Race events

The club has a sailing and social programme running from April to October. The sailing involves a mix of race and non race events.

General Sailing days are scheduled to allow members to practice their skills without the pressure of racing or simply enjoy some leisure time on the water. Safety boat cover is provided.

On most race days, two races are held back to back with a short break for some refreshments. Each race follows a set course around marker buoys lasting 30 to 60 mins. Points are awarded according to each boats finishing time once adjusted for handicaps with the points counting towards a particular series. The main series are:

Spring Series: weekend races in April and May
Points: weekend races from June to the End of Season
A.C.H. (All Comers Handicap): weekday evenings from June to the End of Season - slow boats start early.
Heathens: a series of longer races on Sundays where only one race is held per day

The short series are:

Kinnaird: winner of this early season weekend event wins the Kinnaird Medallion
Milhurst: a race to the site of the first clubhouse and then back to the normal start and finish
Grouse: winner of this weekend event wins a trophy of a bronze grouse
Newburgh: a race downstream to the Newburgh Sailing Club followed by a tow-back
Highland Fayre: a series with a luxury food hamper donated by Highland Fayre, Perth
Dewar’s: a 1 week series with prizes donated by the Aberfeldy Distillery
Strathmore: a weekend series with prizes donated by Strathmore Mineral Water, Forfar
Towback: a shorter downstream race to approximately the mouth of the River Earn followed by a tow-back

There are other less serious races:

Commodore’s Fun Race: involves a mixture of forms of sailing – backwards, no rudder, etc. and obstacles
Pursuit Race: where each boat starts according to its handicap, slow boats first, and the winner is the leading boat after a set period of time usually around 40 minutes.

Prizes are also awarded for other events that are not all listed but include:

Rubber Duck: is for the first capsize of the year during a race
Endeavour Trophy: is awarded to the most promising Young Helm for the year.

Prize winners are announced at the annual end of season dinner