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Newburgh Race 2?

posted 4 Aug 2019, 00:20 by John Ferguson
As you may know, the Newburgh Race which was planned fpr 28 July, was shortened due to adverse weather. As we only reaches approximately 1/3 the distance to our goal, it was felt this was insufficient to award the cup, though the result will still count to a club series.
As one of our most longstanding events, a suggestion has been made that we try to re-run the race before the end of the season. Due to lack of many suitable tides, this would involve rescheduling of both the Milhurst and Towback races something like

25 August 10:00 Newburgh
8 September 10:45 Towback
28 September 15:00 Milhurst

Any thoughts members have to committee asap please as we would have to advise the membership
Thank you