Permaship was founded in 2009 as a permaculture demonstration and information center, located at the Southern Slopes of the Balkan Mountains. Permaship consisted of two home permaculture sites, with working systems that include: chicken tractor beds, rainwater collection systems - (earthworks and storage tanks), dry compost toilets and greywater systems. Today permaship does not operate but we keep the website running as it contains information on practical application and experiences of permaculture principles .It also provides a history of Permaship's activities, as well as links and information about the new projects and ideas that permaship founders and friends are currently working on.

This is what we are doing beyond permaship:

Paul and Sophie are running the Balkan Ecology Project and continue to host courses on Permaculture and Ecological Gardening and Regenerative Design. They are also running a bio-nursery with the help of their two sons Dylan and Archie.

Tania is part of local citizen group, aimed at improving the living conditions in Shipka. 
Tania, Nick and Sophie were part of the team that produced the first documentary short in Bulgaria about birth - Stories of Birth (22' Shipka)