We have members from a variety of backgrounds and permaculture experiences. There are no prerequisites needed to become a member.

What do you get for your membership?

Our intention is to provide value for money by educating, sharing experiences and knowledge. There are also many key benefits to enhance your lifestyle that money can't buy such as friendship and being part of a like-minded community - a real permaculture network.

7 reasons to join Permaculture Sydney West....

  • Free entry to attend 11 meetings held each year (February to December) (includes guest speakers, presentations, movie/soup night, Christmas party, topics of national and global interest, relevant and current regional news and information)
  • Opportunities to hold and attend working bees/ Permablitz's 
  • Chances to exchange plants, resources and recycle
  • Access to our seed bank
  • Opportunity to purchase resources at a discount 
  • Attendance to living skills workshops (eg: cheese making, preserving fruit)
  •  The chance to participate at shows and get free entry (eg:Easter show, ABC Gardening Australia) 


        What are the Membership Types and Fees? 

      To keep in line with the permaculture philosophy, fees are kept to a minimum.   

      Fees are used for insurance cover and stationery (we try to recycle as much 

      as possible). 

      Membership period runs from July 1 to June 30 each year

  • Single Membership is $25        
  • Family Membership is $30                                                                      
       (Available to 1-2 adults & unlimited children under the age of 18 all living at the same address)

     New members after January in any calendar year pay pro-rata for the first year of

Singles who join after December pay the pro- rata fee. See table below.
Example, if you join in April, the new members fee is $6 

 Month             Cost
 January $12
 February $10
 March $8
 April $6
 May $4
 June * $25

Families who join after December pay the pro-rata fee. See table below. Example, if you join in April, the new members fee is $8

 Month Cost
 January $15
 February $13
 March $10
 April $8
 May $5
 June * $30                
Includes membership for June and the following 12 months