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Rescue Exercise

posted 3 May 2018, 15:33 by John Ferguson
Perth Sailing Club took part in a major disaster exercise on Thursday evening. Run by HM Coastguard, it involved Police, Fire Service and Ambulance teams and in addition, the RNLI inshore lifeboat from Broughty Ferry and a rescue boat based at Dundee Airport.
The exercise was based around a fictional collision between two passenger carrying motor launches which Taymara used on the river last year. Casualties resulting from this were either injured and/or thrown into the waters of the Tay.
PSC played a minor role ferrying some "casualties" to where they had made the shore downstream, and later transporting search teams across to the far bank to look for said survivors. Given it was a cold evening and that it took the Fire Service about half an hour to get their boat deployed, there may not have been many survivors of course but these tests are meant to show up deficiencies in the system so if it happens for real, lessons will have been learned.
Another quarter hour and the lifeboat arrived soon followed by the coastguard who set up a temporary radio base.
The PSC teams of Bob Watson/Andrew Porteous and Rick Raeburn/Peter Bevan with shore support from Eric Taylor and John Ferguson performed efficiently and we thank them for showing willingness on a chilly evening