Parkour is the art of free running, whether in urban areas or the countryside, though it tends to bloom in urban areas.

Pure Parkour is the art of free, fluid and efficient movement around your surroundings. All else are merely gymnastic tricks for show and a little extra fun and challenge, but, are not necessary. Truth be told, Parkour as an art in itself get's many of its initial inspirations from traditional martial arts,  the break-falling / rolling aspects being the most obvious. However, efficient movement around urban areas and even in wooded areas has long been the stuff of martial arts legend and folklore and still practised in a traditional manner by some arts today. A classic modern movie example of this, though rather romantically dressed up, was seen in the movie 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. Jacky Chan is also famous for his skills in this department, which, he uses extensively in his amazing movies. Parkour practitioners have also been recruited in other action movies such as Star Wars (The Force Awakens) to help enhance and liven up the action entertainment.

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Unfortunately, in the western hemisphere, martial arts have been restricted into socially acceptable indoor venues and become highly sterilised and narrow in their outlook and understanding of the authentic practice of martial arts and their broader scope and purpose. Some of us have chosen to reinvigorate those martial skills by the practice of complimentary modern arts such as Parkour, which, opens many new doors and opportunities for training and meeting other people with whom our interests overlap.

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In Liikan, we practice what we can within the warm-up parts of our training sessions alongside other complimentary arts such as Break-dancing to enhance our physical body control skills and get fit at the same time as having fun. We also try to link up with other specialist groups for extra-curricular training and occasionally visit specialist training centres for extra club outings, for example, parkour centres and even wall climbing. Here are few short videos of some of the activities we have conducted in the past:

Kids especially love this kind of training and gain huge benefit from it. 
You can see from our various videos on our YouTube channels how keenly they take to it.

So, it is indeed true what we say in our adverts...

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