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Staff Meeting

posted Nov 9, 2011, 5:35 PM by Ellen Bissaillon

This month Mrs. Maher invited me to speak at the Perley Staff Meeting about the Bully Program and the MA State Department of Education  Physical Education Summer Institute.  One of the items I shared was the growing concern among educators about the social/emotional state of students.   Below is a group of characteristics based on the Helison Model of Responsibility.  How ready and responsible is your child when it is time to learn?

Makes excuses, blames others, off task often, argues with others, mistreats equipment, bothers others

Needs teacher often, needs time away from activity, difficulty improving skill and control

"All Star"
Eager to be active, Likes challenges, Sometimes needs the teacher, varying amounts of attention and effort, not very aware of others

Respectful, follows directions carefully, asks for help when needed, cooperates with others, keeps trying to improve skills, can practice a skill even when the teacher is helping others

"All American"
Good listener, helpful to all, compliments others, asks meaningful questions, tries their personal best

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