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Your director is the liaison between you and the Festival, however, we are aware that some information is bound to slip through the cracks.  With that in mind, I hope the information below will be useful to you.

Headshot and Bio: Your director should be collecting your electronic headshot and a short (not more than 50 word) bio.  If you do not see your information on the link for your show, your director has not sent that information -- or you have not sent it to him.  Please send this information as soon as possible.  Include the correct spelling of your name and your character name as it should appear in the program, and which show you are appearing in.

Progress Rehearsal:  May 30, 2009 in 20-minute increments between 10 am and 4 pm.  If any production cannot attend Progress Rehearsal, we must be invited to view one of your regular rehearsals nearest that date.

Tech Dates: 
These dates are arranged according to your PROGRAM appearance in the festival.  The staggering of dates is necessary so that every Program can cycle through without any Program suffering more than 3 days between its Dress Tech and official opening.   The Hall is not available to us on the 12th, 13th or 16th.

Program One: Dry Tech June 10; Dress Tech June 15

Program Two: Dry Tech June 11; Dress Tech June 17

Program Three: Dry Tech June 14; Dress Tech June 18

Pay and comps: You should have been told when you accepted your role that New Perspective is not able to pay its participants.  Our hope is that our tickets sales will pay for the rental of the Hall and our marketing efforts, and with a low ticket price of $10-$12, we cannot hope to reach that goal by giving comps to our participants.  Directors, Playwrights, and Critics will account for 20 unsold seats each night.  That said, our low ticket price should make it affordable for your friends and family to see your performance.

Actor Call: Your call time is determined by your PROGRAM appearance - one hour prior to curtain (7 o'clock call on Friday/Saturday; 6 o'clock call on Sunday).

Parking: Parking will be free and readily available at the School Board building directly across the street from Swedenborg Hall. 

Online Participation:  New Perspective has both a MySpace presence and a blog.  Become our friend on MySpace and blog about your Festival experience. 

Keep checking this page for updates, as more questions are answered.

Thank you for your participation.  Have fun and BREAK A LEG!