PLL cases

To not forget the most important situation we have it first of all;
Gods case
GD o 1:720
Sun and glory, the gift of God! This is a situation you won't see often if you don't work for it, a PLL skip is not a every day occation on the Megaminx; it is one of 10 equally rare situations, the rest are the O-PLL's (CP/EP) and the Evil Bunny cases, that includes the inverse of solved, the Devils case.

Now, for the rest of the cases first thing is to AUF the edges to one of the situations in the picture above, the dark edges are solved, the corners you can ignore at first. Horseface and Mushroom are 3-cycles that occures 5:12 each, Bunny is the adjacent/opposite double 2-cycle that is not possible to AUF to anything but that, it occures 1:12 times and so does the Sunny case wich is the EP skip.

For the first two cases the cycle can go in two directions but in both cases you can AUF again (if needed) to the same situation but with the cycle always being clockwise. That way it is only 4 diffrent cases possible. But then, to solve the cases it is often better to use both directions for the 3-cycles because then there will be mirror cases instead of all uniqe, it will save 2:5 algs (not really, it will be mirrors instead of inverses).

The corners for each case with edges fixed may have 4 diffrent patterns if you look at the side stickers and this pattern may be in 5 diffrent positions compared to the edges, recognition is easy, there are two main patterns and the 'inverses' of these. Leftmost case have a pair of 'headlights' and in the second case the same corners are still sitting next to each other but swapped, that makes the stickes that was in the headlight opposite instead (T-case). The same thing is also true for the solved case (last) and the 'evil' case (third), It is evil because it will always have one and only one corner sovled no matter AUF, the inverse of solved (that has all or no cornes solved). The cases in that group have an occurance of 1:12. The same thing goes for the last situation, that transforms to EP only after AUF. The first two situations occures 5:12 each.
Well, that was only the teoretical bla bla, for recognition first AUF the edges:
Method for recognition of EP:
  • Look at the F centre, AUF that edge to solved.
  • If one and only one of the rest of the edges are solved you will have Horseface or Mushroom, if it is opposite to F (top edges in the picture) then it is the Horseface and if it is adjacent to F it is a Mushroom case
  • If no more edge are solved, then look at the R centre, where is that edge? 3 positions are possible and if it is sitting on the L side it will be a Bunny, the other two cases you can AUF again to Horseface (if it is sitting in Bl) or Mushroom (Br).
  • If all edges are in solved position you got the Sunny case, but I guess you figured that yorself :p

Now you now which edge case it is, continue...


  • Next look at the corners, if there are no or one corner(s) solved then AUF agin to the other direction for the edge cycle and the situation is possibly the better one (most cases are like so but not all).
If you have a three cycle edges and two corners solved it will be a double 3-cycle, one for edges and one for corners and that is the most possible situation, these are links to pages with two diffrent groups of cases : Horseface casesMushroom cases
Then there are the Additional cases that has got only one or no corners solved and the Bunny cases that all has got the inverse edge configuration and therefore acts like CPLL; Sunny cases, (the same for edges is included in the additional group).
But before you move on to the cases, read this page.