Stop! Who goes there?
Friend or Foe?

                    Are you rich? 
                    Can you help advance my career?

                                                                 Err... Yup, I suppose so ....
                                                                                    In that case I'm a friend :)      
                   From Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu to Liikan Jitsu & Kyusho,
                            Effective & Realistic training 
in a modern style and school for modern day society.

Not just another hobby, but Life Skills for Life!

On this site you can find information about:
  1. Liikan Jitsu and the Liikan Jitsu Club ry
  2. Kyusho Do, Finland (affiliated to Kyusho International)
  3. Personal Security Network and its members

You will also find various information and resources for these ranging from:
  • Contact Info
  • Instruction Profiles
  • Events and Activities
  • Media Resources
  • Links to external information sites on Facebook, Meetup.com and others
We hope you have fun exploring the extensive information that can be found on this site, but, if you still have any questions feel free to contact us via any of the channels provided here.

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