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Tatyana and Nick Birch

Tania and Nick are content and happy after they found each here in Shipka after long years of searching.

Tania was born in Sofia, but she followed her truth and came back to live in the land of her ancestors – Shipka. She is very thankful to her parents, for the light, space and guidance in her childhood and to the teachings of Petar Danov, Sogial Rinpoche, Pepsi, Ana Pavlova and Swami Nirandjan and friends in her adult years, who helped her to look for her truth and not give up until she found it.

School, university, partying, career ….passed through all these material world stages…just to find that the truth and the real world is inside each of us.

 Looking for a way to improve the environment around, she organized projects aiming to promote conscious consumption and personal responsibility. Permaculture fascinated her with the elegant organization of ancient and new knowledge, and the practical tools, which help to transform the space around us, so humans can live in harmony with all other forms of life, and co-create instead of destroy. For Earth to be a better place one has to start from oneself, and Tania has started from the self – she gave birth to Permaship, left her corporate job, certified as a permaculture designer and set the scene for her Nicky to find her.



Nick was born in Braintree, Essex, England, the land of the East Saxons, but came to live to Shipka following his heart. Looking for his love, he traveled through many lands, finally to find her in Shipka. Nick is a strength and fitness coach, specializing in resistance training and has learned his knowledge through the body. He has built his discipline and skills through practice. When you are here, Nick can help you enhance and bring out your true body and soul through training, food and cups of tea.