Welcome, and please bear with me as I continue to add material to this site, which is one of a handful of sites that I've been working on for some time now (among several other things).  Until now, I've kept the settings on most of sites in the particular group associated with this endeavor; but I thought that instead of keeping some things on "private" I may as well put each part of this particular project on "public" (for reasons that I won't go into here).

When I say "this particular project" what I'm referring to are the sites that I'm grouping together in an attempt to connect some dots on a number of major problems we face in society today.  As an online writer, I've become increasingly aware of a need for "dots to be connected" between the most advanced and expertise science and the ages old elements of humanity, common sense and instinct.  The world (offline and off) far too often ignores both the most advanced and the most basic aspects of some problems in life.  Instead, it  can seem as if the world focuses only on "over-the-counter" and "made for sixth-grade-reading-level" material (or else, parts of the world focus on either most sophisticated end, or the most fundamental end, of understanding of human nature and human beings).

To quote Sebastian the Crab ("The Little Mermaid"), "The human world...  It's a mess!"  The world is, indeed, a mess.  In some ways, of course, the world seems to have made a whole lot of progress since the beginning of time.  In other ways it can seem as if the world reached a certain level of that progress, only to take a detour down a road which isn't very likely to take this big and tired and so often difficult world in the direction it needs to be taken.

Who am I to think there's something I can contribute toward helping taking "the world" (assuming anyone in the world even sees what I post here) in a better direction?  First, I'm not at all sure that there's much I can do or say toward that aim.  Second, I'm like so many others in this world who sees so many problems and believes it is the job of all of us to do whatever we can, whether or not that's enough, or even correct.  I'm not here to "tell the world" what to do, or how to do things.  I hate that.  People don't need to be told what to do or how to do things.  What I think more people need is more other people raising questions (food for thought) about some of the way things are being done, and some of the things far too many people seem to believe.

Who am I to even try to offer what I think might be helpful on matters as broad and serious in scope as "all of society's problems"?    Well, I'm nobody.  I'm a person.  I'm not a young person, though, so I've lived long enough to see a lot of things (like trends and consequences of them) that people younger than I haven't had the chance to see.   Also, other than writing, my main interests have always involved human-related matters, as opposed to, say, technology-related matters or business matters.  As I go along and add more to the sites that are part of this overall project I've been working on I'll add more information that I think may help explain why it is I think I at least have a certain amount of awareness/understanding to be able to attempt to raise questions that really do deserve some attention.  In the meantime, please bear with me as I continue to add to the sites I've set up.

By the way, the sites that I'm putting together under this "main project" include perspectives on social issues, interpersonal relationship issues, children and parents (I hate the word, "parenting", because I see my relationship with my children as just that - a relationship, not a job category), and divorce.  There is other material that I'm continuing to keep offline

And here now is the beloved Sebastian the Crab with his take on this human world in which we all live.....   (I figured I may as well introduce a serious-minded site with something a little on the lighter side. )