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Visiting Nurse Association

VNA's primary focus was in-home health care and medical supplies & appliances for the elderly. The materials produced primarily targeted the referring physicians and the community.
    VNA Report went out to physicians, community centers, churches as a mailer and as a handout at conferences, and health fairs.

    Public Relations is the art of getting stories placed in print.  Stories in a paper are more apt to be read and remembered than the usual business section quick press clips and paid ads.

    Sometimes: Press releases correctly written, especially in smaller markets with fewer reporters, are sometimes published in their entirety as a news story along with any photos you may furnish.  Here's one from the Daily Mountain Eagle. Here, VNA got top of page of the Health & Science page.

    Other times: The paper will send a reporter and/or photographer to cover the story. Still, the reporter will take the majority of his information straight from a well written press release as it makes his job easier.  Here, VNA got top page on the Business page.