Mickey strikes back

posted 17 Apr 2018, 16:30 by John Ferguson

Andrew Porteous down to work on his boat this week discovered a leak in the cold water pipe in the galley. Quickly enlisting the help of Hunter Williamson, the boys managed to shut off the water and mop up most of the spillage for which we are grateful. Examination revealed the problem lay with the foot or so of flexible pipe joining the cold water pipe with the mixer tap. No frost recently but if this is rodent damage, it has chewed through the stainless steel braid covering the pipe. With teeth like that, I will be careful to shake out my sailing boots before putting them on in future!  


posted 1 Apr 2018, 11:04 by John Ferguson

Very gentle conditions were experienced for the first sailing day of the 2018 season at PSC. Six dinghies took to the water along with an assortment of motorised vessels.

One week to go

posted 25 Mar 2018, 16:26 by John Ferguson

A mild sunny day for the fitting out this Sunday has seen the boat park fill up nicely in anticipation of the start of sailing next weekend. Lets hope winter doesn't return.

Counting down

posted 18 Mar 2018, 14:18 by John Ferguson

A few weeks to go and Vicky's Europe is just about there. Varnish on and most of the fittings. Just the bailers to go in and she should float too!

Meanwhile Audrey's Streaker has a new bottom panel and is being prepared for painting.

Running repairs

posted 9 Mar 2018, 01:09 by John Ferguson

Work is starting to show definite progress on Whiz with the bottom panel glued in place this week. This tends to be a week spot with older wooden Streakers and the best solution is to replace the whole bilge panel. At the same time, the interior layout is being brought in line with current rules with a double floor strengthening the plate case as well as keeping the mast foot area drier.


posted 4 Mar 2018, 14:48 by John Ferguson

This season's racecard is available in the clubhouse if you want details of 2018 events. If you want one, it might be an idea to park in the top car park till the snow melts. With luck it will be gone for the Quiz Night on 17th March

Winning Post

posted 11 Nov 2017, 16:06 by John Ferguson

The annual dinner and prizegiving was held at Willowgate Cafe on Saturday 11th November. Here Hunter Williamson is presented with the Newburgh Cup which is one of our oldest and most keenly contested of trophies. Held over a seven mile course down the Tay, it is also our longest distance regular event.

Last gasp

posted 29 Oct 2017, 15:59 by John Ferguson

The last sailing day at Perth SC this season dawned sunny but with very little wind. Despite this, ten boats took to the water for a Sunday morning "Heathen's" race. With the wind also going round in circles at times, they showed great resolve to complete the race at all.

October sunshine

posted 23 Oct 2017, 11:22 by John Ferguson

With the end of the sailing fast approaching, members were making the most of the autumn sunshine and moderate breezes on Sunday with eight boats enjoying the sail.

When the wind blows....

posted 17 Oct 2017, 16:20 by John Ferguson

While the west coast was battered, Perth SC escaped the worst of this weeks gales with most boats staying put. Those that didn't, mainly, but not exclusively, Solos which had been propped up at the front so the water would drain, had swung round and dropped off their tyres or trestles but stayed upright. Even those tied down, which they should be, can topple over in a strong wind if you raise the bow far enough.
If your boat blows over in the park, not only might it be out of commission for weeks getting fixed, your neighbour's boat that it lands on could be too!


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