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Step 1:  Define What You Want

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Find your goal:  The best thing about starting a new life is you get to figure out what you want to achieve.  Make it something big - something that will make you feel great when you achieve it.  Something that others around you will notice immediately.  This may be hard for someone who has never worked on a goal before.  There are many different fitness goals you can work toward, here is a list to  get you thinking about what your personal achievement can be.

See your goal:  Whatever you want to achieve, the best thing is to write it down, not only on paper, but where you can see it everyday and several times during the day.  

Secondly, picture yourself reaching your goal.  If your goal is perfect abs, put a picture of a magazine model with perfect abs next to where you work out.  (Picture Your Goal)  The more you have contact with your goal, the more you think about it, the better you will achieve it.  We truly believe in the power of positive thinking.  Your goal will come true it you totally believe in it and see yourself already there.

Measure your goal:   Set a reasonable time frame for your goal.  Don't expect overnight sucess, most people did not get into thier current fitness condition overnight, don't expect to get to perfection instantly.

Next find a way to measure your progress toward your goal.  When you can visually see small progress over time, it is easier to stay focused on reaching your overall goal - even if it may take weeks, months or a year.


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