Newburgh, well perhaps not.

posted 20 Jul 2014, 13:14 by John Ferguson
Sunday was the day pencilled in for the annual race to Newburgh from Perth SC. Conditions before nine this morning didn't look promising but we decided to postpone half an hour to see if a little breeze would arrive. It did but was still pretty light but we decided to try anyway so six boats set off round a turning mark just west of the club before heading downstream towards the finish line, seven miles or so away.
As is often the case on these down river jaunts, the boats stretched out and then bunched up again before someone got a bit more breeze again. An hour in and we were still barely at Milhurst and it was getting quite hot for all especially one safety boat crew in a drysuit who was sore tempted to jump in the river to cool down.
Eventually race officer Sandy Rodger felt sorry for the crews and shortened the course just opposite Elcho Castle, about two miles from PSC. The first boat came in just over 1 hour 29 minutes with the next four finishing within a minute and a half. Meanwhile, about ten minutes behind, the red sailed Mirror sailed by Rick Raeburn cruised in and, you guessed it, beat them all on handicap. Well done Rick, but whether this constitutes a long enough race for the Newburgh Cup will no doubt be discussed in committee.The photo was taken about a minute before the finish.