AminoLight is our app to display and interact with and through small molecules, the dream goal of the development would to be illuminate protein folding.

Remote data will first involve Google Drive.  Apparently good luck adding Google code to project.

Exercised these instructions on a sample 'Master/Detail' program, "ViewDrive"

Compiling the Source Files Directly into a Mac or iOS Application

Things went well enough, except example Builds in Xcode, is a Mac app.  My app is 'DriveView'  (related to AminoView, i guess) I substituted OAuth2ViewControllerTouch from OAuth2WindowViewController.  Also, linger doubt "bundle-id" is correct: perhaps not set originally , is really 'Don-Zeek-Llc.' really, not that with 'ViewDrive' appended.

This became essential: Signing_In_to_Google_Services

Also blocks:  for kFinishHandler, remoteData

Having initial difficulty with drive service, available with auth, but no list of files returned (mix of old code and new)

Created home directory on drive 'BioplastMolecule'
January 22, 2015, 10:10AM

Studied storyboards(part-two)

The current state of development includes a lot of display.



The 'elwood' is a series of Android apps designed as a service to those managing a community medicine delivery system, whether for one or for several.  Developmental software, the final version, should have been available within the month of September, 2012.

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