The Wanderer returns (plus a couple of Albacores)

posted 3 Sep 2013, 14:25 by John Ferguson   [ updated 3 Sep 2013, 14:25 by Perth Sailing Club ]
Tuesday 3rd September A small team from Perth SC repatriated all boats abandonned at Newburgh SC on Sunday tonight. Keith Cuthbert and Peter Bevan summoned family members to fetch their trailers on the day which left three dinghies sitting on the grass in the club boat park.
Andrew Porteous took a trailer down on Monday and managed to load his own boat on that but was unable to get it past the gate of the compound however Newburgh's John Cameron brought this up to Perth where he was working today.
Tonight the main recovery party rendezvoused at Lairwell with Andrew and Eric Taylor in one car and Sandy Rodger and John Ferguson in another each bringing a trailer to collect the Wanderer and Albacore from our neighbour's club. All were safely home by 8pm and should be fit for sailing next weekend.