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That's a big mousehole

posted 25 Nov 2018, 09:55 by John Ferguson
With our AGM held this week, things are quietening down for the winter at Lairwell but beware if you do go down as there are some big holes in the floor waiting for the unwary. This time it is not the Tay beavers gnawing away at the wood, more the PSC beavers tackling a woodworm issue which has been around for a while. The damage seems to be largely confined to the hardwood flooring near the galley hatch and changing room doors so over the next weeks, there should be lots of DIY to be ready for 2019.
Of the meeting, the committee is largely unchanged but as always looking for new members with new ideas so if any of you would like a go at apprentice social, results, secretarial, training or anything else, please speak to any of us.
The subs have gone up slightly, and the committee has been charged with exploring the possibility of replacing our 1960s clubhouse. Winter events were mentioned as a possibility (no not floor laying) for the new year but we will keep you posted.