Permaculture Garden Course Details

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Hello and welcome to our first course of the year -  Permaculture Garden Design.

What is it all about?

     If you fancy a unique and exciting approach to creating  a garden whether you are an experienced hand or first timer this course will be perfect for you . We will go through the process of starting a new garden, demonstrating  all the most important aspects of producing a beautiful place with great food that is minimal maintenance and totally clean and  beneficial ecologically speaking. The principles you will learn can also be carried into existing gardens so don't hesitate to come along if you are already well on your way with your own garden .You will undoubtedly enjoy this different approach. 

What will we cover?

     We will begin with a general introduction to Permaculture focusing mainly on its relevance to gardening. This will lead us to the first and most important stage of any Once we have worked on the design process its get your hands dirty time. We will  begin the implementation of our design and during the 3 days of practical learning  introduce

  •  no dig methods to prepare the soil for your plants
  •  how to make the best mediums and compost to feed and nurture your garden    
  • what plants to put in your garden
  • how to and how important it is to enlist the help of millions of willing workers in the form of worms and other garden insects. 
  • Designing for minimal maintenance and high varied perennial production as we introduce the forest garden    
  • Methods for no irrigation growing

Interested?  Then come along!


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Permaship Courses 

    Our courses are a great place to meet people who  share curiosity and have a willingness to practice  a more sensical approach to living and life. Its also a place  to make  contacts and enjoy good company. Its a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful place with great food, good music, lively nightlife ,if so desired,  and what we learn here is both exciting and practical. 

Take to the Stage 

       In the evenings we open the stage to our guests to share with us there own  projects or interests and  have a room set aside with  multimedia projection and screen for this purpose. We have enjoyed some great talks and presentations ,if you are interested in this let us know, we are also calling  artists of all kinds to bring there work here to share   click here for more info


Food and Accommodation 

The fee for this course is BGN 100 and then 15LV per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We provide free camping and the  grounds has access to toilets,  and WI-FI  internet is free of charge,we have an outdoor solar shower and if you require indoor bathroom a local hotel can provide use of there facilities for 3 LV.

Unfortunately all the rooms at Permaship have been filled, although this situation may change and we will update the website accordingly.  If you are not keen on camping there are also hotels and rooms  locally available starting from 10LV a bed.

Registration is open and you should book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited. 

We operate a sliding scale fee policy so if the course price is a problem for you, please say so in the registration form and we can organise your help in exchange of payment if you so wish.  No-one should miss out for financial reasons. 

Bring your Creations with you 

Art and Music, the human expression of life, lays by the core of a fulfilled existence . This be so we want to promote artist's and musicians and creators of all kinds from the Permaship Centre. We offer our place to you to display and sell your work (one of our non-profit activities) and  during our course's we will make exhibition's for your art. If you are a musician  send us your music and we will also promote during our events and offer to our guests and visitors. 
We are also working closely with Artmospheric an upcoming crew of talented producers who host events throughout the year including an annual festival . They are always looking for new talent to take to the stage maybe you are that talent.

  What you need to bring

- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping mat (if you are camping)
- Headlight
- Clothing you don't mind getting dirty
- A musical instrument (if you can play one)
- A Note book and pencil and a Diary.

- Bags of enthusiasm

- Bike (there are some excellent bike trails nearby so if you are a biker bring it with you, we will also have bikes for hire)

Getting here

 Take a look at this link with the instructions for getting to permaship.   If you are driving and think you may have room and don't mind sharing than maybe we can fill the spaces so please let us know.

 Volunteers and Helpers


    We are always looking for keen people to get involved ,it is in fact the very spirit of our project,  so if you have some time on your hands come over and join us. In exchange for your input we will happily provide you with accommodation and food. At present there is much work to be done in the garden, from growing to preserving, designing the outside areas to be more efficient and productive and also preparation for forthcoming events.  Maybe you will have some ideas we can work on too.  Email us for more info permaship2 [аt] gmail [dot ]com