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Permaship @ Artmospheric 21-24th July 2011

posted 4 May 2011, 01:35 by Permaship Center   [ updated 13 Jul 2011, 09:20 ]

    This summer we will be taking our tents and crew into the heart of the western Balkan Mountains where we will join the Artmospheric Festival for a 4-day event that promises subliminal experiences for all. The festival is the home of some of the most talented electronic producers in Bulgaria and their music compliments the outstanding scenery of high mountain wildlife. The Permaship Team will be heading over with our library tent and tipi's and will be  presenting a range of lectures and demonstrations through out the festival.
    We will be demonstrating permaculture design as we  begin the development of  an ultra low-maintenance forest garden at the festival  site enlisting the the help of our guests as well as the permaship crew to create this garden.  The site design will   include irrigation free  hugelkultur planting zones, the production of useful herbs via a spiral planting scheme and  humanure composting.  We will achieve this by  utilizing natural resources from the surroundings and using the so called "waste" of the festival to create fertility and  abundance in this garden for the years to come .

View from Artmospheric Festival site

  • Library Tent 
We will be bringing a diverse selection of books to the festival for our guests to browse at leisure.  We will also have Permaculture books  available for purchase including the "Permaculture Home Garden" that we have recently translated into Bulgarian.

  • Lectures
Expect lectures on various topics throughout the fest including talks by Mihail Kossev on Forest Gardening,  Josh Aronson on Wild Edible Plants,   Dimo Stefanov  from WasteNo More Farm on commercial worm farming.  The talks will be in Bulgarian and English and we will  be available for questions throughout the fest. 

  • Demonstrations
We will demonstrate worm farming,  hugelkutur, herb spiral and  humanure composting and interactively teach how to plant a forest garden and maintain its progress.
The site itself will be a demonstration of permaculture design and we will be designing and implementing the whole project during the 4 days so please feel free to  join us.

Schedule for Permaship@ Artmospheric, or something like ;)

                                                                                                              21st      14.00-15.30    Wild Edibles

                                                                                                              22nd      14.00-15.30    Intro to Permaculture

         16.00-17.00    Herb Spiral (practical)

                                                                                                              23rd      14.00-15.30    Forest Garden

           16.00-17.00    Hugel Kultur (practical)

                                                                                                               24th       12.00-13.00    Composting Q&A

                 14.00-15.00    Worm Farming (practical)

see you there :)