• No errors on this page will be corrected anymore, check the NEW site instead!
  • 16-june-2013: New PLL/OLL site launched! Have a look at the new improved site here. (Some pages still needs some work, but all PLLs are there now.)
  • 14-aug-2011: PLL pages updated with new pictures for ALL cases + 2 errors corrected (color scheme change)
  • OLL pages update & checked at 15-nov-2010
  • OLL pages now complete, if you find any error or think you have a better alg, post in the speedsolving thread / send a PM to us.
  • Classic Pochmann BLD for megaminx is the latest page here =)
  • It grows! Now there is the OLL project and the ELL page was just finished so 3CLL was started as a new project.
  • The site is getting better, there are still algs to add but we decided to make it public, that is; posting a thread about it at Speedsolving.com...
  • Besides the PLL's we now also got a list of all corner orientations for the last layer preserving edges orientation, this is found at the OLL-C page.
  • Not much here yet, but the PLL cases page has started to develop.

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