Permaship At Beglika


    This August 19th-21st the excellent Beglika Fest will be back again for another action packed episode of sheer enjoyment and we are pleased to announce that we will be joining them. The theme of the fest this year is Food and the question being considered is whether it is realistic aim  to provide ecologically sound food en mass. The permaship team will be delivering a series of lectures regarding CSA (community supported agriculture) and forest gardening which we believe are sound practices which could help with achieving the aforementioned goal.     

What will we be doing?
  • Library Tent 
We will be bringing a diverse selection of books to the festival for our guests to browse at leisure.  We will also have Permaculture books  available for purchase including the "Permaculture Home Garden" that we have recently translated into Bulgarian.

  • Lectures
We will  be holding the following lectures, practicals and  discussions

August 19th 2.00p.m
The Wild Kitchen
Intro to identification, Processing of wild foods, other uses and  using wild plants as indicators.

August 20th 2.00p.m
Intro to Permaculture
An overview of permaculture design theory


Worm Farming and Worm Tea making
How to make a worm farm to create premium  fertlizer and how to use this fertlizer to make a worm tea 

August 21st 2.00p.m
The Forest Garden
What is a forest garden? Why make a forest garden? How can you start a forest garden?  


C.S.A Meeting
An open discussion on CSA , want to get involved? where to start?  

 Hope to see you there !!!