04/13/2016: Our team led by Mark Hickle and Michael Sinanis win Best Student Conference Paper Award at WAMICON 2016 Conference in Florida.

11/23/15: New work by Dr. Wesley Allen, "Introductory EE Demonstration Examples - a suite of MATLAB- based interactive visualizations of introductory electrical engineering concepts." link here

11/19/15: Mark Hickle successfully passed his preliminary examination for his PhD thesis entitled: Synthesis, design, and fabrication techniques for reconfigurable microwave and millimeter wave filters."

10/28/15: Dr. Mohammad Abu Khater has completed his PhD entitled "Monitoring and control of evanescent-mode cavity filters, with implementation on jammer detection/suppression."

12/22/13: Dr. Lokesh Gupta has completed his PhD entitled "Wireless Sensors for Condition Monitoring Applications Operating in Complete Metallic Environment."

12/20/13: Dr. Eric Naglich completed his PhD entitled "Filter Synthesis and Design Techniques for Highly Adaptable Systems."

08/31/13: Dr. Dimitra Psychogiou completed her PhD at ETH, Zurich entitled "Waveguide-mounted RF MEMS for Multifunctional RF Frontends."

08/31/13: Dr. David Berdy successfully completed his PhD entitled: "Kinetic Energy Harvesting from Low Frequency Sources."

08/30/13: Dr. Kenle Chen successfully completed his PhD entitled: "High-Power Microwave/RF Components, Circuits, and Subsystems for Next-Generation Wireless Radio Front Ends." 

08/29/13: Dr. Wasim Irshad successfully completed his PhD entitled: "Liquid Metal Droplet and Micro Corrugated Diaphram RF MEMS for Reconfigurable RF Filters."

08/01/2013: Dr. M. Shoaib Arif is now an Assistant Professor with National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan.

4/29/2013: Dr. Adam Fruehling has joined Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX as a senior research engineer.

12/30/2012: Dr. M. Shoaib Arif successfully completed his PhD entitled: "High-Q and Widely-Tuneable All Silicon Resonators and Filters for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Application."

11/16/2012: Dr. Dimitrios Peroulis presents an invited poster in the National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium.
9/13/2012: Dr. Adam Fruehling successfully completed his PhD entitled: "Dynamic Monitoring of Ohmic Contact RF MEMS Switches."

8/20/2012: Our new textbook/lab manual is published!

6/2012: Our PA team led by Kenle Chen, Eric Naglich and Yu-Chen Wu won the 2nd place in the IMS 2012 Power Amplifier Competition. 

3/2/2012: Dr. Joshua Small successfully completed his PhD entitled: "Robust Tuners for High-Q RF Tunable Resonators and Preselect Filters". 

12/1/2011: Dr. Xiaoguang (Leo) Liu joins the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Davis, CA as an Assistant Professor.

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Contact Information

Dimitrios Peroulis
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Deputy Director of Birck Nanotechnology Center
Director of the Center for Electronic Defense Systems (CEDS)
1205 W. State St. Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
Phone: 765-494-3491
Fax: 765-494-4731

Administrative Support
Heather Anthrop 
ECE Secretary
Birck Nanotechnology Center
1205 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
Phone: 765-494-7053

Research Summary

Prof. Peroulis focuses on reconfigurable electronics for adaptive communications, signal intelligence, and harsh-environment MEMS sensors. He has been a PI/co-PI in over 65 projects funded by government agencies and industry in these areas. He has been a key contributor to numerous filter-centric programs that have resulted in the first widely-tunable (tuning range >3:1) pre-select radio filters with unprecedented quality factors (Q > 1; 000) and power handling (> 10 W) for high frequency applications (1-30 GHz). A wide variety of reconfigurable filters with simultaneously adaptable features including frequency, bandwidth, rejection level, filter order, and group delay have been demonstrated over the past five years. His group has been developing a groundbreaking concept of Field Programmable Filter Arrays (FPFAs). Inspired by FPGAs in digital systems, FPFAs are based on a sea of coupled resonators and multiple ports in order to enable re-utilization of the same adaptive resonators to support diverse needs for dissimilar systems. Arbitrary operational modes and multiple operational channels may be created and reconfigured at will. Besides RF front-end filters, Prof. Peroulis’ team has made significant contributions in high efficiency power amplifiers (2011-2012 awards in the MTT-S International Microwave Symposia Student Design Competitions) and co-designs of reconfigurable RF devices.

Prof. Peroulis has also been working in the fields of wireless MEMS sensors and energy harvesting. His team demonstrated the first wireless battery-free high-temperature MEMS sensors for health monitoring of rotating machinery. These sensors continuously monitor the true temperature of a rotating device to over 300◦C or 550◦C (depending on the design) and wirelessly transmit it to a base station. These sensors are based on well-established silicon processing for low-cost high yield manufacturing. They have demonstrated extremely robust operation for >109 cycles and continuous loading for >3 months without failure. Furthermore, in 2012 his team’s work on energy harvesting won the Outstanding Paper Award by the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society (Ferroelectrics section). More recently his team has been researching wireless sensors for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biotech products and emergency food supplies. These processes are currently highly inefficient due to the lack of fundamental understanding of the underlying physical principles. The envisioned sensors are expected to lead to significant advancements in such manufacturing processes.

Research Projects


Download CV (updated December 2015)


Current Group Members

Ph.D. Students 

  1. Brian Vaughn
  2. Garret Shafer
  3. Kaiyuan Zeng
  4. Mark Hickle
  5. Mahmoud Abdelfattah
  6. Yu-Chen Wu
  7. Wei Yang
  8. Xiaofan Jiang
  9. Zhengan (Andy) Yang
Undergraduate Students
  1. Marlow Rumreich
  2. Sam Sharkey
  3. Zach Vander Missen
Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Dr. Yu-Chiao Wu
  2. Dr. Mohammad Abu Khater
Senior Research Scientists
  1. Dr. Abbas Semnani
  2. Dr. Dimitra Psychogiou
  3. Dr. Harris Mousoulis 
  4. Dr. Sean Scott
  5. Dr. Wesley Allen
Laboratory Manager
  1. Michael D. Sinanis

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