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Writer's Guidelines 


Who writes for Perspectives? New or published writers challenging their imaginative ability by giving inanimate objects human qualities.  Observe and write about the world through an object’s perspective.  Excluding pornographic or offensive language (cursing, race or sexual orientation), the sky’s the limit. 

Submission Requirements


Describe the object's world using:

* short stories (1st person POV)

* poetry (you can submit up to five poems but send each one separately)

* plays, interviews

* illustrations (art or Photoshop manipulated)

* or any other form I haven't yet thought of.

For the past two issues, I've received many submissions that clearly did not follow the guidelines.  So to help the contributor, I created a "Submissions Checklist."  Please print it out and then check every box that applies to your submission.

Submissions Checklist for PM Jan10

I will reply with personal comments.  Submissions are subject to editing but you will have an opportunity to approve suggestions before it’s printed.  I prefer using the 'comments' feature in MS Word if revisions are necessary.  If you don't know how to use it, I will send them in an email.  Payment: Online excerpts of the story/poem, a contributor's copy via pdf attachment, and a small financial payment in CAD funds: 2-4 weeks after acceptance.  Unless advertisers come on board, I can't afford to mail color or b&w copies to each writer anymore.  Currently, all funding for this magazine comes out of my disability cheque.  More details about this are mentioned on the blog.

If your submission is accepted, I will attach an author contract that has to be faxed or scanned.  You can include an optional photo (head/shoulder shot), and an optional two-five line bio.  Below are some prompts to help spark ideas if you're having trouble coming up with a bio:

  • I have long been an advocate for _____.
  • I am an avid _____.
  • I am passionate about _____.
  • I have more than _____ years of _____ experience in _____.
  • I have written articles/stories/poems for _____.
  • I continue to be active in _____.
  • My proudest moment came when _____.
  • In 19__, Ireleased the book, "_____" which tells the story of / is about _____.
  • If there's one word to describe myself, it's _____.
  • Most people would be surprised to learn that I _____.

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Perspectives Magazine July 2009

I look forward to your submissions!