the second race but capsized soon after the start and decided to retire. It was Bob & Munro (RS Quest) who were having a better race and were trying to catch up with Euan. Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) fell behind but managed to gain a third place after handicap. It was Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) who finished well ahead of the rest of the fleet followed by Euan (RS Aero 7) , then Bob & Munro (RS Quest) and Jim Galloway (Woodpecker)

               The weather was not so good for the last day of the PC Solutions Race Series on the Sunday. There was wind but with rain blowing through. A long course was set and it was Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) sailing up the south bank who took advantage of the incoming tide to reach the windward mark ahead of his rivals. Bob was ahead on lap one with only thirteen seconds separating the other four boats in the race. Jack Douglas (Flat-oot) and Andrew Porteous (Whooper) crossed lap one on identical times with Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt (Ceoll na Mara) only some four seconds behind.  Blue Meanie increased her lead but Bob had some trouble with the Kicking strap line tangling with the mainsheet block on his way to the windward mark on lap two. The race was shortened to three laps and Bob (Blue Meanie) was first over the line with John Ferguson (Bare Away) in second , Bill & Gillie (Ceoll na Mara) third, Andrew Porteous (Whooper ) fourth , Jack Douglas (Flat-oot) fifth.             As the wind eased the course was changed for the last race of the series. Gillie now helming the Albacore (Ceoll na Mara) made a very good start and reached mark A first, closely followed by the rest of the fleet. Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) to avoid an infringement missed the first mark and returned to the back of the fleet.  The next three boats Andrew Porteous (Whooper), John Ferguson (Bare Away) & Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) sailed the wrong side of the second mark and continued to sail on without realising their mistake. Once the error was realised Andrew Porteous (Whooper) sailed back to mark B to correct the error.  John Ferguson (Bare Away) retired as he decided that he was too far into the race to make the correction. The new leaders on lap two were, Gillie & Bill (Ceoll na Mara) Bob (Blue Meanie) in second and Andrew a long way behind in third place. The wind had dropped and this allowed Blue Meanie to overtake Ceoll an Mara on lap three as the boats headed down wind and with the outgoing tide towards the last mark.. On the final lap it was Bob Watson in the laser (Blue Meanie) over the line first closely followed by Gillie Amatt & Bill Inches in the Albacore with Andrew Porteous (Whooper) in third some three minutes behind.

Overall Winner PC Solutions Series: Andrew Porteous

Sat 8th July:

Race 1: 1st  RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 2nd Woodpecker( J.Galloway)3rd RS Quest(B.Watson/M.Gauld)

Race 2: 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 3rd Woodpecker(J.Galloway)

Sun 9th July:

Race 1: 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Blue Meanie(B.Watson) 2nd Whooper(A.Porteous)  3rd  Ceoll na Mara (G.Amatt/B.Inches)





Race Reports – Sat 1st and Sun 2nd July - PC Solutions Series

posted 6 Jul 2017, 00:23 by Perth Sailing Club

Perth Sailing Club – PC Solutions Series

               Last weekend was the start of the PC Solutions Series of races at Perth Sailing Club. It was a good turn out on Saturday morning with seven boats taking part in the first race of the day. Lap one saw the Albacore helmed by Bill Inches and crewed by Gillie Amatt take the lead followed by Euan MacDonald in his Aero 7 with Andrew Porteous in his Solo (Whooper) , Sandy Rodger (Streaker), Cadet Ivan Kossko (Laser 4.7) and Leonie Poor (Emmental). Vicky retired during the first round and Leonie retired during the second round. Euan managed to take the lead on lap two followed by Andrew, Sandy, Bill and Ivan. Euan held onto his lead during round and the same order was maintained by the rest of the fleet. At B howeever Bill and Gillie had an incident on the final lap when the mainsheet came adrift from the Albacore and they subsequently retired. It was Euan (RS Aero) over the line first followed by Andrew , Sandy third and Ivan a very creditable fourth in his first race of the season. Race Officer was Audrey Robertson with rescue cover provided by Eric Taylor

               Only three boats took part in the second race. With Euan making a good start followed by Andrew in his Solo. Gillie Amatt crewing for Peter Bevan this time in his Miracle was making good progress. Andrew took the lead form Euan during round two and he held onto his lead throughout round three to cross the line line in first place followed by Euan (RS Aero 7) and Peter & Gillie in the Miracle. 

               On Sunday four boats started in the blustery conditions. Race Officer Eric Taylor set a challenging course with some fast reaches. It was good to the see the Gauld family taking part in the racing.  Munro joined Peter Bevan in his Miracle (Ptarmigan) and daughter Molly joined Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt in the Albacore (Kelpie) with her brother, Joe crewing for Andrew Porteous in the new RS Quest. In Race 1 Andrew & Joe took the lead from Vicky Wright in her Europe who managed to get back over the line just before the start. Peter and Munro were next followed by Vicky while Doug Ogilvie became becalmed at mark A.  A small ship passed through the fleet causing a bit of chaos.  Andrew and Joe increased their lead on lap two over Peter & Joe but Bill Inches with Gillie & Molly on board were catching up.  On lap three the wind had really picked up and the RS Quest was heeling hard at times and further increased their lead downwind. Doug was struggling in the wind, sailing the Miracle single handed and retired during lap three. Andrew & Joe were first over the line followed by Peter & Munro with Bill, Molly and Gillie in third place. Vicky retired during lap three.

               With the wind gusting even stronger for the second race, Vicky decided to crew for Doug in his Miracle. Again it was Andrew & Joe in the Quest who got away to an excellent start closely followed by Peter & Joe in their Miracle. The other Miracle of Doug & Vicky were close on their stern. Bill & Gillie in the Albacore (Kelpie) followed suit.  All three boats were close together at the A mark when Peter tacked right on top of Doug. Andrew & Joe stalled their Quest allowing both Miracles to catch up. Peter & Joe took over the lead when the wind picked up and pulled clear ahead of the rest of the fleet. This was short lived as they got into difficulties at Mark C. This allowed the Quest of Andrew & Joe to regain their lead. Jim Galloway Safety Officer in the Rescue boat attended Peter & Munro.  Kelpie helmed by Bill Inches & crewed by Gillie Amatt took advantage and made their way into second place over the line behind the Quest of Andrew & Joe. Doug & Vicky were third over the line with Peter in fourth place with Munro bailing out the boat as they crossed the line.

Sat 1st July:

Race 1: 1st Whooper(A.Porteous) 2nd RS Aero7(E.MacDonald)3rd Streaker (S.Rodger)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 3rd Miracle (P.Bevan/G.Amatt)               

Sun 2nd July:

Race 1: 1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan/M.Gauld) 2nd RS Quest (A.Porteous/J.Gauld)

               3rd Kelpie(B.Inches/M.Gauld/G.Amatt)

Race 2: 1st RS Quest(A.Porteous/J.Munro) 2nd Boofles 111 (D. Ogilvie/V.Wright)

               3rd Ptarmigan(P.Bevan/M.Gauld)




Race Reports - Willowgate Event/ACH Series

posted 30 Jun 2017, 23:53 by Perth Sailing Club

               Conditions were dry with sunny intervals with a fresh breeze, SW force 4, both gusty and variable, mostly to NW.  John Ferguson and Peter Bevan tested the conditions, both helming Streakers, Peter sporting a small rig and wisely decided it was to brisk to race.  Throughout the afternoon large numbers of the general public (with special parking in Gloag’s field) thronged the new Activity Centre, so the two Streakers and Andrew Porteous’s Albacore with reduced sail crewed by Audrey Robertson and Vicky Wright demonstrated the presence of Perth Sailing Club.  There was heavy trip boat and rib traffic on the river taking the public afloat and using the new pontoons down at the Willowgate.  Thanks are due to the crews of both our safety boats who watched over the occasional capsizes.

               Seven boats turned out for mid-week sailing on Wednesday evening.  Conditions were cloudy, but dry with a steady easterly force 2-3.  Bob Watson was the wrong side of the line at the start and in correcting this incurred a penalty turn for obstructing John Ferguson, the result of which left him trailing the fleet for the first round.   John Ferguson was leading at the A mark followed by Hunter Williamson and Peter Bevan.  Bob managed to get ahead of Bill Inches’ Firefly the C.  By the 2nd round John had extended his lead while Peter was closing in on Hunter while Jack Douglas helming his Streaker was losing ground.  Hunter managed to pull away from Peter between B & C, with Bob passing Jack on the same leg.  Vicky in her Europe was dropping right back against the strong tide.  At the 3rd round Hunter in his excitement at being in the lead took a wrong turn at the mark and lost 75 yards resulting in Peter leading from B with Jack encountering problems at this mark.  Peter then extended his lead over John between C & D and Bob passed Jack between B & C.  Peter took the line first followed by John with Hunter in 3rd position.

               With the wind easing slightly seven boats took to the water for the 2nd race of the evening, Jack swopping his Streaker to helm Jim Galloway’s Solo, Woodpecker.  It was a clean start, Peter first to A, the rest of the fleet jockeying for position in mass.  Jack, sailing well in Jim’s Solo squeezed round B just in front of Bob and John, but Peter was back in the lead by C.  Hunter had an unfortunate capsize at C which lost him some time.  Peter and Bob were neck and neck at D and E.  Jack, Bob, Peter and John were all together at A of the 2nd round, still bunched together at B while the conditions were becoming gustier.  John led away from B and managed to extend his lead on his way to D.  John and Peter started the final lap within one second of each other, John extending his lead on the way to B at which time he extended it further.  He was followed by Peter and Bob, Jack dropping back a little.  First over the line was John followed by Peter with Bob in 3rd position.

               The ACH series continued on Thursday evening – conditions were dry, but overcast with a very fickle, light, variable easterly/southerly breeze.  A short triangular course was set and four boats took to the water. It was a clean start, Hunter leading to the first mark followed by Andrew then John while Audrey Robertson found her Streaker drifting backwards taken by the strong incoming tide and lack of wind.  Hunter and Andrew were neck and neck to the 2nd mark, Hunter pulling slightly ahead at which time Audrey caught a puff of wind that set her in the right direction and sailed really well, managing to shorten the distance between the leading boats quite quickly.  With the wind dropping once again, the decision to shorten the race to one round was made rather than taking the chance of an abandoned race.  John deviated from the rest of the fleet after rounding the final mark by crossing to the south side of the river in the hope there was more wind and worked his way to the finish up the far bank.  First to cross the line was Hunter followed by Andrew with John in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:-

Wed. 28/6/17:

Race 1 – 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2 – 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Douglas)

Thur. 29/6/17

Race 1 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Bare Away (J.Ferguson)



Race Report - Points, ACH & Newburgh 14th 15th 16th and 18th June

posted 20 Jun 2017, 00:23 by Perth Sailing Club

ACH Series

               Mid-week racing started on Wednesday this week with seven boats taking part. Only one race was sailed due to the lack of wind and the race was shortened to two laps. First over the line was Peter Bevan in his Miracle followed by Jim Galloway in his Solo and Bill Inches in his Firefly.  Two races were sailed on Thursday evening over a zig-zag course consisting of five marks. Seven boats took part in the brisk force three. Just after the start Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) capsized returning to shore to empty his boat, subsequently retiring.  Jack Douglas (Flat Out) also capsized during round one. First over the line was Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy) separated by one second from Sandy Rodger and his daughter Jenny Casebow in their Albacore (Dash). Euan MacDonald in his Aero7 was third over the line.  In Race two Euan Macdonald was the first to capsize out of the six boats that took part and first over the line was Sandy & Jennifer (Dash)followed by Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) and third Peter Bevan (March Daisy). The wind increased for Friday evening’s sailing to a force four westerly with only three sailors taking part with Peter Bevan (Streaker) and Euan MacDonald (Aero7) electing to fit smaller sails. Bob Watson (Laser) decided to stickl with a full rig.  The course was set to starboard only covering four marks. Blue Meanie (Bob Watson) was first away at the start and maintained and increased his lead throughout the four rounds. Some tricky moments were experienced when gybing in the strong conditions but he remained upright. It was much closer racing between Peter & Euan with both swapping positions but it was Euan (Aero 7) crossing the line in second with Peter (Marsh Daisy) twenty five seconds behind third. Although the wind had eased for the second race Euan and Peter were still sailing with reduced sail. Euan (Aero 7) got off to a good start but the faster Laser (Bob) soon pulled ahead. Three laps were sailed with Bob crossing the line almost two minutes ahead of Euan & Peter. After calculation only 3/1000 of a second separated the second and third boats.

Newburgh Race

               On Sunday 18th the club’s annual race to win the Newburgh cup was held. The Newburgh Cup was originally presented to the club by the Army and it can only be awarded if the winning boat reaches Newburgh. The weather made for some superb sailing conditions in the sunshine, with a fresh westerly, south westerly force 3 gusting 4. Eight boats took part with two fully crewed rescue boats providing cover. Six boats got away to a prompt start, Vicky (Europe) and Paul Rytson/Jim Galloway sailing the Albacore were delayed due to rigging problems. The three RS Quests were crewed by Fraser & Euan MacDonald & Yevgeniv

 Kossko, Peter Bevan and Eric Taylor in the second Quest and Bob Watson & Audrey Robertson in the third Quest.  Andrew Porteous in his Albacore (Kelpie ) crewed with daughter Gillie Amatt made a good start as did John Ferguson (Bare away) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof). As the fleet made its way towards Sleepless Inch, the Albacore decided to stay in the middle of the river whilst the Quest of Peter & Eric stayed near the North shore.  The Quest sailed by Bob & Audrey also stayed in the middle of the river.  As the fleet made its way past Inchyra, Hunter and John took over the lead and were able to take advantage of the conditions. The wind strength increased as the tide had now changed and all boats picked up speed accordingly. Although Vicky (Europe) and Paul & Jim (Albacore) started late they were catching up Bob & Audrey but were not able to overtake them. Fraser/Euan & Yevgeniv were disadvantaged as they had spinnaker problems from early on in the race and this slowed them down considerably.  First over the line at Newburgh was John Ferguson (Bare Away) followed by Hunter Williamson (Whoof) and Andrew Porteous/Gillie Amatt (Kelpie) third. Thanks to all involved manning the rescue boats, Race Officer Malcolm Moore, Safety Officers Bill Inches, Robin MacArthur and Sandy Rodger. Thanks also to James Allan of Newburgh Sailing Club providing a good welcome to the finishing sailors. Most of the helms and crews took the option of sailing back to Perth against wind and tide and this proved to be a hard shift taking some three hours to get back to their home port.  Well done all.   

Results after Handicap:-

Wed 14.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan) 2nd Hellespont (B.INches) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Thur 15.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Whoof (H.Willaimson) 3rd Flat Oot (J.Douglas)

Fri 16.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Blue Meanie (B. Watson) 2nd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald)

                     Race 2 - 1st Blue Meanie (B. Watson) 2nd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald)

Sun 18.6.17 Newburgh Cup Winner-  Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson)  3rd RS Quest (P.Bevan/E.Taylor)   



Race Report – Points Series – Sunday 17th June 2017

posted 13 Jun 2017, 11:19 by Perth Sailing Club

               Sunday evening saw the resumption of Racing at Lairwell after the break for the RYA training courses. Although there was a good turnout, not everybody decided to brave the squally conditions on the Tay. With force 4 winds gusting to a force 6 on occasion only four boats took to the water. Peter Bevan Race Officer for the day set a triangular course with all marks to Port.  Peter then helped Gillie Amatt in the Rescue boat allowing Leonie Poor to start the race and take the times. Everybody got away to a good start with some close sailing towards the windward mark. Jack Douglas (Streaker /Flat OoT)) capsized on his way to the downwind mark and only 34 seconds separated the first three boats on the first lap. Andrew Porteous helming his Albacore (Kelpie) crewed by Vicky Wright were early leaders overtaken on occasion by Bob Watson in his Laser (Blue Meanie). Bob could not maintain his lead and was overhauled on the last lap. Hunter Williamson did well to maintain close contact with the leading boats and was required to perform two penalty turns on the very last lap as he collided with Bob in his laser. It was Andrew and Vicky over the line first followed by Bob then Hunter.

               The wind strength increased for the second race of the day. All sailors got away to a good start with Andrew  & Vicky (Kelpie) in the lead followed by Jack Douglas (Flaty Oot)  then Bob Watson (Blue Meanie).  During lap two the two leading boats were the Albacore of Andrew & Vicky and Bob in the Laser.  During lap three Hunter capsized and called on the Rescue boat crewed by Peter Bevan & Gillie Amatt to help out. Hunter was still being recovered from the water on the final lap, when Jack was caught by a fierce gust and capsized for the second time that evening. At the finish It was Andrew & Vicky over the line followed three minutes later by Bob in the Laser.       

Results after Handicap:-

Sun 10.6.17: Race 1 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 3rd Kelpie (A.Porteous/V.Wright)

                         Race 2 – 1st Kelpie (A.Porteous/V.Wright) 2nd Blue Meanie (B.Watson)

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