We love our Lego and we want to show you some fantastic stuff we've been creating over here in Perth, Western Australia. 

In late 2007, a small group of like-minded adult Lego enthusiasts met up Sunday mornings to create a train and town layout for the 2008 Model Train Show.  We won Most Popular Exhibit and had a great time running the display.  A few more people have joined the group since then, allowing us to build bigger and better displays filled with unique creations.

We've been adding a few more images of the latest layout and a few other models.  More is coming in the following months leading up to June, when we pack up and head to Claremont Showgrounds for the Model Train Show.  Lots to do still so keep checking back.

What's New...

For all current information about our club, please visit our Blog.

May 2014

December 2012

The Perth Adult Lego Society is moving up in the world!  We've recently become Incorporated and are now also known as the WA Brick SocietyFor pics, event info and other Lego related news visit our blog.
  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a great 2013!

August 2012

The WA Scale Model Expo (WASMEX) is back, September 1st and 2nd at the Cannington Exhibition Centre.  PALS will be there with lots of detailed models and our huge minifig-scale Offshore Gas Platform!. 
Get all the details here.

June 2012



March 2012

PALS made an appearance at the recent Astrofest at Curtin University with a bunch of space-themed models.  We had a great time and
look forward to the next one!  Check out some pics of the event on Flickr.

February 2012

Work is progressing on our big layout for 2012.  Take a look at some of the things we've been building in our Lego shed!

Check out our Blog to see Harry's latest masterpiece, a huge hall inspired by Hackett Hall at the University of WA.

November 2011

We'll be running a 'Great Ball Contraption' and other motorised models at the Curtin Robofair, Sunday December 4th, 10-2pm.
 - See you there!

UPDATE - Pictures of the Curtin Robofair are up on our Brickshelf gallery.

We recently displayed some large models at the Woodside Building in Perth, check out the pics here.

September 2011

Our Display at the WA Scale Model Show won Most Popular Exhibit for the second year in a row!  Thanks to everyone who voted for us!!

Some pics are up on our Blog.  Be sure to bookmark it! 

Our new club house is nearing completion, only a few weeks until we can move all the Lego in and get busy building!!

We have a few models on display at The Art Gallery of Western Australia.  Drop in and check them out! 


June 2011

The Perth Model Railway Show has come and gone, with PALS displaying our most detailed layout yet!  Everyone's efforts paid off
with crowds of people surrounding our display.  Thanks to everyone who came along and said fantastic things about our creations!

Lots of people were taking photos (us as well!), check out the following links...

Wenmay Lam's Blog

Wyrmworld's Flickr Set

We'll have lots of our own pics up to view very soon!!

UPDATE - Some Club pics are online, check out Jijin's photos here.  We also won Most Popular Exhibit!!

May 2011

We're getting close to finishing our 2011 layout for the AMRA Train show.  Come along and see us...

June 4th, 5th and 6th at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth, Western Australia.

Get a sneak preview of the finished Central Station, the Airport and some of our Trains under construction in our Brickshelf Gallery.

Aaron has finished his Theme Park which is very impressive!   We can't wait to see it running at the AMRA Train Show.

Be sure to check out our new blog as well!

March 2011

HQ is buzzing at the moment with lots of new sections of our layout taking shape. 

Some very creative Temples are under construction and Central Station is nearly complete. 

Take a look at some more of our latest work in our Brickshelf Gallery.

January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!  Well, the guys here at PALS have been getting stuck into it already and have been producing some great Lego creations at The Art Gallery of Western Australia.  Take a look at some of our work here.  We're really proud of what we've done with such a limited palette of parts (around 20 different elements) and colours (well, just white actually!)  

These models and more are part of the LegoArt event which runs from the 17th - 23rd of January.  Inspiration was taken from the Peggy Guggenheim exhibit which is on until the end of the month.

New footage of our 2008 Kylie Minogue concert is up.  Check out all the Kylie goodness here.

December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you get lots of Lego...

Downtown is now mostly complete and work is progressing nicely on the Grand Central Station.

Take a look at some of our new Trains, as well as the beginnings of our massive Spaceship!

October 2010

New images of our 2011 layout under construction are up!  The city sections are rising fast with our Grand Central Station the next major piece to be tackled.  Everyone at the club has been working hard to make this layout the best yet!

We recently exhibited some of our truck collection at the Country Model Truck Show held at the Armadale Arena.  Lots of great scale models on display plus some awesome RC trucks too.  Check out some pics here.

September 2010

The WA Scale Model Expo (WASMEX) is happening on September 11th and 12th and we'll be there!   Lots of large scale
and classic Technic and Model Team sets will be on display.  Get all the details here.

UPDATE - The show was great fun and we picked up an award for Most Popular Exhibit!! 
                   See some pics of our display here and more here.

Work has well and truly begun on our next big layout for 2011 - they keep getting bigger and better!  Check back for 
work in progress pics coming soon.

July 2010

One of our members, Adam Wilmot, was interviewed in Scoop magazine.

See the article here, search for 'Lego' or browse to page 103.

June 2010:

We were featured on Today Tonight recently, see the story in HD here.

The Perth Model Railway Show was a huge success! 
Crowds were 4 deep surrounding our display!

Take a look at the complete display HERE!

Congratulations to everyone involved in creating a great looking Lego layout. 
A big Thank-You goes to those in the Lego community who have inspired some of our creations
and provided instructions for their awesome models.

May 2010:

We made the news!  There's a small article in The West Australian newspaper about us, featuring David. 

Only a few weeks to go until the 2010 Model Train Show! - June 5th, 6th and 7th at the Claremont Showgrounds.
Lots of new stuff has been built in recent weeks and a few classics have returned. 

Take a look at The City section which is starting to take shape.  Be sure to browse around the 2010 Gallery
for updates to the Construction Site, the Valley and many more...

April 2010:

The Farm is finished, and work has begun on our massive Construction Site.

The Theme Park is under-way, with Mark's Egyptian Sphinx the star attraction so far.

Lots of great new buildings have been added, make sure you check them all out.

March 2010:

The bridges are getting longer, check out the latest pics.

Take a look at the new monorail and train stations, plus some updates to some awesome high-rise towers

Aaron has recently added some video from the 2009 layout.  It's great to see everything in motion.

Suburbia pics are up as well as the beginnings of The Valley.

Adam has been busy building his Monastry Mountain.  Check out the plans and some pics here.

Space!  Work has begun on our Space Island.  See what Jijin is building here.
Mark's Radar Dish is looking fantastic also!

A couple of trucks have been added to our Industry page.

December 2009:

The Airport is nearly complete, so we've packed it into boxes to make room for the next section of the layout. 
Check out the latest pics just before packdown here.

There's one of those extra large cranes in the workshop, see it here.

We're having a few bridges this time, see how our Tower Bridge is coming along here.

November 2009:

Planning and building is well underway for 2010's massive layout.  Take a look at our new Airport under construction
as well as some great 8-wide trains

The new layout for the train show will be almost twice as long as 2009's layout!  So much to do!

July 2009:

We Won! The public voted on their favourite display at the Perth Model Railway Show, apparently we scored about 6000 votes,
around 10 000 people attended and not all of them voted.  It was a landslide!

Congratulations to everyone involved in making a fantastic Lego display! 

Dismantling and sorting of our winning layout is mostly done now, so it's on to planning and building the next layout.  Stay tuned...

June 2009:

The Model Railway Show has come and gone!  Take a look at how our display came together here

Click HERE to see a great video of the whole Train Show with a few cool shots of our layout (Click on Model Rail once there) .

The Bridge was a fantastic success! The structure held itself up while ropes prevented any sideways motion.  Other highlights included the Live 8 concert which always drew a crowd, the huge cruise liner and the theme park with all it's moving rides.

Lots of fantastic comments from the public with crowds often 3-deep around our display.

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