Agenda Permaculture Garden Course 2011

Course Agenda

 Morning    (9:30-1:00pm)  Afternoon (2:30pm-6.00pm)
29th April
   Arrive at Permaship (by 6pm)
Check in, feed and relax
    30th April               

Introduction to each other
(t)Introduction to Permaculture.  Permaculture Principles
(t)interactive exercise. Elements of Permaculture Garden Design and Planning
 (t)Preparing the ground ,Water land works
 (p)Sheet mulching at local Kindergarten

    1st May
(p)Making your own mediums

(t)Worm farming
(p)Build small worm farm

 (t)Compost and the different forms of
(p)make a hot compost pile
Hugel Kultur (irrigation free beds using rotten tree stump)
    2nd May

(t)Guild planting. Maintenance. Beneficial Insects
(p)plant  guilds
Forest Garden introduction
walk in the forest  
 (p)Planting perennial guild at kindergarten
(t)Maintenance Ctd ,Lunar schedules,Q&A and Wrap-up
The above agenda is subject to changes

(t) -theory
(p) practice

8:00am-9:10am          Breakfast
1:00pm -2:30pm         Lunch
6:30pm-7:30pm          Dinner

Evenings - videos, presentations, chill, music. Please feel free to bring anything you would like to show or present during the evening sessions
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