Art and Music

 This is a calling to Artists, Musicians and Creators of all kinds.

  Art and Music, the human expression of life, lays by the core of a fulfilled existence . This be so we want to promote artist's and musicians and creators of all kinds from the Permaship Centre. We offer our place to you to display and sell your work (one of our non-profit activities) and  during our course's we will make exhibition's for your art. If you are a musician  send us your music and we will also promote during our events and offer to our guests and visitors.
We are also working closely with Artmospheric an upcoming crew of talented producers who host events throughout the year including an annual festival . They are always looking for new talent to take to the stage maybe you are that talent.
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Art already on Display at Permaship by Nellie Borisova

Nellie Borisova

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