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Dog Pet Leash Metal Wall Storage Rack Hooks Puppy Peg
1. What you see is what you get. This is solid metal leash hanger, just as pictured.
It installed easily with the included hardware and instructions.
It easily holds a couple of leashes and a towel to clean the dogs feet when she comes in out of the rain.
Decorative and functional. What more could you ask for - besides free?
2. Although I thought the leash holder was going to be larger, I def love this product. (blame it on my if the size was in the description) I am so happy I decided on this one. We hang 4 different leashes from the holder and it does just fine! Thanks again!
3. This is a really cute leash hook that installs very simply, looks nice and is big enough to easily hold 4 or more leashes. I have even received some compliments on it!
4. One of the hooks was off when it arrived. I had to use Gorilla Glue and a clamp to glue it on. It's very cheaply made, but serves its purpose.
Customer Reviews
Embroidered Personalized Dog Nylon Collar . Make Certain Your Lost Pet Finds His Way Home !
1. I love the fact that the cat's name is embroidered right on the collar, making it unnecessary to have a tag. However, I wish these collars were made of a non-fraying material (like suede or something) because my cats lick the collar when they clean themselves and the nylon quickly frays into a big mess. I have tried using a stapler to keep the two pieces of collar pressed together so that it doesn't gap open and get caught by the kitty's tongue so much. That helps a little.
The other issue that I wish some collar company would address is that if you use a magnetic locking cat door as I do, the cat needs to wear a magnet on his collar -- on a slip ring just like a tag would be. The buckles are too wide on these collars for the slip ring to fit over them, so that means I have to figure out some other way of attaching the magnet. It's a pain.
Really, it's unbelievable the number of issues that come up just trying to find a simple, workable cat collar. These are a good start.
2. I received an email very soon after ordering the dog collar asking for the specifics on dogs name, collar size, and telephone number. I received the finished product shortly thereafter. Good service and good quality of embroidery work.
3. It was delivered in record time. Unfortunately the collar closure snap would not stay closed and when my 16 pound puppy pulled on the leash it came undone. I notified seller and she was very apologetic and said that she would send another one straight away. Lettering on the collar is very nice.
4. The customer service on this product was great. I forgot a detail or two when ordering it. They e-mailed me several times until they were sure they had the product the way I wanted it.
I so appreciate their many attempts to get it right.
Every suggestions they made were correct for the size / need for pet
The cat doesn't mind wearing it either. Bonus!