Aim and Scope

            The Persistent Homology is a recent and immersive research area. It is a homology theory  adapted in an algorithmic context to the topological data analysis. It keeps track of the homology classes that still remain "persistent" when approaching a topological space by a cloud of points. The persistent homology finds applications in all research areas that involve big datas, including medicine, chemistry, music, linguistics, sports, economics, social sciences, ....

            The course is intended to PhD  students who have already started research in Persistent homology, it can also  inspire  students at the end of their master to start their research in this area and finally it can interest senior and junior researchers for a re-conversion in another field of research

          We plan to schedule 16 hours of courses, 6 hours of open discussion, 3 hours of Lab sessions, and 3 hours of research contributed talks.

        Due to the limited funds, the participants' distribution would roughly  be as follows : 20  Master students, 10 PhD students and 10 senior and/or junior researchers

Social Program

Wednesday 5th July 2017 (Afternoon): Visit of the historical monuments of Rabat: Chellah, Hassan Tower, Oudayas Gardens, Medina, ...

• Friday-Sunday (7-9 July)Middle Atlas Excursion . Rabat-Meknes-Khenifra-Azrou-Ifrane-Fes-Rabat

We excpect to publish the courses and works of this school as a proceeding in a recognized international scientific  journal.
Free Housing: 
There is a possibility to house some participants in the dormitories of CRMEF-Rabat