Success Stories

Renew Your Body, Renew Your Life!

I first started TRX in Arizona when we were there for the winter and immediately fell in love with it.  I have always worked out but needed to go that extra step.  I went on line to find an instructor near my home here in Williams Bay, WI and found Karen.  I set up an introductory appointment with Karen so she could get to know me and see my strengths and goals.  Being 65, I wanted to push myself to the next level but needed to be sure I did not hurt myself or set myself back by doing to much.  Well, let me tell you!!! Karen is wonderful and understood my goals and concerns from the start.  I have become even more strong and balanced than I could ever imagined.  She has worked my buns and has pushed me to limits I didn’t think was possible.  I love what TRX, FIST and Karen has done for my body.  I don’t feel 65 and lucky for me, I don’t look 65 and I contribute a lot of that to Karen and my hard work.  Don’t let your age keep you from your goals or hold you back.  If I can do it, so can you.  
Wenel Jais,  Williams Bay                                   

Next month will be 2 years that I have been training with Karen.  Initially I started with personal sessions and gradually moved to group training.  I can honestly say that I feel better at 54 years old than I have ever before and it is definitely a result of TRX and FIST!  For many years I suffered excruciating pain from neck/back issues and now they are virtually nonexistent.  I am a happier person with more energy.  I love, love, love working with weights.  F.I.S.T. has not only increased my physical strength but more importantly it has given me inner strength.   My hubby and kids have noticed the huge changes in me.  They are my biggest support system and constantly encourage me to continue my fitness journey.  Sadly, I have not always received the same level of support from some friends but thankfully I have met many beautiful women at the studio who are kind, supportive and a great inspiration to me.  For this I am thankful to each and every one of you!   Many mornings I can think of 101 excuses to avoid working out but I look forward to seeing my fitness friends and I know that no matter how tired I feel walking into the studio I always walk out feeling happy, energized and more confident!  THANK YOU SO MUCH KAREN!  You have helped me change my life!!!!

Diane Doetsch,  Elkhorn WI

This afternoon I spent two hours digging up an 18 foot x 12-foot flowerbed, planting bulbs, and carrying 35 lb. bags of mulch to finish it off.  As I worked, I watched various flocks of geese fly over my head.  They fly in a V pattern with the geese in the back of the V honking encouragement to the front members of the V.  That started me thinking about working with Karen – she continuously encourages me to go a little longer and farther than I did the last time.

I started training with Karen in March of 2011 at the age of 57, when I had reached a weight of 161.  I hadn’t exercised regularly in years, and had little to no stamina.  Karen worked with me, slowly increasing the weight of the dumb bells, and the time of cardio and core exercises.  The weight loss was frustratingly slow, but Karen encouraged me to keep exercising and to “clean up” my diet.  In November of 2012, I joined Weight Watchers.  The weight started to come off, as I gained muscle and lost fat.

Karen started her own business in 2013, and I still had a contract to fulfill with another gym, so I started training with another person.  But I didn’t work as well with my new trainer as I worked with Karen, and I suffered a couple of injuries during that training.  So when I was able to come back to Karen this summer, I jumped at the chance.  I am still working to gain strength, and overcome a hamstring injury, but this morning I weighed 139 pounds.

The stamina and strength I have gained has translated to several areas of my life:  the breath support necessary for choral singing has improved, I am able to carry heavier items (like furniture) and do more yard work.

Which brings me back to those encouraging geese...

Heidi Horton  Janesville, WI

Karen Bluhm is more than a personal trainer to me.  When I met Karen and started working with her I was at an extremely low place in my life.   I was experiencing severe dizzy spells from extreme stress from my job. She was amazing, every time I met with her I could feel myself getting stronger and in more control of my life.  She had me doing strength training that I never imagined I could do! She encouraged me to work hard and I started feeling so much better physically and emotionally.  I eventually had to quit my job because of the stress, but with Karen's support and encouragement I am now running my own business, and the dizzy spells are long gone!  I am continuing to get stronger every day and look forward to my sessions with Karen.  I am so glad I made the call to Karen back in February, she has changed my life.
Kathy Simes  Elkhorn, WI

I have seen Karen as she has made a complete transformation in her own life to be healthier, happier, and more confident. The hard work she has done on herself has made her into a powerful fitness professional that has led by example who walks the walk, and is now effectively transforming the lives of those she works with.

Dustin Maher  Founder, Fit Moms for Life

In Feb. 2012 I got a bad cholesterol report from my Dr. I decided I needed to do something about it. So my husband and I joined the Athletic club. I decided I wanted a personal trainer and was assigned to Karen Bluhm. Well..that was one of the greatest decisions I have made. My cholesterol numbers went from 240 to 165 in 6 months. And I lost weight (and am still losing). I lost 8 pants sizes!! Karen taught me so much about exercise (I never liked exercise and never did much of it but walk).

Karen is a wonderful trainer and person. She kept me straight, and still does. Her classes are awesome. She has been so helpful and supportive for me on my journey to better health. She even taught me how to "walk" right. When walking now, I include periods of running. That helped to boost my weight loss and, I'm sure, the drop in my cholesterol.

By the way, I am 66 years old and never had exercised before. If I can do can you! I am grateful for meeting Karen and all she has helped me with. I feel great and am hopeful to live a lot longer now that Karen has me on the road to better health. I will continue to join her classes as long as I can.

My Dr. has taken me OFF my cholesterol meds: whereas in Feb. she doubled them. Also my arthritis and low grade fibromyalgia pain had greatly subsided and I hardly take anything for them any more. Karen takes no credit for it. She just says I made it happen. But without her encouragement and support I don't think I would have stuck to it.

Modonna Williger  Client, from 2012 to Present