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Summary: Reminiscing of his most cherished moments with Hinata, Naruto decides it's time she forgets about Hyuuga decorum and let her passions run wild. What better way to persuade her than to have a few horny Narutos seduce and realize her most secret desires?

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Chapter VI

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Chapter VI

She moaned. It was long and drawn out, bordering on a helpless whimper.

Naruto had been kissing her softly, teasingly almost, but when he moved on to nibble her throat, she was done for. She kept her eyes closed, threading her fingers through his wild locks and biting her lower lip softly.

"Naruto-kun…" she whispered.


She could feel his smirk against her pulse point, and she couldn't help but to smile. He could be so cocky sometimes.

They were still lying on the couch, but unlike when they had started, most of his weight now rested on her. Hinata loved the feeling—the closeness and intimacy of it—but she couldn't help it when she suddenly burst into a quiet fit of giggles. Naruto paused, lifting his head to look into her eyes, slightly confused.

"Y-Your hair… it's tickling my cheek," she explained in a murmur.

"Oh…" he said just as lowly, giving her a dorky grin.

Hinata smiled softly at him, combing his hair with her fingers. She then moved up to place a lingering kiss on his forehead, and Naruto resumed his soft kisses on her neck. She released a shuddering breath, closing her eyes and allowing her head to roll to the side to give him more room. Naruto grunted quietly in appreciation. A warm hand journeyed down her side firmly, stopping somewhere near her hip and slithering beneath her top, touching the skin of her stomach and making her squeak.

"So soft…" she heard him whisper.


Her hands moved from his hair to grasp the fabric of his jacket almost desperately when the blond's hand began journeying south. It dug beneath both her pants and underwear and when she felt it graze over the pool of curls no one had ever touched before, she couldn't stop her hip from raising, pushing against his touch. Something unknown had taken control of her, and her reactions to his touch and kisses were automatic.

Naruto let out a small grunt of approval, shifting his weight above her, but to Hinata's misfortune, her zealousness to obey this growing sensation came with a price she hadn't entirely thought through. As he shifted, Hinata pushed against his touch again and her unexpected movements caused him to lose his careful balance. Naruto couldn't stop his momentum and rolled quite suddenly towards the floor and to her dismay, the playful growls he had been teasing her with turned into strangled yelps.

Hinata tried catching him, she really did! But… her grip hadn't been that secure to begin with, considering his hands were down her pants and that the couch was far too narrow. She was simply in no position to keep him from his inevitable and quite ungraceful decent to the floor. Naturally, as far as all awkward and embarrassing situations go, Hinata was swept right along with him, and though her fall had been painless, the thump that reverberated through her beloved's body made her grimace with concern, especially when it was combined with the crack-like sound his head made against the hardwood floor.

"Ouch…" he groaned.

"I'm sorry!" she squeaked, thoroughly mortified. "Are… are you okay, Naruto-kun?" She watched as he craned his neck slightly to rub the growing lump on the back of his head.


Crawling off him sheepishly and sitting on the floor with her legs tucked beneath her, Hinata offered him a hand. He took it with a small, grateful smile and sat up as well, although in a very slouched manner.

"Do… do you need some ice…?" she trailed off, twiddling her fingers and hiding her gaze from his. Way to kill the mood, she told herself.

"It's okay," he said, giving her that goofy grin of his to reassure her. "I've been known to have a really hard head."

Hinata smiled at his comment, sneaked a glance at him, and once again turned away, thoroughly flushed. Of all times, why did her infamous awkwardness decide to pay her a visit now? She wanted to ignore it. She wanted to kiss him and continue touching him, but he was busy grimacing in pain and rubbing the back of his head. Oh, how selfish could I possibly be? She admonished herself, suddenly wanting the couch to swallow her. This wasn't going the way she had always pictured it at all. How could she possibly set the mood again after all this? She then shook her head slightly. She wouldn't be surprised if he ended up dropping her clumsy ass back at the Hyuuga estate and be done with her… though hopefully just for the night!

She groaned quietly to herself. Surely, even a cat in heat had more decorum than her. One simple touch from him and she was writhing in the throes of passion.

"Are you okay…?" Naruto asked, frowning slightly at her obvious distress.

Do something…! Her mind cried desperately. She didn't want to go home. Despite her humiliating behavior, she still wanted to spend the night with him, dammit! Her body craved it, demanded it. Yet, the most she could muster was biting her lower lip worriedly. She closed her eyes, further coaching herself to think of ways to salvage the mood, but when she reopened them, they ended up gazing straight at the coffee table. On it sat a bright orange book that she had somehow failed to notice until now.

Now, as far as Hinata was concerned, she could've sworn that the next move she had intended on making had been to turn towards Naruto and give him a look suggestive enough he'd take the hint that she wanted to keep going—she had even pictured it in her head—but all she ended up doing was reaching over for the book. Her awkwardness sure had a way of taking over her. Coincidentally, Naruto had indeed been intent on picking up right where they left off, but as he moved forward to resume their making out, their heads collided painfully.

"Owww…" she half-whined, quietly cursing her luck.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he exclaimed. "I thought we were just going to keep going, and…" he trailed off, shoulders sagging. This was not going well at all. At the rate they were going, by the time they'd start making love they might have to don a pair of helmets.

"It's… okay… it's not your fault," she said, rubbing her forehead gingerly. Naruto pressed his fingers against her own while she rubbed the sore spot, and on impulse he pulled her delicate fingers away to take a closer look at the damage.

"I don't think it's going to bruise… I, uh… I think I'm going to go and get that ice… just in case," he murmured, haphazardly getting to his feet.

Hinata frowned. The nervousness in his voice was quite palpable and she looked up, curious. Maybe he felt just as awkward as she? She sighed dismay. How did they get to that point? She fell back, leaning against the couch, blowing her cheeks out in frustration and making her fringes flutter prettily. She looked around the room for a moment before her eyes fell on the small orange book in front of her.

She eyed it warily; it seemed to be blazing, if not glowing for her attention. In the kitchen, she heard Naruto rummaging away and, releasing another deep breath, she reached for the novel. Might as well take a look at the culprit of their night going horribly wrong. She knew this was no time to be curious—there were certainly more important matters at hand—but whom was she kidding? It'd take a miracle to salvage their evening.

She turned it in her hands to look at the cover, and gasped, blushing vividly.

"Hinata?" Naruto called, reentering the living room with a pack of ice in hand.

Without saying a word, she simply raised the novel in her hand, displaying the cover to him.

Naruto's eyes widened and he blushed just as vividly as she. It was a copy of one of the many Icha Icha novels he secretly owned.

As if their evening hadn't become awkward enough, the big, white and flurry elephant oddly resembling Jiraiya and snickering mischievously in the middle of the room decided now was a good time to make it worst. "Fuck…" he muttered under his breath.

Her eyes widened a fraction in shock. She rarely heard him curse.

"Uh… y-you weren't supposed to see that, I swear!" he said hurriedly, quickly going to her and snatching the book from her grasp. "Sorry," he added, and as soon as he settled down next to her, he shoved the book under the couch, mortified.

"I wasn't?" she asked, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"Uh… no?" he said, unsure.

Hinata crossed her arms, eyeing him gravely.

Naruto's blush darkened. "I… well, you see, I only started reading them because after a while of dating you, I wanted to get better at kissing you, and, and… and… it's not like I could go around asking for lessons, you know!" Did he forget to mention that he had mastered the Insert foot in mouth no jutsu?

Hinata's eyes narrowed further. Naruto quickly concluded that, yes, she was aware of this skill.

"Okay, let's pretend you didn't hear that… ne?"

Hinata simply gave him an expectant look.

"Eh… heh…" Naruto grinned, scratching the back of his head weakly.

Unfortunately, Hinata was far from amused.

Naruto sighed in defeat. Might as well come clean, he decided. "Well, you see… I started reading Icha Icha because… well… I've only started reading them recently, and that's only the second book I've read."

"You have more of these books?"

"I… yeah. I got them in Ero-sennin's memory, actually. I hadn't even planned on reading them, honest!"

Hinata's eyes narrowed. "Oh, really?"

"I swear! I remember Ero-sennin would try to make me read 'em when I was a kid, but I always thought they were super boring! All I wanted to do was train and become a better ninja."

"And now they're not so boring, are they?"

"Well… I'm a bit older now, you know… and things are different," he mumbled, avoiding her gaze. "I have no experience in these things."

Hinata eyed him in surprise, and then she looked away, blushing slightly at his admission. He was that concerned about trying to make her feel good? It was really sweet of him, but she still couldn't help but to feel a little embarrassed. This whole intimacy thing was all so new to her, and she was slowly coming to terms that this was just as new to him.

"To be honest, the books sort of became a resource for me, or at least that's what I had thought a first. They actually ended up making things worse. The more I read, the more vivid and detailed the fantasies I had about you became."

Hinata's eyes widened in shock. She didn't know what to say or what to make of his admission. Did he want to make love to her because that was what he wanted, or because that was what the books had incited? She glanced at Naruto again; the way his whole spirit seemed deflated answered her question and she saw no need to ask it out loud. Yet, not knowing how to react for some reason, she simply reached under the couch and pulled the book out. As she examined the front cover, Naruto eyed her carefully.

She leafed through a few pages, combing through the paragraphs somewhat absently. She then stopped on a particular page, frowning slightly as she read. The blush on her face—if it was possible—gradually darkened, but she couldn't help it. It was like a really bad train wreck and she couldn't look away even if she wanted to.

Ryu… that was his name. Yuri eyed him hungrily and with good reason. She wanted to know if his nickname preceded him, and she had no problem finding out. She herself was known as The Go-Getter, after all.

She walked towards him, her hips swaying seductively as Ryu eyed her with a knowing smile. He sat back comfortably, his arms resting on the backrest of the couch and his legs spread open, unashamedly showing off the bulge that his pants clearly had an impossible time trying to conceal. And what a package it was, she thought, eyeing it with as much shame as he displayed it, which obviously was next to none, but that was just it; it was precisely that air of confidence that drew her to him.

She straddled him as soon as she reached him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He still sat with his arms resting on the couch; he wanted her to show him how much she wanted him.

Yuri rocked her hips firmly, rubbing herself against him. She bit her lip, smiling wickedly. He was enormous.

"Ooooh… your nick name does precede you…"

"You expected otherwise?" he murmured with a cocky smirk.

Yuri slithered down between his legs, and not wasting a second, pulled his hard, hot cock out of his pants. "Oooh, my!" She held her cheeks, as if trying to hide her blush.

"That's right, baby… I'm Ryu… the man with the Dragon Penis…" he said confidently.

"Oh, dear…!" she gushed, still wide-eyed. "Well, Dragon Penis-san… I do believe I'm going to need some help with this majestic cock," she crossed her index fingers and said, "Kage bunshin no jutsu!"

Ryu's eyes widened in surprise as a handful of Yuri copies surrounded him, eagerly rubbing themselves against him and pulling his clothes off. This he did not see coming.

"Alright, girls… let's show this dragon a hell of a time, shall we?"

Ryu's grin widened wickedly and…

Naruto craned his head towards the book, curious to see what had gotten her so quiet, though he had a pretty good guess what it was. He looked at the page number and it took everything not to choke out an OH GOD, NOT THAT ONE! in a panicked scream.

Luckily, he managed to keep his cool.

"They're… the sex scenes are not as bad as people make 'em out to be… except for that one." He chuckled while peering over the top of the book. He shook his head slightly. "Jiraiya was pretty creative, I'll give him that."

Hinata didn't know where to put her eyes so she kept reading the page. Needless to say, her cheeks felt far too hot for her liking.

Naruto leaned against her and nuzzled her ear playfully to distract her. "You know… for people like you and me, these stories, as silly as they are, can be quite… educational…"

"How is Dragon P-Penis-san, educational?"

"Well…" He cleared his throat sharply. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry at her response. Of all things that could possibly come out of Hinata's mouth, Dragon Penis-san was probably the last on any list. What had he gotten himself into? "You know…"

Hinata placed the book on the coffee table and pushed it away as if it would burst into flame any second. "No, I don't know…"

Naruto was scrambling for a decent answer that didn't make him look like a complete pervert. He imagined Jiraiya coaching him in the background, telling him to say something absolutely outrageous like, "Well, babe… when we get better at this lovemaking thing… you can play with my dragon penis any time!"

No, no! he thought, blushing brightly and shaking his head. That would definitely not work on his little Hinata.

"Well?" Hinata watched him. She shyly met his eyes for a moment before returning her gaze towards the book on the table.

"Well… besides the…" Naruto cleared his throat again, "obvious… acts in there," he pointed at the book, "there is some interesting dating… uh, advice." Sure, we'll go with that, Naruto thought, feeling good with his reasoning, even if he knew that was a crock of shit.

"So…" Hinata thought for a moment, "most would read these for the… advice and not the… other activities the characters engage in, right…?"

"Yes! Exactly!" he nodded vigorously. "How did you get to be so smart, Hina-chan! Must be a Hyuuga thing, that's what it is, I'm sure of it!"

Hinata's eyes narrowed. She wasn't buying it. Naruto shifted uncomfortably. He decided that he needed to change the subject, and fast.

"Well… if you want, we can try and put some of that advice into practice… I guarantee you won't be disappointed…"

Hinata immediately let out an Eep when hearing his words, making Naruto chuckle lowly. He could imagine how scandalized her family would be if they knew he had her reading those books, let alone exercising the so-called advice within its pages. But that was the beauty of dating a girl like Hinata. She was so quiet, it'd be a miracle if they even knew her favorite color.

He had nothing to worry about, he decided, as his arms snaked around her, pulling her towards him and littering her neck with playful bites and kisses. With her in his arms, he began pushing them towards the floor. To their horror, Hinata's head connected with a corner of the coffee table with a crack that made his earlier one seem tame.

"Ouch!" She lifted her head with a jerk, and if things couldn't get any worse, she clocked him right on the nose with her forehead.

"Son of a…!" Naruto groaned impatiently, falling back on the floor and holding onto his nose for dear life. "Give me a break, fuck!" he cursed.

"Oh, my God, Naruto-kun! Are you alright?" Hinata asked, horrified. Her hand reached for the coffee table for balance. The blow to her head had her seeing twirling spots in the air. She winced slightly as she rubbed the back of her head softly. "I'm sorry…"

"Don't worry about it…" he grunted." Are you okay?"

"I'm f-fine…" she assured, grimacing at his expression. The blow she had served him with left him with watery eyes.

Naruto assessed their predicament. They were between the coffee table and the couch, and if he had anything to say about it, that was the last place he wanted their first time to be.

"That's it. We're doing this right."


He stood and offered Hinata his hand, smiling at her confused expression. He shrugged. "Clearly we're not sexy enough to do this on the couch or the floor just yet. Let's go to the bedroom."

Naruto chuckled at her flushed, wide-eyed expression as he pulled her to her feet.

Hand in hand, they walked to the bedroom. For a second, Naruto considered carrying her to the bedroom—that's what the hero always did in all the sappy romance movies he ever had the misfortune of watching. However, with the terrible luck they had so far, he'd probably end up breaking her neck, so he decided to play it safe.

Once there, they sat on the edge of the bed, and Naruto reached over to turn on the lamp on the nightstand.

The room was quiet, but in Hinata's ears, the beat of her heart thundered loudly. She sneaked a glance to her side where Naruto sat, gazing at their still joined hands with a soft smile. His expression showed not necessarily that he was deep in thought, but simply enjoying the moment. In fact, from her perspective he didn't even seem anxious. For her, though, being in the bedroom had somehow set a different tone, and she was surprised that he he didn't seem to notice.

She leaned on his side, pressing her head on his shoulder and slightly tightening the grip on his hand, seeking comfort. Naruto turned to her and wrapped his free arm around her, nuzzling the top of her head. She gladly settled into his embrace and they slowly fell back into the bed. They stared at the ceiling momentarily, perhaps wondering how to proceed, then Naruto rolled his head to watch her. Hinata turned her gaze to him, albeit a bit more slowly. She gave him a shy smile, and Naruto, being Naruto, gave her a cheesy, close-eyed grin. He then opened his eyes and looked to the distance, frowning slightly as if thinking.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?" she asked in a quiet voice.

"Hmm…" He sat up, and Hinata followed suit. "We agreed we'd do this right. Stand up."

Looking at him quizzically, she stood from the bed along with him. How they were going to do it "right" was a mystery to her given their level of experience, or lack thereof, but she was willing to humor him. She was still painfully horny, after all, but beyond kissing the daylights out of him, she wasn't sure how to proceed, thus she was more than happy to follow his lead.

She watched as he pulled the covers halfway from the bed haphazardly and she smiled, understanding what he had meant.

"There, that's much better," Naruto mumbled sheepishly, finishing up. Then, quite unexpectedly, he suddenly jumped onto the bed like a five year old and slid half his body under the covers with a mischievous snicker. He rubbed the space on the bed next to him, grinning at her. "C'mon…" he said, lifting the blankets for her to join him and wiggling his eyebrows, "let me give you some lovin'."

She laughed and shook her head, carefully settling next to him, nervous still, but neither was paying that much attention with his playfulness still in effect. Another snicker escaped Naruto as he pulled her to him, and then rolled on top of her.

It was both strange yet exciting, he thought. The newfound closeness they shared was wonderful and overwhelming—it was more than that, actually, but he didn't have the words to describe it, at least for the time being. For all it was worth, he didn't want to let go of her. He wanted to keep her in his arms forever and, looking into her eyes, he could tell that in his arms was precisely where she wanted to be, too.

Still resting on her, he shifted to find the ideal position, and unconsciously, she opened her legs to accommodate him in his endeavors. Then her blush darkened. Realizing the reason of her blush, the red tint on his cheeks darkened as well. It was his boner—which happened to be bordering on painful, by the way—that she could feel firmly pressed against her. Naruto wondered how she felt about it… did feeling that part of his body pressed against her excite her… or maybe scare her? Only their clothing stood between their sexes and, and… Oh, why was he trying to analyze things? It's only a matter of time, he told himself, I'll find out soon enough.

That being said, he dropped his head to the crook of her neck and rocked his hips against her experimentally. Hinata moaned, tightening her hold on him, rocking her groin in return, and wrapping her legs around his hips. The friction he created against her felt so damned good she wanted more of it; they both did. Naruto reached for her cheek, caressing it softly and shifted his lips towards hers, kissing her at last. She welcomed his embrace willingly and moaned again softly. Gradually, their kiss intensified, but unexpectedly, he felt her chest jump slightly. He frowned into the kiss; it was as if she was holding her laugh in. He pulled away slowly, and lifted his head to look into her lustful eyes with a quirked eyebrow.

Noting her trying to fend off a smile that was steadily getting the best of her, he frowned with curiosity. "What's so funny?" he mumbled.

Hinata finally allowed herself to giggle. "We're so klutzy," she admitted.

She was hopeless, she decided. She had Uzumaki Naruto on top of her, ready to make love to her any second! Why was her mind preoccupied with something so stupid? Honestly…!

"Well, we're not falling from this bed; plenty of room…" Naruto assured in an amused tone. Smooth, Uzumaki… real smooth…. he groaned, but he couldn't help it. With such an off the wall observation, what was he supposed to say?

In an attempt to recover from his blunder, he rambled on: "It's a king size, you see?" He immediately closed his eyes with dread and released a deep breath. Again, that wasn't the brightest thing to say.

He opened his eyes when he heard Hinata giggle.

"You're so silly, Naruto-kun," she commented, tracing one of his whiskered cheeks with her index finger. He simply gave her a goofy grin. Then, gradually, both their expressions sobered, and they simply looked into each other's eyes. Somehow, the more interruptions they had, the harder it became to start again. Hinata sighed and closed her eyes as her head rolled to the side softly.

This is so foolish, she thought idly. This time it wasn't the couch or the coffee table or that stupid book's fault. Why did I have to bring that up again? Not even she knew the answer to that. Still, though, she insisted, It's amazing what a bad case of clumsiness and a dirty book can do to our courage. However, that didn't mean she didn't want to make love anymore. On the contrary, the throbbing heat between her legs was still quite unbearable, and with the way his erection kept pushing against her, she could tell he was no different.

Yet, despite their obvious need to continue, Hinata wondered where their resolve had gone. Looking into his eyes, she wondered: is this the way it always happened with other couples on their first time, or was this just a regular thing when lovemaking? God, she really hoped not. Perhaps they—she more than he—were too focused on their lack of experience when it came to making love. She wanted to simply go with the flow and make the best of it, for at the rate she was going, she was going to start making a shopping list in her head, and God forbid!

With that in mind, she decided that if their lack of experience was such an obstacle, maybe she should reference her arsenal of dirty fantasies. Her fantasies not only showed a very willing and obliging Naruto, but a daring and confident Hinata. Furthermore, her mind never wandered in her fantasies, much less worried about doing things in a certain order like she was doing now. When was it okay to start taking clothes off and run her hands all over his body, or when was it even appropriate to devour his neck with kisses and nibbles? Am I really going to do this now? she asked herself in disbelief.

Yes. Yes, she was. The way that last thought made her blush profusely was testament of that, and, as clueless as her lover tended to be, it was just her luck that this would be the time when he'd actually pay attention. The way he raised at brow was a clear indication of this.

"What are you thinking?" he asked in a quiet murmur.

She looked away bashfully, unconsciously biting her lower lip. Dammit…

Naruto, for his part, tried not to stare too hungrily at the way she nibbled her lips. It wasn't something that he hadn't seen her do before, but it sure looked a lot sexier now that she was trapped beneath him. The more she nibbled, the more his mind wandered into uncharted territory; he wasn't sure he was going to be able to keep his promise about being gentle if she kept doing little things like that. He wanted to be the one to nibble her lips, bite them playfully and caress them with his tongue.

"Hey…" he insisted, placing his index finger on her jaw line and gently forcing her to look at him.

Maybe later he could do all that, but for now, he figured that if he probed for an answer, and not just verbally—she moaned when he rocked against her—he'd distract her long enough to make her forget her nervousness. Sadly for him, looking into her innocent, yet lustful eyes had distracted him instead. No doubt it was all some sort of evil plan she had schemed to seduce him until it was too hard for him to think straight. Not that he'd particularly mind that.

"I feel so silly…" she admitted, deciding that telling half the truth would have to do for now. That bit about her having her way with his neck would have to stay with her until further notice.

He frowned again, this time without a smile. "Why?"

"I… I don't know what to do!" she complained.

"What to do?" he queried, his tone clearly conveying his confusion.

"Yeah…" she mumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know how to start."

"But we already started, though," he pointed out.

"I know…" she said. "It's just…"

"What is it?"

"There's so much I want to do!" she voiced in frustration. "I… don't know when it's appropriate to do this or that, you know…?"

"This or that…" he repeated, as if wondering. "Hmm…" He smiled at her and dipped his head to kiss her gently. He then pulled his lips away from hers, but maintained his forehead pressed against hers, and in a hushed tone, he said, "Well, I'm certainly no expert, but I think we can do whatever we want. This isn't a test, sweetheart…"

"But when is it okay to do things?" she asked. "I don't want to do something you're not ready for…" she then mumbled sheepishly.

He grinned, chuckling. Well, well… my little Hyuuga's a complete perv… this oughta be good. "Well… try me. What do you want to do?"

Hinata bit her lip again; by now the blush was stinging her cheeks. "W-well… I …"

He nudged her cheek with his nose; she eyed his neck again, the way his jaw line cut across made her shiver.

"Yes?" He was putting her on the spot, but she wasn't going to let it discourage her; she could almost feel the twinkle in his eyes.

"There's this thing… about your…" she ducked her head in the crook of his neck, mumbling.

"My what?" He pulled back and she stayed quiet, but she wasn't idle. He felt a small nibble against his jaw; the way she did it was gentle and seductive, and it made his cock pulse.

He smirked and shook his head. She was definitely kinkier than he gave her credit for, but he loved her all the more for it. "So… you have a thing for my jaw?" he asked, grinning.

"It's not funny, Naruto-kun…!" she whined indignantly, her head pressed against his neck as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

Naruto, whose grin had gradually and unconsciously turned goofier, looked at her lovingly. "You're being silly, Hinata-chan."

She frowned. "I am?" She wasn't exactly hoping he'd actually agree with her.

"Yeah…" he said, chuckling softly. "It's a hell of a turn on that there are little specific things you love about me. Promise me you'll always tell me about them."

"Eep!" Her eyes widened. "I… I…"

He chuckled again. "I promise to do the same. I'm a fair Hokage, you know…"

"I'm sure you are," she replied, smiling and shaking her head.

"I am," he insisted, still grinning. "Like for example, I love those pouty lips of yours that are always begging to be kissed… like now…"

And he kissed her teasingly, pulling on her bottom lip with his teeth while his tongue grazed it slowly.

"Hmm… I've wanted to do that all night long…" he mumbled against her lips.

Hinata moaned. "Naruto-kun…" The things that man did to her…

"I'm here for you, I promise," he whispered, still with his lips pressed against hers.


He threaded his finger through her long hair softly. "You can do this…" he kissed her tenderly, his lips suckling her lower lip as his tongue nibbled away teasingly once again, "…and that…" his hand grazed her throat with the barest touch before moving down her shoulder, arm, ribs, waist and hip, until it settled firmly on her thigh, making her shudder with a quiet whimper.

"You can do whatever you want. I'm not going anywhere, Hina-chan…" he whispered, his lips still pressed to her neck and his words tickling her skin. "I'm yours…"

She gave him a small smile, her heart leaping from his simple, yet profound declaration.

"I'm yours, too, Naruto-kun…"

"You better be!" he reprimanded playfully, providing her with another tender kiss. "Just love me…" he instructed in a whisper, his lips still against hers. "I don't know what I'm doing, either, but let's not think about that. Just let go; love me how you want to… don't hold back."

"Okay…" she whispered.

And so, he kissed her again.

Moments later, Naruto dipped his head past her lips to her neck and Hinata marveled at the feel of his tongue and mouth nipping her flesh tenderly. She closed her eyes reflexively and rewarded him with a shuddering sigh that expressed the bliss she felt from both his gentleness and, to a certain extent, the nagging turmoil that persisted in her mind. She gripped his neck with one hand to keep him in place—the things he was doing to her felt so heavenly, so help him God if he dared stop anytime soon. With her other hand, she threaded her fingers through his rebellious hair, trying to find something to keep her occupied.

And then, she felt him stiffen. She clenched her jaw with dread.

He can tell I'm still anxious

In spite of her adamant grip, he managed to lift his head to look into her eyes. His gaze was loving, seductive and encouraging all at once, but it communicated more than that.


How expressive and brilliant his eyes were, and how she adored them.

let yourself go…

In his eyes, she could do no wrong.

and trust in me.

It was a silent request weaved with the love and faith he had in her.

He kissed her again before she could realize her grip was relaxing.

"I love you, Hinata," he whispered.

The way his breath hitched when he said those words with such quiet intensity, yet unyielding conviction; the way his whole body shuddered; and the way he tenderly combed his fingertips through her hair gave her all the assurance she needed to find that tiny bit of tranquility that was so essential at that moment.

"I love you, Naruto," she replied shyly, brushing one of her thumbs over his eyebrow.

His words and his touch was all she needed to gain back some of her confidence, enough to take the initiative and kiss him, this time with exquisite abandon. If it were the last thing she ever did, she would find that daring woman within herself that she seemed to have left on the couch.

She gripped the collar of his jacket and pulled him to her, forcing him to completely settle his weight on her. At first, she felt his surprise and hesitance; as though he was afraid to crush her, but the second she nipped his bottom lip with her tongue, his concern flew out the window. She felt him dig his hands under her until he had her small frame within his zealous embrace. He held her tightly, and Hinata's arms, which had draped themselves around his neck, pulled him to her with all her might. She had never been that close to him for so long before, but she immediately discovered that she loved the feeling and looked forward to getting used to it.

But Naruto then pulled his lips from hers with a quiet growl; the ardor of her kiss had charmed him… daring him to make her lips and tongue his new and permanent residence. He resisted the temptation, gliding his lips from her jaw to her neck, nibbling and teasing as he went along. He removed his hands from underneath her to support his upper frame as he slid lower. He stopped when he was in a position to devour her collarbone and Hinata eagerly volunteered to be at his mercy. As she rolled her head to her side to give him more working room, she quickly discovered that the way he suckled her neck, and the way he dragged his teeth against her responsive skin was simply going to be the end of her. She whimpered helplessly and threaded her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp, loving the way he grunted against her pulse point in response.

She then giggled when she heard him groan impatiently. His intention had been to devour her collarbone, but the collar of her blouse kept insisting otherwise. Straddling her impatiently, he gripped the hem of her shirt and pulled, trying to get it off her once and for all, but he was hardly successful. She smiled and sat up to assist him. He returned her smile, pulled the annoying garment off, and threw it aside, marveling how her hair elegantly fell around her shoulders after she pulled it up.

With her upper body barely covered by her bra, Hinata watched him curiously and expectantly, fighting the urge to bring her arms up to cover herself. Her logic berated her insecurities, reminding again that soon enough he would have to see everything. She was convinced he would be the only man she would ever expose herself both physically and emotionally to, even if with a bit of hesitation. She really wasn't as concerned about him seeing her naked as she was to him discovering that her whole body was littered with scars from years of being a Leaf Kunoichi. Her upper body alone probably had at least a dozen of them dispersed throughout that refused to fade away no matter how many creams and concoctions she used. Yet, the more he stared, the more anxious she became.

Despite the thoughts that plagued her, she watched his tender smile as his fingertips gently traced one of the scars on her shoulder. While his touch became more intrepid, she noticed the way his pupils had dilated into thin, dark circles of desire despite the light in the room as they roamed over her flesh. She felt her lips tug at the corners of her mouth; she was quickly falling in love with the way his eyes lingered all over her and her flaws.

He finally tore his eyes away from her exposed flesh and met her gaze in complete awe. "Wow… beautiful…"

She giggled. She couldn't help herself. She loved the way her body muddled his eloquence. With a shy smile, she began to push off the light jacket he was wearing over a black T-shirt. He gladly assisted her by bringing his arms down, and before he decided to hold her to him again, Hinata quickly took hold of the hem of his T-shirt and pulled up. Naruto gave her a mischievous grin and let her have her way. She placed the shirt aside, quickly forgetting about it, and marveled at his bare torso.

With the way she surveyed his body, Naruto also happily concluded that she, too, was very satisfied with what she saw. Unbeknown to her, one of her hands reached up to graze the exposed skin, but she rapidly snatched it away when she realized what she was about to do.

Naruto chuckled. "It's okay…" he promised with an encouraging smile.

If it was possible, the blush she had been wearing all along suddenly darkened and she looked away in sheer embarrassment. She heard him chuckle again before he cupped her cheek and gently forced her to look into his eyes.

"Go ahead," he insisted. "Love me how you want to, remember?"

She brought her hand up hesitantly. Naruto, being the impatient knucklehead he was known for, took her hand in both of his and guided it to the center of his chest.


Naruto snickered. "You're so cute, Hinata-chan!"

Hinata pouted and Naruto laughed openly, planting a playful kiss against her lips. He kept his forehead pressed against hers and gave her a loving smile.

"Now you're just making fun of me," she accused in a tiny voice.

"I'm not," he assured. "I promise…" Giving her another reassuring kiss, he guided her hand over to the left side of his chest and watched her gasp soundlessly when he flexed it against her palm playfully.

"Show off!" she huffed, though her smile and the sparkle in her eyes betrayed her words.

He snickered. He then saw her smile widen. His heartbeat was so vigorous. Before, she only ever got to feel it above the fabric of his clothing, but now she felt as if she held his heart in the very palm of her hand.

"It's beating fast, isn't it?" he remarked quietly.

She looked into his eyes with a smile and nodded. She took his hand and placed it against her chest to show him that he wasn't the only one with a tempestuous heartbeat. Then, feeling a bit braver, Hinata pressed both of her hands on his chest. She marveled at the way her fingertips left trails of goose bumps as she explored his skin. When said fingertips traveled lower to his abdomen she felt him flinch and then grab her wrists preventively.

"That tickles," he informed.

She grinned and stored this new knowledge in a corner of her mind for later use. "Who would've thought the great Rokudaime Hokage was ticklish."

"Hey!" he warned.

She giggled at his reaction, but sobered gradually as she gazed into his eyes. Though his eyes sparkled playfully, she never failed to miss the lust in them; he couldn't stop himself from peeking at her exposed flesh. He would sneak glances, tearing his gaze from hers every now and then for a split second to look south, but it would immediately return to hers almost apologetically, as if asking if it was okay that he was looking. She didn't mind in the very least. Quite the contrary, his appreciation of her body truly flattered her and gave her that extra bit of confidence she needed to press herself against him and devour his lips. His strangled moan thrilled her, and the way his arms held her tightly to him made her heart soar. As they kissed, his hands glided greedily over her skin. Curiosity was getting the best of him, and he wanted to explore every inch of her. Hinata felt him fumble with the clasp of her bra. His lips had left hers with the barest whisper and Hinata had shivered pleasantly, watching as his eyes grazed her bust, lingering on the protrusion her nipples made under thin fabric of her brassiere. His warm breath bathing her skin and the likewise warmth of his arms flushed around her skin… it simply drove her mad.

She would have never imagined that things like the intensity of his gaze, his skin against hers, his breath, his hands tenderly grazing the flesh of her back, and a great many things her brain didn't have the capacity to peruse at that moment would impact her so profoundly. She always knew it'd be wonderful, but she never expected it'd be so exquisitely intense. She kept her arms draped around his neck and her fingers busy playing with his hair as he worked that dreaded piece of clothing.

As for Naruto, what had become a look of impatience gradually turned into a scowl. Hinata wouldn't have been surprised if he grabbed a kunai, being as impulsive as he was, and torn the garment off her once and for all.

"This damn thing won't come off…" she heard him grumble in aggravation, and she giggled in response.

He shook his head when he felt one of her hands reach back to assist him. As much as he would've loved the help, being eager as he was, he just had to refuse it. Untroubled by his rejection, Hinata smiled, gave him the tiniest of shrugs and returned her hand to caressing his hair. Not giving up was his nindo, and making love was going to become a regular activity, thus learning how to remove her brassiere was simply a task he would need to learn to do quickly and efficiently if they ever wanted to get somewhere.

Several moments passed before he finally managed to figure how to unfasten those dreaded hook-and-eye clasps. As he dropped her bra absently, Hinata quickly determined that his reaction was priceless. Initially, every cell in her body had to fight that female reflex, that urge to cover herself, but the way his breath hitched and his eyes widened made it a whole lot easier to keep her arms from flying up.

Oh, yeah… she could definitely get used to that look.

One of his hands tentatively reached up to cup one of her breasts, and Hinata couldn't help but to moan and let her head fall back as the pleasure washed through her.

Without saying a word, Naruto guided his soon-to-be lover to lie once again on the bed. His body hovered over her as he pressed his lips against hers. However, Hinata had other plans and pulled him to her greedily. They groaned pleasantly, their lips still locked, as their flesh came into contact. Hinata could feel her stomach almost bursting with butterflies from this new and amazing sensation.

A desperate moan broke free when Naruto's member—clothed still, but ever present—pressed against her burning groin. Her hips arched up and she ground herself against his erection. Naruto growled, loving the way she was gradually losing control. Then again, so was he.

"Hina-chan…" he whispered.

Hinata's eyes widened in surprised. The way he voiced her name, so strained, so full of passion made her heart beat almost painfully.

"If you're… if you're expecting me to last the night, you're… you're really not helping…" he heaved, his warm breath against her neck tingling her skin.

"I'm… I'm sorry, Naruto-kun…" she whispered, breathless as well. That was a lie and they both knew it.

He chuckled softly and lifted his head to look at her. Everything about her screamed desire. "It's alright," he assured. "It doesn't feel bad. It's just very new and overwhelming… the things you're doing, the way you're reacting is exciting me a whole lot more than I can handle. I just… I just…"

"What is it…?"

"Eh heeh… well, let's just say we wouldn't want this to be a short and disappointing night," he admitted.

"We're well past disappointments, Naruto-kun," she assured with a smile.

"Heh… I would have to agree on that," he mumbled, emphasizing his agreement by daringly gliding his hand down her side as he spoke.

Hinata arched her body under his touch. This reaction aligned her chest exactly in front of Naruto's face, and he was not one to dismiss such wonderful opportunity. As a matter of fact, he could swear that her nipples were calling out to him, so who was he to ignore their beckoning?


Hinata's grip on his hair tightened. She didn't know whether to pull him off her, or keep him in place. What he did with his mouth, teeth and tongue felt devastatingly wonderful, and the pleasure that rippled through her body was so vigorous and sharp, it was almost too much. She could tell he was testing the waters, especially with the way he looked into her eyes intently, watching her every reaction, trying to find out if he was doing things right. If you asked her, though, the things he was doing to her were more than right, and the way his eyes stayed on hers as he did them was the biggest turn on yet.

"Narutoooo…" she rasped when one of his hands reached up to fondle the other breast he had neglected thus far.

Naruto paused, concerned, wondering if maybe he got carried away. Her neck had arched and prevented him from looking into her eyes. To his misfortune, he was unable to see just how her face contorted in utter pleasure.

"Are you alright?" he spoke, her nipple muffling his voice. It'd be a real shame if he had to release it for the sake of speaking.

The vibrations of his raspy, low and—God forbid—sexy voice, combined with the warmth of his breath against her breast, made her entire being shudder pleasantly.

"Mmm-hmm…" she managed to hum, her throat catching in a slight squeak. Unconsciously, she pulled him tightly against her bosom when she felt him lift his head in concern.

Naruto smirked, proud of the puddle of nerves in which he had turned his girlfriend. He could certainly get used to having this much power over her.

And so, he drove on.

His mouth happily returned to her pink nipple, which was gradually turning a vivid red from his eager attentions. He felt her tremble pleasantly when he once again grazed her other breast with the very tips of his fingers, teasing her to no end with feather-like touches.

After several moments, he abandoned her bosom to kiss her—the disappointed whimper that she let out as he did so made him smirk. He loved the way her one moist nipple rubbed against his chest as he moved. His little Hinata-chan liked the attention to her breasts a bit more than he had anticipated, and he knew this knowledge would prove to be priceless in future encounters.

He growled as she deepened their kiss, unaware that it was a mixture of mischief and pride. One of his hands played with her now mused hair; his other hand abandoned her breast and traveled further south, stopping momentarily to trace the exposed skin right above the waistband of her pants. After, his fingers traced a path that led directly to her groin. He was instantly rewarded by her squeal of surprise. His hand cupped her entirely. He thrilled in the fact that he was responsible for the humid, steam-like heat that penetrated both her pants and panties and rapidly coated his hand. She was so hot down there he could even smell her arousal. He knew her underwear had to be saturated by now.

He watched her intently as she moaned and released shuddering breaths every time his hand traced the crease of her outer labia molded under the fabric of her pants. But he wanted more. Without hesitation, his hand briskly unfastened and unzipped her pants and dug inside her panties.

"Oh, God…!" he whispered in total awe, relishing in the way her desire coated his fingers as he touched her and the way she hoarsely voiced his name in complete abandon the more he touched the delicate lips of her labia. Naruto kissed her hungrily, dipping his tongue into her mouth, tickling her palate and swallowing her moans. One of her hands gripped and pulled on the bed sheets while the other held on to his neck for dear life, trembling helplessly.

He abandoned her lips to watch her carefully. Her face was beautiful in the way it frowned, focusing on the pleasure he gave her. His desire to see more of her basking in pleasure encouraged him to push the boundaries of exploration. With his middle finger he traced the edges of her wet, inner folds until he reached her equally swollen clitoris.

Hinata bit her lower lip hard to contain her moan and bucked against his probing hand unconsciously. Although his fingers were masculine, clumsy and curious, it didn't deter her pleasure. Naruto lacked the finesse she had grown accustomed to from her own touch, she admitted to herself, but, it was almost more exciting—maybe it was the rough texture of his calluses that affected her more or less, however, a part of her mind argued that perhaps it was simply the fact that Uzumaki Naruto had his hand down her pants. No matter, she decided. All she knew was that it simply felt heavenly.

She gasped when she felt him latch on to the other nipple his lips had neglected earlier and begin suckling her much the same way he had done the first time as he continued to leisurely torment the bundle of nerves between her legs.

"Naruto…!" she whispered his name so full of longing.

Oh, yes! she decided. The tiny friction his calloused fingers caused against her clit did indeed intensify the sensations, so much so that she could feel her vagina quiver helplessly, desperately seeking some form of release. And because of it, she began feeling that familiar emptiness she always experienced when she was in the midst of relieving herself. This time, however, she felt it more keenly than she ever had in the past. Perhaps it was the anticipation, the knowledge that only one man could fulfill this need. Strictly speaking, it was a task solely reserved for the man currently tormenting her with sloppy but loving licks, nibbling, suckling, and probing touches. Now that he was there, she wasn't going to wait any longer.

"Naruto, I…" she heaved a shuddering sigh. "P-please…" she begged, her voice strained in desperation.

She couldn't believe how badly she needed him. The attention he had been giving her with his mouth and touch had gradually become a sweet, sweet torture.

Smiling smugly, Naruto released her besieged nipple and sat up, admiring the way her chest heaved frantically and the way her head rolled from side to side loosely. Immediately after, he retrieved his hand from inside her panties and proceeded to remove all remaining clothes from her body. As he did, he got a stronger whiff of her arousal and growled in anticipation. His eyes raked her body hungrily as he crawled off the bed and stood in front of her. He admired her openly while he threw her clothes aside aimlessly, adoring the way her whole form quivered before him.

Hinata watched with glazed eyes as he revered her body from where he stood, frantically unfastening his pants and discarding them along with his underwear in one swoop, much the same way he had done with hers.

To her disappointment, when he had straightened, he had climbed back on the bed so quickly she was denied the opportunity to truly appreciate his naked physique, but she would live. Right now, all her faculties had abandoned her.

Naruto crawled over her, bracing his body on his elbows to get the necessary leverage as he shifted until he was parallel on top of her, his legs between hers. Hinata couldn't stop the surprised gasp when she felt his hot erection trapped between them, rubbing against her clitoris whenever he moved.

She heard him growl deep within his chest when she opened her legs widely, accommodating him gladly. Under different circumstances she would've been embarrassed to death at the thought of being in such an intimate position with him, but at that moment, she just didn't really care. She felt empowered. She indulged in the way her wetness glazed his manhood and threatened to snap his very logic, as if testing the last shred of self-control he had left. She was shivering, but in sheer anticipation… the adrenaline building in her body felt like an ocean running through her veins. And though his eyes burned with lust, he looked at her gravely, expectantly. Hinata met his gaze, then released a shuddering breath and bit her lower lip, signaling him to begin with a slight nod. He dipped his lips to hers momentarily, still with his gaze locked on hers.

"Hold on to me," he instructed in a whisper, his lips still against hers.

She nodded again, wrapping her legs around him and draping her arms around his neck, caressing his hair lovingly; she loved the way it felt in her hands.

Balancing most of his body weight on one elbow, he reached down between them and took hold of his member, gently rubbing its head against her soaked folds to lubricate himself, if anything in hopes this action would provide easier passage. She moaned in turn, for it felt more like a tease than a precaution. She was so receptive to everything he did, she wondered if she was so sensitive because she was so uncontrollably horny, or simply because it was Naruto.

Naruto tried ignoring the sensuality of her noises as he racked his brain for any other tips he might've, accidentally or not, come across in the past that would prevent her incoming discomfort. He even tried to think back on all the dirty Icha Icha scenes he had read so far, but not a damned thing came up. It was frustrating; his mind drawing on a blank, but he felt no one had the right to blame him for that; it was hard to think with such a beautifully naked and aroused woman trapped under him.

And so, he simply kissed her and began to move forward.

Hinata felt his tip slowly push past her entrance, her most intimate part being invaded for the very first time. He was tentative and moved cautiously, excruciatingly so. Her breath quickened, and she shut her eyes tightly, perhaps a bit fearful all of a sudden. She wanted to both laugh and cry. This was such an overwhelming experience it turned her mind into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. One second she yearned for him, and the next, in that split second where she had the opportunity to consider what they were doing, she didn't know what to do with herself. One thought that kept reappearing in her mind was that she had never done this before and no one could ever really describe what to expect as these kinds of things varied from person to person, but a part of her argued that if she just calmed down, she'd find out soon enough. Yes, she was finally crossing that symbolic threshold, but it was with someone she trusted and loved more than she could possibly fathom. That thought was comforting and somewhat placated her concerns.

But then, she felt him stiffen.


"Hm…?" she responded.

"Look at me…" She felt his lips whisper, still against hers.

She slowly opened her eyes and gazed into his blue depths, which gazed into her moon-like orbs with an intensity she had never encountered before.

"Stay with me…" he instructed gently.

She gave him the barest nod, obliging him and absently enjoying the odd feeling of his words slipping into her mouth.

She felt him begin to move forward again, and for a moment, his intrusion felt wonderful. She had nothing to worry about, this wasn't so bad. As a matter of fact, she reveled in his tremors and shuddering breaths, loving the fact that she was responsible for that. He kept pushing, gently still, millimeter by millimeter it seemed, giving no signs of when he would be all the way in.

And then, she flinched slightly, beginning to feel him actually stretch her. Okay, so maybe it would hurt after all. For a second she had figured that maybe she would be the exception and wouldn't feel the pain and discomfort all experienced women had assured she would feel on her first time. But this was not to be. In fact, the sharper the discomfort became, the more she realized that all the lubrication in the world wasn't going to help her against his imposing arrival, or the burning-like sensation she felt from being stretched for the first time. She never did insert anything when she touched herself, after all. All her stimulation had always been strictly external.

She whimpered quietly, her frown sharpening.

"Hang on, Hina…" Naruto pleaded, honestly not knowing how else to comfort her. He had spent enough time with Jiraiya to know at least this much: this would be very difficult for her. He hated that this step was inevitable for the first—and hopefully only—time, but promised himself that after she got used to him being inside her, it would be the last time she would ever purposefully endure such discomfort before he had anything to say about it.

Hinata, on the other hand, found it ironic that the same muscles that had ached so badly for him moments ago were now resisting him. She gripped his shoulders tightly, burying her short nails into his flesh. Naruto coped with the sting, so long as it helped her cope with her own.

"Naruto…" she whimpered. Reluctantly, she withdrew one of her hands, which she was sure left nail prints on his shoulder blade, and reached to caress his jaw line tenderly.

"Hmm?" He paused.

"I love you, Naruto," she quietly declared with all the conviction she could manifest.

Surprised, Naruto froze as an electric shudder ran down his spine not only from her admission, but also from the intensity of her eyes.

"D-don't… don't stop, please," she pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper. "I'll be alright; I promise."

Her very words and the way she looked at him with love and encouragement left no room for doubts or arguments.

"Okay…" he said, drawing her lips to his own, kissing her with renewed abandon.

When he began pushing again, she moaned slightly and braced herself. But Naruto, not wanting to drag this any longer, pulled back, biting back the moan this action incited, and snapped his hips towards hers again, finally burying himself deep within her.

Naruto's lips on Hinata's muffled her squeal with a shuddering groan; her whole body rippled with tremors from being filled for the first time. Once he was settled, she breathed deeply, as if to keep herself calm. The sudden feeling of him filling her made her realize that this was truly happening. Naruto, feeling her stiffen under him, held her tightly, planting loving kisses all over: her firmly closed eyelids, nose, chin, and temples, hoping to help ease her as well. It took everything within his power to resist the urge to pull back out just to feel the texture of her inner walls clench around him again. It had felt heavenly when he had entered her. She was so hot, so wet, and so very tight. He could feel her tremors not only externally as she trembled slightly beneath him, but also on the inside, where they were joined as one for the very first time.

He dropped his head to the crook of her neck guiltily. It wasn't fair that he got to indulge in such intense pleasure when she had to endure the very opposite.

"Forgive me…" he whispered.

She wanted to tell him that there was nothing to forgive, that this had to happen, but there was no way she could articulate anything beyond a quiet whimper.

He did not move for several moments, but when he felt her shift, trying to work around her discomfort, he could no longer help himself. He lifted his face from the crook of her neck and kissed softly as he began moving agonizingly slowly. The pace challenged the demands of his horny body and viciously tested his self-control, but he would not surrender to them. That's not say this was an easy feat, however. The beautiful sounds she made encouraged him otherwise and tormented him to take further action. He swallowed her squeals, holding her tightly every time he felt her squirm, making sweet sounds of comfort against her ear.

He chanted an endless mantra in his head, reminding himself that, this time, it wouldn't be about him or the release his body begged for. It couldn't possibly be, especially when she obviously wasn't exactly enjoying herself. But, damn… she certainly was making it hard to focus on something else, even if she didn't realize it.

Restrained squeaks and whimpers voiced themselves every time he pushed in, and the more he did it, the more her muscles surrounding him succumbed to his invasion. Slowly, she grew accustomed to him.

"Hinata…" he voiced hoarsely, a shuddering growl slipping from him.

Hinata looked at Naruto; the strain in his voice distracted her thoughts of discomfort and she found herself in awe of what she discovered. The feel of his body trembling against hers amazed her; it was intriguing how she was responsible for eliciting such powerful reaction in him.

She could tell he was holding back with the way his face would contort in both pleasure and need, and she couldn't help but to want to do something about it. She wanted to only satisfy him, not torture him. She appreciated his thoughtfulness; she could tell he was resisting the urge to let that control go; he was being so careful and gentle with her.

He renewed his attentions on her, distracting her further, and for that, she was glad. She could feel butterflies fluttering inside her stomach when he nuzzled her ear, and nibbled on her earlobe. She would moan appreciatively when his warm hands caressed her skin and his fingers threaded through her tresses, gently pushing aside errant strands to kiss her eyebrows and temples.

All in all, she considered herself very lucky for having such a kind lover. And the sounds he made… dear God, if she hadn't been aching, she probably would've climaxed many times over already. Everything he was doing seemed so beautifully and intricately planned, and it was all for the sake of making her forget that she was uncomfortable. He maintained his gentle pace and when he concaved his back enough so that he would be able to suckle on her nipples, she had arched her back, perfectly molding herself against him with a cry of pleasure. His mouth on her breasts had her head spinning, and her vaginal walls surprisingly and happily contracted and tightened around him in response. She was awed at how this sensation registered in her brain; pleasure mixed with discomfort was certainly a new and strange sensation.

Naruto, who keenly looked out for any sort of positive reaction, felt rejoiced with her response and allowed a deep, husky growl to rumble against the crook of her neck, rewarding her in return.

As he continued moving inside her and teasingly nibbling on her neck, Hinata realized that, although the hurt wasn't entirely gone, it had become bearable enough for her to focus on everything else he had been doing to her body. She loved it when his bare, strong arms wrapped around her and held her to him greedily, when his blunt fingertips trekked her scalp, and she especially loved it when he stole her panting breaths and kissed her deeply and frantically, dipping his tongue into her mouth and stroking it against hers sensuously.

She wished she could tell him right then and there how he was making her feel, but even when she tried reciting anything in her mind, her very brain tripped with the words. In the state she was in, she knew she probably couldn't even say his name, so she settled for shuddering when his hand caressed her side, humming when his lips teased her throat, moaning into his lips when he kissed her, squirming when he bit her earlobe, turning into a useless puddle when he whispered her name, squeaking when his mouth would close over one of her nipples and bite into it gently, and, last but certainly not least, forcing her heart to resume its beating every time he quietly declared how much he loved her.

That being said, she figured she could wait and tell him later. Much later, she promised herself, and perhaps prove it all to him the same way he was proving it to her now. For now, however, the world was a very faraway place, and it was just Naruto and Hinata loving each other.

Having almost completely forgotten her discomfort, Hinata decided to take a more proactive role. As Naruto descended inside her, she pushed her hips up in sync with his opposing movements, thus suddenly intensifying the sensations he had been feeling tenfold. Naruto simply couldn't stop the surprised cry that he let out.

Hinata threaded her fingers through his hair and kissed him softly, almost meekly, and repeated the action, making him literally start to shake. Every animalistic instinct he had resisted up to that point threatened to overwhelm him anew and eagerly encouraged him go on a rampage. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Hina-… Hina-chan…" he barely managed to say, now trembling uncontrollably.

"It's… it's okay…" Hinata whispered, surprising herself that she could even stutter, let alone speak.

Naruto kissed her deep and hard, and finally allowed himself to let go.

His hips pulled back almost all the way out only to plunge back in with all his might. Hinata cried in both pain and surprise, wondering if it was really okay, after all. She felt him pull back immediately after, grunting and burying himself deep inside her again with the same abandon, making Hinata cry again. Her cries were music to his ears no matter how much whatever logic left in him clamored that those weren't cries of joy as he steadily picked up his speed and force.

Through her cries he also heard his skin slapping against hers in quick successions, and that sound also drove him towards madness.

He continued pumping against her frantically, seeking the release he wasn't very far from. Quite the contrary, he realized, utterly tense, as he finally gave in, allowing himself his much needed release and burst deep inside her, his climax so intense it felt like it drained not only his essence, but his very soul. He heard a guttural groan from his throat as his body finally rid itself of all the pent up sexual tension. He felt his toes curl and all his muscles constrict sharply. He cried her name in complete abandon, finally releasing the very last drop of his seed inside her and collapsing on top of her. He panted frenetically as a sudden euphoria washed through him. The feeling had been so incredible and intense, he wondered if he would ever be able to feel it all over again without feeling like he was going to die of bliss right after.

His trembling arms wrapped themselves around her loosely. It was all he could manage as he tried catching his breath and getting over the pleasant but strange buzzing that resonated in his ears.

"I love you, Hina-chan…" He was surprised he managed that much, as well.

Hinata bit her lower lip tightly as tears silently slipped from her eyes before she could ever attempt to stop them.

She, on the other hand, hadn't fared so well.

The painful throbbing between her legs had returned when Naruto had finally let go, but by then it had been too late, and there was no way she could ever have slowed him down. She had been so utterly surprised at his intensity once he let loose, and though it had hurt like hell, it had also intrigued her. But damn… she would be sore in the morning, she just knew it.

The throbbing diminished in time with his panting, as did her tears, and she couldn't help but to thread her fingers through his hair, now soaked with sweat.

Once his breathing finally evened out, he lifted his head, retracting his face from the side of her neck where it had delightfully rested and he began scattering butterfly kisses on her throat, chin, cheekbones, eyebrows, and temples. He finally pulled away to look into her eyes with all the love he felt for her. He sobered when he finally noticed the trails of tears that traveled down her temples, as well as the few stubborn tears that had pooled below her eyes broke his heart. He rested his forehead against hers and sighed.

Hinata heard the sadness of his sigh and frowned with concern.

"What is it, Naruto-kun…?" she asked, dread slowly creeping up on her. "You d-… you d-didn't like it?" she asked meekly.

"What? Are you insane!" Shock was written over his face as he lifted his head to look at her. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt in my life!" he fervently declared, but then frowned slightly. "But… it wasn't for you, was it…?" he asked quietly.

Hinata closed her eyes, sighing slightly. She had been hoping he wouldn't ask that.

Naruto frowned, his face etched with worry. "Hinata…?"

Debating whether to be honest or not, Hinata sighed again and smiled at him sadly, giving him the tiniest shake of her head.

"I'm sorry…" Naruto murmured. "It's just that… when… when you had started moving and told me it was okay, I… I thought I could…"

She continued smiling and placed a brief chaste kiss against his lips, gazing lovingly at him. "It's okay, Naruto-kun," she assured. "I'm okay, I promise… I can handle a little discomfort once in a while, you know… I won't break…"

He looked into her eyes for several moments, until he finally dropped his head on her shoulder. "It's not fair…"

"Really, it's alright, Naruto-kun…"

"It's not alright!" he argued, lifting his head again. "We… we did this together, and, and… and I wanted us to finish together! If I hadn't lost control…"

"Maybe next time…?" she suggested softly, trying to douse his disappointment. "We can try and finish together next time, Naruto-kun…"

Naruto dropped his head on her shoulder dejectedly. They held each other in silence for several moments, deep in thought and caressing each other occasionally. Then, slowly, Naruto lifted his head and looked into her eyes.

"Tell me…" his gaze was pleading, "tell me what to do to make you feel the same things I felt," he begged quietly.

Hinata looked into his troubled eyes deeply for several moments, realizing that, as stubborn as he was, he wasn't going to let it go. He was really determined to make her feel the same pleasure he had felt. However, the area between her legs was so painfully sensitive right now; she doubted she could endure another round.

She smiled and sighed in defeat. "There's no way I can talk you out of this, is there?"

He returned her smile tenderly. "Not a chance."

He chuckled and kissed her lips when she rolled her eyes.

"I promise to be gentle." His hands began fondling her sides tenderly. "Tell me what to do…" he insisted, breathing his words into her mouth.

Hinata's reaction was to moan quietly when his fingertips traced her throat with feather-light touches. She froze momentarily when she felt him begin to harden inside her again. Before he got any ideas, she decided guiding him was probably in her best interests.

"T-touch me…" she whispered. "Touch me all over…"

Hinata felt Naruto's smile against her lips as he firmly ran his hands over her arms and then shoulders.

"My… my… b-breasts…" she instructed with an embarrassed squeak.

Naruto made that sexy sound that Hinata figured was a combination of a chuckle and a growl deep in his throat. She loved it.

"Ah, yes, that's right…" he murmured lowly as his lips left a moist trail down her throat until his mouth was lined up with one of her nipples. "I do seem to remember how much you particularly enjoyed my attention to your breasts…"

Hinata couldn't help but to shudder as she felt his warm breath bathing her sensitive skin.

"Na-… Naruto-kun!" she reprimanded bashfully, a deep shade of red instantly coating her whole face and ears.

Naruto laughed and playfully stole a kiss from her before returning to her nipple.

She squirmed, surprised when his lips enclosed her nipple, suckling softly and simultaneously biting gently, or more like grinding his teeth around it.

She felt his member twitch inside her and couldn't help but to still momentarily. He was already hard again, but she couldn't… no way… not again… at least not tonight…

"Na-Naruto-kun…?" she whispered.

"Yeah…?" he replied, his voice muffled.

Good heavens, how she loved it when he spoke with his mouth still latched on to her. She blushed automatically, realizing that perhaps she was beginning to develop some strange kinks.

"Please…" she heaved. "Touch me d-… d-own there like… l-like you did b-before…"

God, she couldn't believe he would put her up to this; the things that that were coming out of her mouth! Yet, despite the embarrassment that didn't seem to allow her to fully enjoy the experience, she really liked guiding him.

"Okay," he mumbled with a goofy grin, her nipple still between his teeth.

Oh, he did it again! He was seriously going to be the end of her!

They both couldn't help but to groan when he pulled out of her gently. His hand traveled between them, and he wasted no time in fondling her as gently as he could, and Hinata was glad. The battered muscles in that surrounded area probably couldn't take any more than that. She moaned helplessly when she began feeling her arousal somehow mixed with a bit of pain.

He continued pleasuring her, delightfully switching from one bosom to the other, while his other hand grazed her skin everywhere within reach, reveling in the way she shivered beneath his touch that left trails of goose bumps in their wake. His other hand continued probing her gently, paying particular attention to her clitoris, and occasionally gliding his fingertips in the ridges between her inner and outer labia.

He would also abandon her breasts momentarily to suckle on the sensitive parts of her neck and throat and other expanses of her skin, which left her moaning, squeaking, and gripping the shaggy hair at the back of his head. He loved it when she gripped his hair; his golden locks seemed to sigh with relief under her touch.

He would feel his chest swell with warmth when she would call his name with a throaty moan. His heart would skip a painful beat when he felt her sex clench from time to time from his ministration. He somehow knew those were signs she wouldn't last much longer. The smell of her arousal became stronger the more he pleasured her. And the more he touched her, the more her noises were like an endless song that he would willingly hear for the rest of his life. Furthermore, the noisier she became, the hotter the place between her legs got, and the more she arched into him.

"You're so beautiful, Hina-chan…" he commented as he watched her writhe under his stubborn hand.

His compliment had her bucking against him in a heartbeat, and before long, she suddenly tensed—the coil that had formed in her womb finally snapped—and she cried with total abandon. This time he knew for sure that those were cries of joy.

Naruto watched in complete awe as tremors ran through her body, and her head snapped back, pushing with all her might against the pillow beneath it. He loved how her throat flexed when moans mingled with his name left her mouth in random patterns. His member throbbed painfully, and he had to wonder if she could register at all how she was acting.

Hinata felt like a torrent of adrenaline coursed through her very veins, overwhelming her heart to the point she felt like it would explode. She had helped herself reach climax in the past, but no experience was like this one. Perhaps now she understood why her lover had been so adamant about pleasuring her. Nothing could compare to receiving pleasure from the one you loved.

Her inner walls still clenched erratically and sharply. Naruto watched in amazement as he continued tormenting her clitoris, trying to draw out her orgasm for as long as possible. Girls are so lucky, he thought with a small pout, but then grinned mischievously. He hoped that at least soon he'd get find out what the flutters of her vagina felt like around him.

Several moments later, Hinata, an utter pile of a girl, still panting, lay in bed with her eyes closed and her head turned to the side listlessly.

Oh, my God… oh, my God… oh, my God… her brain ranted brokenly. She could barely move, and her tingling body drunkenly basked in the effects of afterglow. She could barely register Naruto fumbling about until he settled beside her and pulled her protectively against him, her back pressed snuggly against his chest. She could not ignore, however, when in his fumbling and pulling her against him, his hard erection brushed against her moisture, making her wince slightly from the sensitivity that still lingered not only from her recent orgasm, but from their recent lovemaking.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her beating heart, and secured his forearms under her breasts instinctively. She wanted to wallow in the feeling of her lover's arms around her, and the air he breathed, warmly bathing her neck and shoulders as he nibbled and licked her skin, whispering to her how beautiful she looked, how wonderful she felt in his arms, and how he wanted to spend his life with her. Hinata smiled lazily. She truly was the luckiest girl in the world.

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Chapter V

posted Oct 15, 2010, 10:57 AM by Pichi Derp   [ updated Dec 28, 2011, 1:54 PM ]

Author's Note: This chapter may increase the risk of diabetes and/or cavities. Additionally, do not be alarmed if you find rainbows and unicorns floating around you; it is perfectly normal while reading. You have been warned. ^_^

Chapter V

"I want dango, dammit!"

Inuzuka Hana rolled her eyes, or at least she tried to do so without getting dizzy and losing her balance. "Shut up, Anko," she slurred. "It's your fault we got kicked out of the bar!"

"Daaaaango!" Anko insisted, petulantly stomping on the dusty ground.

Hana rubbed one of her temples and continued dragging her drinking partner. The rowdy woman was seriously giving her a headache. Thankfully, the veterinarian found herself sober enough to make it home. Anko, on the other hand, was an entirely different story. Most of her weight was being supported by the Inuzuka.

Hana felt like she should've known better than to agree to go out for drinks with the crazed jounin. Unfortunately, at the time Anko had made the offer, Hana was on her way home from a shitty day at the clinic. She decided that having a few would help her unwind.

Now she found herself wondering if she was the crazy one. Luckily—or unfortunately, depending how one decided to look at it—the Inuzuka clan was notorious for living a very libertine lifestyle so she had very little to lose by associating with Mitarashi Anko.

"Sometimes I ask myself if you're dumb on purpose," she muttered. "It's past midnight. Good luck trying to find a sweets shop open."

"But I'm hungry!" the other woman wailed.

"Ugh! If you keep screaming in my ear, I swear—"

"You WHAT!" a familiar male voice interrupted her threat.

Hana frowned and looked down the adjacent street she and Anko were stumbling by.

"Why'd ya stooop…!" Anko complained pitifully.

"Shh!" Hana ordered, squinting towards the entrance of Konoha's main bathhouse for several seconds. "Isn't that… Hokage-sama?"

"Huh…?" Anko shakily lifted her head and looked towards the same direction the other woman was staring at. "I can't see shit! Everything is so blurry. Why won't the world stay put…!"

"Hush!" Hana adjusted Anko's weight on her shoulder and walked in the direction of the bathhouse. She made sure to stay in the dark spots of the sidewalk and ignored her partner's incoherent grumbling. They stopped somewhere halfway, lurking behind a pallet of boxes so as to not attract attention. Any closer and Anko would've given them away with her whining. She then sniffed the air, her nose aimed in the direction of the two shadows near the bathhouse.

"Well… that is Hokage-sama, but…" she sniffed again, "that woman is definitely not Lady Hinata…"

"Dangooooo…" Anko whimpered.

"In fact… she has Naruto-sama's smell all over. She even smells a little bit like Hinata-sama, but how much you wanna bet she got that smell from throwing herself at Naruto-sama?" She smirked.

Hana tried to get a closer look at the woman with the Rokudaime, but it was late, dark, and the blond duo was conveniently standing far away from the nearest lamppost.

"Shuddup!" Hana heard him say. "I only have eyes for Hinata-chan!"

"Heh! It sure doesn't seem like it…"

Startled, Hana turned to her supposedly drunken companion who, although she still reeked of sake, was suddenly and impressively very alert. What happened with being drunk as a skunk? the veterinarian wondered, noticing the feral grin and mischievous gleam in her friend's eyes.

Rolling her eyes, Hana turned towards the Hokage again. Then she squinted again. "Is she actually naked?"

Anko snickered. "Who would've thought the brat had it in 'im! I always did say that Hyuuga girl was too vanilla for the likes of him."

Still amused at the scene unfolding before her, Hana's eyes widened as the naked woman slithered against the stiff Hokage, whispering who knew what into his ears seductively. A dopey grin and a glaze-eyed look immediately settled on the Rokudaime's face, and Hana smirked, shaking her head.

"Now ain't that a shame?" she murmured. "And to think, Lady Hinata's such a nice girl…"

"Nice girl, my ass," Anko retorted, once again snickering and also enthralled by the spectacle taking place. "It's her loss for not keeping an eye on her man. Though…I keep wondering why I've never seen that fine piece of ass before, or why I haven't tapped it."

"You are such a slut," Hana muttered in disbelief.

"I'm serious," Anko said, immune to Hana's insult. No use in trying to deny it. "I gotta give it to the brat, though. He certainly knows how to cover his tracks, but then again, I expect nothing less from that pervert's student."

"Heh," Hana smirked. "You're just bitter because Hatake won't give you any."

"Only a matter of time, my dear Hana-chan, only a matter of time…" reminded Anko.

"Riiiight… because you've only been trying for the last ten years."

"Bah! He's only playing hard to get. Last time I almost got him to crack."

Hana smirked. "You know, if you weren't so crazy, you might just have a chance. Your problem is that you freak people out."

"Kakashi's just being a pussy," Anko muttered, twisting her mouth sourly. "It's not like I'm going to bite… but then again, since it's that copycat we're talking about, I can definitely make an exception! He may just like it, hehehe!"

"You need some serious help," Hana remarked, somehow not surprised by the snake jounin's shamelessness.

Anko frowned at the veterinarian disdainfully for a few moments but before they had realized it, they had broken into a fit of hushed giggles. As their giggling settled into tired, slurred chuckles, they turned to the blond couple again. The pig-tailed woman still had herself pressed onto Naruto, but now she was very insistently rubbing her large breasts on him, particularly squishing them against one of his arms, where Naruto could see—if you asked Anko, of course—the most perfect breasts in all their glory.

"Hehehe… I wonder what they're talking about," the snake lover mused. "Look at his face. Men are so easy."

Hana chuckled. "I don't think we need to hear what they're saying to know what they're talking about."

"NO! Nononono! Now, hold on a minute!"

Hana laughed quietly when she saw Hokage scramble away from the seductive blonde, who was laughing freely. At least he's making an effort to resist her…

"You were saying…?" Hana smirked at Anko.

"Aww, dammit!" swore Anko.

"Guess he's not a dirt bag after all," the vet remarked, nodding in approval.

"Fuck that!" Anko scowled. "I thought we were going to see some public fucking!"

"Heh… give him more credit," the vet snorted. "I don't think he's the type to indulge in that kind of indecency."

Anko disagreed adamantly with a "Ha!"

"And even if he was," Hana continued, "I don't think he has the balls to actually cheat on Lady Hinata, especially in public. Hokage or not, with that kind of scandal, the Hyuuga clan would have his head."

Anko sighed, she had to give it to the Inuzuka; she was making a little sense. "Still!" she argued. "I'd love to see those two fuck."

She licked her lips in a strange anticipation that made Hana almost burst out laughing.

"That Naruto kid is actually pretty easy on the eyes, and that chick's a total bombshell. Who wouldn't want to see two hot people screwing the daylights out of each other?" She pointed at the two, barely hidden by the shadows, "It'd be better than watching porn!"

Hana shook her head. "Baka…"

"It's true," Anko swore. "If he wasn't married, I would've had a go at him."

"Jeez, Anko, you're twice his age."

"Like that's ever stopped me before. They don't call me a cougar for nothing!"

"What the hell's the matter with you!" they heard him demand. They watched as Naruto glared at the blonde angrily, apparently not impressed with her advances.

"Fuck the Hyuuga clan!" the tokubetsu jounin swore, not pleased with how things were turning out between the blonds. "That kid's another pussy, just like Hatake! I can't believe he's turning her down…"

"Hmm… I wouldn't say that, yet…" Hana said slowly, frowning as the Hokage slumped against the wall and continued speaking with the unknown woman, who followed suit and replicated his actions, leaning against the wall next to him. For a second Hana had hoped he would've gotten rid of that tramp by now.

The exchange continued for a few more minutes until Naruto, exasperated it seemed, shoved his hands into his pockets and walked away from the blonde. Naturally, the harpy swiftly followed after 'her prey.'

"Haha! Now that's what I'm talking about! Definitely a woman I'd like to fuck. She's determination personified," Anko cackled.

"You're retarded," Hana said. She then sighed. Damn… so much for giving him credit. Oh, well.

"I mean it! Look at her!" Anko insisted. "She's not giving up any time soon." The tokubetsu jounin walked away from the stack of boxes and stood in the middle of the road with her hands on her hips, thoroughly amused as she watched the blond duo walk away. "He's being smart about it and getting some privacy. How much you wanna bet that by the end of the night she's gonna have him screaming her name?"

Hana also emerged from behind the boxes, smirking sadly and partially ignoring her companion's speculations. "I don't know… Kiba-kun's always complaining about how madly in love Naruto-sama and Hinata-sama are with each other. He's constantly bitching about how thick the air is around them. He says it's suffocating how the lust just drips off!"

"So what?" Anko challenged, that wicked smirk still on her face. "With a body like that, who wouldn't want a piece of the action?"

"Certainly not me. I don't swing that direction—"

"I swing both directions," the raunchy woman made sure to interject.

"I'm not as shameless as you. But…" an evil smirk, much like Anko's, formed on her lips, "wait till otouto hears about this."

Anko frowned and looked at her friend. "Weren't he and that Hyuuga chick teammates?"

"Yup! He's so overprotective it's not even funny. Literally treats her like a little sister."

A low, sinister chuckle rumbled from Anko. "Oh, Hana-chan… you're bad. Real bad…"

"You don't know the half of it," Hana murmured. That'll teach him! That pig!

After parting ways with the group of rowdy kunoichi—and knowing just how eager Naruto was for her to get home—Hyuuga Hinata decided to take her sweet time getting home.

That's right. Her perverted husband needed to be punished.


Although initially she had completely dismissed Sakura's advice, the pale-eyed clan leader would now ensure that her Naruto-kun pay the consequences for his actions. As a matter of fact, her taking longer than usual to get home wasn't the only punishment she had in store for him.

Hinata still had her doubts about whether or not she enticed these events with her actions at the Hokage Tower, but she decided not to dwell on it too much. After all, Naruto was more at fault than her.

"Shame on him…" she mumbled with a scold.

Oh, but shame on you! her Hyuuga conscience—or at least that's what she liked to call it—accused.

"What do you mean?" she probed at the voice, frowning as the memory of her kissing her husband's clones shamelessly displayed itself in her mind.

See? The memory paused on her closed eyes, her tongue slipping inside the clone's mouth and the clear sound of a moan. You're just as bad as he is.

"Those were his male clones, and Naruto was there, so it's different!" she argued almost desperately. "How can I be perverted when that… that f-female clone sneaked up on me?" she grumbled.

Stop denying it, you pervert. Not only did it turn you on, but you kissed back.

"I did not!"

Naruto was right…

"Stop it!" she squeaked, flushing fiercely. "I didn't kiss back!"

Hentai. First a horde of clones, and now a woman. What will it be next time? His toads?

Hinata eeped, utterly mortified at the thought. That was just too much. "I didn't mean to," she admitted in the barest of whispers, twiddling her fingers. "She kisses exactly like Naruto; I couldn't help going on autopilot. She tricked me!"

Uh-huh… and I suppose you'll also deny the fact that you enjoyed feeling that crazy clone's breasts pressed against you.

"I'm not a hentai…" Hinata whimpered, shoulders sagging in defeat. It was just like her to guilt trip herself.

Initially, she tried convincing herself that maybe she had spent too much time at the hot springs—she could virtually feel her cheeks on fire—, but the more the cool breeze grazed her flaming cheeks, the more she begrudgingly admitted that she was, plain and simple, blushing, and blushing a lot.

Still, this was not her fault, or, at least it was his fault more than hers! Sure, while kissing a clone was certainly something new, swapping spit with an Oiroke no Jutsu clone was simply scandalous, so, no, this was definitely not her fault.

And the more she convinced herself of this, the more her face tightened in indignation. "How dare he…?"

Hypocrite… keep blaming him if it makes you feel better.

"It does!" she grumbled defiantly.

Yes, it definitely did, for Naruto was very much aware that, despite how much she loved him, she never entirely embraced his perverted ways. Of course, in his defense, Naruto was the apprentice of two very perverted ninjas; one who read porn at any given chance, and one who wrote it. Consequently, he was quick to remind her as such. However, as far as Hinata was concerned, that was a load of crap—though she did ensure to use a more refined vocabulary to get her point across.

In spite of all this, Hinata always knew that it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. There were instances where she almost thought it wouldn't, but in the end, she always suspected, considering Naruto's nature, that he would eventually crack and do something that, to be frank, would put her in a pickle.

She took a deep breath and shook her head slightly.

Knowing him, this was just the beginning. Not that this was necessarily a bad thing, but… well, their relationship was honest and had no secrets, so she assumed that if he had any concerns, he would eventually voice them, not sneak up on her like he did today. Furthermore, being in a relationship with Naruto was fun, but more than anything, it was surprisingly safe and easy—or well, at least for Hinata it was. Then again, love made people put up with all kinds of crazy things.

Nevertheless, the bottom line was that Hinata loved being with Naruto, but what about him? She was pretty certain he treasured being with her—he wouldn't have married her if he didn't—but did he like "safe and easy", too? The more she dwelled on it, the more she wondered if his willingness to play along with her clone experimentation at the office—despite his begrudging complaints—, and his boldness to send Naruko into the onsen to have her way with Hinata, were signs that he was unsatisfied?

Was there something he wasn't telling her?

Hinata frowned. Sure, she knew their relationship was fairly innocent, but she never thought that was a problem. In fact, she figured that Naruto preferred it that way, considering their positions in the village and all. She was sure that the last thing he wanted was to give people reasons to gossip, compared to their friends who had next to zero discretion.

Take Sasuke and Sakura, for example.

Sasuke had tossed Sakura over his shoulder and announced to everyone that he would marry her, and that, although they weren't married yet, he would take the necessary steps in restoring his clan in advanced.

Hinata had blushed every time she came across the pink-haired kunoichi, who would sheepishly yet proudly walk funny for several days on end. Apparently Sasuke had wanted to make sure everyone knew he had dibs on the medic. She had overheard Sakura explain to Ino that she would endure the "discomfort" despite being able to heal it as proof that Sasuke was finally hers.

Plus it wasn't a secret to anyone that Sakura also loved rubbing it in Ino's face— "This is how much he desires me, Pig!"

The funny thing was that despite practically living for Sasuke, Sakura had decided she would enjoy him thoroughly and hold off on popping little pink-headed, snobby Sharingan wielders left and right.

Hinata had to wonder how Sakura had convinced her husband to keep using contraceptives after he had made it clear to everyone that he was on the road to repopulate the Uchiha clan with his wife. It was a known rule that if a couple agreed to conceive, there would be no use of protection—as they all knew, active ninjas should always consider their time short and to prevent copulation longer than necessary was a mistake anyone would live to regret.

She and Naruto had agreed to enjoy their time together for a while longer and kept the seal on her womb active, thus they were free to enjoy their own sexual activity without worry—they already had their plates full with their respective positions as Hokage and Clan Leader and were not ready to throw in more chaos.

At any rate, from what Hinata could tell, Sasuke didn't really seem to mind the lack of Uchiha babies just yet. As much as he wanted to secure the future of his clan, he knew he was not a baby person.

As for Ino… to make a long story short, she turned out to be the kinky type. The blonde often found herself bragging to the girls about how Sai was willing to oblige her every whim, and she especially emphasized on how he had no trouble following her lead when she wanted to do it in all sorts of places, both private and public, and in all sorts of positions. Imagining Sai doing the nasty never failed to disturb Sakura, but she always managed to bear through the most likely embellished stories told by her fellow medic. Though, as far as the girls were concerned, Ino just loved the thrill of doing it in public and not getting caught.

Temari and Shikamaru, on the other hand, made no effort to be discrete about their intimacy. Both Suna and Konoha residents grew tired of the moaning and screaming along the lines of, "Oh, fuck, Shika-kun! Right there! Oh, yes!" and grunts along the lines of, "Troublesome woman…! You're so God-damned hot…!" in the middle of the night—and the middle of the day, depending on the mood—coming from the Nara residence. Many were flabbergasted to discover that there were certain things in Nara Shikamaru's life that were never a drag, but considering one of those things was fucking his wife's brains out, it wasn't really all that surprising.

As for Tenten and Neji… well, on a night of drinks and fun, Tenten had gotten uncontrollably drunk and admitted to having tied Neji to their bed and doing all sorts of salacious things to him with kunais, whips and chains… oh, and scythes, too. Hinata had avoided Neji for two whole months after that particular confession. If she was ever required to look at the Hyuuga genius in the eyes, it was with a furious blush, and the iron will to not pass out as all sorts of disturbing images flashed before her very eyes.

Hinata shuddered at the memory.

Overall, she knew she and Naruto perhaps had the most conventional relationship out of all their friends. Most importantly, they were also the most discrete… well, they used to be until Naruto decided to waltz into the onsen with that perverted jutsu of his!

With this realization came another—and Hinata couldn't help but to groan in despair.

Oh, dear…

Why did she have to open her big mouth? By tomorrow evening, with Ino gossiping to her heart's content, details about the size of Naruto's penis would be spread all over Konoha like wild fire. She sighed, mentally kicking herself for letting the girls corner her into such a childish game but, on the other hand, maybe some good could come out of it. Hopefully the disclosure of such an intimate detail would once and for all prove that Sai was either jealous or completely full of shit when it came to her beloved's package.

The only down side was that the whole of Konoha—particularly the Rokudaime's legion of fangirls—would be discussing the Hokage's goods, which wasn't something Hinata was particularly looking forward to. Dreading it already, she could already foresee all the nasty glares she was guaranteed to receive from all those girls.

Nevertheless, this and that were two very different things, so Naruto was not off the hook just yet. She took another long, deep breath, shaking her head slightly. She couldn't stay mad at him for very long even if she tried. To his benefit, Naruto was always patient with her, so a part of her felt compelled to return the favor, particularly when it came to anything involving their intimacy.

The dark-haired beauty suddenly picked up her pace when she felt her blush darken at the thought.

Indeed, Naruto was especially patient when it came to that.

Then she smiled. Despite everything that happened, she couldn't help how giddy she got every time she thought about it. How could she, though? Making love with Naruto was always rather overwhelming; like a religious experience, almost. Sometimes she thought she'd seen stars, and once or twice she'd even passed out!

She wasn't sure if it was because of the intensity of her love for him, or because of the way he looked at her when he trapped her in his arms, or because of the way he gushed her name when his emotions or the sensations got the best of him. The shy woman shook her head with a quiet giggle, doing her best to suppress the sharp shudder that threatened to overcome her body. She figured it was probably a combination of all those things and more. She always tried matching his eagerness and passion, but somehow she felt she always came short; that he was more expressive than she could ever hope to be.

What was also troubling—or maybe not so much, depending on how she decided to look at it—was that she always found herself wondering if she was sexy enough for him. She tried to be sometimes, but she never knew if she ever pulled it off. Naruto got turned on by her so easily it was hard to tell if her efforts ever made a difference. Besides, it wasn't like she ever got to practice before Naruto became part of her life.

All in all, it was hard to tell. For all she knew she was being sexy on a daily basis without ever having to try and she didn't even realize it.

She frowned slightly and then shook her head dismissively.

There was no way she would believe that she, shy little Hyuuga Hinata, had a sexy nature to her. Or… well, at least she'd live to see the day. But then again, every time after they were done making love, struggling to ease their frantic breathing, the look he'd give her assured her that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

Perhaps she was doing something right, after all.

Hinata sighed deeply. Deep down she was worried. In spite of his loving gazes, the way he always held her—with so much fervor—and the way he declared his love for her, she found herself wondering if Naruto would ever get bored. She was the only woman he had ever made love to, and, hell, she was the only person he had ever kissed consensually. It both amused her and broke her heart that Naruto's first kiss was with none other than one broody Uchiha Sasuke. Lucky for him, she had been more than glad to give him—as he liked to call it—his first real kiss, as sloppy as it had been.

Come to think of it, she and Naruto shared a lot of firsts, the most prominent being the first time they made love. It hadn't even been as explosive as people always made it out to be, but it had been tender, clumsy, and overwhelming. It had been unforgettable.

At the time it happened, they had been steadily dating for a little over a year.

They had been fairly physical by then, but they never went beyond the occasional but very heated necking session. Hence there was a lot of hugging, holding of hands, and kissing, and as far as Hinata was concerned, she was on cloud nine. In fact, she was so happy that many times she could've sworn she saw her father smile. Chances were she was probably hallucinating, but she didn't care. Everything she had ever wished for had come true. She had unified her clan, all her hard work had paid off and she had become a ninja powerful enough to earn her father's respect and approval, and the man of her dreams was crazy about her.

But all wasn't meant to be wine and roses, she realized. Hinata had grown so accustomed to Naruto's excessive affection that when he suddenly stopped being affectionate, she had been devastated.

At first she didn't mention it. She tried to be understanding, figuring that maybe the stress at the Hokage Tower was probably getting to him, and that it was best to give him some space.

Thus, a week went by.

Then two.

Then three.

By week four, the urge to pull him to her and kiss him senseless had gotten the best of her, so after a night of noodles and chatter had come to an end and Naruto walked her home, Hinata attempted to do just that. She was shocked when, surprised at her boldness, he had on reflex—or so she could've sworn—turned his face away.

Her lips landed on his cheek, and that had been the last straw.

Frustrated and somewhat hurt, Hinata pulled away to look into his eyes, searching for answers. When he avoided her gaze, she began to think of what deep down she had been fearing all along. The awkwardness and sudden distance could only mean one thing: he wanted to break up with her.

She then shook her head slightly. No. Jumping to conclusions only made everything worse. She wasn't like that anymore.

Gently cupping his cheek to make sure he'd look her in the eye, she quietly asked, "What's wrong, Naruto?"

He dropped his gaze shyly. "Nuthin'…"

Unexpectedly, Hinata chuckled softly. Naruto returned his gaze to hers, eyeing her with that clueless look she found unbearably cute.

"What?" he mumbled.

She shook her head lightly, her hand that cupped his cheek moving beyond to thread through his spiky locks. "A bashful Naruto-kun is a very rare occurrence, that's all."

"Oh," he murmured, looking away again, this time with a pink hue dusting his cheeks and the hints of a smile.

"Naruto-kun?" she called quietly.

"Hm?" Sheepishly, his eyes turned to hers again.

"Tell me what's wrong," she urged gently. "We, um…" she blushed lightly, "I wanted to kiss you and you turned away…"

"I…" He paused.

"Usually you're very affectionate, but you've been really distant lately, and I've missed your hugs and kisses."

"I…" He hesitated again.

"Ano… I know that when we started dating I was… um… overwhelmed by your affection." At that comment, Naruto smiled guiltily, scratching the back of his neck. "I wasn't used to it, with my family being so stiff and all, you know? B-but I adapted, and before I knew it, I was looking forward to it." She took a deep breath. "Did, um… did I do something wrong?"

He shook his head vehemently. "No way, Hinata-chan! You've been fine, I promise."

"Then…?" she encouraged.

He exhaled, his shoulders sagging. "I just…" He brought his hand up and tenderly grazed her cheek, smiling when he saw her lean into his touch.

Hinata was relieved. His renewed willingness to touch her again was a good sign. She closed her eyes briefly, relishing in the simple contact, and when she reopened them, she had to smile at the way she found him biting his bottom lip, nervously.

"What is it?" she asked quietly.

He then glanced around him, noticing gate guards who stood a few yards away, ever faithful to their duties, but also—to Naruto's misfortune—within earshot. He returned his gaze to hers again and smiled, kneading his nape sheepishly.

"You wouldn't terribly mind if we make our walk a little longer, would you?" he asked, briefly peeking towards the guards meaningfully.

Hinata shook her head, smiling as it dawned on her that he probably didn't trust himself and his big mouth in front of the guards. She flinched slightly when she felt him take hold of her hand as they began walking away from the gates and in the direction of the Hokage tower. She looked at their joined hands curiously. How long had it been since she felt his strong hand wrapped around her own?

"Ne, Hinata."

Blinking, Hinata returned her gaze to Naruto, who looked to the road ahead.

"Yes?" she responded quietly.

There was a curious calmness in his voice, so unlike how it had been mere minutes ago. Then he turned to her and smiled. Hinata returned his smile hesitantly, frowning slightly. What was he up to now?

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?"

Hinata gaped at him, her cheeks flaring automatically. Of all the things she was expecting him to say, that had probably been the last on her list. She then looked away, thinking about it. Moments later, she then turned to him, smiling gently. "I don't believe you have, Naruto-kun."

"Really?" he asked surprised.

Still smiling, her gaze turned toward the road. "Really… but I think the way you look at me speaks louder than words."

"Do I make it that obvious?" he asked, chuckling sheepishly.

"Yes," she replied quietly. She didn't have to look at him to know he was pouting. "I've watched you for a very long time; you're very easy to read sometimes."

Naruto frowned with a smirk. "I don't think that's supposed to be a good thing with me being Hokage and all. You could be some ninja spy, or something…"

Hinata snorted, shaking her head. "Riiight, because I'm so suspicious."

"I don't know…" he said with feigned uncertainty. "You do have the Byakugan, and I always did say you were a dark weirdo. Always so mysterious and quiet. God knows what you were hiding."

Hinata turned to him, feigning a pout of her own.

He hummed quietly, reaching her cheek and caressing it lovingly. "Luckily you're very beautiful, so I don't mind."

"That's a relief," she grumbled sarcastically.

Naruto only chuckled.

Hinata then looked away sheepishly. "Thank you…" she almost whispered, flushed.

"You're welcome," he replied, and then his smile turned mischievous. "But just so you know, your being beautiful is the only reason I let you spy on me."

She narrowed her eyes at him.

Naruto laughed quietly. "I'm kidding, Hinata-chan, kidding."

"There are a lot of pretty girls in Konoha," Hinata remarked quietly, the tiniest hint of uncertainty in her voice. "What would you do if I weren't the only one?"

But Naruto heard that uncertainty and shook his head, unconcerned. "I wouldn't let them. None are beautiful like you."

Hinata smiled and looked down, letting her hair curtain over her pink cheeks as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt with her free hand. They continued to walk in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again.

"It's because you are so beautiful that lately I've been kinda distant, or at least it's part of the reason…"

Frowning, Hinata looked at Naruto. He took a deep breath. By then they had almost made it to the tower, and Naruto stopped to look at her quizzically.

"You know, Hinata-chan, I don't think I've ever taken you to my home and showed you around."

Hinata looked at Naruto with the briefest surprise, and then smiled. "You know, now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever given you a tour of the Hyuuga estate outside of official business, either."

Naruto chuckled and looked away. "It's probably a good thing…"

Hinata frowned curiously. "Why?"

He looked at her with a sheepish grin and scratched the back of his head. "Well, to be honest, the idea of running into your father for reasons other than official business kinda terrifies me."

Hinata laughed softly. "I don't think it would be that bad. Father might be serious and stiff, but if he didn't like the Hokage courting his daughter, he would've said something about it a long time ago."

Naruto also laughed. "I guess he always knew about us, huh?"

With a smile, Hinata moved until she was face to face with him, placing the palms of her hands on his chest. "Very little escapes my father, I'm afraid. Besides, I don't think my crush on you was ever a secret."

Naruto pouted and looked away. "Yeah… so I've heard," he grumbled.

Hinata giggled, her hands traveling to graze his neck. "It's not your fault, Naruto-kun."

"My cluelessness is notorious throughout the ninja community, what can I say?" he remarked sheepishly. "But better late than never, right?" He returned his gaze to her.

"Yes," she agreed. "I wouldn't worry about it, though. By default, we Hyuuga are a nosy bunch. Can't help but to see through walls and get away with it, you know."

He shook his head with a chuckle, reaching for a stray indigo lock near her collarbone to fiddle with. "I always thought that was very unfair and creepy. What if your dad is looking at us every time we make out?"

Hinata shrugged. "I don't think he would enjoy the view."

"Why not? We're, like, the sexiest couple in Konoha, or something!"

She giggled and shook her head. "Whatever you say, Naruto-kun."

He grinned. "I mean it."

Hinata blushed.

They walked quietly until they reached his home. It was located near the tower, but in an area that was isolated from where official business was carried out on a daily basis.

"This is home," he said, opening the gate and encouraging her to walk in first with a hand gesture.

Hinata smiled at his chivalry and then allowed her eyes to freely wander about the exterior of his home. She had always known where Naruto lived, but this being the first visit made it a unique experience. His home was nowhere near as extravagant as the Hyuuga manor, but it was very comfortable and seemed to have a lot of space. The small garden that decorated the front was well kept as always—on several occasions before they started dating, she would catch him and his clones maintaining it—and the color on its walls didn't seem anywhere near as scandalous as it did during daytime.

She chuckled quietly. "Orange…"

Naruto grinned. "I'm Hokage. It's the only reason why the neighbors haven't complained."

"I'm sure," Hinata said, shaking her head.

It was just like her Naruto-kun to paint his home as outrageous as his wardrobe. Still, it was a very nice home.

He squeezed her hand reassuringly and Hinata turned her gaze to him. He motioned towards the front door with a jerk of his head. "C'mon. Let's go in."

He opened the door for her, and she whispered a quiet "thank you" as she walked in. He soon followed, closing the door with the barest sound.

"Funny how we've been going out for so long, and we've never invited each other to our homes, huh?" he remarked as he turned the light on. "We're like the rudest couple or something, hehe…"

Hinata looked around curiously with a small smile. "Well, I think that we mutually understood what was at stake when we started dating. The Hokage and the Hyuuga clan leader going out together… naturally we would constantly be under close watch, and I'm not just referring to my family."

Naruto looked at her with an unreadable expression as she spoke, but then looked away. "I know… and to be honest, I never really liked that." He turned to face the door, quickly enforcing a sound barrier jutsu that spread throughout the encasing walls of the entire residence.

"There," he said as he stood back and looked at the door, as if appreciating the effectiveness of the jutsu he had just performed. He then turned to look at Hinata, who smiled at him.

"It's nice to have a little privacy for a change," she commented.

"I know!" he exclaimed, stretching his arms over his head and then shaking off the stiffness. "It feels like such a big weight off my shoulders. It's kind of unfair how the rest of our friends can do whatever the hell they want."

It was no secret that despite being alone most nights, Naruto was always guarded by ANBU, and, as per tradition, they remained virtually invisible. They went where ever Naruto went—it was their duty to keep the Hokage safe no matter what the situation. Despite his insistence on being able to handle himself, due to the Kyuubi's influence, it was a privilege and honor that he could not refuse. In hindsight, the elders were pleased to see it remained untouched.

To lighten the mood, Hinata looked about her, appreciating the simple, yet elegant, decoration—and the fact that the color of the walls surprisingly wasn't orange. Over all, the interior of his home was cozy, masculine, and practical all at once. She liked that, but what she liked best was how much it smelled like him.

"I like your home, Naruto-kun."

He walked up to her and pulled her to him. "I'm glad. I hope you'll visit more often."

"Only if you invite me," she murmured, burrowing her face against his strong chest and blissfully basking in the feeling of having him so close after being deprived of such a simple gesture for so long.

"Every day," he whispered.

Hinata smiled, then, quietly, she asked, "Is the village's scrutiny the reason why you've been so distant lately?"

Naruto released her from his embrace, not missing the disappointment in her eyes when he did so. He took a deep breath and walked to the nearest couch and allowed himself to collapse on it unceremoniously.

"Not really, but I suppose that now that you mention it, it may have a little to do with it." He groaned as he got comfortable. His head rested on the cushioned arm rest and he half-sat, half lay on the couch. "You know how everyone is always expecting this or that from me… and from you, too, I bet."

"It drives me crazy, actually," she admitted as she walked over and settled on the couch as well, but without invading his personal space. "Sadly, it's the story of my life."

Naruto sat up, reaching over to her and pulling her against him. She settled between his legs as he leaned back on the couch, her torso resting on his. "Well, if it's any consolation, this whole residence is sealed. Your family can't see through its walls, and with the sound barrier seal I just activated, my eternal ANBU shadow can't hear us, either."

"Wouldn't they worry about that, though?"

"Nah… they know I'm with you, and damn it, I deserve a little privacy for a change. I'm not some shrinking violet."

"They're just doing their job," she reminded.

His embrace tightened. "Don't care."

She sighed blissfully as she wrapped her arms around him. "If you say so."

He smirked. "I do say so." He caressed her cheek lovingly, looking at her with tender eyes.

"Ano… now that we finally have some privacy, am I going to get my kiss?" she asked, her demeanor a combination of both shyness and playfulness when he started drawing her lips towards his.

He smirked. "Hmm… can you tell?"

"A little bit…"

"It's long overdue," he whispered and brushed his lips against hers.

"I know…"

"I've missed kissing you," he breathed, their lips still connected. "I've missed you."

She released him from her embrace momentarily to put her arms around his neck, giving her access to thread her fingers through his wild hair. Oh, how she missed doing that.

"I've missed you, too…" she breathed against his lips. "So, so much…"

Hearing those words, Naruto immediately deepened the kiss. Hinata made a sound that was a mixture of a moan and a groan, grabbing a handful of his hair and relishing in the feeling of finally having his body pressed against hers.

Yet, as lovely and as stimulating the sound Hinata made was, it suddenly made Naruto recoil and their embrace broke. With their breath already quickened, Naruto watched as she still lived and enjoyed the moment for a split second. She then opened her eyes, looking at him with concern and what seemed to be a hint of frustration. The thought that she wanted to continue the kiss that badly thrilled him, which was all the more reason to stop.

"I can't…!" he whispered to himself, his face contorted in frustration.

He took a deep breath and allowed his head to fall back into the arm rest, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. He needed to do whatever he could to stop thinking about the way he had pulled her on top of him, the way the lower half of her body had ended up between his legs, and the way she didn't seem to mind in the least bit.

"You can't what, Naruto-kun…?" she asked. "Am I… do you not like my kisses anymore?"

"No!" Naruto shook his head vehemently. "Your kisses are amazing, Hinata-chan. Don't ever think otherwise!"

She blushed, yet she couldn't bring herself to smile at his compliment with the way his brow furrowed. "Tell me what's wrong," she pleaded.

He took a deep breath grazed her cheek momentarily.

"You are so damn beautiful…" he commented, still grazing her cheek, but now looking into her eyes with regret. "I can't believe I never told you that before."

Hinata frowned slightly. "Naruto-kun…?"

"You just don't understand, Hinata-chan…" he whined.

"I'm willing to if you tell me."

He shifted from his lounging position until they sat facing each other, within each other's reach, but no longer touching.

"I just…" he started and then hesitated.

Hinata remained silent, patient.

He sighed again. "You see, the thing is I've been watching you for a while now, everything you do, how you do it, how you smile, think, walk, how you eat, everything, and, I… you're so hot and sexy, and I'm a guy and I can't help myself when—" He then looked away, shaking his head. "No, no, no. That's not how I want to explain it. Let me start again."

Fighting a grin, she nodded. She was really curious now.

"You see, before I was always looking at you, but I never actually saw you, you know? It wasn't until after a long time of being with you and spending time with you that I finally managed to see beyond what you project to the outside world. I know you're the most attractive woman I've ever met—believe me, I know this—" this time the grin got the best of her, "but… somehow I felt that I was missing out on something, but it wasn't because of you. It was all because of me.

"I knew that there was more to you than your outer beauty, and because of that… something grew in me… almost like an urging feeling, or some kind of restless curiosity. Something about you made me want to explore what was beyond the obvious. So… I figured I just needed some time to find the answer, and that's why I've been… well… distracted, I guess." He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I took so long and worried you, Hinata-chan, but I did find what I was looking for."

"What did you find?" she asked shyly.

Naruto smiled, reaching over to cup her cheek. "What I was hoping I'd find," he said. "I guess I just wanted to make sure." He shrugged slightly.

"About what?" she asked, still quietly.

Naruto sighed. "I'm not the only man who realizes you're gorgeous, Hinata. I've seen them looking, and I never liked it because they never looked past what was already obvious. After a while, though, I figured it was probably a good thing that they didn't know better, because I did."

Hinata cocked her head curiously. "How so?"

Naruto smiled. She was so cute.

"Because if they knew, then I'd have to share you with the world, and I don't wanna. You're mine and no one else's. I discovered you. I made it a point to look beyond, and I was blown away with what I found." He grazed her flushed cheek lovingly. "It was then that I truly fell in love with you, you know? When we started dating, I think more than anything I was really infatuated with you, but now it's completely different. I've gotten so used to having you in my life that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if you were gone."

"Oh, Naruto…" She could feel her heart melting.

"I mean it," he insisted. "I finally understand that, looking back on all of this, the problem with beautiful girls like you is that people never get the chance to see past that, and I was no exception. Thankfully, I realized this in time. I was so dazzled by the outside, I almost never made it inside. Do you realize how much I could've missed out on?"

As Hinata listened, the only thing she could do was try to swallow the lump that had been growing in her throat. But she would not cry.

Naruto reached up to caress her cheek again.

"Naruto-kun…?" she almost whispered.


She could hear the hesitation in his voice. She smiled, leaning into his touch.

"That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me."

Naruto chuckled and scratched one of his ears sheepishly. "Well… it's true."

"I've always thought you were just as beautiful. I knew it and I felt it since our academy days, but I think I was too young to really understand it."

He scratched one of his flushed cheeks sheepishly, even if it wasn't itching. "Heh… thanks." It wasn't everyday that someone called him beautiful.

Hinata turned her gaze down, blushing and fiddling with her fingers. "I'm glad we're together, Naruto-kun. The time I had to wait was worth it, and… and I'm g-glad that… that despite every girl that fawned over you, you picked me."

Naruto chuckled, reaching over and gently taking her chin in his grasp, tilting her face until she looked at him. "Hinata-chan… I'm beginning to think that you're a lot more clueless than me."

She frowned—but not because she was offended.

He smiled, his hand still on her chin, now stroking it. "I didn't 'pick' you, Hina-chan… you picked me." He then grinned like the total goof he was when her eyes widened. "Besides, not only are you smarter, stronger, and nicer, but you're so much hotter than all those other girls. How could I ever refuse you? I'd be stupid to."

She sat frozen in place, despite the blush suddenly flaring her cheeks. "How-… wha-…?"

"Hinata-chan," he interrupted. "Just take it for what it is. God knows I'd probably end up stalking you if you ever dump me," he remarked with a quiet laugh.

Hinata's eyes widened.

Naruto smirked. "Hey, turnabout is fair play!"

"I wouldn't dump you, Naruto-kun. Never." She said this quietly, but Naruto noticed a certainty made of steel in her voice.

"Heh, good, because as far as I know, you're the one for me."

"Good." Hinata grinned, having mimicked the cockiness in his voice.

He returned her grin momentarily before he looked away, and as he did so, a faint cloud of indecision hovered over him, making him retreat his hand from her cheek.

Hinata could only wonder what it was that seemed to be troubling him. He seemed fine moments ago. She took his hand in hers, squeezing it reassuringly. This made him look at her and she gave him a slight frown. He did not speak, however.

"What is it, Naruto?"

"Well… the truth is, Hinata-chan, I really…" he stopped.

"Go on," she encouraged.

Naruto smiled, yet again scratching the back of his head nervously. "Well, I've been meaning to tell you something, but for some reason or another, either something always comes up, or I always ended up chickening out."

"I'm listening," she assured.

He blushed and looked away. Closing his eyes momentarily, as if gathering his resolve, he turned to her and gave her the kind of look that always made Hinata's stomach do somersaults.

"Well… it's just… I love you, Hinata-chan…"


"I love you so much it hurts!"

Before Hinata was aware of her actions, she launched herself on him and held him tightly.


And just as quickly, she scrambled off of him and towards the other end of the couch. "I'm sorry!" she squeaked. "I-… I…" God, it was just like her to act like a rabid retard. "Are… are you okay, Naruto-kun?"

"Eh heh… I'm okay, Hinata-chan," he said, straightening on the couch, and looking at her sheepishly. "I… I guess you love me, too, huh?"

Hinata nodded meekly, but she couldn't hide the radiant smile on her face.

Naruto grinned and opened his arms. "C'mere."

She only hesitated for a split second before—though with much more decorum this time—she crawled over and into his arms.

"I love you, Naruto-kun…" she gushed, snuggling into his embrace. "I have for so long that I even forgot what life was like before I met you."

He chuckled happily and breathed in the scent of her hair, that beautiful smell he always loved. They held each other for several moments until Naruto pulled back to smile at her and wipe her tears away.

"You're crying," he whispered.

Hinata's eyes widened and she touched one of her cheeks, effectively finding the moist trail of tears. "I g-guess I am…" she chuckled, slightly embarrassed.

"Happy tears, right?" he asked, though it was more of a murmur.

"Yes," she whispered, just as quietly.

He smiled. "I'm glad, because there's more…"

"Tell me everything, Naruto-kun," she said, smiling beautifully at him.

He laughed. "I will," he promised. "But before that, I… uh… you have to know that what I'm about to tell you is a result of all the things I've told you tonight, and not the other way around. Does that make sense?"

She chuckled lightly, bringing her forehead against his in a loving gesture. "A little bit… but I won't know what you mean until you tell me."

"Heh…" He cupped her cheeks, kissing her briefly. "I thought so…"

He smiled lovingly at her when they pulled away. "It's the main reason why I've been distant, you know…?" And he kissed her again.

She grinned against his lips, stroking his whisker marks. "I figured it was. You're stalling."

Naruto laughed softly, also against her lips. "Guilty as charged…"

Still grinning, Hinata pulled back and sat with her legs under her in front of him. "Fess up, Naruto-kun."

Naruto chuckled. "Well," he also straightened in the couch, "I guess if I don't come out and just say it, then I really won't have the courage to say it, huh?"

Hinata nodded again, eyes sparkling.

Silence ensued.

Hinata waited, arching an eyebrow at him.

Naruto blushed, slowly beginning to sweat in distress.

She frowned slightly, but still waited.

He sighed and looked at her directly in the eyes. "In layman's terms… I want you!"

He then whimpered in disbelief. Of all the things he wanted to say, that one just had to come out in a squeak.

Wide-eyed, Hinata leaned towards him, and by reflex, Naruto shut his eyes tightly, bracing himself. In his experience, anytime he said or did anything remotely perverted around women, he was guaranteed to receive a beating.

However, the blows never came, and from what he could sense, Hinata had stopped moving, too.

Carefully and still squirming, he opened one of his eyes to peek at his girlfriend. What he saw made him smile.

He should've known better.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Hinata was blushing up a storm, displaying yet again her latest, and most upgraded version of the Ultimate Hinata Blush.

Knowing she was far too busy blushing, he continued: "I… I do! You're so awesome, so beautiful, but you're also so reserved and quiet, I could never tell… I… I didn't know if you wanted me, too, because…"—yes, he knew he was rambling—"well, because until today, I was always the one initiating physical contact, and then you didn't do anything for the longest time, so pretty soon I began thinking that… that you didn't like it."

The last part he mumbled, but Hinata heard him clearly. She shook her head, a deep frown furrowing her brow. "But I do like it when you kiss me and hold me, Naruto-kun."

Naruto pouted and crossed his arms petulantly. "Well, I know that now!"

Hinata smiled. He was such a kid sometimes. "I've never turned down one of your kisses, Naruto-kun. I may cut them short when you do it in public, but… I never turn you away. Why did you t-turn away when I tried to k-kiss you earlier…?"

"I…" Naruto looked away, blushing. "Well… I did miss your touch, Hinata-chan—believe me, I did—but… I, uh… it… not touching you made things a little easier with me wanting you so badly, you know? There were times that the thought of holding you made me wanna dry hump you like a rabid dog in heat, and I'm not Kiba!" He adverted his gaze with a pout and folded his arms, as if at the verge of throwing a tantrum.

Nevertheless, Hinata giggled, blushing brightly. The mental image of Naruto humping one of her knees like a lost puppy was so absolutely ridiculous it was adorable.

Naruto pouted, scratching behind his ear with embarrassment. "I'm serious, Hina-chan…"

"Okay, okay…" she sobered… pursing her lips to hold her giggles in.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at her expression, then burst out laughing. "You should see the look on your face, Hinata-chan… hahaha…!"

"Stop it, Naruto-kun, it's your fault I'm making silly faces!" she insisted, poking him on the side. She could only imagine. She probably looked constipated.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop laughing, I promise," he assured, bringing his arms close to his body and blocking her relentless poking.


Naruto took a deep breath and smiled at her. He really did miss touching her. Despite his raging hormones, he missed that intimate connection.


"So…?" she repeated.

"Um… I… want to make love to you, Hinata-chan." Naruto, believe it or not, fiddled with his fingers much like his girlfriend would. There was a deep frown of worry etched on his brow, and Hinata realized he was afraid she'd say no; she had never seen him that vulnerable before.

"Can I?" he asked quietly, looking into her eyes. There was a secret sense of urgency in his voice that Hinata couldn't miss. "Can I make love to you?"

Hinata also didn't miss the quiet tremor in his voice. She felt lightheaded, and wondered if she was going to pass out. She quickly dismissed the thought, however. She was a woman, not some silly little schoolgirl. Sure, she knew she was still a virgin, and she also knew there would come a time where she and Naruto would have to talk about it, but she never in a million years imagine it'd sneak up on her like this. More surprisingly, she had always assumed that when the time finally came, her brain would short circuit and shut down. Surprisingly the whole thing actually was kind of relieving.

She looked deeply into his eyes and smiled softly.

Poor guy, she thought, but poor me, too.

They had been torturing each other for months, but none had been more unbearable than those last four weeks. Looking back on it now, it all seemed kind of dumb, for she, too, was made of flesh. Many were the nights where, after long make-out sessions, she would go home so hot and bothered, she would find herself being forced to relieve herself the same way humankind had been doing for ages.

At first, she was beyond embarrassed—such behavior was very unbecoming of a Hyuuga clan leader. What would the elders say?

Eventually she got over her embarrassment, though—it took her a while to come to terms with the fact that she was only human—, but another kind of shame began to torment her. Yes, in spite of the relief she found in her activities, sometimes she would be so thoroughly mortified because, believe it or not, she didn't even have to touch anything; her mind alone would do all the stimulation for her. How could she be so perverted, the prim and proper side of her would admonish. She couldn't help herself, though. She had wanted her Naruto-kun so bad! That only happened because those hentai thoughts snuck up on her and before she knew it, she would need a new set of panties.

Despite all this, that kind of relief had been very short-lived. Within months, it turned out that not even her mind, or her fingers were enough. Lucky for her, female arousal was never as physically blatant as a male's, so she understood why her poor Naruto-kun had taken such drastic measures.


Hearing her named distracted her from her musings, making her focus on the love of her life. "Yes?"

"You… you haven't said anything," he pointed out hesitantly.

She smiled. She could only imagine what kind of pressure he must be under, looking at her like a pleading cub, hoping she wouldn't be outraged with him. Her smile turned into a soft grin, and she reached up to cup his whiskered cheek.

If only he realized she never said anything about her own urges because she thought he would never think of her like that. Now, seeing the man she loved so sexually frustrated because of one meek Hyuuga Hinata made her heart soar. He wanted her, too. He desired her. Oh, it felt so wonderful to know that.

But now she had to answer him. He had gathered all the courage in the world to admit all these things to her. It was only fair she'd do the same, no matter how much she had to resist the urge to black out, no matter how red her face got, and no matter how much she just wanted to jump his bones right then and there. She settled for a brief kiss. When she pulled away, she gave him the most dazzling smile he had ever seen her give.

"You're forgetting the most important thing, Naruto-kun."

He frowned. "Whut?"

Ignoring her nervousness, she placed another kiss against his lips and whispered, "I'm… I-… I'm human, too…"

When she pulled away, she watched in delight as he blushed and looked at her with wide eyes. Without realizing it, her smile turned lustful as she threaded her fingers through his hair and moved her lips towards one of his ears to nip teasingly, something she had never done before.

"I h-have needs a-and…u-urges, too…" she said, still with a hushed voice, her warm breath giving him goose bumps and tickling his ear. Yes, she stuttered. Yes, she was incredibly nervous. But it was okay. He certainly didn't mind it; in fact, he found it adorable.

She finally pulled away and looked at him with an almost coy smile. "You d-didn't think you were the only one, d-did you?" she asked shyly.

He looked down sheepishly and grinned when he heard her giggle prettily. She was so beautiful. Stutter and all, she was simply amazing.

"I'm not a nun, Naruto-kun…" she voiced playfully.

He smirked, shaking his head. She didn't know that, despite her stuttering, the things she said, and the way she was making him feel with her actions, was a major turn on.

"So, you're telling me that if I told you that I wanted to ravish you right this very second, you'd be okay with it?"

Hinata blushed and giggled. "Well, hopefully you can be tender about it, Naruto-kun," she said. "I've never done this before."

He laughed and looked away sheepishly. "You're asking too much, Hinata-chan. With years of being the apprentice of Konoha's two biggest perverts comes a lifetime of pent-up sexual frustration. How can you possibly want me to be gentle?"

She smiled, looking to the side bashfully. "You c-can t-try…"

He sighed in mock exasperation. "Fine. Just for you, I'll make an exception."

She laughed and blushed.

He smiled, and traced her jaw line softly. "It'll be my first time, too, you know?"

She smiled and moved towards him slowly. She brushed her lips against his lovingly. "I'll do my best not to disappoint," she promised, just as quietly as he had spoken.

This time, he pressed his lips against hers. "You could never disappoint, Hinata-chan… I love you too much for that to happen."

She smiled and embraced him. He returned the gesture gladly.

With their lips joined in a loving kiss, Hinata decided she would love him with everything she had, and she knew he would do the same.

And she did love him. She couldn't wait for them to tell one another how much they loved each other with the only language only their bodies could understand.

She kissed him with a new intensity—the very kind she yearned to express but had always been too afraid to. She didn't kiss him harder, or softer, or even deeper than she ever had in the past, but there was something certainly different about it now that they both knew where that kiss would lead them. After professing their love for each other, their kisses had a completely new meaning. They were filled with raw pleasure, unbound from all their insecurities at last. They were liberating. She could feel it in the way his pent up frustrations and repressed urges finally reined free. She couldn't believe it. Why hadn't they tried this sooner?

Perpetual's Corner:

Many thanks to eternalshiva, TimeShifter, and Jolly Green for beta-ing.

Okay, so I won't apologize for all the fluff. ~_~

This is usually something I need to get off my chest—mostly to tame my girly impulses—before writing porn (next chaptah, yay!).

Anyway. Yes, I know that just about every fan of this story (with the exception of Newbie-GK 'cuz she's a prude, hmph!) is waiting for the porn—you know the one I'm talking about—but there are certain aspects of the story that need to further develop before we get there. I understand your impatience—hell, I'd be impatient, too—but it will come (har har, pun!) in due time. Therefore, please understand that the cock-blocking is not intentional! ^_^''

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Chapter IV

posted Oct 15, 2010, 10:48 AM by Pichi Derp   [ updated Jan 31, 2011, 8:04 PM ]

Chapter IV

"What. Did. You. Do?" The faux woman gave her summoner a feral grin.

Uzumaki Naruto, on the other hand, gave her a narrow-eyed glare. He specifically remembered instructing his Oiroke no Jutsu clone to go in, fetch Hinata, and come right back out, but if he didn't know any better, he got the feeling that, many days later, he would still be regretting ever making that decision.

The blonde, on the other hand, flicked a pigtail behind her carelessly and gave the Rokudaime a defiant smirk. "I… just gave her something to look forward to tonight, that's all."

Naruto started to growl. "I'm warning you…"

"Will you relax already? You're acting as if I raped her or something. I only kissed her."

"You WHAT!" Exasperated, Naruto covered his face with his palms and suddenly felt exhausted. Why were his clones constantly trying to get a piece of his beloved wife? Was their wiring crossed? It had been funny at first, but now he was beginning to get the feeling he would need to get to the bottom of this mystery before it got completely out of hand.

The clone rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, sighing and avoiding his gaze nonchalantly.

Naruto's face tightened in frustration. "Look, you dumbass clone, I knew I was taking my chances when I sent you in there with all those naked girls, but if for some reason I find myself running for my life tomorrow because of you, I swear to God I'll—"

"You'll do what?" Naruko challenged. "Laying a finger on you outside of a training environment or without your consent is considered treason and therefore punishable by death. You worry too much, Hokage-sama." The blonde harpy then chuckled, emphasizing his title to make a point.

Naruto dragged his hands over his face and groaned. "Like that's ever stopped them before, especially Sakura. I grew up with those crazy women, you idiot!"

"Monkey see, monkey do. Should've checked your own level of pervyness before you sent me in…" she chirped.

"You're not helping!"

Immune to her summoner's anger, the clone nevertheless sighed dreamily with a faraway look in her vibrant blue eyes. "You should've been there, Boss. It was a hell of a view… Ero-sennin would've been proud!"

"Shuddup!" Naruto snapped. "I only have eyes for Hinata-chan!"

"Precisely," the female said, returning her gaze to her boss and smirking suggestively. "Imagine our beautiful, sweet, innocent Hinata-chan… wet, hot, and naked… surrounded by other equally naked women…" The clone's gaze turned impish when she noticed Naruto with a glazed look and the hints of a goofy smile forming on his lips.

The clone gracefully walked towards Naruto, the foggy patches of cloud dutifully trailing after her. When she was close enough, she stalked around him, coquettishly dragging her index finger across his chest and then his upper back. She then stopped, and still behind him, she lifted herself to her tiptoes and purposefully pressed her soft, ample breasts to both his upper arm and back as she brought her supple lips near one of his ears. She knew he was immune to her advances—she was his creation, after all—but that didn't mean she couldn't use her womanly charms and at least try to torment him.

"It's a nice image, isn't it?" she whispered, grinning when she not only felt, but saw him visibly shudder at the memory she was openly sharing.

Unbeknownst to him, Naruto dumbly nodded and Naruko resisted the urge to laugh outright.

"Now… if you think that's hot… imagine yourself strolling right in and joining in on the fun… kissing her… touching her… pressing yourself to her… making all those women wish their men could want them as much as you desire Hinata…"

"Ehehe…" Naruto's chuckle was slow and distracted. "Must've made them pretty envious, I'm sure…"

Naruko smirked. "You should've seen them by the time I left… they were all so hot and bothered they couldn't even hide it!"

"I bet they were… those hypocrites…!"

"Exactly. Why else do you think they took Hinata-chan away from us?" she reminded sourly, moving to stand next to Naruto. "Those bitter bitches. Too bad for them, 'cause as soon as I showed up, all they did was sit there with their jaws hanging open and watch!"

"That's right!" Naruto said cockily. He expected nothing less from his Oiroke no Jutsu.

"Well, except for Tenten. She looked like she wanted in…"

Naruto laughed outright. "I always had my doubts about that one! I mean, she picked Neji, who just happens to be so damned girly to begin with!"

"Honey, Tenten definitely wears the pants in that relationship," Naruko said, smirking when Naruto took a thinking pose, holding his chin and nodding sagely.

"It's the hair, I'm telling you," he said.

It was the clone's turn to nod in agreement, quite pensively for a brief moment. But before Naruto saw it coming, Naruko latched on to him again, grinning impishly and eying her Boss mischievously.

"Hehehe… I bet you can't wait to get my memories." She poked him, digging her index finger into his side playfully.

Naruto snickered. "Fuck yeh—… huh?" Then he frowned, slowly realizing the direction in which his clone was leading the conversation. Milliseconds later—wide-eyed and blushing a deep crimson that rivaled Hinata's Ultimate Blush—he shook his head sharply. "NO! Nononono! Now, hold on a minute!"

He scrambled away from the seductive vixen who was too busy laughing mirthfully.

"What the hell's the matter with you!" he demanded, pointing at his creation accusingly. Naruko merely smiled cattily at him with a look that said, 'Wouldn't you like to know?'

Though… he had to ask himself the same question. What the hell was wrong with him? He felt used; his kage bunshin were playing him like a shamisen and he kept falling for every one of their wicked schemes.

Is it the way I'm summoning them? he wondered. He was the one who was supposed to be in charge, scheming away to his heart's desires, while they were only meant to follow his lead! It was almost humiliating how he was virtually becoming the victim of his own prankster nature.

His shoulders then sagged as he walked to the nearest wall and slumped against it in defeat. "Whoever invented Kage Bunshin no Jutsu was a complete idiot. They didn't say anything about how unreliable you guys could be!"

Naruko chuckled and went to lean against the wall next to her boss. "It's considered kinjutsu for a reason…"

Naruto hmphed and crossed his arms. "Yeah, well, nobody warned me about smart-ass clones goin' wild."

His female version laughed. "Isn't that what makes it fun? The technique is dangerous and unpredictable, and so are you. 'Sides, even you can't deny it… it keeps things interesting."


Still smiling, the clone shook her head. "Instead of grumbling about it, you should embrace this kind of versatility." She gave him a lopsided grin and playfully nudged her shoulder against his. "Remember; we're just like you."

Naruto's crossed arms tightened stubbornly and he scowled. "That's what worries me. I never had to put up with this shit during missions, so what gives!"

"You don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?" He looked at her blankly.

Naruko sighed. "Besides being pissed at the girls for their untimely interruptions, deep down, you're getting frustrated."

Naruto arched an eyebrow. "I am?"

"Absolutely," she replied easily.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Whatever restlessness you're intentionally oppressing is manifesting itself through every clone you summon without you realizing it."

"Huh?" Naruto scratched the back of his head, a confused frown marring his brow. "Why?"

"Dunno," the feminine kage bunshin shrugged, "I'm as dumb as you, remember?"

Naruto gave his female copy a bored glare. "I resent that remark."

The henged shadow clone shrugged. "Well, it's true."


Naruko giggled. "See what I mean? Even you realize you're an idiot."

The Rokudaime rolled his eyes, though he wanted to kick himself for letting that insult slip.

"Whatever." He then paused, frowning slightly and turning to look at the pig-tailed vixen. "Why do you think I'm frustrated, anyway?"

The clone began fiddling with the thick mist surrounding her. "You know exactly why."

He gave her a curious but brief sideways glance, hinting of his impatience. When he noticed the clone casually smiling at his reaction, he took a deep breath and with a disgruntled headshake, he began heading home.

"I don't have time for this shit," he mumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Quite frankly, having a conversation with his own clone made him feel ridiculous, but more importantly, he wasn't about to continue having it in front of the bathhouse where the girls could burst out at any second and effectively kill him.

"Aw, Boss… don't be such a grouch!" Naruko said, giggling as she followed after her master and fell in step with him. "You'll become as ugly as Sasuke-teme."

Naruto rolled his eyes. The clone was grating on his last nerve and he let out a sigh, grumbling a barely audible, "There's no way I'm actually this obnoxious…"

"Heh! You'd be surprised!"

"And you'd be surprised with how close I am to popping you," he threatened.

"Tsk, tsk. Temper, temper," Naruko taunted.

"Look, I get it already, okay? You're damned right I'm pissed. I'm tired, I'm horny, and I don't like those girls pushing me around. I'm Hokage, dammit!"

Naruko smiled, patting her boss on the back, sympathizing. "There, there… that's why we're here to help… at least with the horny part, anyway."

Naruto frowned, briefly confused before his face twisted in disgust. "Oh, that's so gross! I'm not having sex with myself!"

"Why not?" the clone asked. "It'll be just like whacking off."

Naruto scowled at the clone.

"Chill out, I'm only kidding."


A few minutes passed by before the clone decided to speak again.

"You know… I was actually thinking something more along the lines of a few of us having our way with our beloved Hinata-chan."

Naruto scoffed. "Like that'll ever happen."

"I'm serious," the clone said. "Imagine what we could do to her if we worked together."

Naruto chuckled. "Believe me, as much as I would love to, what I can imagine is her popping you and me spending the night at Iruka's for even considering such a ridiculous idea."

"Hinata-chan's not going to kick you out, Boss. She's crazy about you. All you need to do is add a few of us to the mix when she gets home, and she won't know what to do, let alone be able to think straight."

"Whoever gave you this idea, anyway?" he thought to ask, reaching the gate of their home and fishing for the key in one of his pockets.

"You did, of course," replied Naruko. "It's been frustrating you for a while now; you want Hinata to open up. Ever since that clone mentally recorded that awesome porn of you seducing your wife, how she couldn't answer you when you asked how it felt, you can't stop thinking about it."

"Well, yeah. I wanted her to tell me, but she just wouldn't budge. Still, though... you have to agree that overall it was a pretty hot view…" Naruto justified, smirking as he opened the gate and allowed his clone to walk in first.

"Fuck, yeah," Naruko agreed.

Naruto smirked and shook his head as they neared the front door of his and Hinata's home. It was amusing to see this clone version—which was designed to be alluring, seductive and feminine—act as manly and raunchy as him. He opened the front door and once again allowed the clone to enter first. After spending so much time with Hinata, being a gentleman with the ladies had become second nature. Even if the woman before him was fake, it had simply become habit at this point.

"It could work," his female version insisted, backpedalling past the entrance. "Now's the perfect opportunity. Remember how she made out with our clones at the office?"

"How could I forget?"

Naruko gave the Hokage a feral grin. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember there being some serious tongue action."

Slightly blushing as he recalled the memory, Naruto fought the hints of a smile. "Well, yeah, I know there was, but… she's too shy, you know? I'm sure she was just playing."

"Just playing?" Naruko echoed, incredulous. "Boss, she was teasing you! I call that foreplay!"

"Right…" Naruto said dismissively. "Not only are you claiming to be my sub-conscience, but now you're seeing things I don't, too?"

"Maybe, but I bet you can't wait to pop 'em clones to get a taste of that action!" the clone smirked.

Naruto chuckled in disbelief. "You're crazy." He closed the door behind him and bent over to remove his sandals. Though, it was tempting to pop them right then, just to be sure she was making up what he couldn't bring himself to believe.

"I'm telling you, Boss!" she persisted. "Hinata-chan's definitely harboring some secret clone fantasies, otherwise she wouldn't have kissed the clones or kissed me back!"

He laughed. "Hinata? Kiss you back? Wishful thinking, Naruko... wishful thinking."

"If you say so, Boss… if you say so. But, since you've been too busy being horny and throwing tantrums to see what is right before your eyes," Naruko smiled impishly, "it's your loss!" And with that, she disappeared with a loud pop.

Naruto smirked, shaking his head as he kicked the first sandal off. "Crazy-ass clone…" he muttered.

As he lifted his other leg and began reaching for the other sandal, a sudden heaviness blanketed his thoughts and visions of him giving instructions to Naruko played in his mind. Once the memory of the clone entering the baths slipped in, Naruto stumbled, immediately losing the careful balance he had achieved and hopped erratically on one foot, going around in circles until he slammed headfirst into the door.

Landing on his ass rather ungracefully, Naruto barely prevented another head bump by catching the rest of his body on his elbows, though that, too, would leave a mark. He groaned, cursing out Naruko's disturbing ability to constantly catch him off guard at the worst moments, usually costing him his dignity. He didn't know who was worst in the end; a horde of enraged kunoichis or his sex-crazed clone with a chip on her shoulder.

Sighing before slowly settling on the floor, Naruto allowed himself to indulge in the visions that fluttered across his mind: his naked wife, the feel of her slippery skin, that adorable, vibrant blush that adorned her cheeks when Naruko begged her to return home…

… That incredibly steamy kiss…

He chuckled slowly, "Okay, okay, Naruko, it was worth it." A dopey grin spread across his face while he relived the sounds his wife made and taste of her skin through the clone's memories. That Naruko had certainly abused her orders.


"That's really hot…"

He shook his head and memorized the shocked expression of the other kunoichi that had enjoyed the show his clone and his beloved little wife had put on for them. He chuckled again.

Yeah… those girls were definitely envious.

But all that aside, despite what her reaction had been the night before, Hinata had for the second time shown him that she was quite receptive to his clones, male or female. In fact, she had even returned Naruko's kiss! Well… somewhat. The pressure of Hinata's lips pushing against Naruko's had been faint, but it was there. He felt how thrilled Naruko had been when she felt it, so there was no denying it anymore.

"Well I'll be damned..." he whispered. Naruko wasn't lying.

So, what was it exactly that was holding him back? Why did he keep thinking Hinata would reject the idea right off the bat?

He hummed. "Well, for starters, Hinata-chan's a proper Lady and what I'd be asking her to do is what you'd find Anko happily doing in the red light district."

Still… was this really the truth, or was he just making excuses? She did make out with all of his clones, and quite openly at that. So in the end, it wasn't Hinata that was the block. It was him.

"Maybe Naruko has a point… it would be my loss," he thought aloud as he stared up at the ceiling contemplatively.

He then sat up, gently rubbing the sore spot on his head. He languidly reached to arrange his sandals in a way that wouldn't upset Hinata—she could be quite the neat freak sometimes—and then brought himself back to his feet, removing his Hokage robes and hanging them on the coat rack nearby.

Still, asking his wife would be a little difficult; after all, even he found this whole thing a bit preposterous. It would be tricky… maybe he should just surprise her with it…

"And that'd be the perfect way to get jyuukened out of the house, that's for sure," he grumbled.

Naruto sighed and dragged himself to the kitchen, taking a glass from a nearby cabinet before walking to the refrigerator. He poured himself a glass of cool water from its dispenser and then took out a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer to place on the massive contusion quickly expanding on his head.

As he closed the freezer door, he frowned when he heard his stomach growl loudly.

"Great…" he muttered, reopening the other door of the refrigerator and scanning its contents. Anyone would think that after all the ramen he had inhaled at Ichiraku's mere hours ago he wouldn't be hungry for a week. Shrugging, he reached for a bag of bread, ham and cheese, deciding that a sandwich would do the trick.

He carried the items to the counter and began preparing his late night snack. With his mind twirling around the things that had been brought to light, he hummed again in wonder as he slapped the ham and cheese between the two slices and bread and piled them together haphazardly. As he brought the sandwich to his mouth, he stopped midway, frowning as a sudden thought struck him.

"A sandwich, huh…?" he murmured.

Naruko was right. If he didn't try it, he would always wonder if he could have pulled it off. In fact, he probably would drive himself crazy thinking about it, and, truth be told, he and Hinata needed this. He needed to know what his wife's deeper desires were and he couldn't spend the rest of his life guessing; he needed to start asking.

He wanted all of her, raunchiness and proper lady all rolled into one, and he would do whatever it took to get it out of her. If she wasn't willing to talk, then he'd do things to her that'd make her scream it out.

Even if it cost him at least a week of blocked tenketsus.

Minor detail! he thought. I'll take my chances. This is for the greater good of our sex life! Besides, I can always count on Hinata's overall dislike for violence inflicted on me maybe.

Getting his ass handed to him by Hinata was the least of his worries, actually. He was more concerned with the Ultimate Silent Treatment Hyuugas were well known for. The guilt it inflicted was the worst!

Still, it was going to be hard to convince her. He was going to have to be extremely delicate, which was something he knew he severely sucked at. But his lack of tact—to be more precise—would not deter him. Setbacks like those only made his accomplishments all the more fulfilling once he'd finally completed them, so this was nothing new.

He simply wouldn't have it any other way. There was no stopping him now, for Hinata was, after all, the ham and cheese to his bread stick.

He burst out laughing at his own pun and finally took the first bite. He had to shake his head, thinking of Naruko and her crazy, and, dare he say, delicious ideas.

"No…" he murmured. "It not just any sandwich…" He then snickered. "But a Hinata sammich!"

Perpetual's Corner:

Would ya lookie that! A brand new chapter! Oh, mai! O_O

Haha, hope you enjoyed it because I certainly did! So much silliness! Writing Naruko is so much fun; she's so ridiculous, but oh so sly for planting wicked ideas in poor Naruto's head. XD

As always, many thanks to my betas, eternalshiva, Jolly Green, and TimeShifter! :)

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Chapter III

posted Oct 15, 2010, 10:37 AM by Pichi Derp   [ updated Mar 7, 2011, 12:06 PM ]

Chapter III

Naruto wore a lazy grin as he watched his wife consume the last remnants of her ramen broth directly from her bowl, just like he had taught her. It had taken him a while to convince this shy, but very proper Lady that eating ramen while minding table manners didn't do the dish enough justice. Although she would never slurp as openly, carelessly, or blissfully as he did, having her drink ramen broth directly from the bowl was an accomplishment in itself. He was certainly proud of the baby steps she had taken.

He leaned over casually, resting his chin on his hand, while his elbow accosted the smooth surface of the counter. He took these precious moments to weigh in the several different, but successful, methods of seduction he had customized just for his beloved Hinata-chan, wondering which one to use. With a smirk, Naruto reached for his sake ochoko, trying to decide if maybe he should start ripping her clothes off as soon as they walked past the front door of their home, or maybe ambush her in the bathroom when she went to wash up before bedtime. He brought the alcoholic beverage to his lips, picturing himself as he took her right in front of the sink for a little mirror action.

The sake washed over his throat, and he exhaled with a dopey grin, barely able to contain a snicker.

"What's so funny?" his wife asked, curious.

This time Naruto chuckled. "Nuthin', nuthin'. Just in a good mood, that's all."

"Is that so?" Hinata smiled and shook her head slightly.

Naruto mimicked her with a melodramatic headshake of his own and began spinning the ochoko absently, briefly captivated with how the clear substance gently sloshed randomly within its ceramic confines. Maybe it had to do with the pleasant buzz he was nursing—he really didn't know—but an impromptu rendez-vous in the bathroom didn't sound that bad.

He chuckled quietly as he brought the ochoko to his lips once again. He had to wonder how his bashful little wife would handle that kind of sneak attack from him, but perhaps if he summoned a few clones—she did seem pretty friendly them at the office, after all—, he could trap her in the bathroom to have his way with her. Hell, maybe if he lit up the deepest, most secret depths of her desires, he could even gang-bang her à la Naruto style and she wouldn't even mind!

As soon as the Rokudaime Hokage became aware of the direction his thoughts were taking him, he very ungracefully and very painfully choked on his sake. He haphazardly slammed the ochoko on the counter-top, coughing and wheezing painfully, disregarding the remaining sake that spilled over the counter.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed, bewildered and worried by her husband's sudden and inexplicable fit.

Naruto continued coughing, waving her concern away and grabbing his napkin to wipe the sake that, to his embarrassment, trickled down from his nostrils.

"Naruto…" Hinata almost whispered, still frowning, and partially wondering if the whole clone move she pulled on him had distraught him that much. He seemed fine when they left the office, but just to be cautious, Hinata promised herself not to goof around with his kage bunshins anymore. "Are you sure you're okay…?"

With a face that still showed how much agony he was in, he nodded and cleared his throat uncomfortably, using the same napkin to wipe the liquid he had accidentally teemed about the counter. The sake Teuchi served him today was very concentrated and the burn he felt, when it had backwashed in his throat, would be the kind he knew he'd still be feeling several hours later. It was poetic justice, he supposed—putting gang-bang and Hinata in the same sentence was something that deserved this self-inflicted punishment.

Still not convinced, Hinata rubbed his back soothingly, and Naruto, of course, proceeded to feel bad. There he was, having dirty thoughts about her and his clones while she was worried-sick about him.

"I'm…" he coughed one more time. "I'm okay, I promise."

"Here," she said, offering him her cup of tea. "Wash it down; it'll make you feel better."

He smiled, grateful, and took a careful sip.

"Thanks, Love," murmured Naruto and placed the tea back on the counter.

Okay, so maybe involving his clones in his little plan was too much of a good idea. Sure, it would be unbelievably hot, but there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell she'd even consider going as far as making love to a horde of Narutos; he'd have to live to see the day. Though his beloved Hinata-chan had made long strides in terms of how open she was in the midst of intimacy, just like in other areas of her life, she was still very much a work in progress.

Lucky for him, it wasn't particularly difficult to charm his way into her panties for some old-fashioned yet incredible lovemaking, but he couldn't help wanting to make things a little more interesting every once in a while. Not only did his reputation as the most unpredictable ninja demanded it, but he was still so unbearably horny even after all that okaerinasai sex.

Yes. He truly was insatiable, to put it in his lovely wife's terminology.

Hinata, for her part, continued rubbing Naruto's back gingerly, still frowning. He was up to something. She just knew he was. Not only was the way he avoided making eye contact with her a dead giveaway, but she somehow knew that the flush dusting his cheeks had nothing to do with his buzz or the little mishap he just had with his drink. And by the looks of it, this would probably be one of his most intricate schemes yet.

As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet that it's going to be another long night of catch-up, she mused, folding her hands on her lap. It wasn't that she particularly minded his obvious lust for her—not in the least bit actually—but considering he was in one of those moods again, she had to wonder how he would top the way he had ravished her so thoroughly the night before. Any other woman would probably be begging for a break, but, although she didn't have anywhere near the stamina he had, her hunger for him was secretly just as insatiable. Her excuse was that they were still practically newlyweds, so it was only logical to have such a sexual appetite for each other.

When he finally decided to meet her gaze, his blue eyes sparkled impishly despite his best efforts to remain casual.

Hinata bit her bottom lip slightly in anticipation. "What…?" she asked, feigning innocence and mustering up the cutest, most naïve pout for dramatic effect.

"Nothing." His expression, on the other hand, finally changed from embarrassment to mischief. He had finally given in to his true nature, and Hinata was surprised that he had resisted that long.


Naruto arched an eyebrow quaintly.

"I know what you're thinking, Naruto…"

"What do you mean?"

The playfulness in his eyes disappeared and was immediately replaced with a blinking, clueless gaze which Hinata had fallen for oh so many times in the past.

"What…?" he insisted.

Luckily, she now knew better. Hinata smirked—a habit she had adopted from him, in fact. He would always pull that look as soon as he knew she knew he was up to no good.

"I think you know exactly what I mean…"

Naruto reached over to gently fiddle with a lock of her silky hair, continuing to feign innocence. "Babe, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Of course you don't… Babe." Hinata's smile turned into a grin and she leaned towards him. "I mean, the fact you only call me that when you're trying to get into my undergarments is completely coincidental, right?" she sultrily whispered into his ear.

"Undergarments…?" Naruto cackled. "You're so cute, Hinata-chan. Always so proper."

The indigo-haired beauty only narrowed her eyes at him. Secretly, however, she was miffed with herself. It was just her luck that she sucked at flirting. It often took one ridiculous thing like a nerdy word to thwart her efforts.

Naruto cracked a wicked smile and, without missing a beat, he resoundingly and quite crudely declared, "Babe, I'm always trying to get into your panties."

"Na-Naruto-kun!" she admonished, pulling back into her seat.

"What?" That innocent look again; he knew exactly what he had done.

Flushed, she looked about her worriedly and, eventually relieved to find they were the last patrons in the humble ramen stand and that Teuchi and Ayame were still in the kitchen clanking pots and pans away, she turned to him again.

"Do you have to be so loud?" she hissed.

Naruto chuckled. "Well, you certainly didn't fall in love with me 'cause I was the quiet type, now did you?"

"Unfortunately, no, but do you have to talk about that in public!"

"You started it!"

"I did not!" Hinata argued.

"Of course you didn't." When a thought crossed his mind, he grinned again and leaned over to her, huskily murmuring, "So you mean you like it when I talk to you like that in private?"

Hinata's flush turned an embarrassing scarlet. "That's not what I meant!"

"Uh-huh…" he whispered in her ear, hushed as she requested, but Hinata had the feeling he had ulterior motives, particularly with how close he had gotten. Not seconds later, she couldn't contain the shiver that trailed across the flesh of her neck under his warm breath, especially when his teeth trapped her lower ear and felt his lips wrap around lobe to suckle it.

"The way you're blushing up a storm has nothing to do with it, right?" he prodded, even if he already knew the answer.


"Heh, you really suck at lying, Hinata-chan," Naruto remarked, chuckling and settling into his stool again.

Hinata pouted prettily and Naruto laughed softly.

"Admit it. You love it when I talk dirty to you."

"Oh, stop it," she quietly scoffed.

"It's okay, Babe—regardless of your unreasonable denials, I still love you, anyway." He reached over and caressed the exposed skin of her arm, gliding his fingertips gently across.

"Whatever…" she grumbled, blushing in reaction to his loving touch and his playful term of endearment. She still pouted, though, resisting his wicked ways.

Naruto grinned, delighting in how he made goose bumps form a trail on her skin.

"I mean it," he assured, still smiling but with an honest gaze.

Hinata looked into his eyes and felt her heart melt. She bit her bottom lip, fighting a smile of her own, but failing miserably. Her eyes then turned to where he was touching her and placed a hand over his.

Naruto chuckled as he rose from his barstool to stand behind her and wrap his arms around her snuggly. The sound of her blissful sigh and the way she placed her arms over his, resting her head against his chest, made him groan contentedly.

"Hina-hime…?" he whispered, taking advantage of her ease around him and sneakily nibbling at her earlobe again. He hummed approvingly when he felt her shiver.


"What do you say we go home right now…" his husky voice had her blushing furiously; it was low, suggestive, and raspier than usual, "and I really show you just how much I love calling you Babe…?"

"Na-Naruto-kun…" Hinata felt her husband place his hand on her cheek and gently, yet firmly, turn her face towards his, kissing her teasingly.

"Please… Hina-chan…" he quietly pleaded against her rose-tinged lips. "I've missed you…"

How could she resist that? How could she resist him?

"Al-… alright…"

In the midst of their kiss Naruto grinned briefly and then deepened their embrace. His heart swelled when he heard her whimper.

"Jeez… will you two get a room already!"

The couple's kiss ended abruptly with a loud pop and Hinata's automatic eep did not fail her. Naruto, on the other hand, donned an aggravated frown and growled as he pulled away.

He turned around to see Temari, Ino, Tenten, and Sakura giggling like silly little schoolgirls. Hinata's blush began to turn purple. Those girls would never let her live that kind of public display of affection down.

"What do you want, Ino!" Naruto demanded, a lot ruder than he intended.

Ino smirked, impervious to his tone. She walked into the ramen stand and grabbed Hinata's elbow, dragging her off her barstool and towards the congregation of estrogen.

"We are heading to the bathhouse to have some quality girl time, and we needed to get Hinata before heading there."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked over at the other kunoichi who carried bath products and towels. This was the last thing he needed.

"Let's go, Hinata-chan," Ino said, turning from the speechless Hokage.

"But, but…!" Naruto stomped stubbornly and folded his arms tightly, pouting and frowning severely.

"Oh, Naruto, please," Sakura turned, along with the other girls, and rolled her eyes, "The guys are all hanging out at the bar. They were wondering where you were, and Sasuke-kun asked me to remind you. Something about you two agreeing to have a drink once you guys returned to Konoha, or whatever."

Naruto inwardly groaned. He had totally forgotten about that. Some of his subordinates, particularly Konohamaru and Sasuke, were already ragging on him about how obsessed with Hinata he was. If he didn't show, he was sure he'd never hear the end of it, and not just from those two anymore.

"But Hinata-chan and I had plans!" he argued. Furthermore, he didn't feel like drinking anymore after choking on his sake. His throat was still burning. "We've had a long day, and we were going to—"

"Save it." Temari smirked, effectively interrupting Naruto's rant. "You'll get your chance to rape this little Hyuuga, but not until we're done."

"Te-Temari-san!" Hinata squeaked. Why didn't Naruto think of using that Hiraishin technique of his in times like these?

The poisonous look Naruto gave the sand kunoichi thoroughly amused her. She was glad she married a Konoha shinobi. Sure, they were intense and passionate, but they were also so nice, they were really easy to manipulate sometimes. The desert made men from her side of the world impetuous and arrogant.

"You know, Temari, when you're out of town, Shikamaru is borderline unbearable, but I have to say, I prefer to deal with a snappy, sex-deprived lazy ass compared to some pushy, cock-blocker bossing me around! Isn't it time you go back to Suna?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata was scandalized.

Temari chuckled, impressed by his spunk. Naruto, if she dared say, was somewhat of an exception in her book, and she expected nothing less from him. "Actually, I just got in. Remember, we left Suna together, but you were too much in a rush to get into Hinata's knickers and I wasn't about to break my neck trying to keep up with you."

"Hey!" Naruto protested. "Show some respect!"

Temari snorted. "Hinata's a big girl; she can handle that kind of talk, right?" She turned to the clan leader to verify.

Hinata only whimpered. More underwear talk? Last time she checked, her panties didn't have a national holiday.

"Don't be shy. Hell, I totally raped Shika-kun as soon as laid eyes on him," stated the eldest sand sibling off-handedly.

"Okaaaay!" Ino interjected. "That's way more than anyone needs to know!"

"Hinata's not going," Naruto said, walking over to Hinata and having had enough of this nonsense. "I want to spend time with her." He took her hand and pulled her to him. Ino, however, wasn't budging.

"Jeez, you're so needy! Give the poor girl some breathing room!"

The indigo-haired beauty sighed. It was just her luck to be the rope in a tug-o-war of wills.

"But-… but Hinata doesn't even have a towel, or all that fancy stuff you girls are carrying with you right now!"

"Neither does Tenten, but we all know that they have towels at the bathhouse, and we can share, right Hinata?"


"So, it's settled!" Ino interrupted. "You go hang out with the guys until we finish taking our bath! Let's go, Hinata."

Hinata sent an apologetic look to Naruto, helplessly mouthing an I'm so sorry to him as they dragged her away.

Naruto stood dumbfounded, his shoulders slumped and his arms dangling limply in defeat. Sometimes he wished that his best group of ninja didn't know him since childhood. By default, they thought they could disregard his authority.

"Gah! I hate blondes!" he hollered, particularly glaring daggers at Ino and Temari. Who did they think they were?

Taking a deep breath, he turned in the direction of the bar. He considered abducting Hinata, but he knew that against four kunoichi, things would probably get messy.

On the opposite direction of the street, numerous giggles could be heard as the group of women chatted animatedly.

A certain dark-haired beauty did not display the same kind of enthusiasm, however.

"Are you alright, Hinata-chan?" Sakura asked quietly.

"Hm?" Distraught, Hinata looked up. She hadn't even realized the girls had stopped talking and focused their attention on her.

"Oh… umm… yeah, I'm okay," she voiced quietly.

"Why the long face? You're acting as if somebody died!" Temari asked with a smirk. These two have it real bad for each other…

"It's nothing," she assured, still quietly.

Tenten raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

"I… I just miss him…" she admitted sheepishly.

"Who? Naruto? But you just left him like 30 seconds ago!" Ino exclaimed.

"Leave her alone, Ino-pig!" Sakura demanded. "It's okay, Hinata-chan…" she assured. "We all know what it's like to be in love, but sometimes you just have to make the boys suffer a little bit, you know? Make him miss you, instead!"

"That's right," Temari added. "They start getting cocky if you give them too much attention, or worse yet, they take you for granted!"

"But he did miss me. Besides, Naruto-kun isn't like that, Temari-san…"

Ino smirked. "Wow, Hinata… we seriously need to give you a crash course in the ways of love and how to make it work to your advantage!"

"I don't think I need a crash course… we're very happy the way we are…" Hinata mumbled.

Temari rolled her eyes, and Sakura only looked at her with sympathy.

"Temari is right about them getting cocky, though," Tenten added.

"You would know exactly what Temari is talking about," Ino retorted sarcastically. "You didn't have to worry about Neji becoming cocky; he was born with a stick up his rear. That cockiness is ingrained in that arrogant Hyuuga ass…—no offense, Hinata."

"None taken…" Hinata mumbled pitifully.

Tenten chuckled. "I suppose you're right… but I like them cocky. I like my man sure of himself. The last thing I need is a wimp!"

"You got that right!" all the girls agreed with a giggle that was swallowed by the entrance of the bathhouse.

Hinata, on the other hand, didn't find it amusing in the least; she didn't feel the need to validate Naruto's confidence or courage.

"So whose bright idea was it to come here so late anyway?" Temari thought to ask as they walked into the changing room and started to discard their clothes.

"Miss Thang here got fed up with Sai and decided to drag me out here," Sakura explained, pointing her thumb towards Ino. "Then we saw Tenten and Neji having tea at The Lotus, and we decided to ask her to come along, too."

"What did Sai do?" asked Tenten.

"Ugh…!" That was Ino. "He scared a customer away. A kid, for crying out loud! I swear, I've never met someone so socially inept!"

"Tell me something I don't know," Sakura muttered.

They walked out of the changing room to an open area with a large steaming pool. They discarded their towels and, after folding them, carefully climbed into the bath.

"So a cute little boy walks into the flower shop looking to buy flowers for the girl he likes at school," Ino began as she settled into the pool with a relieved expression on her face—the water felt heavenly. "He takes an interest in the lilies, and when he's about to grab a handful, Sai goes to him and says, 'Did you know that lilies symbolize death?' I wanted to die. A while back I told him that it really helps customers when they understand the meaning of the flowers, but, of course, leave it to Sai to get himself and everyone around him into awkward situations! I felt so bad when the boy started crying, I ended up giving him some flowers for free!"

Temari smirked. "Why would someone tell that to a kid?"

"Obviously you don't know Sai," Sakura grumbled.

"I thought lilies symbolized the restored innocence of the soul at death…" Tenten remarked.

"They do! He could've just said that lilies meant innocence, or just suggested another flower altogether! And I thought Naruto was the clueless one!"

"Naruto-kun is not clueless!" Hinata said firmly. The girls looked at her with shock. Hinata had been so quiet that, for a second, they had almost forgotten she was there.

"Says the woman who waited more than a decade for him to realize she wanted to jump his bones," Temari smirked.

Ignoring Temari's lewd remark, Hinata continued. "In fact, he's very intelligent, and kind, and wonderful, and…"

"Okay, okay, we get it… Naruto is every woman's dream," Ino interrupted dismissively.

"He is!" Hinata declared fervently, crossing her arms indignantly.

Ino smirked and Sakura's eyes widened… she had never seen Hinata defend Naruto that passionately. She guessed Hinata finally got fed up with people making fun of her husband. Sakura didn't blame her, though. She knew that if people dared make fun of her Sasuke-kun, she was bound to make a crater in their faces.

Tenten, for her part, just smiled at Hinata with understanding, and Temari arched an eyebrow mischievously.

"Is he, now…?" Temari inquired.

"Yes, he is!"

She grinned like the Cheshire cat. "Is that right? If that's the case, how big…?"

Only Temari would determine a man's worth based on the size of his package… Tenten thought, shaking her head slightly, but smirking nonetheless.

Hinata had already opened her mouth to continue defending Naruto's honor, but, when she grasped the meaning of Temari's question, her face turned the color of a ripe plum.

Ino smirked. "Oh ho… this is getting interesting…"

Hinata only sunk lower into the water.

"Well…?" Temari urged.

"I'm n-not going to disclose that k-kind of information!" Hinata blubbered, her lips under the water. That was none of their business!

Ino snickered and moved closer to Hinata. "You know… you don't have to tell us… you can always show us…"

"What do you mean…?"

Ino grinned and settled right in front of her. "Well… you know…" She brought her hands from under the water and positioned them close to five inches apart, the palms facing each other. "Sai is about this big," she explained. "It might not be a monstrosity, but he certainly knows how to use it… if anything, all that reading has done him some real good…" she said slyly.

Temari only snorted. "I beg to differ… size makes a hell of a difference to me!"

Ino snorted in return. "You're one to talk! I'd be surprised if Shikamaru stays awake past foreplay!"

"More like after being undressed…" Tenten mumbled with a snicker, though, lucky for her, Temari was more preoccupied with her fellow blonde. The look the sand Kunoichi gave Ino could almost curd milk.

"If anybody should ever feel lucky, it's the girl who ends up dating Chouji…" Tenten mused, earning giggles and blushes—especially from Hinata. "Choose your size!" she added dramatically as if she was selling fish in the market.

"Would you like a small, medium, or large?" Sakura quipped.

"Oh, baby… you can supersize me any… time…" Temari joked.

"You know, Ino-pig… if you weren't so shallow you could've dated him!"

"Eww, no! I'm not that desperate, Forehead!"

"What do you mean, 'eww'?" Temari questioned. "Chouji is really a nice guy… even if he's always stuffing his face. I got to know him better in this last trip to Suna. We talked a lot when we were traveling… Shikamaru isn't exactly the most conversational guy around… thinks it's a drag to talk for long periods of time, so traveling with him can get boring sometimes."

"You know…" Sakura interjected. She really wanted her friends to stop babbling and focus on the shy little Hyuuga. So what if she was curious as to how well-endowed Naruto was! She was his teammate for years. A girl gets curious, you know…!

"Hinata hasn't told us about Naruto…"

"Oh, yeah!" Ino agreed, turning to Hinata again with a playful grin.

Hinata only sank deeper and closed her eyes with dread. For a second she had been relieved that the girls had forgotten about her.

Sakura, in an effort to inspire the shy clan leader, decided to speak. "Well, Sasuke is about this big." She made the same gesture as Ino—only with a bit more space in between, and smiled smugly as she watched all the girls—except Hinata—raised their eyebrows, impressed.

"Neji is about the same," Tenten added, making roughly the same measurement.

Hinata shuddered. She did not need to know that.

"Shikamaru is about the same, too," Temari voiced. Her smile, however, surpassed Sakura's smugness. "The only difference is that he's almost as thick as the fat end of a baseball bat!"

"Yeah, right…!" Ino spat.

"Wow…" was all Sakura could say. She then turned to Hinata, and the fact that she still remained so composed after Temari's admission had kind of began to annoy her. Then… her eyes widened. It could only mean one thing…


She looked at Sakura questionably.

"How big?"

The chatting immediately died after hearing Sakura's tone. Everyone turned and looked at Hinata expectantly.

Sighing in defeat, Hinata resurfaced her chin from the water and, bringing her hands from under the water, repeated the same gesture the other girls had made. She observed how the distance between her palms had the girls' jaws dangling open and eyes at the brink of popping out of their sockets.

"No… way…" Tenten whispered.

"That looks painful…" Ino muttered in amazement.

"O-only at first… w-when we started d-doing it…" Hinata mumbled, and flinched when she realized what she was saying. Lucky for her, the girls didn't hear her.

"Some girls have all the luck…" Temari grumbled bitterly.

Sakura blushed, regretting pushing the matter. She knew she could never again look at Naruto in the same light. Her inner Sakura berated her for turning him down for all those years.

"Is he thick, too?" Leave it to Ino to want as much information as possible.

Hinata's eyes widened at the girl's shamelessness, and she sank half her face under the water again.

"Well?" That was Temari.

Hinata, thoroughly mortified, gave the faintest nod, hoping the girls wouldn't notice her admission. To her misfortune, Ino's squeal proved otherwise.

"You've gotta tell us…" Ino began.

"Tell you what…?" Hinata asked, briefly emerging from under the water to speak.

"Uhh, details…!" Temari explained, as if it was the most obvious thing.

Hinata shied away and shook her head vehemently. "T-that's private…!" she squeaked.

"Oh, c'mon Hinata… it's not like we're going to tell people or something!"

"I'd be worried with Ino-pig in the premises if I were her…" Sakura retorted.

"Shut up, Forehead! It's not like you're any better!"

"Can't help it if you corrupted me!"

"What. Ever!"

"Well…" Temari interjected. "I gotta admit I'm curious when it's the most hyperactive ninja and the shyest kunoichi in all five countries we're talking about. You're like the most mismatched couple I've ever come across, so I'm really drawing a blank when I try to imagine you two doing the nasty in the sack."

Hinata flushed brightly. Why in the world would Temari want to imagine anything involving her and Naruto being intimate? Seriously… people really confused her sometimes.

"Well, opposites do attract…" Sakura pointed out.

"Yeah. Look at Forehead and Tomato Eyes. She's all perky and bubbly, and he's all broody and mysterious."

"Talk about a contrast," Tenten commented.

"I bet that doing it with him is worse than attending a funeral…" Ino remarked impishly.

"Shut up, Ino-pig!" was Sakura's indignant rebuke.

"Girls, focus!" Temari… again. Being the oldest apparently made her the voice of reason.

"This is not about Sakura and Sasuke," she reminded. "So… Hinata-chan…"


"Drop the innocent act, already. I get the feeling you're not as sweet and innocent as people believe you to be. I've seen what you can do in battle… you're one mean kunoichi when you put your mind to it, so fess up!"

Hinata looked at Temari, blushing furiously. She turned her gaze towards the rest of the girls who were watching her expectantly. She took a deep breath, realizing that these women were willing to turn into estrogen broth in the hopes to hear her story. Sometimes Hinata hated herself for being so kind and feeling sorry for the group of women.

Sighing again, she began to speak…

Naruto walked listlessly with his hands shoved in his pockets, not particularly thrilled about having to hang out with dudes when he'd been looking forward to spend time with, as far as he was concerned, the hottest girl in Konoha.

There were a few wandering souls, just like him, who walked the streets of Konoha. Occasionally he would run into patrolling chunin who would greet him respectfully when they realized who he was and he would return the greeting half-heartedly. Most simply assumed that their Hokage's lacking spirit had something to do with the missing company of a certain Hyuuga clan head.

Initially, only those among the Rookie 12, a few older ninjas, and a handful of villagers knew of Hinata's steadfast feelings towards the blond loudmouth. When said blond promised himself he'd help Hinata live a little, logically, he began to spend more time with her. The villagers took immediate note of this, as did the whole ninja force in the village. Pretty soon, rumors that the Hokage and the Hyuuga leader were an item began spreading like a wildfire infused with chakra, much to the dismay of the jinchuuriki's fan club.

Naruto tried dispelling such rumors for Hinata's sake, but since he didn't know any better, he couldn't for the life of himself understand why people refused to believe him, let alone why they congratulated him instead on "finally getting a clue."

Hinata, for her part, not only had to deal with sour looks from Naruto's fangirls, but she also had to endure griping Hyuuga elders who, even after a year of the shy heiress taking over the clan, could not get over the fact that she was the first clan leader to take over the family unmarried. Though they never openly admitted it, Hinata knew they only nagged because she was a woman.

Luckily, Hinata was able to convince the clan that she did not need to be married in order to be a good leader. Neji, Hanabi, and even her father—surprisingly enough—supported her cause, though Hinata had her suspicions that Hiashi only endorsed her because he wanted to retire.

That had not been the hardest argument that Hinata had to win, however. Everyone knew that her greatest victory as a leader was outlawing the Hyuuga cursed seal.

As a matter of fact, when Hinata inherited the clan, getting rid of the cursed seal was the first thing she had set out to do, much to the main family's outrage, and Neji's and the branch family's delight. Coincidentally, this was around the same time Naruto had become Hokage, and he had been more than eager to help. Knowing she would need all the support she could get, when she decided to approach him, she was pleasantly surprised to find him cooped up in Konoha's main library, brushing up on his clan history with a specific focus on a certain white-eyed family.

Not long after, with the help of Naruto, Neji, Hanabi, and—yes, once again surprisingly enough—her father, Hinata drafted a bill that would ban any activation of the seal, as well any future sealing. The outrage from the main family came as no surprise, but in time, they learned to get over themselves. As far as Naruto was concerned, writing the bill had only been a courtesy… a heads up that there would be major changes, and that Hinata was only being nice about it.

And so, the Hyuuga clan became one unified entity. The bill proudly displayed Hinata's signature, as well as the Rokudaime Hokage's, and soon after, seal experts were called for from all ally shinobi nations in an effort to develop a way to safely remove the seal from those who were already branded with it. Creating this technique did not happen overnight, but once it was complete, Hinata, Naruto, and especially Neji had been ecstatic.

It's truly amazing what one shy little Hyuuga can do when she puts her mind to it, Naruto realized, smiling despite himself. What countless generations thought impossible to do in an entire lifetime, Hinata was able to achieve in less than a year. He had never been so proud, and since Hinata was very humble about her accomplishment, Naruto took it upon himself to brag on her behalf. Overcoming the old ways of a clan was complicated enough as it was, but Hinata handled it with such grace and precision that it literally blew everyone away.

He thought it ironic, especially when so many at one point considered her to be the kind of shinobi to hold everyone back; the klutz, the frail kunoichi who could barely hold her own in a fight. Now, as Naruto walked the streets of Konoha, he still felt honored to be the inspiration of someone who in the end turned out to be a magnificent ninja. Never in a million years would he have thought that his loud and overbearing tendencies would affect people's lives to that extent. But he was glad, and lucky, dare he say, that he influenced Hinata enough to give her the necessary drive to successfully lead her clan.

As for his methods in helping the shy heiress... well, his first step was getting rid of that stuttering that had occasionally plagued her—particularly in his presence. As childish as it had been, he would make her repeat something until she said it properly. They would sit at Ichiraku's and spend hours on end talking about anything and everything in an effort to get Hinata to talk—not stutter. It took Hinata a lot of convincing from Naruto that he was just one man, a simple man, and, most importantly, her friend, and that she didn't need to be nervous around him. Hinata would only smile back kindly; she always knew in her heart that Naruto was a lot more than just a man.

Eventually, Hinata's stuttering virtually disappeared and all that remained was her soft, quiet voice. He never had to strain to hear her, but he quickly understood that Hinata was the kind of person that would not speak more than it was necessary, and, the more they talked, the more he realized that Hinata was the farthest thing from "shy, dark and weird."

In fact, Naruto appreciated her quiet and reserved demeanor; the last thing he needed was trying to speak over someone who talked as much as he did. He had come to value that, as opposed to being loud in the hopes of getting her attention, her attention was solely his whenever they met. At first, it felt strange for him to get all that attention without even trying, but, despite this, it was the most wonderful feeling.

Furthermore, when he spent time with Hinata, he never felt bored, as he suspected he would be—she was pretty quiet after all! Quite the contrary, actually, for he was pleasantly surprised to find that her companionship was soothing and relaxing after a hectic day at the Hokage tower. In fact, he looked forward to it.

While Hinata had finally overcome her stuttering, other forms of close contact were still a work in progress. To save her life, Hinata couldn't look at Naruto straight in the eyes for more than a few seconds. Initially, he had to remind her to look him in the eyes every now and then. As she improved her eye contact, Naruto indulged in studying her features carefully. He had come to love the way her long eyelashes fluttered every time she blinked, and for the longest time, he couldn't tell if her eyes were lavender or a creamy, light gray. He eventually settled on the former. However, his most important discovery was how easily lost he got in her eyes, despite the moments she allowed him to indulge being brief.

Yet, her eyes weren't the only thing he had fallen in love with. Sometimes he found himself appreciating the way her cheekbones flared pleasantly, the way she nervously bit her lower lip, the way a slight frown would form on her brow when she was distressed, the way her indigo locks framed her face perfectly, and the way she covered her mouth, trying to hide her sweet laughter whenever he acted like a dork.

But before all that, what he had immediately come to love was the way her eyes squinted merrily when she smiled, even if it was the faintest of smiles, and before he knew it, the smiles she gave him began to take his breath away. He couldn't understand how she managed to look so innocent yet amazingly seductive with her shy smiles. Was she even aware she did that, let alone what it did to him?

Sure, he knew Hinata was cute and sweet; one of the kindest souls he had ever come across, quite frankly. He knew the rest of their friends shared that same conviction. They also knew that she could be quite ferocious when crossed in the battlefield. She hadn't been an ANBU captain for nothing.

When he had to travel outside the village, he always requested her to come along. If it wasn't for reinforced protection—her kekkei genkai really came in handy for that—it was for her companionship and the chance to continue helping her overcome her weaknesses.

He never worried about her skills as a ninja. On the contrary, he trusted her with his life, and whenever someone was stupid enough to attack his caravan, watching Hinata protect him was a sight for sore eyes. The fluidity and grace of her movements made her seem like she was nimbly dancing as opposed to causing internal damage of the most fatal kind. He had never come across a woman who looked as sexy when fighting.

Her skin, which seemed to either glow magically under the moonlight or flush prettily under the rays of the sun; her long, silky hair; her contrasting lavender eyes, and the perfect proportions of her body made her the object of almost any man who dared to lay eyes on her, ninja or not. Naruto, for his part, had no problem sparing angry glares to whoever looked at her inappropriately, yet berated himself privately, for he shared the same sentiment.

In Hinata he had found the friend he had always wished for. Her quiet and peaceful demeanor encouraged him to tell her things he never told anyone else, either because he knew they would probably think him stupid, or because they simply wouldn't care.

But she always listened.

She never laughed in his face, and when he told her sad stories of his childhood, she had always been eager to cheer him up and comfort him. She wouldn't leave him unless she knew he was okay. Soon enough, he had realized that he had not only been helping her, but that she had been helping him as well. He finally found the one person who he could confide in.

She also shared stories of her own, though reluctantly at first. When he insisted she could trust him and tell him anything she wanted, she had assured him that it had nothing to do with lack of trust. When he had inquired what the problem was, she had sheepishly admitted that she did not want to burden him with her sad and boring stories.

Of course, Naruto would have none of it.

"Listen, Hinata," he had said. "Although I've always enjoyed talking your ears off,"—at that point he gave her a sheepish smile—"I also love the sound of your voice." His smile then turned impish when she flushed. "Therefore... as far as I'm concerned, you don't have a choice, young lady, so start talking."

Although it took a bit more cajoling, Hinata finally succumbed, and they were able to confide in each other equally. Such confidence in each other created the type of closeness they had never experienced before, but that they would treasure for the rest of their days.

But then, what had become an invaluable friendship had begun to turn into something more…

It started with a brush of their hands…

When he would walk her to the Hyuuga estate after their nightly meetings at Ichiraku's, the occasional bump of their hands did not go unnoticed to either one of them.

This simple contact made Naruto's heart beat erratically. His stomach would flutter when he met with her every evening, and on a few instances he found himself being as sheepish as Hinata, scratching the back of his neck and even avoiding eye contact when he was really happy to see her. When he couldn't take it anymore, an accidental brush of her hand against his was caught in his reluctant but hopeful grip, and since old habits are hard to break, he squirmed in fear, expecting her to slap him silly him like Sakura would have if he ever had the audacity to pull such a stunt.

But she never did.

Her hand had been almost unbearably sweaty, but she never pulled away, and neither did he.

The next day, Neji had asked him if he had done something stupid. When Naruto questioned why, the stiff Hyuuga informed that his cousin had passed out the second the loud blond had dropped her off.

Naruto proceeded to berate himself for days and did not dare to hold her hand again. In fact, even if this incident did not stop them from meeting at Ichiraku's, several evenings were spent in awkward silence. Lucky for him, while he slowly drove himself crazy in his efforts to minimize this awkwardness, Hinata finally decided to surprise him. While she did not yet have the courage to express her feelings to him, she had just enough courage to start small.

She took hold of his hand... much the same way he had the first time.

When he didn't pull away, she secretly smiled to herself.

It's good to start small, she decided.

At first, their holding hands would result from the accidental brush. They would later result from the intentional brush. Soon enough, they would extend a hand to each other with a shy smile… whoever dared first.

However, the closeness he shared with her and the joy he found in simply holding her hand had begun to make him greedy. But then again, he knew by then he was crushing… and crushing hard.

...Harder than he ever did for Sakura.

At first, the hyperactive blond didn't know what to do with himself. Hyuuga Hinata was not just cute, but gorgeous and sexy—and not just in the heap of fantasies that sooner than he felt comfortable with began to plague his mind.

Yet, all dirty thoughts aside, the Rokudaime Hokage began monopolizing her evenings, and just like with everything else, it took him a while to realize that it was no longer about "teaching Hinata how to live a little", and their time together eventually began to extend past Ichiraku's closing time. They would go to the roof of the Hokage monument and talk for hours on end, stargazing. And what a difference it made to be in the presence of a woman who not only enjoyed his company and treasured his friendship, but who liked him for who he was; plain ol' Naruto, loudness and all.

And so… their holding hands turned into the first innocent peck on the cheek he gave her. He had done it on impulse, and to his chagrin, he did not have to wait for Neji to come and confront him the next day asking why Hinata had passed out again. She saved everyone the trouble by collapsing right on the spot.

When they had met the next day, Hinata had for at least the first half of the evening backtracked to her old self, stuttering helplessly and blushing profusely, and for the first time in his life, Naruto had found her stuttering and blushing to be the cutest and most adorable thing on Earth.

Suffice it to say that his pecks became as frequent as their hand holding, and just as their first time holding hands, their first kiss had also been accidental. It had been sweet and innocent. As they stood before the Hyuuga gates, Naruto had leaned in to peck her cheek about the same time Hanabi had been walking out, momentarily greeting her sister and the Hokage as she passed by.

Her greeting had forced Hinata to look up, thus lining up her lips with Naruto's. Everything happened so fast… Naruto, who had already been well on his way to kiss her cheek, was unable to stop the inevitable. Hanabi merely giggled and continue walking when she saw what had transpired. Naruto had pulled away at the speed of light and blubbered a pitiful hello to Hanabi combined with an apology to Hinata. Hinata simply donned her upgraded version of the ultimate Hinata blush.

That had not exactly been the way she had pictured her first kiss to be.

Later, as she lay in her plush bed, too giddy to sleep, she celebrated that at least her first kiss had been with the man of her dreams. Naruto lay in his own bed, still marveling over the softness of Hinata's lips. His lips would tingle and his stomach would do acrobatics for many days to come, especially in Hinata's presence. Such reaction would continue well past the moment they finally decided to share a proper kiss.

He did not have to wait long for that.

In fact, as he walked down the street reminiscing about that time, he realized that his lips would still tingle every time he kissed her, or remembered the way her lips felt against his; much the same way they were doing now as he thought of the way she sighed as he kissed her teasingly at Ichiraku's before Ino and company abducted her. Unconsciously, Naruto had reached up and touched his own lips with a wistful smile. It had not even been an hour, and he was already longing for her.

Were his friends conspiring against him and Hinata? Was it a sick joke to see just how much he and Hinata could put up with?

Naruto growled. Screw going to the bar. Right now he just wanted to ravish his wife and he had every right to.

With a determined frown, the blond man turned around and leapt upward, skipping from building to building in the direction of Konoha's main bathhouse. He was entirely sick of Ino and Sakura bossing him around, and if the rest of his friends had something to do with him not spending time with Hinata, he would surely give them a piece of his mind. He would put a stop to that once and for all, but, most importantly, he would have Hinata writhing under him within the hour.

"And that's it…" Hinata said quietly.

"What do you mean that's it!" Ino exclaimed.

"That's the story!" Hinata explained.

"Listen, Hinata… I have not been sitting here for almost an hour, light headed and at the verge of passing out just so I can hear yours and Naruto's love story!"

Hinata smiled and looked at her curiously. "What else were you expecting, Ino-san?"

"HOT… UNADULTERATED… SEX… STORIES… about you and Naruto!" she ground out through her teeth.

Hinata looked at her blankly and then at the rest of the girls, who just like her were sitting at the edge of the steaming pool, no longer able to put up with the heat. Although they were now only soaking their feet in the steaming water, the vapor was still hard to deal with.

Hinata nevertheless decided to dip into the steamy water before calling it a day. After feeling a combination of the cool night breeze and the heat from the pool, the water actually felt really nice.

"I'm… not going to talk about something like that, Ino-san…" Hinata stated. "That is something that is very intimate between my husband and I, and I intend to keep it that way."

The rest of the girls smiled at Hinata admiringly. It was about time someone put nosy Ino in her place.



Ino, along with the rest of the kunoichi, immediately jumped into the steaming pool with a shriek. They recognized the mischievousness of that chuckle anywhere!

"You tell 'em, Hinata-chan…" a high-pitched feminine voice suddenly encouraged from the door that led to the changing room.

"NARUTO… I'M… GOING… TO… KILL… YOU…!" Sakura threatened, a thick vein on her forehead throbbing wildly.

"Lighten up, Sakura-chan…" the infamous version of Naruto's Oiroke no Jutsu suggested dismissively as she walked towards the pool with her trademark cloud covering her assets. "I'm just a clone… the real Naruto is waiting outside," she stated as she climbed down into the hot spring.


The sexy clone grinned slyly and floated across to where Hinata was, officially taking the heiress' blush to a whole new level.

"I'm here to pick up Hinata-chan…" she replied, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. When she reached Hinata, she placed her hand on the girl, playfully gliding said hand across her tummy and then moving it to her cheek to caress tenderly, but not before grazing Hinata's breast momentarily. The clone's grin widened when she heard Hinata gasp helplessly. It always pays off to know your way around your woman…

"I miss you…" the clone admitted with a lustful pout, moving forward to brush her whiskered cheek against Hinata's, and then nibble her earlobe teasingly.

If they weren't all naked, Ino would have given anything to capture this on camera.

Hinata, at a complete loss of words, simply sat there with her eyes wide, utterly breathless and shivering, despite the hot water. Okay, so she knew she had riled up Naruto with his clones at the office, but she never imagined he'd do something like this, especially in public!

"Come home already…" the clone pleaded in a moan, pulling back to momentarily grace Hinata with her best puppy eyes. Seeing that Hinata's expression was still frozen in time, the duplicate giggled mischievously and latched onto Hinata's ear again, licking it teasingly, and enjoying the way the pale-eyed beauty shivered in response. To tease her further, the clone pressed herself firmly against Hinata and held her in a warm embrace.

Hinata, for her part, didn't know what to make of it. Was this Naruto's idea of payback? She wouldn't put it past him, but what shocked her most was not that the clone attached to her ear was female, but that it somehow aroused her. What the hell was wrong with her! Oh, she couldn't wait to get home and give Naruto a piece of her mind for putting her in such a bizarre situation!

What was worse, Hinata couldn't help but to secretly admit—to her bewilderment—that feeling such a soft body against her own, after being used to Naruto's firmness, was somehow pleasantly different.

"Hinata-chan…" the sexy clone whispered with a sigh that made Hinata tremble prettily.

"Wow…" Tenten said, openly gaping and wondering if she could ever make Neji do something like that. Although she was very happily married, she had always secretly wondered what it would be like to be with another woman. Neji having long hair and a beautiful face somewhat helped with the imagery, but other than that, he was missing the mentality and certain assets.

"Na-Na… Naruto-kun…!" Hinata squeaked in utter embarrassment.

"Please, Hinata-chan…" the girl implored, placing feather-like kisses along Hinata's cheeks, eyes, and jaw line.

The girls surrounding the frisky couple looked on dumbfounded, competing to see who could come up with the reddest blush.

"O-o-o-okay…" Hinata managed.

The clone grinned victoriously, and caressed Hinata's cheek again. What she did next had the rest of the kunoichi gasping and clutching their thighs tightly in hopes of overcoming the unexpected kind of warmth between their legs that had nothing to do with the steaming water. As a reward, the clone leaned in and gave Hinata the hottest, and deepest kiss they had ever witnessed. Hearing Hinata's moan in response had the other women fiddling with the water and looking away sheepishly, still blushing fiercely. They privately admitted that seeing something like that definitely beat hearing stories….

Pulling away smugly, the clone looked at Hinata lustfully, tenderly tucking a stray lock behind her ear.

"I'll be waiting for you at home, okay…?"

Hinata still had a difficult time believing this was her Naruto-kun—or at least his clone—but she somehow managed to nod dumbly.

The sexy clone grinned. "I'm going now… before Sakura-chan and Ino come out of their trance and decide to kill me…" she then turned around to look at the girls who still stared, frozen in time. "This will be our little secret, okay…? I'd hate to see what Neji, Sasuke, Sai, and Shikamaru would do their Hokage for jumping into the hot springs with their women… okay?"

Unbeknownst to each other, the girls nodded dumbly.

The clone smiled, thankful as she floated across heated water, climbed out, and walked away, but not without a very suggestive swing of her naked hips. She did not reach the exist, opting instead to disappear in a gusty whirlwind and sunshin-ing out of the bathhouse.

"That… had… to be… the hottest… thing I've ever seen…" Temari voiced, still in shock.

"No… shit…" Ino agreed dumbfounded.

Hinata, who still sat on the spot the clone had left her, wore a blank stare, gazing at nothing in particular.

"Hinata-chan… are you okay…?" Sakura asked after finally coming from her shock.

With a final whimper, Hinata's eyes rolled up and her body fumbled to the side, sinking under the water.

"Figures… she passed out…" Temari stated with a bored sigh as Sakura and Tenten scrambled to rescue their friend from drowning.

"That Naruto… I'm going to kill him…" Sakura muttered to no one in particular as she and Tenten lifted Hinata from under the water and carried her to the dressing room.

"That was still pretty hot…" Temari commented as she extracted herself from the steaming water.

"Maybe Sai can make a female ink clone, too…" Ino mused out loud, staring into space.

"Yeah, and then you can have a threesome…" Temari suggested sarcastically.

"You know… that doesn't sound like such a bad idea…"

"Ugh…!" Temari simply walked away, shaking her head. Part of her was disappointed that if she ever considered asking Shikamaru to make a clone, he'd probably tell her to stop being troublesome and that making clones would be a drag.

"Seriously… some girls really do have all the luck…"

Silly Translations

Okaerinasai - Welcome home. (Credit: Years of anime-watching. I figured I'd eventually pick up a thing or two XD)

Hiraishin no Jutsu - (Flying Thunder God Technique) is a ninjutsu technique utilized by the Fourth Hokage. The technique gave Yondaime his nickname "Konoha's Yellow Flash," due to his bright yellow hair and his ability to traverse great distances in the blink of an eye. A space-time jutsu like Kuchiyose, Yondaime first needs to mark his destination with a shiki (rite) first, he can then activate the jutsu to come to the mark. He can apply this to a weapon such as a kunai, and when thrown or used, he can instantly travel to it. He can also apply the mark to a touched area, such as his opponent or some other surrounding feature. No matter where the opponent goes, Yondaime can travel to the mark to kill them. (Credit: leafninja dot com)

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Chapter II

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Chapter II

Hinata sighed in relief as she approached the Hokage's Tower. The day had been its usual at the Hyuuga Estate: long, drawn out meetings with squabbling elders, topped off with her flawless ability to complete all the required tasks a clan leader must attend to by the end of the day. A small secretive smile caressed her lips. She was eager to finally see Naruto after a long, uneventful day.

As she neared the lofty building, she could easily envision him still cooped up in the office, worrying over the tiniest detail of every document that crossed his desktop. She knew this because he would've otherwise gone by the Hyuuga estate and dragged her to have dinner with him at Ichiraku's.

Reaching the main entrance, Hinata was greeted cordially by incoming and outgoing shinobi. She was a little puzzled by their slight blushes when she returned their greetings, completely unaware that her dazzling smile was responsible for rendering them speechless. However, contrary to her bewilderment, it didn't take long for her to know what the devious looks and mischievous grins meant; especially from those who worked the closest to Naruto. After all, it was no secret that the Rokudaime was unreasonable—a borderline tyrant, if she dared say—when it came to returning to Konoha and making up for lost time with his wife.

The mere thought threatened her composure and challenged every attempt she made at keeping her blush under control. However, her efforts became futile the second a Jounin walked past her and smirked, murmuring, "I hope you got some sleep last night…"

Her face turned beet red, and she shot the man a look that made him gulp and increase his pace. For a second, the way he looked at her made it seem as if he was under the impression that she wouldn't hear him.

Sighing, Hinata had to wonder if it was really that obvious, because even Neji—of all people—had also smirked at her in a way not much different than the Jounin had. Unlike the Jounin, her cousin had thankfully refrained from making any comments that were beneath his stature, but that did not make him any less perverted or mean!

Her shoulders drooped and she groaned in defeat. Was she really at fault for not being able to dissimulate her happiness for Naruto's return? After all, Konoha was apparently swarming with closet perverts, and from what she recently discovered with Neji, the Hyuuga clan was no exception. Thinking about it in retrospect, she was relieved that she no longer lived at the Hyuuga compound; she couldn't imagine making love with Naruto in a house full of people who could see through walls. Her beloved Naruto-kun was virtually insatiable and his appetite for her could never be quenched.

As she began climbing the stairs, Hinata tried not to make too much eye contact and nonetheless secretly blamed her husband, cursing his shameless lack of tact for putting her in such embarrassing situations. She had to wonder if he actually paid her any mind when she reminded him to be a bit more discreet.

Shaking her head and still fighting the bright blush adorning her cheeks, she decided it was best to forget about the troublesome "aftershock" of Naruto's arrival and focus solely on making her way to the top floor. Once in front of the door that lead to his office, she knocked quietly and heard his muffled response to come in. As soon as she opened the door, she smiled at the sight. Surrounding the large desk were six Narutos, some reading what she assumed were official documents and others scribbling away.

"Hinata-chan?" The Naruto sitting in the large executive chair—which she assumed was the real Naruto—grinned happily when he saw her.

The rest of his clones looked up from their work, their faces lighting up at the mention of her name. "Hinata!"

She smiled. "Hi, Naruto."

One of the clones stood to greet the flushed clan leader, and not wanting to be left behind, the rest soon followed.

"Heeeeey…!" Indeed, the whining blond who remained behind the desk was the true Naruto.

Hinata leaned on the now closed door, tucking her hands behind her and smiling at the approaching copies.

"Take one more step, and I'll Hiraishin no Jutsu all your butts to the Land of Snow!"

The kage bunshins froze mid-step, except for one who turned to Naruto with a pitiful gaze. Naruto recognized him immediately to be the one who had stood first and thus enticed the rest. "But why…?" he whined. "We just wanna say 'hi' to our Hinata-chan."

"Tough luck," Naruto replied as he stood and walked around the desk towards Hinata. "Get back to work, all of you."


"Boss is so mean…"

"Hogging Hinata-chan all to himself…"


Hinata bit her bottom lip, failing to suppress her giggles. She watched the grumbling clones shuffle their way back to the desk, sparing bitter glares to their summoner as he walked past them towards the object of their combined affections.

Hinata's giggles quickly dissolved, her forgotten blush rapidly darkening despite her best efforts as he drew near.

"I don't know what's come over these clones! They're totally outta control, I tell ya," he commented off-handedly. He had a small blush of his own, but he also wore a devilish little smirk that betrayed his supposed bewilderment.

"Uh-huh…" Hinata muttered unimpressed. "I'm sure last night has nothing to do with it…"

"I don't know what you're talking about," he swore in a murmur, reaching up to toy with a thick lock of silky hair, but Hinata knew better. The way she narrowed her eyes at him told him he was a lousy liar. Lucky for him, Hinata still became kind of fidgety when he invaded her personal space; the way she prettily bit her bottom lip and fiddled with her fingers was a dead giveaway.

In fact, he was pretty certain that her heart had stirred into a frenzy. His smirk widened into a grin as he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her against him softly, feeling her tremble when he trapped her in his arms.

"Hey…" he greeted in a low, raspy whisper.

His greeting was intimate; only meant for her to hear, and not the slew of blonds in the background. This realization made Hinata's knees want to buckle, and Naruto couldn't help chuckling as soon as he noticed. He felt it in the way her arms went around him, clutching onto the fabric of his robes, and the way she looked away bashfully.

"H-Hey…" she whispered back.

"Did you miss me…?" he inquired, still quietly.

Hinata smiled and burrowed her face against his chest. "How could I not?"

"I dunno," Naruto mumbled sheepishly, running his hands down her back soothingly. "Just checking… I guess…"

Hinata inhaled deeply, taking in his masculine and ramen scent and enjoying the warmth of his embrace.

"Silly Naruto-kun…"

He chuckled, now playing with the silky ends of her hair that rested on her back. "Heh… maybe just a lil' bit."

She hummed. After a moment of silence, she gave him a fleeting, furtive glance. "Did… did you miss me…?"

Naruto's grin widened. "Like you wouldn't believe! I was itching to hold you in my arms the second I dropped you off at your family's."

When they had married, Hinata was pleasantly surprised to discover that their strolls around Konoha would no longer be limited to the evenings as they had been when they were only dating. Naruto was quick to develop the habit of walking her to the Hyuuga estate every morning. He explained that, although his main reason for doing this was because he enjoyed spending time with her, he also figured that her father, and the rest of her family for that matter, would appreciate the gesture since their clan leader would no longer reside within the Hyuuga compound.

Taking a deep breath, the shy woman tightened her embrace around her husband and nuzzled his throat. Naruto looked down and cupped one of her cheeks in his hand, urging her to look at him despite the loving sensation of her simple gesture. When she did, his hand moved to trace her jaw line tenderly. Hinata brought one of her hands as well to trace his whisker marks with her thumb, smiling when she felt the shiver that raced down his spine with her other hand. She loved how sensitive they were.

No longer able to contain himself, he brought his face lower and claimed her lips softly… lovingly. He felt his whole body shudder and his skin grow goose bumps when he heard her moan helplessly into their kiss. His embrace tightened around her and he soaked in the feeling of her warmth. He always found her so incredibly soft and cozy; he could happily spend the rest of his life in her arms.

Moments later, he pulled away gently. He gave her a goofy smile and Hinata returned the favor with a shy smile of her own.

"So unfair…"

Frowning curiously, both Naruto and Hinata looked to the group of blonds at the desk.

"Totally unfair…" another agreed, tossing the scroll he finished looking over and brusquely plucking another from a stack nearby. The rest of the clones nodded bitterly.

"Why does he get to kiss her and not us…?"

"We never get to kiss her…"

Hinata smirked gently and Naruto released an exasperated breath.

"Boss is just bein' selfish…" another clone explained, scribbling into a scroll a lot more forcefully than normal.

Naruto groaned and rubbed his temple with one hand.

"Definitely hogging Hinata-chan all to himself… tche!" another piped up tartly, crossing his arms.

Hinata giggled. "That's quite the harem I have."

Naruto grunted sourly. "I believe you mean fan club…"

In a very uncharacteristic move from her, Hinata slipped out of his grasp with a playful smile and walked towards the congregation of kage bunshins. "Harem. I like the term harem a whole lot better. It's more fitting."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "It's only a harem if you…" he trailed off, watching his Hinata-chan do something completely unusual—and the clones weren't much better, if the wide-eyed looks they gave her were anything to go by!

Their blue eyes stalked her quiet but confident steps as she neared them. The first clone she reached didn't even get the opportunity to smile at her before she cupped his cheeks and placed a brief but teasing kiss on his stunned lips. He certainly didn't see that coming! The kiss had been so brief that by the time the he decided to return it, Hinata had already pulled away, leaving him to trail after her lips desperately; much the same way the real Naruto had tormented her the night before.

"Heeeeeey…!" Her husband scowled and crossed his arms. For some reason, the way she kissed his clone seemed painfully familiar, reminding him of how he had trapped her in his arms, cherishing the feel of her hot, naked flesh against his, the way she trembled when he caressed and kissed her in that particular way that drove her near madness.

"Ah-ah-ah," she said, ignoring her husband and giving the clone a kind smile while straightening. "You must share, Naruto-kun," she reminded, gliding a dainty finger down his jaw line before moving to the next clone.

From the outside, Hinata was the epitome of nonchalance. On the inside, however, her heart was at the verge of bursting through her chest. She didn't particularly know what had come over her, or what exactly had given her the idea of tormenting Naruto with his own clones—maybe it was the way he had a clone manhandle her last night, and then watch her with Naruto in such a intimate situation. She'd always known that his clones were simply copies of her husband, but that didn't make it any less weird. But she was going for the visual… stimulation, she supposed, and now that she found herself in such an interesting position, using his own clones against him, she wasn't about to stop. As nerve-wracking as it was, it was also oddly exhilarating to do what she considered to be absolutely scandalous by her standards, but as Naruto always said, every once in a while she needed to live a little, and that was exactly what she was going to do. She would enjoy it while it lasted.

She just hoped Naruto wouldn't start getting any ideas.

As for Naruto…

Hot… really hot… but… shouldn't this be a little bit upsetting? My wife IS making out with another… me… but Wait, wait, wait! His brows scrounged up tightly. Since the clones are essentially me, is this really such a bad thing?

No… not really. Slowly, a wicked, scheming grin began forming on the Hokage's lips.

As a matter of fact, Hinata seemed more receptive to his clones than he would've ever imagined—maybe she didn't mind his clone watching as much as she had denied it last night. And so, realizing he could use this knowledge to his advantage, an inkling of an idea formed. It would need to be nursed, of course, plotted—even perfected—but she would never see it coming.

He watched Hinata kiss the second clone—if he didn't know her any better, he would've missed the tiniest of trembles in her fingertips as they caressed the clone's cheek. The kage bunshin gave her an idiotic grin as soon as she pulled away, and Naruto had to suppress the urge to laugh, deciding instead to feign jealousy and play along with her little game.

"Why are you kissing them?" he whined, layering the thick sound of a jealous husband and immediately noticing the way she totally bought it.

As she made her way to the third clone, Hinata stopped and gave him an impish grin—as impish as she could muster, anyway—and the rest of the clones sassily smirked at their maker.

"Because I can," she easily replied and proceeded to place a brief kiss on the eager clone.

Once she pulled away, she had to giggle at the way Naruto's crossed arms tightened around him while he gave her that grumpy, closed-eyed combination of a pout and a scowl that only he could pull off.

"I'm the only one who's supposed to get your kisses…" he grumbled defiantly.

By this time, Hinata was just ending the kiss with the fourth clone. She walked to the last clone—pausing to briefly graze his cheek—and innocently smiled at the real Naruto. "But I am kissing you."

And with that, she bent over and claimed the last clone's lips. Naruto's eyes widened and his arms drooped when the clone shuddered and the slightest of grunts escaped him—a definite sound of approval—, and before Naruto could do anything about it, the clone's hands cupped Hinata's cheeks and deepened the kiss. Hinata in turn sighed dreamily, forgetting that the kiss had extended a lot longer than she had planned.

"Wha…" Naruto scratched the back of his head, somewhat disconcerted. Okay, so she was really receptive to his clones and… wait a minute… was that a tongue he just saw?

"Naruto-kun…" she moaned to the clone, making the real Naruto blush when he suddenly felt a very familiar warmth stir in his stomach. It was that one feeling he got every time he tried to seduce her and succeeded. Feeling her melt in his arms was one thing; watching her melt in... well, his arms was just...


Still frozen in place, Naruto observed as Hinata tried pulling away and the clone held her in place, much like he himself would've done, nipping her bottom lip teasingly until she opened her mouth, welcoming the clone's tongue with her own and beginning the kissing anew.

But this wasn't just a simple kiss.

They were French kissing, and very deeply, too!

Hinata mewled within the clone's embrace, who expertly pulled her to sit on his lap. Astonished, Naruto felt something stir inside him once more—only this time much lower.

Damn… do we really look that sexy when we make out? This definitely beats watching porn... He then shook his head sharply. That was not a possibility he was certain Hinata would ever entertain for his perverted sake, and so, he quickly decided he really needed a distraction and fast.

"Okay, okay! That's enough!" he ordered, mentally kicking himself because he knew his demand also applied to his lewd train of thought.

Still cupping her cheeks, the clone pulled away slowly, nibbling her lips a few more times before looking at Naruto with an wicked, daring smirk.

Hinata's breathless giggles momentarily distracted Naruto from his feigned glare at the clone. He then watched Hinata take the clone's wrist, disengaging herself from the seated hug and standing up. She gave the blond copy a cute smile and ruffled his hair casually.

"You must be the same clone from last night," she commented, looking at him with a suspicious smile.

The clone chuckled and shrugged. "We're all the same, as far as I know. The other clones are just too slow. Chances are Boss probably didn't divide the chakra evenly."



Hinata shook her head. "Bet you really wanted to do that, though," she teased.

"Keep that up, and you're going to spoil them," Naruto huffed, still standing on the opposite end of the office.

"It'll be like spoiling you, then," Hinata replied as she walked towards him. "Times five."

He couldn't argue with that logic, but still, he was supposed to be jealous! "Whatever…" he muttered, pouting and crossing his arms again.

"Does that mean we can kiss Hinata-chan again?" the clone piped up, hopeful.

As soon as Hinata was within reaching distance, Naruto pulled her against him protectively, tucking her head under his chin where she couldn't see his gleaming, calculating eyes. He gave the clone a guileful grin, knowing he would understand his unspoken message. "You wish. Let's go to Ichiraku's, Hinata-chan."

"Ichiraku's!" the kage bunshins chorused excitedly.

"That's right! Ichiraku's," Naruto said. Now it was his turn to smirk wickedly. "And guess what? You're all staying here to finish my work!"


"But we're hungry, too!"

"Don't care. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" Naruto taunted, his hands reaching down to squeeze Hinata's rump, further baiting the clones.

"Stop it, Naruto-kun!" Hinata admonished, blushing brightly and moving his hands to more decent areas. Her little plan worked like a charm, but it was just her luck that she'd get caught up in the middle of a pissing contest between her husband and his own clones.

"Bottom line, I get the girl, and ramen! So, who's laughing now?"

Hinata closed her eyes and sighed.

"Now get back to work! I wanna see that stack of paper done by tomorrow morning. Let's go, Hinata."

"Um… Naruto-kun…"

"Yeah?" He opened the door and waited for her to walk through.

"You realize you're virtually arguing with yourself, right?"

Naruto shrugged as he closed the door, dismissing the evil glares the copies darted his way. "I don't care. That's what they get for getting fresh with my Hinata-chan!"

"Are you sure you know what you're doing… taunting them like that and leaving them with all those important documents?"

"Yes. They need to be punished."

Smiling, Hinata shook her head. "I don't know… I wouldn't be surprised if you find a pile of origami in your desk tomorrow morning."

"As if they would dare!" he said as they began descending the stairs. "Besides, I suck at making origami."

"All the more reason to worry, then."

Naruto shrugged carelessly.

Hinata gave him a can't say I didn't warn you look and shook her head again. "I wouldn't put anything past your prankster nature, but… if you say so, Naruto-kun… if you say so."

"I do say so. Now c'mon," he said, snatching her hand and speeding their pace. "I'm starving!"

"Now what do we do?" a clone asked, bored.

"We finish the stupid paperwork like the Boss said," another kage bunshin replied.

"Well, if ya ask me, that kinda blows…" the third one remarked.

"Tell me about it…" said the fourth.

"Do we really have to do his paperwork?" the fifth clone—and hereafter the troublemaker—asked.

"That's what the Boss said," the second kage bunshin reminded, grumbling.

"I know he did, but do we have to?" the troublemaker clarified with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Even if he did understand that the Boss was definitely up to something and that the clones would play a major role in executing whatever he had in mind, the troublemaking clone was still irked that he flaunted eating at Ichiraku's with Hinata while making him and the rest of his fellow copies stay behind and do all the grunt work. For that, the Boss would pay dearly. After all, whoever said a shadow clone couldn't prank his summoner?

The kage bunshins nevertheless looked at the troublemaker cluelessly, one even scratching his forehead in bewilderment.

Exasperated, the troublemaker sighed and shook his head. "You guys are so dumb, I swear!"


"You're the dumb one!"


"Pfft! Bunch of mindless idiots. The one you should be mad at is the Boss, not me!"

"Whatever! It's 'cuz of you that we're not gonna get to kiss Hinata-chan anymore!" the second clone responded accusingly.

The troublemaker rolled his eyes. "It's not like we've ever kissed her before! It's always been Boss!"

"So? It was certainly a start until you decided to go Icha-Icha on her!"

"Is that what this is about?"

"What else could it be?" another grumbled disdainfully.

The troublemaker shook his head. "C'mon, guys! Stop being a bunch of pussies! What's Boss gonna do? Pop us?"

"Basically…" the third clone mumbled.

"Exactly!" the troublemaker replied. "Big deal if he does! Eventually he's gonna have to summon us again to help him do his paperwork, so what have we got to lose?"


"I don't know…" the third clone said, "this don't seem right…"

"Oh, c'mon!" the troublemaker exclaimed. "All Boss ever does is summon us to do his chores! Ever since he became Hokage, we turned into a bunch of gofers! We don't get summoned on missions to fight or anything cool like in the old days. Now he's always, 'get the groceries', 'clean the house', 'go pick up the dry clean', 'do my paperwork', 'draw me a hot bath', 'wash the dishes', 'go to the forest and get some wood for the fireplace', blah blah blah, and on top of that, he has the balls to get mad 'cause Hinata-chan's being nice to us? What the hell! Is that the kind of thanks we deserve?"

"No…" the first clone mumbled and the rest shook their heads hesitantly, as if they weren't entirely sure they wanted to go down the road the troublemaker was taking them.

"So what are y'all gonna do 'bout it?" the troublemaker enticed. "Are you going to let Boss keep walking all over you like a bunch of pansies?"

"Hell no…"

"Screw that!"

"Good! Now… how about we leave Boss a little surprise? Tomorrow he's going to come back, rub it in our faces that he had ramen and that maybe he even made love to Hinata-chan, while we're here doing his work like a bunch of suckers!"

Smiling, the troublemaker watched as the rest of the copies frowned and grumbled. He had them right where he wanted them.

"That's right… he's out having a blast and we're just here… doing his boring paperwork, so c'mon! Let's do something for Boss he'll never forget. I'm sure he'll be pleasantly surprised."

"What kind of surprise are we talking about here…?" the first kage bunshin asked, still unsure, but secretly intrigued.

The smile on the troublemaker's face darkened as he grabbed a random piece of paper. "Oh, I don't know…" he murmured as he folded the paper and made a sloppy paper plane. "I'm sure we can get creative." He tossed the plane in the air and it floated along until it landed on the first clone's lap.

The kage bunshin picked up the paper plane and stared at it blankly before an evil smile—much like the troublemaker's—spread on his whiskered face.

"Hehehe…" the second blond replica snickered.

"This is gonna be fun!" another said, haphazardly grabbing a document titled First Quarter: S-Ranked Mission Reports.

"I'm so glad the day is over!" Naruto exhaled relieved.

"Me, too," Hinata agreed.

"So… how was your day?" Naruto thought to ask.

"Tedious and long." Hinata sighed. "I can see why Father always wore such a grave expression…"

"Maybe all those old farts need to get laid…"

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata admonished.

"Hehehe… I'm just kidding, Hinata-chan…"

Hinata looked at him with a frown, and then shook her head, a small smile forming on her lips. "Maybe they do…" she mumbled.

Naruto grinned. "What was that?"

"Nothing," she replied with a grin. She knew he heard her.

"Uh-huh," Naruto laughed. "Though they really should get laid. They don't know what they're missing!"

"Oh, stop it," she said, reddening slightly as his words instantly inspired random images of their vigorous lovemaking last night.

"I'm serious," Naruto said vehemently. He then glanced at her from the corner of his eye, a devilish gleam flickering across his bright blue eyes when he noticed the blush. "Hehe… imagine that. Who would've thought I'd corrupt sweet, innocent Hinata-chan…?"

Hinata smiled and linked her hands behind her. "Well, I suppose some things are bound to rub off eventually…"

His smile turned naughty as he nuzzled her ear playfully, throwing his arms around her shoulders. "Tell me about it. Of all things, perversion was the last thing I thought you'd pick up from me. Now look at you, making out with my clones and all. Pretty soon you'll be asking me to sex you up in public places," he murmured, this time nibbling her ear teasingly, and for good measure, he quietly whispered, "Hentai…"

Hinata's face turned a bright scarlet.

"Na-Naruto-kun!" she squeaked.

"What?" he asked innocently.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

"I'm just messing, Hinata-chan," he said snickering.


"I am!"

"Sure," she said, not believing him for a second. She then took a deep breath. "Though I suppose part of what you say is true… I've picked up some of your habits, and I can't always say they're good habits. Today I pretty much told one of the elders off, and it wasn't until much later that I realized I had."

Naruto laughed. "Ha! Old geezer probably had it coming."

"Don't say that, Naruto-kun… I felt terrible afterward."

"You shouldn't. It really takes a lot to tick you off, so whoever that old fart was, he must've really said something bad."

"I guess…" she murmured. "But that still doesn't mean it's a good thing."

Naruto chuckled. "Look at it this way: only smart people realize how cool Konoha's Hokage is. So much so that they end up picking up some of his habits, and not letting people walk all over you is a great habit to have!"

Hinata frowned with a smirk. "Is that supposed to be a compliment to me or to you?"

Naruto looked at her with that grin of his before looking forward again, nonchalantly saying: "Could go either way, really. It's no secret I'm the coolest ninja around."

"Uh-huh," she deadpanned.

He then turned his head to look at Hinata. "Well, don't you think I'm cool?"

Hinata mimicked his actions, also looking ahead with a serious frown, as if deep in thought. When she turned her gaze to him again, she did so with a playful smile. "Hmm… you're alright, I guess…"

"You're so mean, Hinata-chan! See if I ever take you to Ichiraku's again!"

"It's not like Ichiraku's is fine cuisine, Naruto-kun," she reminded giggling.

"Oh! How dare you! Wait till I tell ojii-san and Ayame-nee-chan…"

"My cooking is better," she countered, feigning indifference.

Pointing to her and with a smart-alecky comeback at the tip of his tongue, Naruto's steps screeched to a halt, suddenly rubbing his chin with a very pensive expression. "Hmm…"

Hinata continued walking, a triumphant smile forming on her lips.

When he noticed that she didn't stop with him, he quickly made his way to her side again. "Well… I suppose I can't argue with that…" Then he shrugged, smirking slightly. "I'm still telling ojii-san and Ayame-nee-chan, though."

"Please do," Hinata said with an I dare you smile. "To be honest, it was kind of nice not having to constantly worry about what to make for dinner while you were in Suna. I can certainly use the break."

Naruto looked at his wife utterly devastated; the mere thought of not eating Hinata-chan's precious meals, made especially for him with all the love in the world, truly horrified him. Luckily, he noticed the twinkle in her eyes and, taking a deep breath, he shook his head slightly. He looked ahead to the road before them again. "You're a lousier liar than me, Hinata-chan, you know that?"

"I'm serious," she assured.

"Right," he smirked. "I ain't buying it. I'm so awesome you just love cooking for me. You can't help yourself, and it's okay. I completely understand."

"Being a little presumptuous, aren't we?"

"Nope. I just know you too well."

Hinata smirked, shaking her head slightly. "Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better."

"I will!" he assured cockily, but then his enthusiasm crumbled. "Though it sucks that you don't think I'm cool anymore… I guess that's what marriage does to people. And to think you were my most faithful and longest-standing fangirl," he whined.

"You're right," Hinata replied, looking away to hide her smile. "Once you get married, fangirling gets old real quick. The thrill is gone."

Naruto whimpered brokenheartedly.

Hinata shook her head, chuckling slightly at his melodramatics. "Don't be silly, Sweetie. Of course you're cool. I wouldn't have married you if you weren't." She gently pulled on his sleeve and Naruto stopped, gazing at her curiously when he noticed her sparing furtive glances about her, making sure there weren't too many villagers watching them—she still had her reservations about public displays of affection—before standing on her tip-toes and threading her fingers through his hair, pulling him close enough to place a moist, lingering kiss on his cheek.

"I'm still your number one fangirl… Naruto-kun."

Naruto blushed slightly, and caressed the spot she had kissed him on. "Hehe… like I said, only smart people know how awesome the Hokage is."

Hinata snorted and shook her head.

"And you know what?"


"You're the smartest of them all for marrying him!"

"Indeed. I couldn't be luckier to marry the man of my dreams," she replied with a smile.

Naruto chuckled sheepishly, blushing at her statement.

Looking ahead and enjoying the sight of the setting sun, Naruto couldn't help but to grin. Who would've ever thought that he'd find himself bantering with Hinata? More importantly, who would've imagined he'd marry her!

He recalled how, when they started hanging out, Hinata would walk next to him as if her toes and the dirt beneath her sandals were the most fascinating things in the world. Not to mention the fact that it always perplexed him how she always fiddled with her fingers. And why in heaven's name did she always walk with her shoulders slouched?

He secretly glanced at her as they walked, noticing that the days of a slouching Hinata were long gone.

Now, the woman next to him was the Hyuuga leader and the Hokage's wife; proud, and always with her head held high. She was still humble—there was no doubt about that, even if she enjoyed bantering with him—but that pitiful look on her face had dissipated the more she spent time with him. The more she was with him, the happier she became, and the more Naruto was intrigued. He didn't do anything different. Any time he was with her, he was simply himself.

Well… okay, so he might've approached a few things a little differently…!

While in the past he was too busy or simply not interested in Hinata, being Hokage had taught him a thing or two about the wellbeing of every ninja in his care. Now that he was more observant and appreciative of his surroundings, and especially his subordinates, he had learned to consider every aspect of all matters he was involved in. This included ensuring that his people were happy, or at least reasonably content—there was only so much a leader could do for his people, after all—but most of all, he always made sure they were well taken care of.

Those weren't his only reasons, however. While it was true that being a ninja who made mistakes proved to be oftentimes fatal, making mistakes as Hokage had the potential to destroy his village. It was the very first lesson Tsunade had taught him when she began tutoring him, and despite his happy-go-lucky attitude, Naruto had taken that lesson to heart.

As for Hinata, when Naruto really thought about it, from the moment he held her in his arms after she had passed out at Ichiraku's a few years ago when he asked that one question that had been nagging at him forever, Naruto quickly decided that Hinata had become a special case to him. Not in a belittling way or anything of the sort, but in a way that he knew he would need to invest his personal time and effort to figure out why she was the way she was around him.

Not surprising, his inquiries were a little blunt and maybe a little bit too "straight to the point", and unfortunately for Hinata, it created some interesting situations that amused the Hokage as much as it bewildered him.

Ichiraku's Ramen Bar

Three Years ago

As Hinata finally began regaining consciousness, she distantly heard the voice of her beloved crush, worriedly calling her name and asking if she was okay. Once she opened her eyes, Hinata nodded, mortified and angry with herself for making a spectacle. But that had been the least of her problems.

She blushed brightly, realizing the predicament she was in.

There she was, Hyuuga Hinata, clan leader and a hell of a ninja in her own right, wrapped in the arms of the Rokudaime Hokage and sitting on his lap… in public!

She'd swear nothing could be more mortifying, but she was quickly proven wrong the second Ayame busted a camera out of the blue and took several pictures of the two shinobi. She could literally feel the camera's flash repeatedly stun over her like a cold shower of dread.

"I'm… I'm okay now… you can put me d-down," she begged. At the rate Ayame was going, she could put a whole scrapbook together.

Naruto had obediently complied, briefly wondering why on earth Ayame had decided to take pictures. At the time, of course, Naruto hadn't known any better, nor had he known that he would eventually be begging for a copy of the first picture Ayame took… the same picture that hung proudly on the most looked-upon wall of the ramen establishment present-day.

"So…" he said, never in a million years foreseeing the outcome of his future. "You didn't answer my question…"

Hinata, who had been in the midst of settling back on her barstool, slipped after hearing his comment, barely avoiding falling on her ass. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as if counting. This was ridiculous; she really needed to get it together.

Their spectators—Teuchi and Ayame—couldn't have agreed more.

"It… it must be the hot weather," she had lied quietly, wondering what God-forsaken question the blond was talking about.

She had briefly noted Ayame rolling her eyes.

"Oh…" Naruto voiced, not entirely convinced. He then scrutinized her… a bit more openly than Hinata would've liked.

"Well… you can take that big jacket off, you know…" he suggested. "I don't know what is it with you Hyuugas always dressing as if you lived in the Village Hidden in the Snow…"

"You're one to talk…!"

Both Naruto and Hinata turned to Ayame.

"Two words: orange outfit."

Hinata grinned and bit her lower lip, fighting the urge to giggle.

"Hey! That was an awesome outfit!" Naruto countered.

It also made you look like a jailbird, Hinata thought.

"Well, at least you've toned it down with the hideous…"

"Hey! I'll have you know that orange is a great color!"

"For a prisoner…!" Ayame snorted, reading Hinata's thoughts on the subject as well.

"A what! Tche! Whatever." He huffed before looking over to Hinata for some support in Ayame's complete irrational argument. "Don't you think it's a nice color, Hinata?"

Hinata jolted. For a second, she was glad that she hadn't been dragged into the argument, even if it was her beloved Naruto-kun's sense of style Ayame was slandering.

"W-well… orange is a pretty color…" as long as it's not worn!

"Ha! See, even Hinata thinks it's great! And by the way, orange it's not just 'pretty'. It's cool. It's manly," he made sure to remind. He didn't need Ayame to start getting any ideas.

Ayame only rolled her eyes again, but then smiled. At least the girl was trying to score some points with the clueless Hokage. "Whatever. Don't you have a village to run?"

"Hey, even the most awesome Hokage needs a lunch break."

Hinata forced herself to smile, even if guiltily. Of course, Naruto was still too busy celebrating his victory to notice.

Finally settling down, Naruto turned to Hinata and looked at her appreciatively. The shy clan leader, fully aware of her audience, did her best to prevent her heart from bursting through her chest.

"Say…?" Naruto voiced.

"Y-yes, Naruto-sama?"

"Take off your jacket."

The sudden shattering of at least a dozen bowls could be heard from across the street. Ayame, who had been carrying some of the empty bowls Naruto had just consumed, had stumbled dramatically when she heard Naruto's request. Teuchi looked at Ayame with a frown, and Ayame looked at Naruto with shock. Finally, when she realized what she had done, she had looked away sheepishly, biting her nails unconsciously.

Hinata, on the other hand, held on to the counter for dear life. She did not need two head bumps. The one she already had was still throbbing.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w why!"

Naruto grinned and jumped off his barstool to stand behind her expectantly. "Trust me." He suddenly placed his hands on her shoulders. "Here, I'll help you!"

Naruto-kun is touching me!

Before she dared to consider the idea of passing out, she grabbed her zipper and pulled down. She figured she'd black out pretty soon anyway, if the way she felt herself hyperventilating was any indication. When she finished, Naruto took the liberty of taking her jacket by the collar and pulling it off her. Thankfully Hinata wore a skintight shirt underneath. He looked at her with a happy smile.

"There! Isn't that better?" he inquired as if his feat had saved the lives of starving children. "Now, take a deep breath. Stretch out and stuff! Trust me, it's great to actually feel the fresh air."

For her part, Hinata sat frozen, blushing fiercely; in fact, she was sort of beginning to turn purple. She felt so exposed!

Naruto, taking immediate note of this, frowned with bewilderment.

"Hmm… well… after taking your jacket off, I figured the redness would go down or something, but now you look as if you're heat-stroked. Maybe you shouldn't eat any more of that ramen…"

Teuchi deadpanned at the ninja and sighed. If he didn't think it was possible before, he was now convinced that Naruto's blockheadedness had no bounds.

"I'm okay!" Hinata squeaked.

"Hmm… if you say so," he said and sat back on his barstool, placing her jacket on his lap. When he was about to continue eating, he turned and faced her. Hinata was still frozen on her barstool, holding on to the edge of the counter as if her life depended on it.

"Ne, Hinata… are you sure you're okay?"

Hinata finally took a deep breath and loosened her death grip. When she was positive that she wasn't going to black out, she released the counter and nodded.


"Y-yes, Naruto-sama?"

Naruto sighed. "My question, you silly girl!" he explained patiently. "You never answered why you're always a nervous wreck around me, always fainting and stuff!"

Hinata tensed. Then she grabbed her chopsticks and started fiddling. "W-well, Naruto-sama… you've always b-been so-someone I've greatly admired. You're… p-precious to me, and I… I… I… respect you a lot… and…"

Naruto's eyes widened at her words. "R-really?"

He frowned slightly. Stuttering couldn't possibly be contagious, could it?

"Y-yes!" she squeaked.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and watched her closely. "How long have you felt this way?"

The chopsticks snapped under her grip.

Hinata looked at the broken utensils and glanced away sheepishly. "S-since the academy when I first saw you…" she whispered. Taking a resolute breath she continued, "You were… you were always so strong, a-and confident… watching you gave me the strength and… the determination to become a buh- a better shinobi…"

Naruto's eyes grew as wide as saucers at the girl's admission. Someone respected and admired him before he had become a ninja! When he was still a loser? And he didn't even know about it? How could he never have noticed? But more importantly, why didn't she ever say anything?

All that time…

When he really considered it, he had already lost track of all the times he wanted to mean something to someone. Yes, there was Tsunade-baa-chan, and Ero-sennin, and even Iruka-sensei, and he really did value their affections, but he would've given anything to know that there was someone among his peers who had loved him, or simply admired him.

After enduring what seemed like an eternity of silence, Hinata turned to look at her crush, who sighed and wore a deep frown, unaware that the thought of his departed sensei—and not her sheepish declaration—was what saddened him. She closed her eyes momentarily, already regretting what she had done.

I knew it, she thought ruefully. Me and my big mouth… of course Naruto-kun wouldn't want to be the inspiration of a failure like me.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered, breaking the silence. "I d-didn't mean to upset you, Hokage-sama… please excuse me…"

Hearing the sad and broken tone in her words, Naruto came out of his reverie and instantly looked up. He turned to look at Hinata, who had dropped a few coins on the counter next to her ramen bowl and already abandoned her barstool. She walked away briskly, trying very hard to hold in her tears.

"Hinata, wait!"

Naruto immediately jumped off his barstool and followed after her, dropping her jacket on the barstool she had been sitting on.

He finally reached her and placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to slow her down.

"Stop!" he demanded.

Hinata halted, but turned her face away from his line of sight. She did not want to humiliate herself in front of him.

"Look at me, Hinata…" he requested quietly.

Hinata closed her eyes tightly and wiped away her tears, angry at her weakness. Taking a deep breath, she finally turned with her head bowed.

"I said to look at me, Hinata," Naruto reminded softly, but with a hint of firmness. He knew she wouldn't disobey him then.

She looked up, her waterworks still in full effect. She sniffed and did her best to put up a strong front before her hero and leader. This so-called strong front melted the second he reached up and gently wiped away her tears with his calloused fingers.

"Why are you crying, Hinata…?" he inquired quietly.

Hinata just shook her head.

Naruto frowned. "You don't wanna tell me…?"

She shook her head again and looked down shyly.

Naruto suddenly smiled. She reminded him of a little child.

"That's okay. You don't have to…"

Hinata looked at him with surprise.

His smile turned into a grin. "At least not now. But you will have to tell me eventually, though. And just so you know, I won't forget to ask!"

For the first time ever, Hinata looked straight into his eyes, even if quizzically.

"In the meantime," he added, breathing in deeply. "Thank you very much. I'm really flattered…"

She frowned. "W-wha… w-why…?"

If it was possible, his grin widened. "I would have never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that I would be an inspiration to one of Konoha's most amazing and valuable ninjas…"

Now it was her turn to look at him with eyes as wide as saucers.

Naruto chuckled. "That's right! I'm talking about you, Hyuuga Hinata," he said, gently poking her in the chest. "The Hinata I know is a fair, strong, innovating, and kick-ass clan leader, a former elite ANBU, and one of the nicest, prettiest, and coolest girls in the village… if not the world." He added the last part with a goofy grin. "I'm truly honored, Hinata." He then took a deep breath. "Now, what do you say we go back in there and finish lunch…"

He looked into her eyes, waiting for some form of reaction. There she stood, however… like one of those mannequins he always saw at the Konoha shopping center, as if frozen in time.

He frowned. "Hinata…?"

He waved his hand in her line of sight, and then cluelessly moved his face closer to hers, scrutinizing her with a worried frown.

Well, she's not breathing…

The closer his face got to hers and inspected her for any sign of illness—or whatever it was that had her standing like a statue—the redder her face got.

Well, at least that's a sign that she's still alive…

What he didn't see coming was the way she suddenly began swaying like a drunken sailor, or the way her eyes began rolling up.

"Hinata, are you…—!"

Dumbfounded, Naruto caught the seemingly lifeless body of the Hyuuga leader in his arms before she hit the ground.

"Oh, man… again…!" he complained in bewilderment.

Not really sure what to do next, he carried her bridal style back to the ramen stand.

When Ayame saw him walk in, she couldn't help but to smirk. Naruto simply shrugged and settled on the barstool much the same way he had done when she had passed out the first time.

Present Day Konoha

Near Ichiraku's Ramen Bar

Naruto shook his head and chuckled at the memory.

"What's so funny, Naruto-kun?" his wife inquired quietly.

This time, Naruto laughed openly. "Nothing, Hina-chan… I was just thinking of how you always used to pass out back in the day…"

Hinata pouted. "There's nothing funny about that…" she mumbled.

"It's okay. I know you just couldn't resist my charms, that's all."

What Hinata actually had a hard time resisting was rolling her eyes.

He chuckled. "It was kind of adorable, now that I think about it."

"Sure…" she muttered sarcastically, clearly unconvinced.

"Oh, look! We're here!" Naruto pointed out happily.

In the Hokage's office, a group of blonds could be heard snickering conspiratorially.

"Oooh, man… Boss is gonna be pissed tomorrow…"

"I don't give a shit. That's what he gets for being a prick!"

"No, no, no! You're folding it wrong!"

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing!"

"That's the sorriest excuse of an origami crane I've ever seen in my life."

"Whatever! If you know how to make one, then make your own!"

"I will!"

"Good! Now buzz off!"

Another clone rolled his eyes and looked at the dreaded stack of papers. He wasn't entirely thrilled about this whole get back at the Boss thing, but the more he thought about it, the more that troublemaker had a point. Boss was pretty ungrateful. Boss knew he was since the clones obviously thought so, too, but he never gave it much thought because, quite frankly, his ungratefulness was really directed at himself. Therefore, he figured it didn't really count in the end.

The clone grunted in displeasure. As far as he was concerned, at that very moment, he existed, and therefore it counted, so the Boss needed to be taught a lesson in gratitude. Looking at the pen he had in-hand, the kage bunshin smirked. He was pretty sure the boss would appreciate his very artistic skills. In fact, he was certain even Sai would be impressed.

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Chapter I

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Chapter I

Naruto panted, exhausted as he rolled onto his back. The bed sheets under him clung to his sweaty skin somewhat uncomfortably. This discomfort, however, did not take away from the blissful effects that afterglow brought to him after making love with Hinata.

"Oh, wow…!" he heaved.

He felt the careful movements of his wife shifting to press herself against him, placing the palm of her hand on his chest, above his rapidly beating heart.


Naruto snaked his arm under her and pulled her to him greedily, holding on tightly, almost jealous of the bed sheets under her that clung to her skin more than him.

She was so cute… trying her hardest to suppress her own panting, almost as if hoping her efforts would keep from disturbing him.

Naruto liked to consider himself an expert in recognizing the many different ways she touched him, and at that moment, her touch manifested a sense of elated awe. It was as though she could hardly believe he actually belonged to her… that he was there with her… happily loving her, holding her tightly. It was beyond his comprehension how Hinata could feel so much and love him as deeply as she did, but he didn't question it; he cherished it. He loved her just as much; so much to the point that just thinking about her left him breathless.

"Yeah…?" he replied, breathing deeply to control his enraptured heartbeat.

"Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" she asked quietly, now tracing her fingertips over his abs, his chest, and finally cupping his cheek. He could feel the trails of goose bumps her teasing touch left in its wake.

He turned his head and looked at her, his eyes twinkling mischievously. "Never better," he assured, stealing a kiss from her lips. When he pulled back, he gave her that ridiculous smile of his. "You were something else, Hinata-chan…"

She blushed brightly, turning her gaze away from his, embarrassed with the way he "complimented" her.

Naruto smirked. It really baffled him how shy she still acted around him sometimes. It wasn't the first time they had made love, and surely it wasn't going to be the last time! Nevertheless, when she loved him, her touch could be as teasing as it was of adoration, and—even if it was hardly noticeable anymore—sometimes he could still sense a bit of insecurity. He knew she longed to touch him and hold him to her without reservations—there was always part of her that held her back, keeping her from indulging and completely letting go. Neither doubted how deeply they loved each other, but he could almost read her mind when she looked at him with that uncertain, yet loving gaze. He knew she was thinking she didn't deserve him but couldn't help herself because he made her so happy, but as far as Naruto was concerned, he was as perfect for her as she was for him.

When he asked her to marry him, he was surprised to discover that, at first, she had been more shocked than she had been happy. She had asked him, "Are you sure?" and he had looked at her wide-eyed. Her response hadn't been exactly what he expected, but the more he looked at her, the less reasons he had to be worried. In fact, after her state of stupor dwindled, for the first time in her life, Hyuuga Hinata had dismissed her prim and proper inhibitions and actually tackled him. Suffice it to say, she had been absolutely ecstatic, and so had Naruto, of course. Days after, she would look at him with a gaze of elated awe, as if she could hardly believe it.

It made his heart soar.

Over time, Hinata had made great strides in overcoming her shyness around him, and everyone else for that matter. She had virtually stopped stuttering—well, for the most part, anyway. If he put his mind to it and felt playful enough, it wasn't very hard for Uzumaki Naruto to embarrass his wife. In the grand scheme of things, he reasoned that if Hinata wasn't at least a tiny bit shy—or reserved, to be more accurate—then it wasn't really Hinata. Still, he couldn't help it if a part of him wished that, at least from time to time, she wasn't reserved with him at all. He already knew so much about her, but he really wanted to know all there was to know about Hyuuga Hinata.

He silently berated himself for having what could probably be considered unrealistic desires, accusing himself being too selfish. Hinata had already given so much of herself to him, and like everyone else, she was entitled to keep whatever part of her to herself. That he had given himself entirely to her—never holding anything back—had been his choice, and it was unfair of him to expect the same from her.

But still

He sighed, supposing it couldn't be helped. Being reserved was a major aspect of her personality—her trademark, so to speak, or at least one of the most prominent ones—and despite it all, it had been one of the main things that eventually drew him to her.

She intrigued him, actually. He wanted to know why all the mystery.

He discovered very quickly that this wasn't going to be easy and considered his courting like an adventure into finding out who she really was under all those layers of quiet modesty. That's not to say he didn't find this quest to be a bit frustrating sometimes, but it wasn't that big of a deal, and he made sure to never let that faze him, because despite it all, he had no regrets in choosing to spend the rest of his life with her.

He heard Hinata sigh… a sigh that if he didn't know better, depicted how secretly pleased she was.

Naruto smirked. Although he felt he was still missing something—however small it was—he was still pretty proud of how good he had become in deciphering her little gestures and quirks. He was an expert at interpreting and identifying the many different ways she sighed, laughed, or looked at him—just to mention a few—and as her husband, he certainly had plenty of bragging rights. No one knew her as well as he did. Not Kurenai-sensei, not her old teammates, not her little sister, and certainly not her father.

He nuzzled the bangs against her forehead before placing a moist, lingering kiss against her temple.

No doubt about it. Hinata was an amazing lover. He didn't have any past experiences to compare her to, and yet he couldn't imagine himself in the arms of another woman.

But Hinata was so much more than just his lover.

She was his wife, his best friend, his most precious person. She was the one he loved beyond comprehension, and for a long time, he had been so inconceivably foolish.

If there was anything Uzumaki Naruto would ever regret, it would be how close he'd been too missing out on Hinata and all the joy she brought into his life, and all because his own stubbornness was hell-bent on denying him the chance at happiness. Lucky him, she had come along at just the right time, convincing him otherwise without really meaning to or even knowing she had.

Naruto felt silly for ever considering the possibility he'd never be able to fall in love after finally coming to terms with the fact that Sakura would never look his way. He had always hoped that in time, she would come to appreciate his devotion and loyalty and have a change of heart. But it didn't turn out that way, and just like when he was a teenager, he could never understand why. He tried to, he really did, but eventually he just let it go.

Not surprising, he finally figured out the answer with Hinata. They hadn't been dating, yet, from what he could recall, but he remembered his feelings for her had been steadily evolving from simple esteem into something deeper. He couldn't remember what it was that they had been talking about, either, or what brought it up. All he remembered was that she had said it in passing, never imagining her words would have such an impact for him.

"It's the strangest thing," she had remarked, "but the heart actually doesn't need to rationalize why it loves. It doesn't matter how good or bad, how attractive or plain, how quiet or loud, how weak or strong, how funny or boring, or even how weird or normal a person is; a heart just loves. Deep down, neither virtues nor flaws have anything to do with it. Only the mind and its prejudices cares about those things. The mind is one capricious little thing," she had mused with a small smile, "always at war with the heart because of biases and outside influences that aren't always a good thing. It's for those very reasons the mind always has a difficult time accepting someone's flaws, resulting in conflicting emotions and heartache. But the heart is a funny thing." She had smiled, and his eyes had widened, shocked with the boldness of her declaration.

"The heart has a tendency to be stronger," she continued, "and if stubborn enough, then it convinces the mind to look beyond those flaws, or simply learn to cherish them. Of course," she smiled again, "things are always easier when the heart and the mind are on the same page. To begin with, we always take an interest in people because of how we think, what we like, what we respect, admire, and appreciate, but the heart always has the final word. Only the heart can decide who we love, and who we fall for. How it does that, I don't know; all I know is that it does."

Still, Naruto struggled to believe it at first—there was no way people would chose to ignore others' flaws!—but when he really thought about it, it actually made sense. He was, after all, the type to wear his heart on his sleeves, and one to always look beyond all the superficialities and appreciate people regardless of their shortcomings.

Imagine that!

Taking in his revelation, and her words into consideration, it wasn't so hard to believe it anymore. Furthermore, as a teenager, he could never understand how he continued to desire Sakura's affections when she made it perfectly clear she wasn't interested and never had qualms about beating the daylights out of him.

How stubborn that big, silly heart of his had been, he mused chuckling. For a while he had wondered if he had been a masochist.

Looking back on it now, he still loved Sakura. He would always love her, but not in the way he thought he did during his adolescent years. He loved her like the sister he never had, much the same way he loved Sasuke like a brother. He got in their faces, worked his way into their hearts, not giving them a choice in the matter, and before they knew it, they had become a family, Kakashi-sensei included. Once Naruto came to terms with how his and Sakura's friendship turned out, he had been surprised at how easy it had been to move on.

In the meantime, even before becoming Hokage, Naruto wasn't alone because he couldn't find a girl. On the contrary, he was well aware of the so-called "Rokudaime Fan Club," composed of both civilian and kunoichi alike. He had been flattered by the attention at first, but eventually grew weary of it, especially after he was declared Tsunade's successor. When word about him being the next Hokage got out, the number of fangirls grew, propagating throughout the village and most likely beyond. Hell, even he knew that Gaara, for example, had fangirls in Konoha!

At any rate, the only reason Naruto wasn't clueless about the girls' interest in him was because they had been rather forward—vicious against the competition, even—and on occasion, straight out shameless. It was disappointing to watch. He knew their affections weren't entirely genuine, so he'd been happy to have enough work to keep him busy at the Hokage Tower.

But life had other plans for him.

Hyuuga Hinata.

Probably the last woman he ever expected to fall for, let alone as hard as he had.

When he began thinking about her in the beginning, it had really been incidental. As always, he would see her at the village council meetings, and for the life of him, he could never understand why she would get so red around him. Sure, his fangirls also blushed whenever they came across him, but they had oftentimes thrown themselves at him as well, which was something Hinata never did, so he saw no need to categorize her as a fangirl. Furthermore, he never picked up any strange vibes from her like he did from all those other girls. She was always kind, overly respectful, and even if she was one of his biggest supporters at the council meetings, he figured that was only because they were good friends and knew each other since childhood.

So, he had to wonder… was she allergic to ramen, or maybe even him? It sounded silly at first, but over time, he discovered that there were two main reasons why Hinata would ever put a tomato to shame: embarrassment, and his mere presence.

Naruto was certainly no medical expert, so he approached Sakura and asked her about any possible allergic reaction to ramen. There was just no way he alone could be a source for allergies, and since he was so addicted to the dish, even he could tell the scent of the food stuck to him. When she questioned his curiosity, he explained his concern was due to Hinata turning red every time he was around.

Not surprising, he was even more confused when Sakura burst out laughing, shooing him away and ordering him to stop being such an idiot and to use his brain for a change. Sakura's lack of concern for Hinata annoyed him as much as the fact that he got no answers.

A few days later, and hoping he'd be taken a little more serious, Naruto once again expressed his concern. He insisted there had to be something wrong with him. Earlier that same day, he had to stand particularly close to the Hyuuga clan leader at the council meeting. He seriously thought the poor girl's head was going to burst from how quickly the blood rushed to her face, and how it stayed there the entire time. It wasn't about ramen anymore, he determined. He had yet to slurp any that day—it was still early—and he was even wearing a clean set of Hokage robes. There was absolutely no trace of ramen on him, so that had to be it.

Hinata was allergic to him.

Pouting, he explained that she probably didn't say anything or move away because she was such a nice person and didn't want to make him feel bad. Naruto recalled how Sakura had laughed again and shook her head as she listened to his story. It wasn't the ludicrousness of his story that made it so funny, but his gullibility.

Naruto remembered how, slumping in his chair, he had crossed his arms and glared at Sakura, who had been at the verge of falling off her seat from laughing even harder when she saw his face. Finally, after clearing her tears and taking deep breaths to subdue any remaining giggles, she urged him to use a little common sense and to be a little more observant.

But her cryptic explanations had only made him snap.

"Is she allergic to me or not!" He didn't have time for lallygagging, and if he already knew, he wouldn't have been wasting his time or hers.

"Don't yell in the hospital, you idiot!" Sakura ordered after she had walked around her desk to bonk him on the head.

"Owww! Why'd you have to do that!" he asked, frowning in pain and massaging the growing lump.

"Naruto… Hinata is not allergic to you," Sakura stated with conviction and that stare of hers that always made him feel like a moron. "Nor is she allergic to ramen. I've seen the girl hanging around Ichiraku's more times than I care to remember, and so have you."

"Then what's wrong with her!"

"You keep yelling in here, I'll make sure your hospital visit won't have anything to do with your concern for Hinata's health!" Sakura threatened with annoyance. Finally when she saw him cower and calm down, she smiled. "Naruto… why don't you go ahead and ask her or something?" Good luck trying to get an answer out of her, though, Sakura thought to herself, snickering. "You're the only person who doesn't know why she is the way she is around you."

"You mean you know?"

Sakura sighed exasperatedly. "Naruto, everyone knows!"

Smiling at the memory, Naruto looked down at the Hyuuga leader's shiny, long mane. He also remembered that after leaving the hospital, he had decided he'd look for Hinata and ask her once and for all what the deal with her blushing was.

Finding her proved to be a lot easier than he had anticipated. Strolling down the street, perplexed, he had wondered if the lavender-eyed clan leader had clones of herself throughout the village because, if he didn't catch a glimpse of her in just about every corner he turned, he would catch her hiding behind boulders, random stacks of boxes, vendor carts, and even beam poles.

That was weird. Could she be stalking him?

If so, why?

He was under the impression that she'd always be cooped up at the Hyuuga estate running her clan, but, of course, at the time he didn't know Hinata made it her mission to spend any given amount of free time tailing after her long-time crush, if only but to get a glimpse. The little activity simply made her day, and as far as the "Rokudaime Fan Club" was concerned, they never gave Hinata much thought. They knew she blushed at the mere thought of him, and could barely speak to him without stuttering, so they didn't even consider her serious competition.

When Naruto finally decided to approach her, he acted like his normal, loud self and greeted her with that goofy grin of his that never failed him.

"Hiya, Hinata! Wha'cha doin'?"

"Eep!" Immediately the soft paleness of her cheeks turned into a bright crimson. She turned slowly to face her childhood crush and prayed his question was just a formality. "Hello, Ho-… Hokage-sama…" God, how she wished she would stop stuttering once and for all!

"Hinata…!" he chided, like a child about to throw a tantrum. "How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Naruto? You know you being all proper to me is just stupid! We've known each other ever since we were kids."

"I'm… I'm s-sorry, Naruto-sama! Please forgive my insolence!" she begged, bowing rigidly.

Naruto groaned. "Man, Hinata! Will you stop it already? You're making me feel like some old fart or something! I'm only 25!"

Hinata straightened carefully, literally with the downcast eyes of a puppy that just had one of those accidents which required newspapers.

"Anyway… what were you doing around here, anyway? I figured you'd be busy with clan stuff."

"I… I… I was…"

"Hey! I was on my way to Ichiraku's. You wanna come?" Well, he had been meaning to go eat, but he got sidetracked when he decided to try getting an answer out of Sakura at the hospital.

She nodded shyly, thankful for Naruto's short attention span when food beckoned, and they crossed the street to the humble establishment.

Twiddling her fingers, Hinata sat next him as he shouted an ungodly ramen order to Teuchi and Ayame, who simply grinned and said, "Coming right up!"

Hinata, on the other hand, managed to whisper something along the lines of miso ramen, to which Ayame smiled and winked at her.

Naruto relaxed on his bar stool and looked at Hinata with those deep and vivid blue eyes of his… the same ones that were practically the light of her world. She couldn't help but to blush fiercely, and to cover for her nervousness, she pretended to be interested in an almost microscopic scratch on the tabletop, fiddling with her fingers.

"Hey, Hinata…?"


"Are you nervous?"

If it were possible, Hinata wished that a hole could appear and swallow her at that very instant. When had Naruto become so observant? She supposed that, at one point or another, the Hokage would eventually learn a thing or two about assessing people's body language, and chided herself for not giving her crush enough credit. Though Hinata was used to him being so impulsive, she had hoped he'd at least never be perceptive enough to see the nervous wreck she was.

"Naruto-kun… I mean, Naruto-sama!… No, I'm… I'm okay…"

"Hmm… if you say so… I mean, you do look like I make you uncomfortable, or maybe you're worried about something…" His brow furrowed in deep thought, and then he looked at her closely. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Hinata looked anywhere but his eyes. She knew if she took another look at those beautiful blue pools—especially as close as they were—she'd start getting dizzy.

As she thought of a response, she immediately noticed how uncharacteristically quiet Ayame and Teuchi were while taking care of Naruto's massive order. No doubt they were eavesdropping on their conversation. Great...

"Y-yes… Naruto-sama, I'm okay."

"Oooookay…" He was not convinced, but he would let it go for now. He then smiled. "Ano sa, ano sa! How's the clan doing, and all?" Maybe she'd relax a bit if he changed the subject.

Hinata allowed herself to sigh almost sullenly. "As good as it could get, I suppose." Her blush expanded briefly, surprised she didn't stutter.

"Hmm…" Naruto nodded. Not a good topic, either, I guess.

"Well, could be worse, I guess… I mean, I hardly ever get the chance to talk to clan leaders one-on-one these days. Even if I see you guys at the village council meetings, I always have to go right back to my office once those are done and assign missions, complete paperwork, and do all kinds of other Hokage stuff that keeps me busy, so this is a nice change of pace."

Hinata had to smile at his way of expressing himself. He was still a child at heart, and, unsurprisingly, it was one of the things she loved the most about him. Other leaders would have rephrased his statement with something along the lines of "I've been rather occupied with village matters that I seldom get the opportunity to confer with clan leaders"… or something like that. It was, in fact, exactly that kind of talk she got a heavy dose of any time she had to interact with Hyuuga elders. She could swear they were trying to cast a Nehan Shouja no Jutsu on her sometimes.

To hear Naruto express himself so lightly about running the village—which indeed was very serious business—was refreshing, and in a way, made it seem a lot easier than it actually was. She loved the way he tackled every situation at the Hokage Tower with a goofy grin and such an undaunted determination that allowed him to overcome the most trying situations.

"Ne, ne!" Naruto nudged her with his elbow, a playful grin on his lips. "How are Neji and Tenten doing? I heard that he popped the question!"

Hinata smiled, happy to engage in a lighter topic. "They are doing well. Tenten is very excited."

"Heh! I bet she is. You could tell a mile away she had the hots for him," he remarked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Hinata smiled kindly, but deep down, his words slightly dismayed her. It was ironic, really. Everyone knew that the Hyuuga leader had "the hots" for the Hokage.

Can't he tell that a mile away?

"I guess…" she said quietly.

Naruto might have been as dense as a rock, but he knew sadness when he saw it.

"Hey… are you okay? You seem so blue all of a sudden…"

Hinata only slumped further, and if she hadn't been too self-conscious at the moment, she would've turned into a little ball.

"I'm okay…" she almost whispered.

"Um... ooookay…" He regarded her with a deep frown and scratched the back of his head. Did he say something he wasn't supposed to? He could've sworn that was a "happy" subject!

Ayame and Teuchi both brought platters full of ramen bowls—all of which were Naruto's except for one—with disappointed expressions written all over their features. They only wished Naruto wasn't so thick, and that the Hyuuga girl wasn't so spineless. The two would make such a cute couple, at least they thought. Furthermore, they concurred that the two deserved to be happy after all the hardships they both had to endure; hardships in very different ways, but difficult nonetheless.

Naruto, very much aware that the girl next to him was not okay, donned his best goofy grin and told himself that he would do whatever it took to cheer her up… even if it meant making clones pop out as clowns and act like dorks in front of her for the sake of comic relief.

"Hey!" he said with excitement. "Food's here!"

Ayame and Teuchi smiled as they set the platters full of bowls in front of their customers. "Enjoy!"

"You bet'cha!" Naruto said with excitement as he reached across to grab two pairs of chopsticks, chanting: "Itadakimasu!"

Hinata took one of the pair of chopsticks he gave her, giggling at his excitement over ramen and muttering a shy, "Itadakimasu."

When Naruto heard her giggle, his ramen-loaded chopsticks stopped halfway and he turned to watch her giggle… to observe her quiet mannerisms and the simple, yet elegant way she carried herself. He knew the way she moved was probably the result of being a Hyuuga. When he looked at her, fancy words like "regal" or "princess" would come to mind. But that was beside the point. What he noticed the most was that when she smiled, she was very pretty. Her delicate skin took on a gorgeous glow, and there was a sudden gleam in her eyes, one which he assumed only appeared when she was truly happy and at peace, even if it was for a fleeting second.

When she noticed she was intently being watched by the loud, hyperactive ninja, she stopped giggling and fiddled with her chopsticks.

Naruto took note of all of this, recognizing that him watching her the way he was now—almost as if entranced—made her particularly uncomfortable. He looked at the noodles he had been holding halfway to his mouth, and finally decided to consume them.

Well, ain't that something? he thought to himself.

Was he really the only one she had a problem with? But that didn't make any sense. He had always supported her and cheered her on, and she had always been nice to him, so he never got the impression that he ever inconvenienced her. Plus, he knew she didn't act that way with everyone else. Sure, she was still quiet, but never nervous.

What's so different about me? he asked himself.

They both sat eating their ramen in silence—Hinata worried more about not making a fool of herself and Naruto engrossed in his own thoughts.

One thing is for certain, Naruto decided, I know very little about her, but I'm curious. I want to get to know her, not just in passing, or talking about work during council meetings, but become her real friend and maybe find out why she gets all wound up around me.

"Ano… Hinata…?" He watched as she flinched when he spoke, and couldn't help but to smirk. Despite how strange it was, it was still kind of funny how jumpy she was around him.

"Yes, Hokage—I mean, Naruto-sama?"

"Can I ask you something…?" Here it is, the moment of truth…

Unconsciously, the shy girl had put her chopsticks aside and started fiddling with her fingers. What could he possibly want to know?

Not trusting herself to speak, she simply nodded, and hoped he wouldn't drop a bomb on her… in a manner of speaking.

In the kitchen, Teuchi and Ayame suddenly dropped everything they had been doing and turned to very intently watch the pair from the window, hoping the knucklehead Hokage would ask something promising for a change.

"Ano…" He took a deep breath as he tried to think of the best way to ask his question. "Why are you always so nervous around me…? I mean… you always start blushing like crazy and… and then sometimes you even pass… Hinata…? Hinata!" Naruto watched as the poor girl started swaying in all directions until eventually her eyes rolled up and she tipped back.

"What the hell did I say?" he asked no one in particularly as he scrambled to check on the passed out clan leader.

Teuchi and Ayame couldn't help but to sigh in disappointment again and shake their heads sadly.

Naruto, on the other hand, couldn't decide whether to be glad or sad that she had fallen back. Had she fallen forward, her face would've no doubt landed in the steaming ramen bowl. He supposed he could live with the lump on her head. It would eventually go down, whereas any burns would mar that flawless, beautiful skin of hers.


Beautiful? Naruto thought with a frown and a blush he probably didn't even know he had. Well, there's no doubt she's pretty cute. I mean, all you have to do is look closely enough and you'll…

He cradled her petite body against his, curiously awed as he regarded her features. Her milky skin was pretty delicate, after all.

Slowly, an idiotic grin spread on his lips.

With Hinata blacked out, the eternal redness that seemed to always adorn her face had faded and was replaced with a lovely and tranquil expression, and what a difference! Well, not that her blushing made her ugly or anything—quite frankly it was kinda cute and funny in its own way if you asked him, even if before he used to think it was just plain weird. But with her blush came a look of anxiety that tended to distract him and sometimes make him restless because he always got the feeling he somehow had something to do with it.

The peaceful expression that washed over her features took his breath away. He recognized that if Hinata wasn't as shy or jumpy as she was, and perhaps made an effort to look at ease, or even confident, for that matter, there'd be plenty of guys in and outside the village trailing after her like lost little puppies, hopelessly in love.

This made him frown, and it made him feel oddly protective of her. The idea of horny men trailing after his shy friend did not sit well with him at all. Hinata was just too sweet and she always saw the best in people without ever questioning their motives. He imagined she'd find herself in a tight situation—he just knew how devious and sleazy some men could be—and even if he knew she was quite capable of taking care of herself, still

He cocked his head to the side curiously. Maybe, if he got to know her better, he'd be able to spend more time with her and his presence would automatically discourage any idiot from getting fresh with her. After all, if they knew Hinata was a personal friend's of the Rokudaime, would they really want to risk upsetting one of his precious people?

That wouldn't be so bad, would it?

And, hey, maybe in the process he'd help her unfold all that confidence he knew she had kept underneath all that modesty and self-consciousness she—intentionally or not—layered herself with.

His shoulders sagged. Are you even paying attention to the things going through your mind right now?

He looked at her and took a deep breath. Well, he did feel a little guilty that his interest in her hadn't been piqued until he saw her so relaxed, or how much cuter than usual he found her for that matter. But then again, he defensively thought to himself, better late than never!

So she was really pretty if she relaxed a bit—he nodded in agreement, grinning like an idiot again—and she was also pretty strong when she wanted to be—another nod, there was no doubt about that; he had always known that. Now it was a matter of unveiling her personality for what it truly was because, quite frankly, he was intrigued after his unexpected discovery.

He carefully lifted her like a bride and watched as she unconsciously burrowed her face into his chest like a little child, whimpering slightly. The simple gesture filled his heart with a gentle, maybe tender, emotion he couldn't quite describe; like his heart had melted, or something of the sort. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. All he knew was that he suddenly wanted to snuggle her, wrap her in his arms and squeeze her tightly until he heard that adorable squeak of hers, and then play with her fringes as he brushed it aside to kiss her forehead softly.

He immediately looked away from the unconscious clan leader, blushing brightly.

What the heck has gotten into you, Uzumaki! Being single is really starting to get to you! This is Hinata we're talking about!

Taking a deep breath—and quite frankly ignoring his logic—, he stood up and, still with the shy leader in his grasp, sat on his barstool, looking at her innocent features again. He might not get her to squeak right then and there, but there were other things he could do. Smiling gently, he moved one of his hands to her face where it lingered longer than necessary and boldly caressed her cheek tenderly. He watched as she took what seemed to be a contented sigh, and his smile turned into a grin.

It was truly surprising how a little patience could do wonders for him. Ten years ago—or hell, five years ago, even—he would've been exasperated and frustrated with her meekness and fainting. But after becoming Hokage, Naruto had taken a keen interest in understanding personalities, interpreting people's emotions, and—as Kakashi loved to say—looking beneath the underneath. Though… to his disappointment, he still had a long way to go. Luckily, he wasn't as bad as Sai.

But no matter! Hinata was different. She was a walking contradiction. She was stubborn, yet obliging and kind. She was strong and courageous, yet she flinched when he got loud or fiddled with her fingers whenever he put her on the spot, and that was only the beginning.

He couldn't wait to really get to know her, and he would, because he knew Hinata would never dream of defying the Hokage's requests. Okay, okay, so maybe he was pulling his weight a little, but he figured it was okay as long as it was for a greater cause.

He grimaced slightly. He only hoped that curiosity didn't kill the fox like it did the cat… or the mouse… or… yeah… he could go on, but it would do him no good.

Regarding her once again with a tender smile, he shook his head. How could he have missed what had been so obvious for so long? Hinata really was captivating in that adorable way of hers that only she could pull off. In the past, he didn't have an eye for that sort of thing, but he supposed he finally grew up.

"Well, what do you know?" he mumbled, grinning goofily and scratching the back of his head. "Hinata's actually kind of cute!"

Teuchi and Ayame grinned from ear to ear and sighed in relief as they watched the scene unfold before their very eyes.

"Well, what do you know?" Ayame retorted back sarcastically. "It's about damned time!"

Jutsu Name

Nenha Shouja no Jutsu (Temple of Nirvana Technique) - a Genjutsu technique that allows the caster to place a large body of people into an unconscious state. The target can avoid the spell by forming and using the dispel skill. Used by Kabuto during the Chunin exam right before the Sound Invasion.

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posted Oct 15, 2010, 10:09 AM by Pichi Derp   [ updated Mar 7, 2011, 5:08 AM ]


It was a cool, quiet night in the hidden village of Konoha. The Rokudaime Hokage sat in the comfort of his bed with a handful of pillows propping him up while thumbing through a worn out copy of his favorite book, The Gutsy Ninja. Unfortunately for him, he had been trying to read past the first paragraph for the last fifteen minutes with little success.

Blankly looking at the blur of words before him, his blue eyes couldn't help but to drift past the array of inked characters to the makeshift bookmark that stuck out, placed towards the end of the novel. He smiled as he slipped it free and opened it once more; the creases were beginning to wear out and tear from his abuse.

I already miss the warmth of your embrace when you hold me at night, the sound of your voice when you whisper in my ear and your beautiful smile when you tell me you love me.

Be safe on your journey, my beloved. I eagerly wait for your return, as always.

Your Loving Wife,


Uzumaki Naruto loved these messages, not because they were short and simple—though that was an attribute he certainly appreciated nonetheless—but because of their content and their unpredictability.

Sometimes he found them in his pockets—I love you so much—, or within the pile of paperwork he would occasionally bring home whenever he got bored of being at the Hokage tower—You're the BEST thing that's ever happened to Konoha.

Naruto smiled as he watched her wander back and forth in the room, getting ready for bed.

He didn't get one everyday, or every week, for that matter. She always hid them in places where he would eventually find them, and oftentimes he didn't find them until days later. He tried to figure out her pattern, and when he asked her how and when she had managed to slip them by without his notice, she would just smile beautifully at him and kiss his pouting lips.

No matter how hard he tried, he could never catch her in the act. He suspected she was using her Byakugan for more than just missions; she was far too sneaky with these notes. It was the only way he could logically explain how she would always sneak them in when he wasn't looking—especially when they were inside the bento boxes she often made him, or inside his rolled pairs of socks. For all he knew, she did it right under his nose and he most likely didn't even notice; she was a great visual distraction, after all.

Naruto dropped the book on his lap, frowning and pouting. He wouldn't put it past her to do something like that and get away with it. This didn't mean that he didn't appreciate the element of surprise, though. The little messages tended to appear when he least expected them, and oftentimes with perfect timing.

Hang in there, Love, when she somehow knew his workload was overwhelming. Though he had to admit that the most memorable one happened when he pulled out a pen from his desk, settling to sign one of his most irritable treaties in ages. A single torn piece of orange paper fell out from the cap and landed on his desk, face up and in all its glory. In a very beautiful penmanship, it said:

You can do it, dattebayo!

He had been speechless for several seconds, unmoving before cracking up in a fit of laughter that came and went for several hours, exactly as she had intended. He had grown out of using that word long ago, but the fact she intentionally used it brought back the silliest memories of his youth, particularly those of himself screaming that he was going to be Hokage someday. How ironic.

She was too cute for her own good, and he always made sure to tell her as such.

The one he found within the pages of The Gutsy Ninja had been a little longer than usual, though that wasn't something he minded, especially considering the circumstances.

He had been on his way to Suna for that year's kage summit, and he and his group of ANBU escorts had stopped halfway through the journey to rest for the night when he found it.

He recalled that she had helped him pack, and right when she was about to seal the small backpack he liked to carry on all his trips, he had stopped her to put the book inside. From that point on, he couldn't remember if he ever left her alone with the backpack, or if she had already placed the note in the book without him noticing, knowing he wouldn't forget his favorite novel for the journey.

When the kage summit was over, the knuckleheaded Hokage could not have been happier. The trip back was one that his ANBU escort would remember for years to come.

It was done in a flash… quite literally.

Word of how torturous it was to escort him had already spread through the ANBU ranks, and, unbeknownst to him, Uchiha Sasuke, Commander of the ANBU elite forces, had already altered the generic Escort the Rokudaime Hokage job description to include "Must have legs of steel" as one of its requirements, adding "Good luck. The Dobe is whipped." as a side-note.

At any rate, Uzumaki Naruto had made love to his cute little wife as soon as he arrived and laid eyes on her. Lucky for her, she had already been home for a while, thus preventing the potential embarrassment of being ravished by the Hokage in public.

As images of Hinata moaning his name in complete abandon and clawing at his back when he pushed himself inside her waltzed in his head, the flushed Hokage grabbed his book again and brought it to his face. He wondered if she had noticed him sneaking heated glances as she stood in front of the dresser, pulling her hair up in a high bun so it would stay out of her face while she slept. He would devour that pretty little neck with kisses, he just knew he would.

A wicked smile spread on his lips. In fact, he would get rid of that bun and have her hair in complete disarray before she knew it; it was only a matter of time.

"Come to bed, Hinata-chan…" he calmly requested when she walked into the bathroom to apply that flowery-scented cream she always put on her face every night. What was it called again? She explained it once… ah, yes—moisturizer.

She smiled. He couldn't fool her even if he wanted to. The trace of whining in his voice didn't go unnoticed, despite how nonchalant he tried to be.

"In a minute, Sweetie," she promised.

Moments later she sealed the moisturizer jar and re-emerged from the bathroom. Wearing white cotton panties and a light blue camisole, the petite woman was a sight to behold. The happy smile that had spread on his face when he saw her crumbled as soon as she walked right past the bed and towards the bedroom door. He sat up straight and once again tossed the book aside.

"Where are you going…?" he asked. This time the whine was pretty obvious.

She looked at him over her shoulder with a grin. "I still have to lock up, Naruto-kun."

Giggling, she exited the room when she heard him groan melodramatically. He just looked too cute in that bed, pouting and topless with the sheets covering him up to his waist.

"I'll be right back," she assured from the hallway.

Naruto frowned and crossed his arms petulantly. As he heard her slide the first window shut, he collapsed back into the pillows with a grunt, but as soon as his head hit the pile of pillows he sprung straight up again. A cunning, foxy grin spread across his face this time.

Snickering, he molded just the right amount of chakra, and a second later, a sharp pop rang across the room. He was not known as the number one knuckleheaded ninja for nothing.

"Bring me my wife," he instructed the clone that came into view as the smoke dissipated.

"Right away, boss."

Smirking, he collapsed back into his bed, intertwining his fingers behind his head, and quietly saying, "In three… two… one…"


"Hehehe…" he snickered.

"Boss said to take you to him," he heard the clone explain in a different room of the house.

"Put me down right now, Naruto-kun!"

"Just following orders, Hinata-chan," said the clone.

Naruto had to laugh when he saw his clone walk into the room, carrying his wife bridal style.

"But, Naruto-kun… the windows…!" Hinata insisted when the clone placed her on the bed next to the real Naruto.

"The clone will take care of it," he replied, pulling her against him from behind when she tried to get up again, latching onto her neck and nipping her pulse point.

"Buh… oh…" Hinata whimpered, grabbing a fistful of blond hair behind her and closing her eyes blissfully.

"Forget the windows. I missed you…" he complained, craning his head around to kiss her teasingly.

"Mmm… I missed you, too… Naruto-kun…" she whispered into his lips, rotating her body to deepen the kiss.

She could feel his victorious smile against her lips as he pulled her further into the center of the bed, reaching for the blankets and covering them both as he rolled on top of her. Her chest pressed against his tightly and he groaned happily.

"It's good to be home…" he murmured, nibbling her jaw line.

Under him, Hinata smiled, her arms around him and her legs parting so he could settle between her. "Hmm… it's good to have you home."

Naruto grinned when he felt her legs wrap around him. His nibbling moved from her jaw line to her chin, crawling up to her bottom lip, which he tugged with his teeth playfully. "Damn right it is…"

He then kissed her deeply, swallowing her moans. His hands dug under the camisole she wore, and he smirked when he felt her shiver under his touch. His fingertips traced the soft ridges of her ribcage, making her flinch. He smiled into the kiss, knowing how ticklish she was. His fingers continued moving higher until he felt the soft contour of her breast near her armpits.

"Naruto-kuuuun…" she moaned when he began to rock his hips against hers.

"Hmm…" he pulled away from the kiss to look at her with a lustful smirk, not stopping his rocking.

He waited only seconds before a shivering Hinata opened her eyes to regard him shyly.

"A-Again…?" she stuttered, surprised at his quick recovery from their earlier lovemaking and eagerness for an encore.

Naruto grinned, a chuckle escaping his lips as he dipped his lips into her neck, suckling briefly before pulling away to look into her eyes again, one of his hands moving from her rib cage to her breast and squeezing gently.

"Again," he replied. "Aside from catching up for lost time, I can't get enough of you, Hina-chan…"

Before she could respond, he removed his hands from under her camisole and knelt between her. He grabbed the elastic of his boxers and quickly removed them, tossing them behind him carelessly and snickering when he noticed the dark red tainting her cheeks and her eyes following his stiff member. With gleaming eyes, he grabbed the elastic of her underwear and pulled down, revealing not only quite the view, but allowing the scent of her arousal to invade his nostrils.

He inhaled deeply with a dorky grin. "Aaaaah…"

"Na-Naruto-kun!" she squeaked, her hands flying down to cover herself.

Quirking an eyebrow, Naruto laughed softly as he placed her underwear aside and took the hem of her camisole, pushing it up and off her. "I don't know why you're still so shy around me, Hinata-chan. It's not like I haven't seen you naked before…"


He pulled her into a sitting position and removed her camisole. "Besides, you weren't so shy when I got home."

Hinata pouted and self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest when she noticed his eyes hovering over her naked flesh hungrily. "Not like you gave me the chance. You were too horny to even let me say 'welcome home'."

He laughed outright. "A man has to do what he has to do, Love. And, if I recall correctly, I didn't hear any complaining, unless all that moaning was some secret code for 'please stop'." He then grinned wickedly. "As a matter of fact, your body was doing all the talking. Who knew you could be such a tigress."

"Naruto-kun!" she admonished. If the heat on her face were any indication, the red of a tomato would be no match to the one on her face.

He laughed again and kissed the corner of her lips as he gently pushed her back onto the mattress.

As he moved on top of her again, his eyes widened when his hard member landed against her sensitive core with a loud slapping sound, making her gasp—though the fact it felt good wasn't something she was about to tell him.


Hinata narrowed her eyes, not believing him for a second.

They held each other's gazes for several moments, both somewhat embarrassed and blushing brightly.

Eventually, the cutest frown formed on her brow when she saw him fight a smile, and the quietest snort escaped him. She looked away, puffing her cheeks and Naruto gave in, laughing mirthfully. When his laughter subsided to a playful snicker, he placed moist, lingering kisses on her enflamed cheeks.

"That wasn't supposed to happen, I swear."


"Uh-huh," he mimicked while grinning. He allowed his weight to settle on her, relishing the feel of her breasts pressed snuggly against his chest as he burrowed his face against her neck with a blissful groan.

"It is definitely nice to be home again…"

Hinata smirked quietly, running her hands down his back soothingly. "You make it sound as if you had been away for an eternity."

"I was," he replied. "The meetings were very informative, but so very boring. No wonder baa-chan was happy to retire."

"You have Konohamaru, and Tsunade-sama always had Shizune to take notes when you two spaced out."

"Hehe… that's what assistants are for."

Hinata smirked again, shaking her head. "To overwork them to death?"


Hinata shook her head, smiling. He could be such a clown sometimes.

"Mmm…" he smiled and snuggled more against her, and when he was comfortable, he took a deep, blissful breath.

For several moments they laid like this, only the sound of their steady breathing breaking the silence.

The pleasant feeling of Hinata threading her fingers through his hair and placing gentle kisses against his temple made him lift his head to look into her eyes. The soft, loving gaze she cast upon him took his breath away. It was the kind of look only she could give him.

Gently, he reached up to trace her cheek before burrowing his face under her chin again, only this time meekly.

"What is it?" she asked softly, frowning slightly.

"Nuthin'," he mumbled.

Hinata squirmed slightly, grinning as the vibrations of his voice against her throat tickled her.

"Liar…" she accused playfully, her voice still hushed.

Naruto pulled back slightly to look into her eyes with a goofy smile. Hinata arched an eyebrow curiously, but the tenderness in her gaze remained as she cupped his cheeks to keep him from hiding his gaze from hers again.


"I love it when you look at me like that," he admitted sheepishly.

She gave him a gorgeous smile. "That's because you make me happy."

He, in turn, provided her with a dorky grin of his own. "You make me happy, too."

"Of course I do," she said, her smile turning playful. "I'm pretty awesome."

He laughed and brushed his lips against hers. She'd been hanging around him too much, even if he knew she was just picking on him. "You're so silly, Hinata-chan…"

When he began pulling away, Hinata threaded her fingers through his wild locks to hold him in place, deepening the kiss as she did so. Several moments later, Naruto pulled away speechless with surprise at her small progress in boldness. Their eyes met, marveling at the love reflecting in them before resuming the kiss again. He tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth and then, tilting his head slightly to the side, he dipped his tongue into her mouth shamelessly.

"Naruto-kun…" or so it sounded like when she moaned into the embrace.

Minutes went by before his lips parted from hers, but his forehead remained pressed to hers. With a half-lidded gaze, he nuzzled his nose against hers and smiled lazily when she tried to initiate another kiss. He would pull back playfully, making it seem as if her lips were trailing after his desperately. He smirked when after so much chasing, the only thing she managed was a tiny brush of lips. Her eyes met his with a pout and a husky chuckle escaped him.

When she craned her neck again to kiss him and he pulled away again with a wicked gleam in his eyes, she huffed.

"Don't tease me, Naru-mmmm…"

He kissed her. She could feel his chest vibrating against hers from his soundless laughter.

"Couldn't resist," he mumbled against her lips. She tried to huff playfully but squeaked indignantly, eliciting another soundless chuckle from her husband, before succumbing to the feel of his mouth devouring hers. Naruto's smile slowly faded as the kiss intensified, and before long, he undid her hair bun and mimicked her actions, threading his fingers through her hair and disheveling it into waves of inky silk on her pillow.

Her warmth seeped into him and the softness of her body under him filled him with goose bumps. He felt her legs disengage around him and her small feet kneading his calves gingerly. They started from the back of his knee all the way down to his heels, and back up again. After such a long trip, her pseudo-massage on the worn muscles of his legs felt heavenly. The feeling of her toes curling against his skin and catching the tiny hairs on his flesh made him shudder as she pulled at them teasingly again and again.

He broke their kiss, craning his head to look at her and she gave him a small, bashful smile before burrowing her face into his chest. Naruto hummed softly and nuzzled her hair greedily, basking in its lovely smell.

He felt her free arm moving as her hand retreated from his mused hair, gently tracing her fingertips over his jaw line, down his throat and his chest. He could sense her smiling as her hand continued past his diaphragm and stomach, slowing once it passed his navel.

"Tease…" he murmured, squirming breathlessly when her touch bordered on ticklish.

"Mmm…" was her response.

He grinned. He could easily imagine the playful smile on her face. He knew she knew he wanted her to go lower.

He released a shuddering breath when her hand headed towards his groin, her fingertips particularly tracing over the small, soft rivulet of tiny blond hair that formed below his navel and expanded into a shallow pool of coarse hair. Playful fingers crawled about aimlessly, refraining from going further down where she knew he craved to be touched. Her hand then wandered away—he whimpered and she giggled—, grazing his hip and stopping on his lower back, stroking the small muscles soothingly.

He kissed the crown of her head, and guided one of his hands down her side, making her jolt when they grazed over her ribs.

"Ticklish?" he queried with an impish smile. It was his way of getting revenge on her for teasing him so.

"A little," she mumbled into his chest.

"Heh…" His hand continued its journey downward, not stopping until it reached the outside of one of her thighs, whereupon he grasped it securely and pulled upwards, making her knee bend and resting the large muscle against his hip. The heat that had been trapped in the apex of her thighs radiated freely once again, and when he tugged her flush against him more so than she already was, her sex brushed against his and the wetness of her arousal glazed over him, making him throb almost painfully.

He rocked his hips into hers eagerly, smirking when she gasped. The length of his member slid back and forth over her clitoris, and he knew she was loving it.

The smirk disappeared and he groaned blissfully when she grabbed a handful of his unruly hair.

"Baby…" he murmured, pulling even more on her leg to rub himself against her more firmly.

"Naruto…" she whispered, shivering when a particular thrust of his hip made the tip of his engorged member push directly against her sensitive clit.

Hinata moaned in abandon.

"So good…" he said, his voice thick with lust. "It feels so good…"

He continued tormenting her with the slow but firm and sensuous rocking of his hips, smiling when she looked into his eyes with a fierce blush and mewling from the sensations he provoked in her when he stopped rubbing the length of his member against her clit and pushed only the very tip into her opening, refraining from going further, and continued his rocking.

"I need you…" he voiced lowly, "so badly…"


His words, the husky sound of his voice, the way his gaze burned into hers made her insides quiver, her silky lips craving more than what he teased her with.

He hissed. That felt heavenly around him. "Hinata," he whispered hoarsely. His lips dropped to her ear, his tongue flickering against her earlobe and making her squirm. "I need to make you mine… but I need to hear you say it…"

"P-Please…" she whimpered helplessly. She didn't know whether to cup his rear and bury him into her, or to continue enjoying his sweet torture. She wanted him, too. She needed him just as much.

But she couldn't tell him that.

Her hands gripped onto his shoulders, her nails digging into the skin when her hips moved on their own accord and rocked up as he descended, making him push deeper than he had intended and eliciting a groan out of him.

"Aaah, fuck…" he cursed, growling… trembling… licking her neck and nibbling her pulse point. It took every shred of control to pull back out and continue his languid, shallow thrusts. "It feels good, doesn't it…?"

He was driving her crazy, he knew he was, but he still wanted to hear her.

"Na-Naruto…" she called, her voice catching in mere anticipation. "I…"

God, he couldn't take much more.

Yes, yes, yes! Hell, yes! her lust-ridden mind screamed.

"Tell me how it feels…" he urged in a whisper, pulling up to look into her eyes.

Her other leg bent and wrapped around him, pushing him further into her.

She couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to say it. She'd sound foolish and would only end up embarrassing herself, she just knew it. The thought of openly and willingly telling him how to pleasure her, or even telling him how much she enjoyed the wonderful things he did to her still made her dizzy and turned her brain into mush to this day. She could only pray that the way her body reacted, or quite frankly spoke on her behalf would be enough for him.

"Tell me," he insisted. "Does it feel good…?"

Well, so much for body language, she thought in dismay. Releasing a shuddering breath, she nodded meekly. Yes. It feels like heaven.

"Hmm…" he hummed again, somewhat disappointed, but nevertheless smiling softly and pressing his lips to hers. Maybe next time he would get her to actually speak up.

With his lips still pressed to hers, he rocked his hips forward, muffling her squeal as he buried himself deep within her.


"Fuck… that is so hot!"

Huh? Who said that? It sounded like his voice, but his mind was too preoccupied with all the sensations wracking throughout his body at that moment. He shook his head. He was probably just imagining things.

However, despite his lust-ridden state, Naruto felt Hinata freeze under him. Pausing, he looked down at her with a curious frown, only to find that she wasn't even looking at him, but something off to the side with eyes the size of ramen bowls.

"Na-Naruto-kun!" she squeaked.

"Huh? Whu-… what is it…?" he asked absently. What the hell! What could be more interesting than having sex with the great Uzumaki Naruto?

"Your c-cl…clone… it's watching!"

"What!" Naruto turned his head to the side and, sure enough, there stood a copy of himself blushing, grinning like a complete idiot, and with quite the boner inside his boxers.

"Oh… right." Naruto turned his face towards Hinata, with the most innocent look he could muster while she narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously.

"Umm… thanks for the hard work!" he cheerfully said, glancing at the clone before releasing the clone jutsu. Turning his attention to the beauty beneath him, he gulped when he saw the look in her eyes.

"Naruto-kun…" She had that funny tone of voice that usually meant he was in trouble.

"I'm sorry?" he said.

Hinata could tell he wasn't really sorry, but before she could really give him a piece of her mind, Naruto released a strangled cry, holding his head with one hand and shutting his eyes tightly as the rest of his body twitched violently.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata said alarmed.

"Oh, God, that is fucking hot!" he mumbled.

She frowned, bewildered. "H-Huh…?"

Naruto's eyes widened. Fuck… I said that out loud, didn't I?

"Nothing! Nothing… eh heh…"

Stupid clone memories! he chastised himself while blushing brightly at the scene playing in his mind. After securing their home, the clone had returned to the bedroom and had gotten quite the free show—and for quite while, too!

Naruto knew he had his moments in life where he'd forgotten to do something, but this was the first time he'd slip up on dispelling a clone while sexing his wife. He was going to have to do some groveling and abuse the baker for some fresh cinnamon rolls to get her to look over this little slip up!

With a new plan in hand, he focused his attention towards his wife once more. She quirked a brow, waiting for an explanation.

"Um…" He scratched the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. "Well… that was… um… interesting."

Hinata narrowed her eyes at him, but Naruto decided to purposefully ignore her almost-glare, opting instead to reward her with a smile that gradually turned mischievous. "Now… where were we?"

Peeping clones or not, he was guaranteed to make this night one she'd never forget.

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