About Me

My name is Paul,

I am an Astrologer with over 25 years practical experience using a number of different techniques.

Traditional techniques to answer specific questions, sometimes referred to as Horary Astrology.  This is basically what will be the result if I follow this course of action, will I profit from this deal? Should I buy or sell?  Should I follow course A or B?  Will this money come to me?  Am I better off staying as I am or taking a risk?

Electional Astrology techniques to select the best window of opportunity available within your timescale, such as best time to start a new venture, apply for a new job, make important contacts, get your desired outcomes from meetings and times when to avoid meetings.

Locational Astrology - I can work out the most promising locations in the world for you to find more happiness, more business success, more money. 

Relationship Astrology - I can work out who is more suitable for you as a partner and best times to meet this person.

I use this is my own life - the first Horary chart I cast was for would I profit from buying this very challenging property at an auction in 10 days time?  On the strength of this chart I bought this house, renovated it and went on to make 300% profit. 

For the next 15 years I cast hundreds of Horary charts for all manner of questions, one even being if I buy a ticket will I win the Lottery today?  Stunned as I was when the chart said yes, I bought the ticket and how I would spend my millions.  Imagine my shock and dismay when the first two numbers were "wrong", throwing this ticket aside into the footwell of the car in contempt and disillusionment.  Several months later I checked this despicable ticket only to find I had won £10.  Later on consideration that it is a 58:1 chance of winning £10 on the Lottery, I realised the chart worked, Horary worked but that I'd asked if I'd win, which I had.

I have used Electional techniques to select favourable times to post letters, make phone calls, to avoid calls, have meetings so as to sail with the tides of fortune rather than just hitting the occasional lucky moment. 

I am a member of the Astrological Lodge of London and undertake teaching Astrology at all levels.