(Most of the) Group in April 2010 (cook-out at Happy Hollow Park)

Standing (Left to Right): Dowon Kim, Colby Bartlett, Praveen Saxena, Wasim Irshad, Dimitrios Peroulis, Andrew Kovacs, Hao Han Hsu (graduated, now with Intel), David Berdy, Leo Liu, Wes Allen, Adam Fruehling, Kenle Chen, Xin Wang (graduated, now assistant professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China).

Sitting (Left to Right): Joshua Small, Anurag Garg, Shoaib Arif, Nithin Raghunathan

Current Group Members

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Alumni (graduated with a PhD degree, listed in reverse chronological order)


16. Eric Naglich, Ph.D., “Filter Synthesis and Design Techniques for Highly Adaptable Systems,”(co-advised with William Chappell), Dec. 2013.                                                        Dr. Naglich is now a senior research engineer with the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC.

15. Dimitra Psychogiou, Ph.D., “Waveguide-mounted RF MEMS for Multifunctional RF Frontends,”(co-advised with Dr. Christian Hafner) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Aug. 2013.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Psychogiou is now a postdoctoral research fellow, Purdue University, IN.

14. David Berdy, Ph.D., “Kinetic Energy Harvesting from Low Frequency Sources,” (co-advised with Dr. Byunghoo Jung) Purdue University, Aug. 2013.                                              Dr. Berdy is now a senior research engineer with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

13. Kenle Chen, Ph.D., “High-Power Microwave/RF Components, Circuits, and Subsystems for Next-Generation Wireless Radio Front-ends,” Purdue University, Aug. 2013.                Dr. Chen is now an RFIC engineer with RFaxis, Irvine, CA.

12. Wasim Irshad, Ph.D., “Liquid Metal Droplet and Micro Corrugated Diaphragm RF MEMS for Reconfigurable RF Filters,” Purdue University, Aug. 2013.                                          Dr. Irshad is now a consultant, West Lafayette, IN.

11. M. Shoaib Arif, Ph.D., “High-Q and Widely-Tunable All-Silicon Resonators and Filters for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Application,” Purdue University, Dec. 2012.                  Dr. Arif is now an Assistant Professor with National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.

10. Adam Fruehling, Ph.D., “Dynamic Monitoring of Ohmic Contact RF MEMS Switches,” Purdue University, Sept. 2012.                                                                                           Dr. Fruehling is now a senior research engineering with Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.

9. Joshua Small, Ph.D., “Robust Tuners for High-Q RF Tunable Resonators and Preselect Filters,”Purdue University, Mar. 2012.                                                                               Dr. Small is now a postdoctoral research fellow with the University of California, Davis, CA.  

8. Sean Scott, Ph.D., “High-Temperature Wireless MEMS Sensors for Harsh-Environment Component Health Monitoring Applications,” Purdue University, Oct 2011.
Dr. Scott is now a visiting Assistant Professor with Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

7. Hao Han Hsu, Ph.D., "Characterization and modeling of Creep in RF MEMS Tunable Components and Circuits," Purdue University, May 2011.
Dr. Hsu is now a senior research engineer with Intel in Portland, OR.

6. Xiaguang (Leo) Liu, Ph.D., "High-Q RF-MEMS Tunable Resonators and Filters for Recon.figurable Radio Frequency Front-Ends," Purdue University, Aug. 2010.
Dr. Liu is now an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Enginering at the University of California, Davis,CA.

5. Xin Wang, Ph.D., "Real-time Con.gurable RF Matching Networks for Pulse-based Systems," (co-advised with Linda P.B. Katehi) Purdue University, Aug. 2009.
Dr. Wang is now an Assistant Professor at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China.

4. Jeongil Kim, Ph.D., "Compact Multi-Physics Models for Large-Displacement Multilayer Cantilevers in RF MEMS Circuits, Antennas and Sensors," Purdue University, Aug. 2008.
Dr. Kim is now a senior research engineer with Qualcomm in San Diego, CA.

3. Chung-Hao Chen, Ph.D., "Liquid RF MEMS High-Power Switches," Purdue University, Aug. 2008.
Dr. Chen is now a senior research engineer with Intel in Portland, OR.

2. Ashwin Vyas, Ph.D., "Microresonator Designs Based on Nonlinear 1:2 Internal Resonance Between Flexural-Flexural and Torsional-Flexural Structural Modes," (co-advised with Anil Bajaj), Purdue University, Aug. 2008.
Dr. Vyas is now with Cummins in Columbus, IN.

1. Yumin Lu, Ph.D, "RF MEMS Devices and their Applications in Recon.gurable RF/Microwave Circuits," (co-advised with Linda Katehi), University of Michigan, Aug. 2005.
Dr. Lu is currently with NXP Semiconductors in Boston, MA.