Upcoming Events

As we approach the end of the school year, there are a few special events taking place. Here is a list of what’s coming up.

May 14th- Maturation Film (look for the flyer coming home about this)

May 16th- PPC Auction at the Polk County Fairgrounds

May 20th- *Field Trip to Polk County Museum (1-3pm)

May 29th- Field Day (1-3pm)

June 3rd- 🎵Pirate Sounds Field Trip (Cascade Manor & Waterfront Park)

June 8th- Elementary Awards Ceremony 2:30pm

June 12th- Last day of school (1 hour late start, half day - 8:45 - 11:30)

These dates are also posted on the calendar at my classroom website. Also on that website are some recent videos, including the folk tales we created, and some movie trailers about art class.

*If you are interested in coming on the field trip with us to the Polk County Museum on May 20th, please let me know, so I know how many groups I can have. Also, the museum now has an admission price (this is new.) 4th graders get in free, but adults will be charged $2. If you do decide to join us, please be aware of this additional charge. Mr. Milburn and I will be driving the class to the museum on the minibuses, which have limited seating, so chaperones could either follow the mini-buses, carpool from the school, or meet us at the museum at 1pm. Also, any chaperones must have already had background checks completed.

🎵Please let me know if you plan to join us on the Pirate Sounds field trip. There is no cost for this trip. We will need sack lunches to eat at the park. Remember, any chaperones must have already had background checks completed. Bus seating may be limited, so chaperones may want to follow the buses, or meet us at Capitol Manor.

State testing is almost over. We are working on the last of 4 Smarter Balanced Tests this week. I am sorry that I can’t tell you when we will know the results of these tests. It may be after school is over. The students have been working hard on these assessments, and I am proud of the effort they are putting into doing their best.

Our recent art lesson was on making fused glass panels