FWAB 45 Day Notice Prior to May 6, 2014 General Election

                Primary Election Day                                                                                               May 6, 2014
                                Military Early Voting Begins                                                                                  March 22, 2014

                                Early Voting (Absentee) Begins                                                                                 April 1, 2014

                                Deadline for Voter Registration                                                                                  April 7, 2014

  Local questions and issues for general election, including local option petitions,
                                  must be certified to or filed with boards of elections by 4 p.m.                             August 6, 2014 
                               General Election Day                                                                                     November 4, 2014

 Vote in Honor of a Veteran

Director, Jamie L. Snider          Deputy Director, Dee Keister-Smith

Board Members
Patrick J. Hannum - Chairman
Frank F. Correll
Michael L. Boley
     Steven E. Baker     

121 West Brown Street
Post Office Box 187
New Lexington, OH 43764
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm
 Telephone: (740) 342-2134 Fax: (740) 342-4787

      2013 Candidate Requirement Guide