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The reports are rolling in because more clients are opting to bite the bullet and get weighed/measured and the results are living proof that it doesn't matter how old you are, weight training, clean eating and creating healthy lifestyle habits DO WORK!

Wanted to give a shout out to a new client Ginny Hicks of Elkhorn! She is an experienced massage therapist and just this past weekend opened the doors to her new studio on the square in Elkhorn. You will see her fairly frequently until she resumes classes this fall towards physical therapy assistant program. Welcome, Ginny!

Shout out to 19 yr old Mackenzie who gained additional muscle % and lost body fat in just 3 weeks! She constantly challenges herself and "Screams silently" all the while kicking her own "butt"! If that's not enough, mom Teri has bumped up her protein and has taken the challenge to progressively increase her weights as well as progress on the TRX! In a months time, she has over a 2% increase in lean muscle mass; dropped body fat and clothes are fitting better!

Teri- TRX Plank

I know there will be more good reports because the energy is high, the social support is there and the will to succeed and commit to this endeavor is getting the job done!

I'm proud of all of you!