Permanent Makeup Disasters

    permanent makeup
  • Permanent makeup is a another name for tattooing of the face. A tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos are applied on the eyebrow area to enhance a fuller look.
  • Uses tattooing to apply permanent color to the skin to resemble makeup.
  • Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Lip Liner, Touch-up
  • Denoting a genre of films that use natural or accidental catastrophe as the mainspring of plot and setting
  • (disaster) calamity: an event resulting in great loss and misfortune; "the whole city was affected by the irremediable calamity"; "the earthquake was a disaster"
  • An event or fact that has unfortunate consequences
  • A sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life
  • (disaster) an act that has disastrous consequences
  • (disaster) catastrophe: a state of extreme (usually irremediable) ruin and misfortune; "lack of funds has resulted in a catastrophe for our school system"; "his policies were a disaster"
permanent makeup disasters
disaster needs
disaster needs
Disasters have long been a topic of interest. Disaster managment in particular has been an area of my studies (Turkey 1999, Bosnia 1996, Berlin 1989). Apart from the (very badly and wrongly sketched) immediate housing needs for the population in a disaster zone, creatively and strategically responded to with ships, the planning for disaster is an important aspect: Only when you plan beforehand, by stealth, can you influence what happens after the event.
Me doing a disaster on the ramp at Bob's house, Columbiana, Ohio. 1990ish. Still hadn't added the coping. That's my super-cool Spewage 'zine t-shirt. Guav, where are you? Photo by Bob Burbick.